Best Chicken Wire Fence for Maximum Protection! Top 5 Picks of 2022

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Safety is one of the essential factors when setting up a chicken coop, or a chicken run.

The construction will protect them, keeping chickens in, predators out, and your veggie garden intact.

Thus, you need to find the best chicken wire fencing to keep your chickens secure and deter hungry predators.

Proper fencing should be durable, stable, and reliable but safe for your backyard chickens.

Since it comes in many forms, you can find multiple chicken wire fences, from galvanized mesh to poultry netting, with unique features.

So, let’s look at their benefits and differences to find the best chicken wire fence.

Best chicken wire fencing types

1. Chicken wire

how to install chicken wire fence

Although the chicken wire or mesh is ideal for keeping chickens in, it’s not predator-proof (only to some extent.) A dog might ruin it and get in, especially if the chicken wire is a few years old.

Made of galvanized wire with 1-2-inch hexagonal holes, the chicken wire is the best solution for backyard chickens.

Still, you can use the chicken wire for simple chicken confinement and protection of your garden. It’s easy to install and flexible for all areas, inexpensive, and easy to work with.

But, it’s not predator-proof, and smaller predators might quickly break in. Also, your chicken can easily stick their heads inside the holes, so pay attention to it.

2. Poultry netting

It’s similar to the previous chicken fencing category. However, it’s made of plastic materials with smaller or larger holes, easy to set up and work with, and available to all farmers.

Like the previous chicken wire model, this chicken fencing cannot deter large predators but keeps chickens safely inside the enclosed property.

It’s slightly durable and great for keeping chickens away from your gardens and other lands. And, you can cover the top of the run to save chickens from aerial predators.

Overall, you get what you pay for.

3. Welded wire fencing

When it comes to welded wire fencing, it’s the best and safest option for your chickens. It lasts for years and keeps predators out.

Welded wire comes in various sizes and models, so you can find the best one to keep your flock safe. Still, the model is hard to cut and shape.

Yet, the welded wire serves best for chicken coops, making them effective against beasts trying to reach fresh eggs.

In addition, the welded wire is rigid, keeping its shape when bending, ideal for all coops with multiple shapes and sizes.

Still, the welded wire might be too pricey, significantly thicker variants, and challenging to work with.

4. Chicken coop

best wire fencing for chicken coop

You can find various models and pick the best solution.

For example, our chicken coop includes a complete enclosure from all parts to prevent beasts from getting in and the galvanized materials.

Still, you can find coops and runs with the chain link design. The chain link system is durable, lasts for years, and is easy to work with.

It will be flexible when finding the best shape and keeping predators out.

However, the chain link sometimes requires you to add extra mesh to the bottom of the coop and keep pests away.

But, you will need a staple gun to make the chicken coop secure and stable when installing.

Still, as our reviews below show, I recommend the galvanized steel and hardware cloth for the sturdiest construction and frame.

It might be more expensive, but it offers extraordinary quality and the best protection against all predators.

You may also compare it with the Amagabeli hardware cloth and see why our choice is better.

5. Chicken electric fencing

Regarding the electric fencing for chickens, it’s an excellent option for free-range flocks in remote areas.

In addition, it works simultaneously, keeping both chickens and beasts away from each other.

You may or may not charge it too often based on the power source requirements. It also may or might not need a periodic replacement.

Our experts suggest you use either chain link or welded wire with the fencing for optimal performance. But, naturally, it won’t be that effective with the aerial predators.

Extra tips to protect your chickens

1. Bury the fencing

Bury the fence with the posts.

Multiple predators can dig up the fences to keep foxes and coyotes away and bury the fence and posts at least six inches in the ground.

Add extra broken glass or stones to the ground near the wall to prevent digging.

2. Frame the fencing

best wire fencing for chickens

The fence material is only as quality as the materials you use to construct a coop.

Apply sturdy and durable materials such as wood to hold the fencing tightly.

In addition, anchor the fencing with more solid corner posts deeper underground to prevent fencing tension from collapsing the run.

3. Maintain and reinforce the fencing

Maintain the fence regularly for wear and tear. Repair new openings immediately to prevent predators from further damage.

When you cannot obtain the high-quality models from the reviews, start with similar, less expensive units and then update them as time passes by.

Find the best models based on your and your chicken needs.

Best wire fencing options money can buy: Our best 5 categories

$Tenax 72120546 Hex Poultry Fence

Most effective due to advanced material quality. Suitable for chicken runs and coops. Farmers agree it’s easy to use and install.

$MTB 20GA Galvanized Hexagonal Poultry Netting Chicken Wire

Best quality for multiple projects and longer uses. Many agree it’s not so solid, yet it offers prolonged use.

