List of Agricultural Crop Commodities (starting P to Y)
and Their 5 Top Producers  

Table ACC-3. List of agricultural crop commodities (with names starting P to Y) and their respective five top producers based on total tonnage for 2012 (extracted from FAOStat 2014).

COMMODITY TOP 5 PRODUCING COUNTRIES (countries in column 1 are the top producers)
1 2 3 45
Palm kernels Indonesia Malaysia Nigeria Thailand Colombia
Papayas India Brazil Indonesia Dominican Republic Nigeria
Peaches and
China, mainland Italy United States
of America
Greece Spain
Pears China, mainland United States
of America
Argentina Italy Turkey
Peas, dry Canada Russian Federation India France United States
of America
Peas, green China, mainland India France United States
of America
Pepper (Piper spp.) Viet Nam Indonesia India Brazil China, mainland
Persimmons China, mainland Republic of Korea Japan Brazil Azerbaijan
Pigeon peas India Myanmar Malawi United Republic
of Tanzania
Pineapples Thailand Costa Rica Brazil Philippines Indonesia
Pistachios Iran United States
of America
Turkey China, mainland Syrian Arab Republic
Plantains Uganda Ghana Cameroon Colombia Rwanda
Plums and sloes China, mainland Romania Serbia Chile Turkey
Poppy seed Czech Republic Spain Hungary Turkey Germany
Potatoes China, mainland India Russian Federation Ukraine United States
of America
Pumpkins, squash
and grourds
China, mainland India Russian Federation Iran United States
of America
Pyrethrum, dried United Republic
of Tanzania
Papua New Guinea Kenya Italy Morocco
Quinces Turkey China, mainland Uzbekistan Morocco Iran
Quinoa Bolivia Peru Ecuador - -
Ramie China, mainland Lao People’s
Democratic Republic
Philippines Brazil -
Rapeseed Canada China, mainland India France Germany
Raspberries Russian Federation Poland United States
of America
Serbia Ukraine
Rice, paddy China, mainland India Indonesia Bangladesh Viet Nam
Rubber, natural Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Viet Nam India
Rye Germany Poland Russian Federation Belarus China, mainland
Safflower seed Mexico India Kazakhstan Argentina United States
of America
Sesame seed Myanmar India China, mainland United Republic
of Tanzania
Sisal Brazil Kenya United Republic
of Tanzania
Mexico Madagascar
Sorghum Nigeria United States
of America
India Argentina Ethiopia
Soybeans United States
of America
Brazil Argentina India China, mainland
Spinach China, mainland United States
of America
Japan Turkey Indonesia
Strawberries United States
of America
Mexico Turkey Spain Egypt
Stringbeans United States
of America
France Morocco Philippines Mexico
Sugar beet Rusian Federation France United States
of America
Germany Ukraine
Sugar cane Brazil India China, mainland Thailand Pakistan
Sunflower seed Ukraine Russian Federation Argentina China, mainland France
Sweet potatoes China, mainland Nigeria United Republic
of Tanzania
Uganda Indonesia
Tangerines, mandarines,
clementines, satsumas
China, mainland Spain Brazil Turkey Egypt
Taro (cocoyam) Nigeria China, mainland Cameroon Ghana Papua New Guinea
Tea China, mainland India Kenya Sri Lanka Turkey
China, mainland India Brazil United States
of America
Tomatoes China, mainland India United States
of America
Turkey Egypt
Triticale France Germany Belarus China, mainland Lithuania
Tung nuts China, mainland Paraguay Argentina Malawi Madagascar
Vanilla Madagascar Indonesia China, mainland Papua New guinea Mexico
Vetches Ethiopia Russian Federation Mexico Turkey Spain
Walnuts, with shell China, mainland Iran United States
of America
Turkey Mexico
Watermelons China, mainland Turkey Iran Brazil Egypt
Wheat China, mainland India United States
of America
France Russian Federation
Yams Nigeria Ghana Côte d'Ivoire Benin Ethiopia
Yautia (cocoyam) Cuba Venezuela El Salvador Domonican Republic Peru

(Ben G. Bareja, Sept. 2014)

I Top 20 Agricultural Commodities I Top 5 Producers of Agri. Commodities: (A-C) (D-O) (P-Z) I

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