Best Battery-powered Lawn Mower to Trim Like a Pro (Best 2023 Guide)

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When using corded weed eaters, gardeners are likely to face up tangled lines. But when using fuel-powered mowers, they would not love annoying noise and exhaust fumes, too.

The fact has proven that a cordless mower running on batteries is always the ultimate option for people to cut grass in a small yard.

If this is also your case, let’s find out your best battery-powered lawn mower in this article. We have reviewed the top-rated products, compiled a buying guide, and answered all FAQs!

Take away key points:

  • Battery-powered lawn mowers are lightweight and flexible for more robust uses
  • You can adjust them to meet your needs and they will last for an extended period
  • Choose quality over price if you want a good model for a nice lawn

Table of Contents

Best electric lawn mowers for your needs: 2023 edition

If you need the best battery-powered lawn mowers for your needs, look at our battery-powered mowers below. You will find the best electric lawn mower for your lawn needs.

EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Best self-propelled mowers, better than other self-propelled mowers for their performance, power, and quality. Still, the mowers are unstable and too heavy.

Makita XML03PT1 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 18″ Lawn Mower

Best for durable system and quick-charging process. More power compared to most battery-powered mowers. Yet they are expensive.

Greenworks 40V 20 inch Brushless Dual Port Lawn Mower

Best strength with dual port charging options and quick recharging elements. Solid and reliable for more robust applications. Anyhow, it doesn’t offer adjustable heights.

SENIX Electric Lawn Mower

Best eco-friendly model with ergonomic design for maximum comfort benefits. Reliable for more advanced uses. Powerful and stable.

Worx Nitro WG751.3 40V Power Share PRO 4.0Ah 20″ Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Best for extra power and strength, using up to four batteries and advanced battery life options. High-quality and sturdy. But, the model is not for thick lawns and grass.

Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower

Best for a multifunctional system with more power and strength for more robust uses. The manual switching between the systems that most lawn mowers lack. However, bulkier and heavier than other models.

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14″ 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Different for many battery-powered mowers as this model doesn’t use batteries but a cord extension. Adjustable, but not as flexible as other models.

Snapper 1687914 21″ SP Walk Mower

Best for strength and powerful performance. Ideal for heavy-duty tasks. It might be hard to use and maneuver it.

Ryobi Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Best for larger lawns and yards with an advanced charging procedure. Adjustable and versatile design. The drawback is its average quality for the higher price tag.

Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Best versatility and adjustability for different operations. The model uses a small deck and it doesn’t offer multiple features.

LawnMaster CLMF4015K Cordless 15-Inch Brushless Lawn Mower

Best for an automatic system with three-in-one technology to make the most out f use. The solid and robust construction makes it useful for different lawn sizes. Nonetheless, it offers only average quality.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

Best advanced system for its robotic uses. The self-working functions reduce the pressure and working hours. The system works on its own. Nevertheless, it is way too expensive.

WORX Landroid L 20V Robotic Lawn Mower

Another robotic system for fewer working hours and automatic use without manual management. Reliable and durable for heavy-duty tasks. The system is not intended for low-budget customers, which is a huge drawback.

SOYUS Electric Lawn Mower

Best efficiency for fewer working hours, pressure, and comfort to your body. Reduces working hours and keeps you optimal, so it’s comfortable. The unit offers a confusable instruction manual, so it might be hard to use it correctly.

#1. EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower – Best battery power and quality

  • Brand: Ego Power +
  • Style: self-propelled
  • Cutting width: 21 inches
  • Best for: residential or commercial quality

If you need an efficient and powerful battery-powered lawn mower, the Ego Power+ is an excellent choice for you.

This mower deck offers up to 65 minutes of runtime on a single charge with the recommended 56V 7.5Ah ARC Lithium™ battery (available separately). It also features variable speed self-propel, allowing you to adjust the speed from 1.3 MPH to 4 MPH depending on your needs.

The brushless electric motors provide more torque than gas-powered mowers, making it easier to cut through thick grass and weeds.

The battery power is also easy to use and maintain. It has a 21-inch cutting deck that can easily be adjusted with one lever, allowing you to quickly switch between mulching, bagging, and side discharge modes.

