A Personal Appeal For Support

This is an urgent appeal for support directed to our user-readers. For reasons further elucidated hereunder, the owner-founder of CropsReview.Com is compelled to address this personal call to those who like this site and who will likely reap more benefits with its continuing online presence and upgrade.

Ben G. Bareja

For close to ten years now this site has been on the web. It has made life more easier for many students, farmers, gardeners, academicians, and other information-searchers. The positive comments, thank-you’s, and personal requests for advise and for permission to use content pages for instruction and research papers are just quite enormous.

I enjoy the tedious researching and writing even up through most of the night. I had to scour for books and other references for the review of literature, but even so CropsReview.Com has managed to publish over a hundred content pages and free PDFs. The ‘thank yous’ are truly reenergizing, but the realization that the site has accomplished its aim of providing useful information to the needy is more encouraging.

However, this web site is not operated free and its continuing operation entails huge expense. Yes, it pays for every minute of its online presence, plus other maintenance and operating expenses. While this site generates revenue from ads and affiliate marketing, however, these sources have contributed insignifantly when compared to the costs actually accrued. Unfortunately, there is a present "hump".

I am thus compelled to make this appeal: Please donate to CropsReview.Com.

With your support you and me, acting together as partners, can generate even more responsive, more original, more useful information.

The amount that you may be able to contribute individually no matter how small, when taken cumulatively will surely make a difference. It will mean more pages, more well-researched online references; it will mean a more comprehensive, more relevant, more accessible e-library.

To those who have the resources; to those who have been benefited by this site and are desirous of its continuing operation; to those who are capable of sharing, I am knocking at your door now to extend your pecuniary support. You can send your donation by cheque or postal money order. Books, journals, magazines, science dictionaries and the like, either new or used, are likewise welcome. Please contact me using this site's Contact Us form (click here).

Happy science and farming!

Ben G. Bareja

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