Best Disc Harrow for Compact Tractor Money Can Buy! 2022 Edition

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Disc harrows are crucial equipment for farming and gardening. They help prepare the soil for improved air ventilation and offer better nutrition absorption.

However, the disc harrows are also essential for removing crop residue and unwanted vegetation.

So, our experts found the best disc harrow for compact tractor & improved cultivation.

Thus, they help you prepare the soil for numerous operations without manual moderations.

And, how to select the best ones? Find below!

Our Favorite Disc Harrows for Subcompact and Compact Tractors – Overview

disc harrow for small tractor

$$Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow – 102 pounds – Best blade design, suitable for smooth soil and excellent cutting width. Still, not for rocky soil and deep ground.

$$$MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow/Harrow – 120 pounds – Best for lawn tractors. Ideal blade type for different fields. However, issues with attachment options.

$$Brinly DD-551BH Sleeve Hitch Adjustable Tow Behind Disc Harrow – 60 pounds – Best for garden tractors, with rear and front gangs for effortless soil preparation. Still questionable quality.

$$$$Titan Attachments Notched Disc Harrow – 555 pounds – Best harrow for minor and more significant land types, light and heavy tasks. Optimal for tilling. Yet, an unreasonable price.

$$Field Tuff FTF-811DHSH Sleeve Hitch Disc – 58 pounds – Best harrow for advanced performance and design. Long-lasting. Anyhow, it lacks hardware assembly.

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Best Disc Harrows for Compact Tractor on the Market – Top 5 Picks

1. Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow – Best disc harrow for ATV/UTV

  • Brand: Black Boar 
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Top benefit: durable and robust blades

What’s so unique about the Black Boar disc harrow?

Firstly, the heavy-duty disc harrow contains eight rotating discs created for soft soil and through the ground.

The disc harrow also features two adjustable sides, independent, for a smooth finish, different angle points, and better soil preparation.

Each gang adjusts from zero to fifteen or thirty degrees angles in opposite directions, creating 60 degrees of total motion.

In addition, you can find the angle-selector holes, along with the U-bolts to choose the best direction and angle for all ground variations.

Of course, each Back Boar implement effortlessly attaches to the Black Boar Motorized Implement Lift.

Besides, the parallel linkage construction offers an adequate implementation angle since it is lowered.

Due to the lightweight design, the disc harrow is straightforward to install on your tractor and minimizes the need to maneuver it correctly.

So, once attached, the tractor equipment doesn’t need any additional fixations.

The tractor disc harrow doesn’t need to drop the hitch or move the pins manually with a maximum range of motion. And the notched discs better operate on the hard soil.

Thanks to its minimalist design and stainless steel, the tractor disc harrow will offer a smooth cut, excellent offset position, cutting width, and penetration power.

Therefore, the tractor disc harrow will break into hard soil, and the notched blades will finish the harrowing tasks instantly.

However, operating the tractor disc harrow correctly requires a 66013-Manual Lift or 66000-Motorized Lift.

  • notched blades
  • blade design
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • not for rocky soil

2. MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow/Harrow – Best for lawn tractors

  • Brand: MotoAlliance
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Top benefit: blade type

The MotoAlliance tractor disc harrow is an excellent part of tractor equipment and installments for you, as the unit offers multifunctional uses.

Thus, you can use it for an ATV, UTV, SxS, garden tractor, lawn tractor, etc.

The tractor disc harrow is ideal for versatile purposes, including gardening, food plot preparation, chopping up weed, cutting up clumps of soil, crop remainders, and many more.

Thus, the offset disc harrows the ground repeatedly, slicing the soil loosening dirt as they cut.

Moreover, the tractor disc harrow attaches to the sleeve hitch with a single pin, CAT-0 3-Point Hitch, or the Impact Implements Pro 1-Point Lift System.

Thanks to the eight notched discs with twelve-inch disc width, the hardened steel disc gangs offer 54 inches of cutting width and disc spacing.

In addition, the tractor disc harrow includes a stable axle with two roller bearings on each axle. Thus, the notched discs provide smooth-cutting option methods.

However, to properly attach and use the tractor disc harrow, you will have to obtain the attachment points separately, as the product comes without the linkage units.

Furthermore, the piece of tractor equipment is also ideal as it includes a fifteen-degree blade attack angle.

Thus, the notched blades for a compact tractor provide effortless operation for cover crops, cornfields, hayfields.

The notched blades will perform better than the smooth discs on these fields, providing easier operations and quicker tasks.