The handle is adjustable as well, so you can find the most comfortable position for your height and posture while using the mower. Additionally, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

With its long-lasting power and durability in all weather conditions, this battery-powered mower will make quick work of any yard maintenance task!

Thanks to its durable and sturdy construction, the battery mower can be used for more robust operations, and you can fully adjust it to your needs.

No external factors can affect its performance, and the Ego Power+ self-propelled electric mower offers rechargeable batteries for more battery power.

  • battery life
  • battery runtime
  • mulching mode
  • rapid charger
  • two batteries
  • for tall grass clippings
  • self-propelled lawn mower
  • brushless motors
  • bulky and unstable

#2. Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower – Best battery lawn mower for durability

  • Brand: Makita
  • Style: self-propelled
  • Cutting width: 18 inches
  • Best for: dual port charger

With the power from two 5.0Ah batteries, the Makita XML03PT1’s motor can reach a speed of up to 2500 to 3300 RPM. At such a rate, the cordless lawn mower can mow a maximum area of 7300 square feet quickly and efficiently.

If your family and neighbors complain about the annoying noise of your previous lawnmowers, Makita has solved this trouble with a quiet mode. In this mode, the motor will run at the lowest speed of 2500 RPM constantly and quietly.

However, the shining point of this mower is its durability.

The Makita’s Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), the heavy-duty steel deck, and the ipx4 weather-resistant construction guarantee the cordless lawn mower to stand against all kinds of severe conditions.

Besides, there is another protection technology called “Star Protection“. This technology prevents the batteries from common issues of overloading, overheating, and over-discharging.

  • Powerful yet quiet
  • 10 customizable cutting heights
  • Star protection technology for batteries
  • Extreme Protection Technology for overall sustainability
  • Expensive

#3. Greenworks 25302 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower – Best overall lawn mower cordless

  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Style: self-propelled
  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • Best for: battery life and grass clippings

The Greenworks 25302 electric lawn mower comes with two Li-ion batteries for prolonged operation time. Can you believe that the dual 40-volt batteries of this mower allow you to cut grass for 70 minutes consecutively? Yes, it is true.

With such a long run duration and a 20-inch deck, this best cordless lawn mower can even handle a whole grass field! Nah, we are just kidding, but this is among the rare battery-powered mowers that can tackle large lawns in one cutting time. The chances are that if you have a small yard, you can trim it twice on a single charge.

Although this cordless lawn mower is not robotic, we appreciate the smart “automatic power adjusting” system of this device. It will give you a suitable amount of power for the engine, depending on the workload.

If you are trimming thick and heavy weeds, the cordless lawn mower will use all of its power. But in light-duty tasks (e.g., mulching and bagging), it merely runs on half of its maximum capacity to reduce power consumption, noise, and vibration.

  • Dual battery ports
  • Long run time
  • The 2-in-1 mower for mulching and bagging
  • Foldable handle
  • Adjustable cutting height range
  • No adjustable height

#4. SENIX Electric Lawn Mower – Best eco-friendly electric mower

  • Brand: Senix
  • Style: self-propelled
  • Cutting width: 15 inches
  • Best for: ergonomic design

This Senix battery-powered mower is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and efficient way to maintain their lawn.

This cordless, eco-friendly mower runs quietly and features a brushless engine that delivers smooth, consistent power for even cutting.

With its 15-inch 58V Max* self-propelled lawn mower, you can enjoy the convenience of cordless operation without sacrificing performance.

The Senix self-propelled lawn mower is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. The low-vibration design ensures that your lawn mowing experience is comfortable and hassle-free. It also has adjustable cutting heights so you can customize your lawn care needs.

Additionally, it has an ergonomic handle with a soft grip for better control and comfort while operating the battery-powered mower.

The Senix self-propelled lawn mower is also equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery that provides up to 45 minutes of runtime on a single charge. This makes it ideal for larger yards or those who need to get through more grass clippings in less time.

It also comes with a charger so you don’t have to worry about running out of power mid-mow. The self-propelled mower charges quickly and effectively.

