The Best ATV Sprayer: The Ultimate Review You Need to Read

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Do you have an enormous farm/garden/lawn that needs to be provided with pesticide, water, or fertilizer? Any manual method will cost you plenty of time and effort to complete the task with not-so-satisfactory results.

Luckily, we have reviewed the best ATV sprayer for all gardeners and farmers, as well as compiled the necessary information and knowledge about this helpful equipment in this article.

Just read and learn!

What is an ATV sprayer?

To know what an ATV sprayer is, you need to know about the all-terrain vehicle (ATV). An ATV is a motorized vehicle engineered with four non-pneumatic or low-pressure tires to travel on any terrain.

As such, an ATV sprayer is a type of sprayer that is specifically designed to be attached to all-terrain vehicles or towed behind tractors that users drive to distribute liquids such as water, fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals along the path.

In this way, the tool combined with the vehicle will help you water a vast area (e.g., farm, pasture, lawn) and hard-to-reach places (e.g., fence lines, potholes, road ditches, or field borders) quickly and effortlessly.

The basic components of an ATV sprayer include a tank, a pump, a switch to control the flow, a tool to spray liquids, and multiple nozzles.

Why should you get an ATV sprayer?

1. Convenience for large-scale use

I’m sure you would agree with the fact that it would be extremely daunting to just even think about manually spraying insecticides and fertilizers on your entire lawn.

With ATV Sprayers, you are spared from this hassle, as these generally cover a significantly larger area compared to manual spraying.

Aside from allowing you to do so, this also helps to spare you much more time for other, more worthwhile things.

2. More even distribution of pesticides and/or fertilizers

best atv sprayer for the money

A disadvantage associated with the manual spraying of pesticides and fertilizers for your garden or lawn is that they may not be distributed as evenly as they should.

With that said, you are allowed a more even distribution of these substances onto your grass or crops.

This helps promote better crop and produce health, given that either spraying too much or too little on them could be the cause of their eventual death if you use this kind of sprayer for produce

3. Less time spent on lawn care and maintenance

The good thing about ATVs is that you are able to cover a much wider area with much less effort, compared to manual means, where you would have to walk from one point to another and go back and forth just to check on whether or not the plants are all sprayed.

There may even be some instances when due to the long hours we spend walking, we may end up spraying an area twice.

Not only will this cause waste of fertilizers or pesticides, but this would also cause wasted efforts, and in some cases, the overdose of the grass or produce, which could affect its death and end up killing it.

4. ATV sprayers are portable

Another great advantage of ATV Sprayers is that they are obviously portable. Most of the models available in the market are not just built for the back of ATVs, they also allow you to carry them on a backpack as well.

With them being removable from the back of the ATV, you can be assured that ATV sprayers are easy to refill and empty with the necessary contents.

These ATV Sprayers could actually be filled and attached as a backpack, but this would cause you back pains halfway through.

5. They are fun and easy to use

ATVs are basically just like toy cars for adults. With that said, maneuvering is not as difficult in comparison with traditional cars. Accelerating and reverse motions are both doable with the press of a few buttons.

Most of the ATVs out in the market nowadays are built to tackle rough terrain, with you being spared in terms of the effort that driving across these fields entails.

Despite the relative ease, proper care and safety still have to be observed as with all other vehicles, given that ATVs have much fewer safety features compared to conventional vehicles.

The best ATV sprayers money can buy: My top 6 favorites

#1. Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer – Best overall

If what you are seeking is ease of use and versatility, the Chapin 97300 is the product you should opt for. Configuring and mounting it on not only ATVs but also lawn tractors and UTVs is always easy as pie.

The renowned brand of Chapin International Inc. did not let us down when offering a range of unique features comprising the drip-free lid and amazing spraying distance at both vertical and horizontal directions.

Thanks to the great 12v diaphragm pump, the sprayer is able to spray water and chemical liquids at 2.0 Gallons per minute, 60 PSI maximum pressure, which covers up to 26 feet horizontally and 30 feet vertically.

