Best Echo Trimmer for Your Perfect Lawn! Best 2023 Guide!

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string trimmer is a tool that gets into hard-to-reach areas that a lawn mower cannot reach. 

The best Echo trimmer is the most ideal tool you can use to keep your garden’s edges or walkway tidy. It is also the best garden tool to use to keep areas around tree trunks and fence poles well-manicured.

Echo has for many years been manufacturing professional quality hand-held outdoor equipment.

Every engine of Echo equipment is cast in Japan for consistency and quality and assembled in various factories worldwide with the same quality standards.

Read this article about Echo trimmer reviews and order exactly what you need.

Take away key points:

  • Echo string trimmers are crucial for optimal lawn care and more extended uses
  • You can adjust the models to meet our needs and perform longer with more power and safety benefits
  • You can choose different gas, cordless or corded models to meet your requirements

Best Echo trimmers for your lawn care: Our top 7 choices

If you need the best string trimmers for your lawn care, choose among our 7 Echo trimmers below.

We’re sure you’ll find the best string trimmer for your optimal performance.

$$$ECHO CHT-58VBT 24in 58-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best battery powered string trimmers for all heavy-duty and light-duty tasks. The cutting swath is also valuable for its sharp pointed square twist and different operations.

But, the battery-powered tools have flimsy battery placements.

$$$String Trimmer, 21.2CC, 17 in. Cut Width

Best performance of the gas weed eaters. The weed eater is ideal for thick and tall grass and other persistent weeds and plants. The best string trimmer line is crucial for robust applications

Still, the string trimmer/weed eater doesn’t have shoulder straps.

$$$Echo GT-225 2 Cycle 21.2cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Best weed eater for line IQ options and advanced uses. The weed whacker offers a more powerful motor than in AC electric string trimmers, and you can adjust it to all heavy-duty tasks.

Yet the weed eater requires continual loading.

$$$Shindaiwa by Echo T3000 (14″) 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Excellent cordless string trimmers to keep your lawn needs and overall performance optimal. The cordless string trimmers use a telescoping carbon fiber shaft and lower vibration-dampening bike handles to adjust to your comfort needs.

Anyhow the weed eater is not compatible with other battery-powered options and attachments.

$$$$Echo 20 in. 21.2 cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Hedge Trimmer

The best weed whacker for more power and ergonomic design for more robust applications and longer working hours. Ideal for comfort benefits.

Nonetheless, its smaller diameter line and starting issues are not the best options for the instant performance.

$$$$Echo SHC-225S 21.2 cc Gas Hedge Trimmer 20 in.

Best weed whacker with maximum safety standards for more extended use and longer working hours. The same engine is typical for multiple models of this type but this one stands out for more power, and the overall construction ensures maximum comfort benefits and more power.

Nevertheless, it’s not of the best quality.

$$$$ECHO 2 AH Cordless String Trimmer

Best brushless battery-powered models without extension cord options, as the batteries last longer. The models are easy to use and adjust to your needs. They are way too expensive for many users.

#1. ECHO CHT-58VBT Cordless Hedge Trimmer – The best string trimmer with blades

  • Power source: battery powered
  • Item weight: 0.01 ounces
  • Cutting width: 24 inches
  • Best for: professional string trimmer line

The first, we will review a hedge trimmer by Echo. It runs on a 58-Volt lithium battery and has a brushless motor like most cordless products of the brand.

It comes with a 24-inch cutting arm that eases your worries about back pain. You no longer have to bend over to reach tight corners when trimming the grass.

Also, the blade is powerful to cut through thick weeds effectively. To be specific, it offers a ¾-inch cutting capacity – enough to handle most plants in your garden. We are amazed by the performance of this model.

On top of that, this Echo hedge trimmer features anti-jam technology, allowing for continuous cutting. The runtime is impressive as well, at about 90 minutes.

The minus would lie on the side housing of the battery. It feels quite flimsy in our hands.