$Ditole 24in×50ft Hardware Cloth 1/4inch 23 Gauge Hot-Dipped Galvanized Chicken Wire Fence

The best predator-proof structure due to its strong and potent content. Although it offers a resistant construction for all conditions, farmers agree it has minor design issues.

$$$Large Metal Chicken Coop

Best for complete protection, easy to install and maintain. Advanced chicken safety due to latch safety door, keeping animals confined. Many complain about the price.

$$Starkline Standard Electric Poultry Netting

Best performance due to electric system and conductivity. Ideal for all predators and maximum chicken security. Quality is questionable.

#1. Tenax 72120546 Hex Poultry Fence – Best chicken wire

  • Brand: Tenax
  • Item dimensions: 300 x 0.1 x 36 inches
  • Item weight: 3.74 pounds
  • Best for solid materials

Why should you opt for the Tenax chicken wire?

It might be ideal wire fencing for your chicken run, as the poultry fence offers advanced protection.

In addition, it contains premium-quality chicken wire material, UV-treated and resistant.

So, it will offer the best protection from predators and harsh conditions.

Due to its smooth and advanced design, the chicken wire is also an excellent way to keep your flock safe, as the construction won’t harm them.

Their edges are specific, non-cutting on both sides, so most chickens and baby chicks cannot escape through the smaller holes and get hurt.

Since the chicken wire fencing provides high-density polyethylene, it’s also corrosion and rust-resistant.

In addition, the chicken wire mesh offers durable and sturdy construction, keeping most predators out of coops – to some extent.

You may like the poultry fencing due to its warranty. A strong chicken wire comes with a 5-year warranty for potential problems and risks.

You can either replace it or get a full monetary refund if you notice something odd.

However, we don’t think it will be the case, as the simple wire netting keeps both small and large predators away from the chicken coops, keeping them protected.

So, if you want a secure coop, the simple yet effective chicken wire will help you make your flock safe and secure inside the restricted area.

And, it won’t prevent your chickens from roaming around and foraging.

  • durable
  • easy to install
  • strong
  • high-quality
  • not visible

#2. MTB 20GA Galvanized Hexagonal Poultry Netting Chicken Wire – Best poultry netting

  • Brand: MTB
  • Item dimensions: 18 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Item weight: 3 pounds
  • Best for versatility

The MTB poultry netting is perfect for your chicken needs, as the wire mesh provides supreme-quality materials.

As you’ll find, the poultry fencing is galvanized wire fencing, ensuring prolonged applications and improved resistance to harsh conditions.

Moreover, the poultry netting is versatile and suitable for a chicken enclosure, cages and runs for pets and other small animals, garden fences, lawn netting, livestock confinements, etc.

The MTB poultry fencing is a reinforced hexagonal aviary netting, solid, lightweight, and equally spaced, unlike plastic chicken wire.

Therefore, it’s cost-effective and durable compared to multiple galvanized fencing options. You can moderate it and create the best solution for your chicken runs or coops.

The chicken wire contains a double hexagonal twist while staying straight and flat. So you can trim and install it effortlessly.

As the model uses 20-galvanized wire, you can use it and make a DIY garden fence or reinforce your chicken run.

The secure fencing will keep hungry predators away, and your chickens can free-range securely.

As chickens roam around your property, and you need to protect your flower beds, veggies, etc., from chickens, pets, wildlife animals, and similar pests, corrosion-resistant chicken fencing is ideal.

Due to its versatility, you can install and use the poultry fencing around the household, remote areas, and similar properties for maximum protection.

Finally, the netting has a good warranty for potential risks and issues. So, you will get your money back or an adequate replacement.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • lightweight
  • affordable
  • not so solid

#3. Ditole 24in×50ft Hardware Cloth 1/4inch 23 Gauge Hot-Dipped Galvanized Chicken Wire Fence – Best welded wire fencing

  • Brand: Ditole
  • Item dimensions: 23.62 x 7.48 x 7.48 inches
  • Item weight: 14.01 pounds
  • Best for predator-proof construction

Should you invest in hardware cloth fencing? Yes, you should. Why?

Firstly, the predator-proof hardware cloth chicken fencing offers the hot-dip galvanized hardware cloth.

The galvanized hardware cloth offers the highest temperature resistance, rust and corrosion resistance, and high-tensile strength, unlike traditional chicken wire fences.

Additionally, the galvanized hardware cloth type of fencing has a metal wire mesh structure. As a result, it’s uniform, effortless to maintain, and solid for heavy-duty projects.

The predator-proof hardware cloth fencing is also durable and wear-and-tear-resistant, so it lasts for an extended period, keeping chickens secure from large and small predators.

According to your chicken needs, you can cut the barrier with scissors and adjust it to your chicken coops, runs, smaller and larger areas, predators, etc.

Please wear protective tools and elements when moderating the galvanized metal to prevent severe injuries.

You can use the solid hardware cloth for keeping chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other farm animals from small predators, such as fisher cats, climbing predators like a raccoon, or even snakes.

But, it’s also predator-proof against larger predators such as foxes, coyotes, wolves, dogs, etc.

So, your free-range poultry can freely roam and forage inside the confined area, safe and secure from predators.

Overall, the hardware cloth poultry netting is the sturdiest and most durable type of fencing you can use to protect chickens from various beasts and keep them safe.