Besides, the double-filtration system will prevent any residue from blocking the nozzles for uninterrupted spraying and facilitating a longer lifespan.

The 15-gallon heavy-duty tank is made from premium materials resistant to corrosion and chemicals. This tank is of moderate size and relatively translucent for users to manage the amount of fluid inside. It’s 5-inch opening also aids in refilling and mixing liquids quickly.

Lastly, the sprayer comes with a 7-foot coverage spray boom, so you do not have to make it yourself.

Other accessories include a 15-foot reinforced hose, a Comfort Grip lock, and a manifold with a pressure gauge.

  • Easy to use
  • Drip-free
  • Double filtration system
  • Long-lasting
  • There are many handy attachments
  • The frame holding the tank is loose

#2. Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer – Runner up

The TCS15 from Precision Products Inc. is another excellent choice that we want to introduce to you.

It is available in two models with high capacity: one’s tank is 15 gallons, and the other’s tank is 25 gallons. When fully filled, these high-volume tanks are sufficient for you to spray water/pesticide/fertilizer over a huge area without reloading.

Sporting a plain look, this equipment can be attached to either ATVs or other light-duty farm vehicles, as well as carts. The strong base holds it firmly on the vehicle so that it will not drop down even when it overcomes rugged surfaces.

Plus, the tank is rather opaque, allowing you to look at how much liquid is left. Crafted from high-quality Polyethylene, the tank is corrosive-proof and features drain plugs and gallon calls.

The 12v Shurflo pump supplies enough power to create the highest water pressure of 60 PSI and a rate of 1-1.8 GPM. You can remove the 8-inch power harness and use the heavy-duty clamps to operate the device on a 12V battery.

  • Easy to use
  • There are high-volume tanks
  • High-class tank material
  • Fully pre-assembled
  • 90-day warranty
  • There might be drip and leak

#3. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer – Best spot sprayer

This tiny-size sprayer by Northern Tool is a decent choice for homeowners who only need a light-duty tool to look after their little garden.

The tank capacity and water pressure are quite low as it is intended for domestic use. The equipment operates on a 12V pump just like most models, but the maximum pressure is merely 40 PSI, and the highest rate is 1 GPM.

In our test, it actually sprayed up to 20 feet horizontally and 12 feet vertically.

However, this 8-gallon tank is well-built with non-corrosive and chemical-resistant materials. In addition, it is UV-proof and compatible with any type of pesticide. There are level marks for users to observe the amount of liquid inside the tank, too.

As most people would do, what we like most are the adjustable nozzles that can help in a wide array of works. Users can easily switch between cone and stream patterns when necessary.

These nozzles are also made from high-quality Viton and Santoprene so that they are fully chemical-proof. Moreover, you can control how they work with remote control, so there is no need to take off your seat on the ATV.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • There is a remote control
  • The tank is easy to fill, mix and clean
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • 12-month parts warranty
  • Small tank

#4. Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A-MM – The best user-friendly

The Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A-MM delivers the top-notch performance of the line Everflo 12-volt diaphragm pump. Can you believe that it can spray fluids at a rate of 2.2 GPM? Yes, it is true.

Just sit on your seat on a four-wheeler, a UTV, or any other commercial vehicle comfortably and drive around. The robust spray gun can distribute liquids up to 30 feet horizontally and 25 feet in vertical directions.

Such power can help you to spray not only trees, flowers, and grasses but also hear-to-reach areas such as fence lines and crevices thoroughly and quickly. It will save you more time and effort when you need to cover a broad space as well.

If you are wondering if you can use this appliance to spray chemicals like herbicides and insecticides or not, it is totally approved by experts.

Since we found many customers complained about different faulty parts, the manufacturer seemingly has some problems with the quality control process. However, the product is still backed by a one-year warranty, so it is still worth buying overall.