  • easy installation
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • questionable attachment options

3. Brinly DD-551BH Sleeve Hitch Adjustable Tow Behind Disc Harrow – Best for a garden tractor

  • Brand: Brinly 
  • Price: $$
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Top benefit: the smooth combination of front and rear gangs

When thinking about a fantastic disc harrow for a compact tractor, don’t skip the Brinly disc harrow.

Namely, the unit penetration power is superb, breaking through the plowed, rough, and rocky soil.

Thus, the versatile tractor attachment is ideal for its working width, adjusting between 29 and 39 inches, for both small spaces, small gardens, and extensive gardens.

Additionally, the smooth blades offer three angle points – 15, 10, and 20 angle degrees for regular, more minor, and more aggressive uses.

Hence, the steel weight box blade holds two extra cement blocks, applied down to moderate even the new ground, rigid or stiff, rocky grounds.

So, the smooth blades will be an excellent choice for a cutting option, removing the dirt clods and getting the soil planting ready.

Moreover, the multifunctional smooth blades will be ideal for clearing gravel and snow.

To attach and use the disc harrow to your compact tractor, you can do so with any sleeve hitch.

You can purchase it via your tractor dealer since the sleeve hitch isn’t included in the package.

Also, the disc diameter measures 11 inches, so the smooth blades can quickly transform the plowed ground into uniform soil ready for planting tasks.

Of course, you can attach the discs to create your ideal efficiency.

As you can find, two-disc harrows can be applied as a combination. The front disc gang throws dirt, while the rear gang throws in.

And the proper maintenance prolongs its life.

  • durable
  • extra weight for better operations
  • sturdy
  • suspicious quality

4. Titan Attachments Notched Disc Harrow – Best for heavy and light tasks

  • Brand: Titan Distributors Inc.
  • Price: $$$$
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Top benefit: best for tilling operations

The Titan tractor disc harrow is a perfect solution for your soil due to its design.

As you’ll see, the disc harrow contains notched blades, ideal for turning the ground into the planting soil.

In addition, the notched blades get rid of unwanted debris and weeds.

Moreover, the diameter measures 16 inches, supreme for helping you break up heavy, wet soil and create the better ground. Thus, the discs provide less gumming up and outpower the heavier crop debris.

Thus, the notched blades are excellent for the land that hasn’t been tilled before, suitable for breaking up the wood root systems improving and fastening their breakdown.

Also, the implement comes ready for instant installation to 1 or 3 point hitch, without any modifications or extra work.

The discs also don’t require welding or bolting.

So, you can adjust the tractor’s back and the adapter, moderate the top link drawbar and attach the lower lifting pins.

Thanks to durable construction, the stainless steel discs are perfect for tilling, as they’re covered with powder to prevent corrosion and rust.

Besides, the four-disc axles are cast-iron with greaseable spools and caps.

Regarding the overall disc dimensions, the harrow measures 60x45x30.5 inches.

In addition, the space between the discs measures 17.5 inches, so they provide ideal angle positions for both heavy and light tasks on smaller and larger land types.

And with the top link, you can effortlessly attach the implement to the 3-point hitch tractors.

  • blade type
  • durable
  • optimal width and weight
  • too expensive

5. Field Tuff FTF-811DHSH Sleeve Hitch Disc – Best overall design

  • Brand: Field Tuff
  • Price: $$
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Top benefit: advanced performance

Finally, the Field Tuff disc harrow for compact tractors is supreme for your soil needs, as the disc gangs offer optimal working width, up to 39 inches.

Thus, the disc harrows into the hard soil, making it more approachable and ready for planting.

Moreover, the harrow has eight discs, with a diameter of 11 inches. Therefore, the smooth blades effortlessly transform the rough ground into soft soil, ready for planting.

You will love the smooth blades as you can adjust their harrow angles up to 10, 15, or 20.

Thus, the disc blades provide a regular, less complicated, and more burdensome penetration, power, and better soil operations, depending on your needs.

Due to the durable and reliable stainless steel, the disc blades have a supreme frame and design.

Therefore, they support the extra weight for breaking through the rugged ground. In addition, the blade attaches to the sleeve hitch of your tractors easily.

Thanks to the blade type, the harrow is versatile and harrows in different land types, making them ready for soil planting and multiple operations.

However, the construction won’t lose quality or shape, as the steel frame makes them indestructible.

And thanks to the one-year warranty period, the blades will provide maximum strength, performance, and durability necessary for all soil jobs.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the harrow, you can replace it with another harrow or get the full money refund.

However, I doubt it, as the harrow shows only superior performance and overall design.

  • lightweight
  • durable
  • reliable
  • no assembly hardware

Selecting the Best Disc Harrows for Your Farming Tasks: Buyer’s Guide

It would help if you considered numerous factors when choosing the best disc harrows for your needs.