  • Long and sturdy blades
  • ¾-inch cutting capacity to tackle thick branches
  • Anti-jam technology
  • Flimsy side housing of the battery

#2. SRM-225 String Trimmer – The best performance of the string trimmer

  • Power source: gas-powered
  • Item weight: 24.2 pounds
  • Cutting width: 17 inches
  • Best for: trimmer string for tall grass

The SRM-225 is another Echo trimmer that is worth your consideration. Check if it can convince you to purchase or not.

Like the GT-225 below, the SRM-225 is equipped with a 2-stroke engine, which provides enough power for the model to handle all the cutting chores. Featuring 17-inch dual cutting lines, it is capable of cutting grass and weeds up to 3 feet high quickly and smoothly.

We can say it is a beast in your backyard!

A highlight of this model is the 59-inch shaft that improves the overall maneuverability. To be specific, you no longer have to bend over to reach the grass. Those who suffer from back pain will benefit greatly from this long shaft.

We also love its anti-vibration handle. As the name might suggest, such a feature allows the whole thing to work more stably with less vibration, thereby ensuring your comfort. You are able to use the string trimmer for long hours without feeling fatigued.

The SRM-225 arrives preassembled, so it is ready to work straight out of the box. Loading the spool, refueling, and maintaining the trimmer is super easy as well.

It costs a lot to bring home this weed eater. The manufacturer should provide a shoulder strap when charging such a high price tag.

  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • The long shaft of 59 inches reduces back pain
  • Anti-vibration handle for smooth operation
  • High price tag
  • No shoulder strap included

#3. Echo GT-225 Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer – Best budget string trimmer

  • Power source: gas powered
  • Item weight: 16 pounds
  • Cutting width: 17 inches
  • Best for: gas string trimmer design for tall grass

Next, we have one of the best-selling products of the brand – the Echo GT-225. This is a curved shaft gas trimmer powered by a 2-cycle engine.

First off, it is really lightweight, measuring 0.16 ounces only. That said, you will not have any difficulty moving it around for landscaping purposes. To further facilitate maneuverability, the manufacturer equipped this product with an ergonomic throttle grip with an ON/OFF switch.

Does it cut effectively with the small 2-stroke engine? You might wonder.

Don’t worry! This 2-cycle Echo weed eater is strong enough to cut through thick grass and weeds without any problems. It will not break even when coming in contact with rocks or debris in the middle of the job. However, you should avoid such cases to make them last longer.

Starting this tool should be no sweat, thanks to the pull starter. You can pull the cord once or twice to get it ready for cutting quickly.

Want to know the best part?

Such a quality gas trimmer is surprisingly affordable and will not break the bank.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to start and use
  • Debris shield and cutting swathe included
  • You need to load string constantly

#4. Shindaiwa by Echo T3000 Cordless String Trimmer – Best string trimmer for easy reloading

  • Power source: battery powered
  • Item weight: 11.8 pounds
  • Cutting width: 14 inches
  • Best for: a battery-powered string trimmer head and powerful lawn equipment

The T3000 of Shindaiwa is lesser-known, but its performance might be comparable to the two models above. Is it true? Check out our detailed review right below to know.

First off, this model belongs to a different category of string trimmers. It runs on batteries instead of gas. Therefore, it has all the typical pros and cons of a battery-powered weed eater.

For example, it keeps the need for mixing oil before use at bay.

Nonetheless, there are chances for the product to stop halfway through cutting weeds since batteries run low on power, and you need to charge it.

Also, its runtime is limited. It works for 22 minutes straight with a 14’’ swath, while the time is 29 minutes with a 12’’ swath. Is it enough for you to trim the lawn?

This Shindaiwa T3000 comes with a 56-volt brushless motor, which provides enough power for the weed eater to handle any task you put it through.

The Speed-Feed 400 cutting head makes loading the spool a breeze. The same goes for maneuverability, given that the trimmer is lightweight and features a solid steel driveshaft.