Overall, the SENIX Electric Lawn Mower is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable way to maintain their lawns.

Its cordless convenience, powerful motor, adjustable cutting heights, and long battery life make it a great option for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

  • brushless mower
  • outdoor power equipment
  • side discharge
  • rapid charger
  • commercial battery mowers
  • riding lawn mowers
  • not visible

#5. Worx Nitro WG751.3 40V Power Share PRO 4.0Ah 20″ Cordless Push Lawn Mower – Best for multifunctions

  • Brand: Worx
  • Style: self-propelled/ 20″ 40V
  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • Best for: more power; better than gas models

The following battery-powered lawn mower is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their lawn care routine.

With two 4.0Ah high-capacity batteries, this Worx mower provides gas-like power and performance with 3-in-1 functionality for mulching, bagging, and discharge.

The single-lever cutting height adjustment makes it easy to adjust the height of the cut, while the 20″ steel cutting deck ensures a clean cut every time.

The brushless motors provide maximum power and efficiency while also reducing noise levels compared to traditional gas-powered models.

The Worx self-propelled lawn mower also comes with a dual-port quick battery charger and mulch plug so you can get started right away without having to purchase additional accessories or parts.

The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around your yard, while the ergonomic handlebar provides comfort and control when pushing the mower around your lawn.

Plus, the included 5-year warranty ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy this mower for years to come without any worries about potential defects or malfunctions.

Thanks to their reliable and sturdy design, the Worx cordless mowers are ideal for multiple robust applications.

The external factors cannot damage your battery-powered riding mowers and the self-propelled models will last longer. You can adjust the functions to see how much grass you can trim but also how much battery power you will need for different light-duty or heavy-duty tasks.

So, riding mowers are ideal for multifunctions.

  • up to four batteries
  • side discharge
  • rapid charger
  • power tools, better than traditional gas mowers
  • not for thick lawn

#6. GreenWorks G-MAX MO40L00 40V 20” Brushless Dual Port Lawn Mower – Best 3-in-1 battery lawn mower

  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Style: self-propelled/mower
  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • Best for: a manual switch for different functions

Once again, GreenWorks has another product on this list owing to its excellency.

The GreenWorks G-MAX MO40L00 runs on the same GreenWorks efficient 40V Lithium battery system, allowing it to mow constantly in 40 minutes.

And for the same reason, this cordless lawn model also features a dual battery port like the Greenworks 25302 for reduced recharging time.

With such a good run time and a 20-inch deck, this mower can mulch, side discharge, or bag grass over a yard that is 1/2 acre in size. Yeah, you do not misread anything. This is really a 3-in-1 lawnmower.

One more advanced technology that this mower shares with our top 1 choice is the Innovative Smart Cut technology.

If you forget, let us mention again that this technology will automatically fine-tune the energy consumption of the lawnmower depending on the toughness of the grass.

  • Smooth operation
  • Reduced noise
  • The mowing time is quite long
  • 3-in-1 tool (mulch, side discharge, bag)
  • Heavier and bulkier than the average

#7. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14″ 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower – Best for constant power source

  • Brand: American Lawn Mower Company
  • Style: self-propelled/electric
  • Cutting width: 14 inches
  • Best for: heavy-duty tasks

If you need a powerful and efficient battery-powered lawn mower, choose the American Lawn Mower self-propelled model. This self-propelled mower has a powerful 11-amp motor that can cut through all types of grasses with ease.

The adjustable cutting height from 1 inch to 2.5 inches allows you to customize your lawn to get the perfect look. The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to maneuver around your yard and store away when not in use.

The American Lawn Mower self-propelled models are also valuable for their cutting options. These battery-powered lawn mowers cut through your thick grass with ease and leave a nice, even cut every time.

The adjustable cutting height is great for getting just the right look for your lawn. You will also love how lightweight and compact it is – it’s easy to move around and store away when not in use.

The lightweight and compact design makes these battery-powered lawn mowers more flexible than gas-powered mowers.

The American Lawn Mower self-propelled riding mowers are easy to use and operate, and you can adjust different functions to make your battery lawn mowers optimal for an extended period.