  • The boom brackets, shut-off boom valve, and pressure regulator are easy to use
  • The transition between the nozzles, boo, and hose is user-friendly
  • Approved for use with herbicides and insecticides
  • High spraying speed
  • There are quality control issues

#5. NorthStar 282795 High-Pressure ATV Spot Sprayer – The best spraying power

You must be impressed with the familiar 12V engine that we saw in most models, but it offers an incredible output of up to 2 GPM at open flow and under 200-PSI pressure.

This configuration lets users deliver the stream of water as far as 30 feet. Combined with the strong water flow, the adjustable nozzles can spray liquids in the shapes of atomized mist, narrow streams, or wide cones.

In fact, this very best ATV boom sprayer gets such a high capacity because it is equipped with a high-end plunger pump of the NorthStar NSQ Series. This pump is also engineered to be durable and highly resistant to corrosive chemicals.

On top of that, the tank is UV-stabilized to stand against the harm of the sun and other sources of ultraviolet light. Thereby, the liquid inside will not be transmuted, and the tank will not be faded.

Regarding convenience, the regulator comes with a fluid-filled pressure gauge, which permits you to control the pressure properly.

Furthermore, there is a regulator bypass valve for stirring chemical liquids to improve the effect.

  • Amazing spraying power
  • Durable UV-stabilized tank
  • Three different spraying modes
  • Come with extra attachments
  • Extremely pricey

#6. Fimco LG-3025-QR ATV Boomless Sprayer – A high capacity atv spray

This sprayer has a bulky tank of 25 gallons, which is sufficient to use for any farm/lawn within one or two times of being fully filled. Nonetheless, it also increases the weight to more than 31 pounds, three times the standard weight.

Above all, the power this monster brings about is fantastic, nearly comparable to machines used in heavy-duty industries. It provides a flow rate of up to 3.8 GPM and 45 PSI of water pressure via a 15-foot hose made of EPDM rubber.

You do not need to worry about durability because all the materials used to craft the equipment are of great quality to endure tons of impact. How can one of the most robust sprayers be made from junky plastic?

Running on the 12V diaphragm pump, the distance that the sprayer can deliver liquids to is 35 feet horizontally and 26 feet in vertically directions.

  • High capacity
  • Superb flow rate
  • Premium materials
  • Adjustable cone spraying pattern
  • Extremely expensive
  • Very heavy

How to pick the best ATV sprayers?

1. Tank capacity

It is needless to say that the tank capacity determines the number of times you have to refill it to complete the job.

For example, if you work on large areas, a 15-gallon or 25-gallon tank will make sure you can distribute pesticides over the farm with only 1 or 2 times refilling the tank, while an 8-gallon one requires you to do so 3-4 times.

Therefore, choose a high-volume tank if you have a huge area to spray fluids.

2. Flow rate

best atv sprayers with boom

If the appliance offers a high flow rate, the water will come out more quickly and vice versa. Look at the rate of gallons per minute (GPM) on the product and make sure it is sufficient for your tasks.

Typically, you should have a minimum flow rate of 1 GPM, and 1.5 – 2 GPM is the most ideal. However, depending on the requirements of different projects, you can opt for an ATV sprayer with adjustable flow rates.

3. Durability

It is critical to inspect the materials that parts of the sprayer are made from.

The tank should be crafted from high-quality plastic and resistant to UV as well as chemicals. The valves and nozzles need to be made of metal like brass.

When it comes to buying ATV sprayers, you ought to pay more to get good products rather than spending time and money repairing or replacing them.

4. Spraying capability

Do you need any specific spraying patterns such as cone, mist, stream, or all of them? If so, you need a model with customizable nozzles.

Besides, calculate the distance you need to spray in vertical and horizontal directions because this figure is highly variable according to various models.

And if you are confused about boom and boomless sprayers, models with a boom will provide a much longer spraying distance in comparison with boomless ones.

How do you make a sprayer boom?

The product you purchase is a boomless sprayer, but do you want a better spraying distance? It’s time to learn how to make one!