To top all the goodies off, the manufacturer covered this Shindaiwa model with a 5-year consumer warranty.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Solid steel driveshaft for comfort and strength
  • 56-Volt brushless motor
  • Speed-Feed 400 Bump-Feed cutting head
  • Not compatible with attachments
  • Hard to buy spare batteries

#5. Echo 20 in. 21.2 cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Hedge Trimmer – Best string trimmer for ergonomic design

  • Power source: gas powered
  • Item weight: 0.01 ounces
  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • Best for: a large cutting swath and attachment capability for more lawn care

This Echo gas-powered string trimmer is a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use hedge trimmer.

It has a powerful 21.2cc engine, double-edged Japanese cutter blades, and a low-emission design that make it ideal for small to medium jobs.

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and the rotational handle allows you to easily maneuver the trimmer around obstacles.

The HC-2020 is designed with convenience in mind, featuring an easy one-touch start system and anti-vibration technology that helps reduce fatigue during extended use. It also has an adjustable cutting angle so you can get the perfect trim every time.

The Echo blades are made of high-quality steel, so they stay sharp longer and provide superior cutting performance compared to other gas engines on the market.

The walk-behind mower offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio and you can use the large cutting sath and basic lines for farm and ranch work easily.

The lawn care equipment is durable so the power tools can last longer. You can use the mini mower and gas model for the same power of the grass blade and robust tasks.

  • lawn care weed eaters
  • extremely low vibration
  • straight shaft
  • cutting swath
  • for tangled grass and forestry brush
  • starting issues

#6. Echo SHC-225S 21.2 cc Gas Hedge Trimmer 20 in. – Best string trimmer for safety standards of the string trimmer line

  • Power source: gas powered
  • Item weight: 19 pounds
  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • Best for: a powerful engine for flawless lawn care

This is another gas-powered string trimmer for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful hedge trimmer.

This Echo SHC-225S trimmer has a 21.2 cc engine that provides plenty of power to get through even the toughest hedges with ease. The double-sided blades are made from high-quality steel, making them durable and long-lasting.

The extended reach of this trimmer allows you to reach those hard-to-reach places without having to stretch or strain yourself.

The vibration-reducing handle helps reduce fatigue while using the trimmer, allowing you to work longer without feeling worn out.

The Echo SHC-225S is also lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport from one job site to another. It also comes with an adjustable cutting angle so you can customize your trimming experience depending on the type of hedge you are working on.

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and the safety features help ensure that you stay safe while using it.

Other gas trimmers are not as secure as these weed eaters, and they cannot cut grass so effectively. So, the weed wacker ensures an easy load head with an advanced cutting swath.

  • professional lawn care crews
  • release tangled grass
  • high or low-speed setting
  • adjustable string trimmer head
  • poor quality

#7. ECHO 2 AH Cordless String Trimmer – Best adjustable string trimmer

  • Power source: battery-powered, gas-powered
  • Item weight: 10.3 pounds
  • Cutting width: 16 inches
  • Best for: well-balanced trimmers (automatic feeding system for gas-powered string trimmers and cordless trimmers)

Like the Shindaiwa by Echo T3000, this is a cordless string trimmer powered by batteries. The purchase comes included with the tool itself, alongside the battery and charger.

It is designed with a 58-Volt brushless motor that offers amazing power and runtime. You can use it for long hours without stopping in the middle of trimming. Therefore, it is more suitable for those homeowners with large backyards compared to their T3000 counterparts.

Thanks to the sturdy motor, this unit is capable of cutting through knee-high grass and thick weeds with ease. Plus, you can totally adjust the cutting swath to fit different targets. For example, use a 16-inch swath for aggressive trimming.

More notably, it boasts a trigger with adjustable speed levels, which comes in handy if you are working in a garden with several different kinds of foliage.

The only minus is probably the battery provided by the manufacturer. It is somewhat low in quality, and the replacement battery is expensive.

  • 58-Volt brushless motor
  • Adjustable cutting swatch
  • Adjustable speed levels
  • The poor battery provided by the manufacturer
  • Expensive replacement battery

Choosing the right string trimmer: Buyer’s guide

In choosing the right string trimmer for your needs, you will need to decide on two things depending on your need and preference:

1. Type of the shaft

echo weed eater reviews

The shaft connects the cutting head to the motor. It is where the throttle and handle are mounted.