The push mowers are also ideal for their durable and sturdy construction. The push mowers cannot damage so soon, and no external factors can affect their performance.

The push mowers will last longer for different robust applications, and the self-propelled mowers are versatile.

  • self-propelled mowers
  • side discharge
  • vertical storage
  • durable
  • more power
  • This is not a cordless electric mower; it requires a corded power source

#8. Snapper XD 1687914 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower – Best battery lawn mower for power

  • Brand: Snapper
  • Style: self-propelled with battery and charger kit
  • Cutting width: 21 inches
  • Best for: robust applications

At a medium price, the Snapper XD 1687914 is full of the goodies that other Snapper XD cordless lawnmowers offer.

The first thing that makes it deserve to be on our list is the 45-minute mowing duration. With two 82V Lithium-ion batteries from Briggs & Stratton, the batteries can not only serve for a long but also be charged very quickly.

In spite of the high 90-pound weight, this monster is not too difficult to push, and it can be folded for easy storage.

Nonetheless, we think it would be nicer to be a self-propelled mower. It is doubtless that this is a heavy-duty battery-powered lawnmower.

So it’s not as mild as a BLACK DECKER MTC220, but it is not pointless to expect this cordless lawn mower to be lighter, quieter, and environment-friendly than your old gas mower.

  • Wide cutting width
  • 3-in-1 tool
  • Long run time
  • 7-position cut height adjustment
  • Brushless motor
  • Among the heaviest mowers running on batteries

#9. Ryobi Cordless Push Lawn Mower – Best for the charging process

  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Style: cordless
  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • Best for: larger yards

The following push mower will wow you with a powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use lawn mower construction. This Ryobi cordless push lawn mower offers a 6.0 Ah Battery and Charger, making it ideal for larger yards or those who need to mow frequently. 

The push mower kit includes features such as a 40V System, all working with any Ryobi 40v Battery. The battery is of premium quality, with a rapid charger and side discharge for optimal use and extended battery life. So, the push mower is perfect for larger yards or those who need to mow frequently.

It’s also lightweight and easy to maneuver around your yard thanks to its self-propelled design. The battery life is quite impressive; you can easily get through your entire yard without having to recharge the battery once!

Also, the charging process reduces the charging time, and you can fully adjust the progress to your needs. So, there won’t be any issues with the charging procedure.

The construction is also quite impressive.

The push mower is durable, reliable, and solid enough to ensure the best use regardless of pressure, forces, or impacts. The weather elements also cannot damage the construction or cause other issues with your overall performance or quality.

So your Ryobi battery-powered lawn mower will last for an extended period despite all external impacts, forces, or other factors that pose a higher risk of the push mower malfunctioning.

  • vertical storage
  • side discharge
  • it can conserve battery life
  • for all lawns
  • mower distributes clippings effectively
  • average quality

#10. Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower – Runner-up battery lawn mower

  • Brand: Sun Joe
  • Style: kit (battery and charger)
  • Cutting width: 16 inches
  • Best for: versatile design

The Sun Joe iON16LM is the second choice for gardeners who are keen on cordless lawnmowers.

This mower runs on solely a single 40-volt lithium-ion battery, so it is a bit lighter and easier to maneuver than the Greenworks 25302. Thus, the operation time decreases to 45 minutes, which is not superior but quite okay.

However, what makes this battery outstanding is its super-fast recharging time. It charges in 30 minutes, and you can use it for 45 minutes. Isn’t it amazing?

The Sun Joe cordless lawn mower features a robust brushless motor that is long-lasting, saves power, and works quietly and smoothly.

Sadly, since this motor just pairs with a 16-inch deck, you may have to perform a few extra passes to finish the job.

  • Decent run time
  • Quickly-charged
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • 6-position height adjustment lever
  • ETL approved; Energy Star certified
  • Small deck
  • Not many features

#11. LawnMaster CLMF4015K Cordless 15-Inch Brushless Lawn Mower – Best automatic system

  • Brand: LawnMaster
  • Style: mower
  • Cutting width: 14.4 inches
  • Best for: 3-in-1 design

The LawnMaster battery-powered lawn mower is an ideal choice if you need automatic system technology for your lawn needs.

