The Best Pulsating Sprinkler For A Healthier Garden

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Our gardens and our lawns are our refuges when we’re stressed and down. It seems like there is magic in their green color.

Because of this, it makes perfect sense for us to make sure that we have the best garden or lawn. One way of doing that is by using a sprinkler.

However, there are a lot of types of sprinklers out there.

But if you want to assure efficiency and coverage, then what you need is a pulsating sprinkler. In this article, we’ll be talking about just that.

We’ll also be showing you the best pulsating sprinklers you need to have.

What is a pulsating sprinkler?

A pulsating sprinkler is one of the many types of sprinklers in the market.

However, this one’s unique because it has a 60-degree to 360-degree water coverage. This is equivalent to 450 square meters, making it the best sprinkler type if you want maximum coverage.

This is perfect for gardens or lawns that have deeply rooted plants on their sides.

Best pulsating sprinklers money can buy: My top 5 favorites

#1. Gilmour Pulsating Sprinkler – Best for performance

This Gilmour pulsating sprinkler head can satisfy even the most critical users with its stylish and modern design. Moreover, it also features several advantages that can meet all your needs for a watering tool.

It can water a circle of 5,800 square feet or reach a maximum diameter of 43 feet. Besides, it fits with different tasks of spraying with full or partial coverage that can simply be adjusted without any tool.

The most outstanding feature of this sprinkler head is the diffuser screw that allows you to tune the stream with your fingertips. You can turn it left or right to adjust the pressure of water to shower your garden evenly.

It is constructed from long-lasting brass and zinc to take the beating of weather conditions. Also, it offers you great work in saving water as it eliminates back and sides plash with an impulse arm.

Lastly, it only takes you less than five minutes to set up this sprinkler head as you only need to attach it to a base that has the standard 1/2 connection. 

  • Stylish and well-made design
  • Impulse arm saves water
  • Reasonable price
  • Need a base to assemble a complete sprinkler

#2. Melnor 65054-AMZ Pulsating Sprinkler – Best for handiness

The Melnor 65054-AMZ sprinkler possesses extensive coverage that can be up to 85’in diameter. Hence, if you are looking for a useful pulsating sprinkler for your big lawn, this product is a wise choice.

Moreover, it is excellent for medium and large lawn watering tasks with a powerful performance and multiple coverage options from 20 degrees to a maximum of 360 degrees.

The Quick Connect Product Adapter, which is specially designed by Melnor, makes connecting and disconnecting this sprinkler a snap. Indeed, you can assemble this watering tool in a matter of minutes without using any extra tools.

Apart from a metal spike that enables you to place this sprinkler easily, even in hard soil, a unit-to-unit connection also makes installing this watering tool a breeze. All you have to do is simply attach the threaded end of the sprinkler to a garden hose and open the water valve. Then the sprinkler is ready to shower your lawn.

  • This sprinkler allows unit-to-unit connection
  • You can quickly connect and disconnect this sprinkler
  • It has a reasonable price
  • It might show some sign of cracking over time

#3. Raigro 360 Degree Pulsating Sprinkler – Best for coverage

This Raigo pulsating sprinkler, with its ergonomic and sturdy design, is a product worth reckoning with.

This sprinkler offers your garden the maximum water exposure as it possesses a wide range of adjustments from 45 to 85 feet in diameter. Thus, it is highly flexible to fit different watering tasks for small, medium, to large lawns.

Moreover, you can adjust the direction and coverage of this watering tool with two options: a 360-degree circle or a half-circle. You can lift the trip level to get the desired coverage and direction.

The most noticeable feature of this sprinkler is the unique spike part. It possesses one central spike with two shorter additional spikes to keep the sprinkler stick to the ground, even in the hard soil.

Hence, you will need no additional tires to keep the sprinkler stay in its position even while working under high-pressure water.

  • One long spike along with two additional spike helps the sprinkler to attach firmly to the ground
  • Control water to reduce water consumption
  • It is difficult to adjust the sprinkler as metal tabs are stiff

#4. Melnor 65067-AMZ Pulsating Sprinkler – Best for heavy-duty tasks

This Melnor 65067-AMZ, with its unique design, can tackle heavy-duty tasks in a matter of minutes with several versatile features.

Made from robust metal, this spinning sprinkler can withstand the beating of weather. The metal base is also sealed with durable corrosion-resistance enamel to protect the tool from damage.

It can water a large area of up to 85 feet in diameter. Moreover, it comes with intuitive controls to help you adjust the spray distance with ease. Thus, you can easily achieve the maximum precision and high performance of watering your garden.

Another noticeable feature of this watering tool is that it comes without a spike. It might be an advantage as you don’t have to worry about sticking the spike to the hard and firm soil. However, the tool might not stay in its position while working due to high water pressure.