A drive cable runs through the shaft turned by the engine, which makes the cutting head function.

Straight shaft

– Provides a long reach which means more area is trimmed faster, and fewer debris flies.

– Can easily go around plants in a flowerbed or under bushes with precision.

– Back pains can be prevented even when used for long hours because of the long reach

– Less vibration because the motor will offer more torque.

– Can use attachments such as string gauges on the cutting head because it has more power and torque.

– Preferred by taller users

– Heavy duty

Curved shaft

– More comfortable to use for longer jobs.

– Shorter shaft than straight trimmers because of the curve providing the user with more control.

– Weighs lighter than a curved string trimmer.

– Well-balanced for better maneuverability in tight areas.

– Preferred by shorter users

– Costs less than straight-string trimmers

– Less flexible than a straight trimmer.

2. Power source

In the past, string trimmers were only gas-powered. Today there are electric models. Each string trimmer model has something different to offer.

echo trimmer reviews

Electric string trimmers

– Can be corded or cordless (battery-powered).

– Easy to start

– Have a quieter operation.

– Cordless models which are battery-operated offer more mobility.

– Corded models can only cover areas the extension can allow it to reach.

– Battery-operated models may require constant recharging.

– May not be powerful enough to handle thick overgrowth, which means a longer time to get the work done.

Gas string trimmers

– Offer more mobility.

– Big and powerful.

– Can effortlessly cover large areas

– Can efficiently deal with large sizes of grass and weeds

– Harder to start.

– Loud operation because they use combustion engines

– Creates more vibrations and shaking

– Gas fuel emissions can make you feel dizzy

3. Others

Regardless of which type of string trimmer you choose, these factors should always be present

echo weed wacker

– Cutting width

– Ease in starting

– Ease in handling

– Variable speed


Are Echo trimmer attachments universal?

No, Echo trimmer attachments are not universal.

Each attachment is designed to fit specific powerheads from the Pro Attachment Series™, and cannot be used with other brands of powerheads.

Are Echo trimmers made in the USA?

Yes, Echo trimmers are made in the USA

Are ECHO trimmers 2-cycle or 4-cycle?

ECHO trimmers are available in both 2-cycle and 4-cycle models. The 2-stroke models are typically lighter and easier to maneuver, while the 4-stroke models offer more power and torque.

What size line does an Echo trimmer use?

The Echo trimmer uses a .095-inch cutting line. 

Is the ECHO SRM 225 commercial grade?

The ECHO SRM 225 is a professional-grade trimmer, not a commercial-grade string trimmer.

Which is better: Echo or a Husqvarna trimmer?

Husqvarna string trimmers might be the best string trimmer brand, much better than Echo string trimmers.

Both brands offer powerful engines and easy-start technology, however, the Husqvarna engine performs better from the start and is lighter than the Echo.

The Echo has a larger speed feed than the Husqvarna, but it is also heavier. 

How to adjust the carburetor on an Echo line trimmer?

Follow the steps below:

  • Locate the HI and LO adjustment screws on the carburetor.
  • The HI screw controls the amount of fuel that is delivered when the engine is running at full throttle, while the LO screw controls the amount of fuel that is delivered at idle.
  • To adjust these screws, use a flathead screwdriver to turn them clockwise or counterclockwise until you achieve your desired results.

So what is the best string trimmer for your lawn care?

The best string trimmer for your needs is the ECHO CHT-58VBT Cordless Hedge Trimmer.

The bare trimmer weighs less than a pound and you can adjust it to your lawn standards. These weed eaters are the lowest-vibration string trimmers, and the brush-cutting blade is ideal for the trimmer head and outdoor power equipment.

The best string trimmer might be expensive, yet the lightest string trimmer matches its quality and price.


Have you found your best string trimmer yet? If not it’s high time!

You can choose among different electric string trimmers, battery-powered string trimmers, or gas-powered weed eaters by Echo and choose the best weed eater for tour needs easily. They won’t let you down.

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