Necessary tools

– A 10-foot Polypropylene hose with 3/8-inch OD

– Two T compression connectors. One is 3/8 x 3/8 x 1/4-inch (F thread), and the other is 3/8 x 3/8 x 3/8-inch

– A 3/8-by-1/4-inch Elbow compression connector (F thread)

– Several spray nozzles (the count depending on your needs), a 1/4-inch fan

– A hose clamp for the 3/8-inch tubing

– Two 1 x 0.125 x 24-inch flat steel bars

– A 3/4 x 3/4 x 16 gauge x 60-inch square steel tube

– Three zip-ties

– Two 1-inch-wide-by-1.75-inch U-bolts

– Three 0.75-inch-wide-by-1.75-inch U-bolts

– Two 5/16-by-1.75-inch bolts and nuts

Spray paint and primer

– Three fan spray nozzles

Drill and bit

Teflon tape

Vise clamp

Razor knife



– A welding torch (Acetylene is the best) fitted with a rosebud

Step 1

Use the welding torch fitted with a rosebud to heat the two pieces of 1 x 0.125 x 24-inch flat steel bars (just keep the torch around 8 inches away from one end).

– Once the steel turns to be soft enough, bend it to a square angle. 

Leave the metal cool down.

Use the drill to create two holes on the short end so that later you can attach a 1-inch-wide-by-1.75-inch U-bolts on the ATV rack.

Drill one hole on the long end to bolt a 0.75-inch square steel boom.

Step 2

Use the vise clamp to hold the 3/4 x 3/4 x 16 gauge x 60-inch square steel tube firmly in place and drill it into two holes that are approximately 12 inches apart or any position suitable for you to mount it onto the ATV rack.

Fit bolts into the square steel tube, then join it to the sole hole on the long end of the flat steel bars that you bent before.

Add the washer, and use the screwdriver to fasten the nuts.

Apply primer and paint on the metal boom to protect it from corrosion.

Step 3

Cut the 3/8-inch tubing into three pieces. The first one is 19 inches long, the second one is 15 inches, and the last one is 2 inches in length.

Join the sides of T compression connectors to the 2-inch and 15-inch pieces.

– On the side attaching to the 2-inch piece, connect the 3/8-by-1/4-inch Elbow compression connector to the center spray nozzle and the 19-inch tubing in order.

Connect the 3/8-by-1/4-inch Elbow compression connector with the outer nozzle on the same side. 

– On the other side, attach the 15-inch piece to the T compression connectors and fit the Elbow compression connector on the end for spray nozzles. Orient spray nozzles downward.

Step 4

Use zip-ties to connect the square steel tube and the Polypropylene tubing together.

Utilize Teflon tape to stick spray nozzles on the threads.

Use the 0.75-inch-wide-by-1.75-inch U-bolts to secure the compression connectors totally in the downward orientation on the spray bar.

Step 5

Use two 1-inch-wide-by-1.75-inch U-bolts to mount the boom that you have just crafted on the ATV rack.

Join the Polypropylene tubing with the T compression connector and the outlet of the sprayer pump.

Use the hose clamp to consolidate the connection of the pump.


Now that we come to an end, you must have known what the best ATV sprayer is. The Chapin 97300N is our top choice because it is easy to use, durable, has a good capacity for most cases, and provides a number of handy features.

Still, if you want something cheaper, more heavy-duty, a bottomless sprayer, or something else that suits your needs better, relying on our buying guide is okay.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the next article!

Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer*
  • Configured to mount to your standard ATV, UTV or lawn tractor
  • 15-Gallon heavy-duty, translucent, chemical resistant tank with a 5-Inch wide tank opening for easy filling and mixing
  • 2.0 gpm, 12-volt diaphragm pump with quick connect alligator clips
  • Maximum pressure of 70 psi delivering a 26-foot max vertical spray and a 30-foot max horizontal spray
  • Double filtration system extends the life of the sprayer

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