With an adjustable design, this sprinkler allows you to take full control in adjusting the spray coverage between 20 to 360 degrees. Moreover, it enables you to adjust the spray types with a handy integrated diffuser pin.

  • Sturdy metal base
  • Comes with a QuickConnect adapter
  • Easy to adjust water pattern
  • Without a spike, this sprinkler might bounce up and down on the ground for a few first minutes of working

#5. M PLUS NMPSN1729 Impact Sprinkler – Best for adjustment

M Plus NMPSN1729 has durable brass construction with copper surface spray treatment that enhances the water resistance property with high amounts of sediment and other debris.

This sprinkler is a useful sprinkler for small and medium yards with an adjustable distance between 20 and 41’ radius. You can lower the stream to reduce the spray radius for small and medium watering tasks.

It also possesses various coverage from 0 degrees to a maximum of 360 degrees that, allows you to fine-tune it to meet your needs. Hence, you can adjust the angle of showering to achieve the highest watering performance.

This watering tool can water a maximum area of 5,600 square feet in the shape of a circle. With this versatility, these sprinkles allow you to cover any size and shape of a yard in just a few adjustments.

Moreover, it only takes you a few minutes to set up these sprinkles as it features a high-performance copper thread connector that makes this watering tool a plug-and-play device.

  • High-performance copper thread connector
  • Durable brass construction
  • Highly flexible for different sizes of yard
  • Water leaking problems

Tips for extending your pulsating sprinkler’s service life

1. Use it when needed

The first thing you need to do if ever you have a pulsating sprinkler is to make sure that you only turn it on when you’re going to use it.

Don’t keep it on all the time because these also need a rest. Though they may be objects, they still have their limits.

And it’s not just the health of your sprinkler that hangs in the balance, but your plants as well.

By using it only when you need it, you’re also avoiding flooding.

2. Place it in a safe place

how does a pulsating sprinkler work

Be sure that the place where you’re going to install the pulsating sprinkler is far away from foot traffic.

As much as possible, place them in an area that is not always visited.

These pulsating sprinklers might be sturdy, but they’re one of the most sensitive types of sprinklers there is.

But it’s not all about the traffic of the area, it also has something to do with the surrounding temperature.

It’s recommended that you place it in an area that is covered by the direct heat of the sun.

3. Don’t overuse your sprinkler

Never overuse your sprinkler because this will only cause it to malfunction.

As much as possible, make sure that you only use it when you need it.

You can also attach it to a timer so that it automatically turns off when it has already sprinkled enough water in the area.

Pulsating sprinkler buying guide

1. Brand

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a pulsating sprinkler is the brand.

It’s about knowing the brand so that you can gauge whether it is worth the buy or not.

Make sure that the pulsating sprinkler is manufactured by a reputable company.

2. Scope

The scope is also sometimes referred to as the coverage.

Make sure that the scope of your pulsating sprinkler of choice is huge.

As much as possible, it’s recommended that you use one that can cover a huge area so that you won’t need to buy a lot of them. 

Just be sure that it’s adjustable so that you can switch it to a different sprinkling feature without any hassle.

3. Quality

Then there’s the element of quality, which you need to consider whichever product you choose to buy.

See to it that it’s made of high-quality materials so that it will last a long time.

The last thing you want to experience is to have one that will break down after a few months of use.

4. Aesthetics

Visual appearance is an important consideration to make because, most of the time, these pulsating sprinklers are placed in the center of your garden or lawn.

This makes them easily visible to you or your visitors.

It’s because of this that you need to make sure that it looks good and nice so that it will add beauty to your garden and also to your home as a whole.

5. Price

Also, consider the price because this is where you’ll see if the one you’re buying is worth it or not.

Be careful when looking at the price because you might easily be deceived by the affordable price of some sprinklers.

As nice as it is to choose them, they aren’t always the best choice because the affordable ones are usually low-quality sprinklers.

But also avoid buying overly expensive sprinklers as a high price doesn’t always lead to a high-quality product.

Better choose one that’s found in the middle range price.


For the winner of this competition, we will choose the Gilmour 167H P​​ulsating Sprinkler as it can offer you adjustable coverage and a large spray radius. It also has an ergonomic design with a diffuser screw that allows you to adjust the pressure of water directly with your fingertips.

Although it only comes with a sprinkler head, you will find it easy to attach to a base and use it for your yard.

If you are looking for a high-quality sprinkler, this Gilmour 167H pulsating sprinkler is a wise choice for you.

Gilmour Heavy Duty Replacement Sprinkler Head 5800 sq. ft.*
  • Water coverage up to 5,800 square feet, 43' radius
  • Provides full or partial coverage
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Diffuser screw allows for easy fingertip adjustment of water stream for even coverage
  • Long lasting brass and zinc construction on impulse head. Fits sprinkler base with standard 1/2 connection. Pack of 2

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