So, take a look at the directions below.

1. Attachment Options

disc harrow for compact tractor

You can find two attachment points:

  • 3-point hitch mounted
  • pull behind.

The first harrow type offers an effortless attachment point, as you can quickly connect the harrow to the tractor’s hitch.

Moreover, you can adjust the rear and front gangs and the harrow in the right hitch’s direction to save your time for a quick process.

Finally, these harrows are flexible, and you can use them in smaller spaces.

The pull-behind units have discs mounted on the frame – disc gangs, hooked up to the drawbar, and pulled behind the tractor.

The newer models of the pull behind harrows contain hydraulic controls for ease of use, attachment, and moderation.

2. Cutting Option

Harrows for tractors have three main cutting options: offset, single, and double.

Single action disc harrows – their blades cut soil in a single direction.

Double action disc harrows – known as tandem harrows. They cut soil in different directions due to front and rear gangs.

Offset disc harrows – the most common type, as the unit provides a smooth cut in the ground and soil.

Since you adjust the hitch to the left or right, the harrow comes in the offset position behind the tractors.

3. Blade Type

You can find two main blade types: notched and smooth blades.

Notched blades easily penetrate the soil, used for demanding conditions, hayfields, etc.

However, they might be prone to damage soon, so you must pay attention when operating on different ground types. Besides, they’re more expensive.

Smooth blades penetrate through sand and rocks effortlessly, with no damage.

But, they require extra weight on the disc gang to provide more power to the blades. Otherwise, the blades won’t be effective.

However, it would be best to use both blade types – the front gang type for potent cuts and the rear gang for a smooth finish.

4. Blade Design

Another factor to consider is the blade design. According to it, blades can be flat and concave blades.

Flat blades only serve to penetrate the soil.

Concave blades penetrate the soil, then lift and separate it from one side.

5. Cutting Width

best disc harrow for utv

It determines the speed and efficiency when cutting through the soil. It’s similar in diameter. So if your CW is 50 inches or higher, it would be ideal for all gardening tasks.

However, it would help if you chose higher cutting width for shortening time. But they come with a higher price tag.

6. Diameter

The larger the diameter, the faster you can finish your jobs. Meanwhile, you will reduce the working time.

So diameters around 14 inches or even higher are ideal for efficiency and matching prices.

7. Tow Bar

The tow bar is crucial for linking the harrow to the ATV. And, it prevents complications or breakages if you increase the harrow’s versatility.

Still, it would help if you examined its one-pin mounting. The mounting is essential to remove or assemble the harrow from the ATV.

8. Materials

Always choose harrows with steel or metal blades, covered with powder-coating to eliminate corrosion and rust.

Yet, if you have those, don’t apply them after the rain to prolong their life and quality.


What is the difference between a harrow and a disc?

The main difference is that the harrow is a wholesome tractor implement attached to the hitch.

It consists of multiple discs or teeth in a row, operating rough or mild soil to remove weed and prepare it for planting.

The disc is a part of the harrow, circular, thin, and plate object, performing the task.

What is the difference between a disc harrow and a plow?

disc harrow for sub compact tractor

You use the disc plow to operate on the uncultivated land and the disc harrow to moderate the disc plow tilled land.

So, first, plow and then harrow. The plow breaks the new area, while the harrow regulates it and moves weed.

What is a compact disc harrow?

It’s a tractor implement used to regulate the soil where you want to plant crops.

You can also use it for removing and chopping unwanted crop remainders or weeds.

Do you need to plow before you disc?

Yes, you do.

First, you plow to break new land, and then disc to prepare it for crops plant.

What is the purpose of a disc harrow?

The primary purpose is to remove the unwanted weed and crop remainders after plowing and prepare the soil for the planting crops process.

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Once Again: What’s the Best Disc Harrow?

The best disc harrow is the Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow.

Its design power and strength allow you to operate on numerous smooth fields and temperate areas.

The notched discs and weight also will enable you to finish different heavy and light tasks and prepare the soil for crops.

Due to different angles and directions, you can adjust the harrow as you like and find the best position for penetrating the soil.

And due to design and construction, the harrow will be durable and sturdy for deep cutting and other land operations for quick and effortless jobs.

Final Thoughts

As you see, there are numerous harrow types available on the market. So hurry up and select the final winner of the best disc harrow for a compact tractor!

No matter what your best solution is, you cannot go wrong with any models. Just decide the right design and type to help you narrow the search.

The division will be of great help regarding the soil types and needs. So, are you ready for the best harrow?

Let me know once you decide.

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