This mower has a 40V Max Lithium-Ion battery that provides up to 3500 RPM of power, making it perfect for large yards or tough terrain.

The 15-inch cutting deck allows you to cover more ground in less time, while the 3-in-1 design lets you choose between mulching, rear bagging, or side discharge options.

The LawnMaster mower also features an ergonomic handle with adjustable height settings so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for those who don’t want to strain their back while mowing.

Additionally, the brushless engine option helps reduce noise and vibration levels so you can enjoy a peaceful mowing experience without disturbing your neighbors.

The solid and reliable construction makes the overall performance and uses effortless and it’s easily adjustable to your needs.

The mower is durable and strong for multiple operations, and external factors, pressure, or impacts cannot damage it so soon. The reliable structure also features high-quality materials for more robust uses, and nothing can affect its overall performance.

Overall, the LawnMaster Brushless Lawn Mower is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient lawn mower. It’s powerful enough to tackle any job and its adjustable handle makes it comfortable to use.

Plus, its brushless motor helps keep noise levels down so you can enjoy a peaceful outdoor experience.

  • durable
  • vertical storage
  • solid
  • reliable
  • average power

#12. Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X Robotic Lawn Mower – Best robotic battery lawn mower

  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Style: low cuts
  • Cutting width: 8.7 inches
  • Best for: smart features

The Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X is another fantastic choice for fans of smart mowers. Just leave your lawn for this new friend to take care of it and do something else for a while.

This mower is even more outstanding than the Worx WR150 Landroid L in a range of aspects.

First of all, it weighs solely 20 pounds and can mow your lawn for up to 70 minutes continuously on a full charge, while it takes only 60 minutes to charge the battery full!

You can schedule and control the robot via the Connect@Home app and Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone from an amazing distance of up to 100 feet.

Nonetheless, you will need an authorized installer or install some boundary wires around your lawn if you do not want it to go to your neighbor’s home.

One more reason why you should buy this robotic lawnmower is that it can nearly work on all terrains. The maximum incline the cordless mower manages to tackle is around 22 degrees, and it can gradually learn your lawn on its own!

  • Ultra-compact
  • Long operation duration with a short recharging time
  • Work perfectly on many types of lawn
  • Full of smart features
  • Very pricey

#13. Worx WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower – Best battery lawn mower for edging

  • Brand: Worx
  • Style: mows up to 1/2 acre
  • Cutting width: 9 inches
  • Best for: blade design

This robot operates on a 20 Volt 4 Ah lithium-ion battery that enables it to handle a lawn as wide as 1/2 an acre when fully charged.

And regarding a robot, we cannot help talking about its smart features. You can control the mower conveniently with modern software.

For example, AIA cutting technology can navigate the lawnmower to narrow areas. Or you can schedule the work of the cordless lawn mower via an intuitive layered interface.

Nevertheless, while you can sit and monitor the cordless lawn mower working for you without effort, you should not leave it alone all the time.

Though the cordless lawn mower is incorporated with a rain sensor, you must keep the door open so that it can return to the charging port to shelter.

  • 3 offset blades
  • Many smart features
  • Adjustable height from 1.6 to 3.9 inches
  • 3-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low capacity

#14. SOYUS Electric Lawn Mower – Best for LED display

  • Brand: Soyus
  • Style: lawn mower
  • Cutting width: 15 inches
  • Best for: efficiency

The SOYUS Electric Lawn Mower is a great choice for anyone looking for a cordless, battery-powered lawn mower.

This mower is powerful and efficient, with a brushless motor that provides up to 40V of power and 5-position height adjustment. It also comes with two 4.0Ah batteries and a dual port charger, so you can get the job done quickly and easily.

The Soyus push mower is easy to use and maintain.

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and the adjustable handlebar allows you to adjust the height for your comfort level.

The mower also has an LED display that shows you how much power is left in the battery, so you know when it’s time to recharge.