It’s also the right fencing for a chicken owner due to its warranty.

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • reliable
  • maneuverable
  • negligible design issues

#4. Large Metal Chicken Coop – Best chicken coop

  • Brand: Polar Aurora
  • Item dimensions: 9.2 x 12.5 x 6.4 inches
  • Item weight: ‎22 pounds
  • Best for complete protection

When searching for the best chicken coop, go for the PA coop!

The brand-new coop will wow you as it offers complete protection for your chicken, keeping the flock secure and protected from minor and larger predators.

Due to its galvanized steel frame and overall construction, the chicken coop offers the ideal protection from wild birds and other aerial predators.

Thanks to galvanized steel and hardware cloth, the chicken coop is reliable and sturdy. The predator-proof chicken run is made of a dual reinforced frame with an advanced design.

Reliable water and UV-resistant cover protect your chickens from weather and outdoor conditions.

Featuring galvanized hardware cloth and overall structure, it’s rust and corrosion-resistant, protective and fade-resistant. As a result, the chicken coop is ideal for various operations.

Also formed of hexagonal PVC-coated wire mesh, the wire fencing is easy to install and protect the chickens.

You need to lay mesh under the coop wall, leaving 5.9 inches on each side for effectiveness. It would help if you also had a staple gun to attach chicken wire units to ensure a stable and secure setup.

However, it would be best not to use the chicken wire with the coop vents, windows, or similar openings. Please don’t use it when no one’s at home or chickens are on the run all day.

However, it would be best not to use the chicken wire with the coop vents, windows, or similar openings.

And experts recommend hardware cloth as the best cloth when installing a coop. 

  • quick setup
  • durable
  • solid
  • too pricey

#5. Starkline Standard Electric Poultry Netting – Best chicken electric fencing

  • Brand: Strakline
  • Item dimensions: 48.62 x 10.31 x 7.87 inches
  • Item weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Best for conducting electricity

When keeping predators away, don’t forget about the chicken electric fencing!

The electric fence system is versatile and suitable for various small farm animals, such as chickens, geese, ducks, etc.

But, the best feature is that you don’t need an assembly. The electric fence includes the PVC fencing posts and the galvanized dual-spiked stakes.

It would help to find the proper distance and the corners to set up the chicken fence and deter predators.

Electric fencing is the most effective for keeping predators away; you will find 11 horizontal mesh strands and ten conductive.

Vertical struts are evenly spaced with 3 inches between them.

How does it work?

The electric fencing will conduct electricity once you connect all wire strands on the posts and attach them to the charger.

Once your chicken touches the wire, the chicken fencing will hit them with a shock and close the circuit.

But, it would be best to find the precise procedure here and find the best electric fencing options when setting the constructions up.

To keep smaller predators out, you will have to place the wires lower to the ground. But, it would help if you built it taller for large predators jumping and climbing the fence.

However, the electric chicken fencing won’t be that effective against aerial predators, as they may or may not get shocked once they touch the fence line.

Finally, the manufacturer offers a good warranty for all issues and an advanced, optimal performance.

  • quick installation
  • maneuverable
  • durable
  • reliable
  • quality issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chicken wire suitable for a fence?

Yes, but only to some extent. It may not be suitable for deterring predators, no matter how hard you try.

It serves better to prevent chickens and other pests from digging and ruining your gardens and backyards when animals forage.

What type of chicken wire is best?

The best one is the welded wire as the most durable, sturdy, and reliable. It’s also the most effective in deterring predators and making your chickens secure.

It might be challenging to work with, yet it’s worth labor for protection.

Is a 4-foot fence tall enough for chickens?

best way to attach chicken wire to chain link fence

Yes, it will be enough, but only if you cover the top with bird netting or a roof. It can also be effective if you clip wings to your chicken.

What is the best wire for a chicken run?

The best wire is the galvanized or PVC-coated wire. It can keep the weaker predators out.

Yet, experts suggest you use additional wire panels or electric fencing to protect the animals from coyotes and foxes to deter all predators from your property.

Will poultry netting keep out predators?

Yes, it will, but only smaller beasts that cannot break through the wire so quickly. It’s also more potent than the regular chicken wire, so it lasts longer.

But, it’s not as effective against predators as the welded wire is.

Can a raccoon chew through chicken wire?

Yes, when persistent and your wire is too weak, it can. It can tear it like a paper tissue.

Moreover, chicken wires are better for keeping the animals in, not deterring predators.

And the best chicken wire fencing is?

The Tenax 72120546 Hex Poultry Fence is the best wire fencing for your needs.

It is the most productive and effective when keeping chickens confined. It may also keep predators out, but only to some extent.

However, it’s easy to work with and easily adjustable. Finally, it’s solid but not enough to protect your chickens fully.


What’s your best pick? I’m waiting for your answer!

Examine the guidelines thoroughly. Choose wisely based on your needs for the best chicken wire fence.

Good luck!

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