The SOYUS Push Mower cuts grass quickly and evenly, thanks to its 13-inch cutting deck and high-performance blades. The blades are designed to cut through thick grass without clogging or jamming, making it easier to get the job done right.

The mower also features a mulching feature that helps break down clippings into small pieces for easy disposal or composting.

All in all, the SOYUS Mower is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an efficient and powerful cordless lawn mower. It’s easy to use, comfortable to operate, and provides great results every time.

Plus, it comes with two 4.0Ah batteries and a dual port charger so you can always have enough power on hand when you need it most.

  • power
  • durable
  • solid
  • reliable
  • quality
  • instruction manual issues

Buying guide for the best battery-powered lawn mowers

These are some of the main points to consider when choosing the best battery-powered lawn mowers

1. Battery performance

best battery powered lawn mower 2023

When buying a device running on batteries, the foremost thing that customers care about must be the quality of its batteries.

You may encounter several different battery voltages between 40V and 84V. Of course, the higher voltage of a battery, the more powerful the engine is.

However, because more heavy-duty engines will consume more power, the voltage mainly affects the cutting speed and capacity of the cordless mower, not its run time.

The run time of a mower can be determined by a range of factors such as its cutting capacity, battery count, integrated technologies and features, energy efficiency, and so on.

If you have a massive lawn, you should pick a mower with a high voltage and long operation duration. Vice versa, it is more appropriate for you to purchase a light-duty one if the task is not so hard.

While it is a bit tricky to tell the exact number, you can estimate the approximate time and power you need to trim your whole lawn in one session.

By and large, lithium-ion batteries are the best lawn mower battery and are more desirable than acid-lead ones.

2. Deck size

The deck size of an electric lawnmower determines the width of its cutting swath. And it goes without saying that a 21-inch cutting width can cut more grass at once than a 19-inch one.

Although it may not make a significant difference, a mower with a bigger deck size can still help you save time and power on the battery with fewer cutting passes.

3. Weight and dimensions

best battery powered lawn mower for small yards

This is a considerable matter, especially for those who have to trim their lawn frequently and those who are not very beefy like the older people who suffer from backaches.

The prevalent weights of cordless lawnmowers range from 14 and 90 pounds, although their dimensions may not differ that much.

Without pushing the cordless lawn mower for 30 or 60 minutes in real life, just looking at the number can help you imagine how tiring it is to use a heavy and bulky mower and how comfortable it is to use a very compact one.

If you are not too muscular, and the surface of your lawn is rugged and full of thick grass, you might want to use a lawnmower as light as 20 – 30 pounds.

For the majority of users, a 40-pound or 50-pound trimmer would be not too heavy yet still powerful enough to handle most projects without any problem. The best battery-operated lawn mower in this list is also at this weight.

4. Self-propelled electric mowers

Self-propelled electric mowers are incredibly beneficial and might be the best choice if you have a big budget.

These mowers can work without your engagement, even on high and uneven lawns. Moreover, they can be used with a clipping bag and many other convenient features.

Their cutting swath can reach up to 22 inches in width, and their four-stroke engine can provide a force of up to 6 HP, allowing you to complete the task not only effortlessly but also very effectively and quickly.

What professional gardeners and farmers appreciate is the three cutting modes of a self-propelled mower as below:

– Bagging: the cordless lawn mower gathers clippings of grass in a detachable catcher.

– Side-discharging: The device sprays clippings onto the ground.

– Mulching: The cordless lawn mower cuts clippings again and again until they are sufficiently small to settle and decay within the lawn, providing nutrients to the soil.

5. Other key features

Adjustable height 

Cutting your grass too short will make it die or at least turn it brown.

Besides, nobody will want to cut tall grass with a trimmer that is too low for their lawn. Precisely for this, it is important to buy a mower with a height adjustment feature.

Tackle grass

best battery powered lawn mower reviews

There are a few ways that lawnmower disposes of the grass. Now think about your needs.

Do you want your cordless lawn mower to collect grass into an attached bag? Do you want it to toss the clippings out of a side chute or mulch the cut grass left on the ground?

Nonetheless, if you cannot decide yet or love all of these treatments, there are 3-in-1 mowers that you can mulch, toss, or collect as you wish.


If you want to stay away from defective and low-quality products, look for a warranty. Good products often come with at least a one or two-year warranty on all parts.

Some components like engines or batteries can even get a longer warranty of up to 3-5 years.


Are battery-powered lawnmowers good?

From our point of view, battery-powered lawnmowers are very good and worthwhile for people whose lawn is not too vast. In spite of their lower capacity than other types of lawnmowers, these mowers are able to handle most small and medium lawns quite well.

Furthermore, they are much quieter, compact, trouble-free, eco-friendly, and require little expense to buy and run in the long term.

Nowadays, they manage to work on rugged terrains and provide convenient features just like any other kind of weed-eaters, too.

Are battery lawnmowers better than gas?

When compared with a gas mower, cordless lawnmowers are better in some aspects but inferior in others.

Battery-powered trimmers are usually quieter, easier to use, cheaper to buy and run in the long run, more compact, and eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, a gas lawn mower is often more durable and more robust but noisier, harder to use and maintain, and emits pollution.

In general, we can conclude that you should only buy a gas lawn mower if your lawn is very broad. In other cases, electric lawnmowers are the better choice.

Do battery-powered lawn mowers have enough power?

Yes, battery-powered lawn mowers have enough power to get the job done.

What are the disadvantages of a battery-powered lawn mower?

The main disadvantage of a battery-powered lawn mower is its limited run time. Most models only last for around an hour on a single charge, so if you have a large yard or need to do extensive mowing, you may find yourself running out of power before the job is done.

Additionally, battery-powered lawn mowers tend to be more expensive than gas-powered models, so they may not be the most cost-effective choice for larger yards.

Finally, these types of mowers can also be difficult to start in cold weather and may require extra maintenance over time due to wear and tear on the battery.

best battery powered lawn mower consumer reports

Which lawn mower brand is most reliable?

The most reliable lawnmower brand is the Ego Power+ or the GreenWorks.

What battery-powered lawn mowers are made in the USA?

STIHL, Husqvarna, Toro and Revolution are USA brands.

Does Honda make a battery-powered lawn mower?

Yes, Honda does make a battery-powered lawn mower. The Honda HRX series leads the way in advanced mower engineering and includes the Honda HRR, which is a battery-powered lawn mower.

How much does a battery-powered lawn mower cost?

As you can see from our top 14 products list, the price ranges of battery-powered lawnmowers are very wide.

There are not only extremely affordable electric lawn mowers that start from $100 but also high-end electric lawn mowers that might cost up to $2000. We can divide these into the following price ranges:

– $100 – $300: low price point

– $300 – $700: medium price point

– Above $700: high price point

Can you wash a battery-powered lawn mower?

Yes, you can wash a battery-powered lawn mower. It is important to be careful when doing so, however, as water can do more damage to an electric mower than an ordinary gas model.

How long do the batteries of the cordless lawn mower last?

After reading the cordless lawn mower reviews above, you may find that most batteries in lawn mowers allow you to use those electric lawnmowers in around half-hour to one hour.

When it comes to the lifespan of lawn mower batteries, this is often determined by their charging and discharging cycles.

A standard lithium-ion battery in a cordless electric lawn mower can last for 500 cycles, which is twice as long as the longevity of a lead-acid battery in a cordless electric lawn mower.

Given that you trim your lawn once or twice a week with your cordless electric lawn mower, you will have to charge your cordless electric lawn mower about 50 – 100 times a year.

As such, a lithium-ion battery in a cordless electric lawn mower can last for 5 – 10 years, and a lead-acid one in a cordless electric lawn mower might last for 3 – 5 years, depending on your use.

What’s the best battery-powered lawn mower?

The best mower is the EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower.

The unit might be expensive, but it offers different benefits regarding its performance, power, and overall multiple functions. It lasts longer and offers exceptional quality.


Battery-riding mowers are good for the different benefits they offer to the users, and you can use most mowers for various larger or smaller yards and lawns. And if you ask are battery-riding mowers viable, we answer yes!

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