The Best Rated Grass Seed for a Greener Lawn: Best 2023 Update

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We all want the best for our gardens or lawns. We want it to look beautiful. One way to do just that is by planting it with lush and green grass. But how can you do that?

Well, the answer to that is simply using the best-rated grass seed. In this article, we’re going to tell you why you need this, as well as which grass seeds are the best ones.

Take away key points:

  • Various seeds are available to improve tor lawn health
  • Apply the protection and fertilizers to keep your grass optimal
  • Follow the labels to ensure they won’t harm the surroundings

The benefits of having grass seeds

Here are some of the crucial benefits of the best grass seed:

1. Better survivability

Perhaps the best benefit that you’ll get out of planting grass seeds is that your grass will have better chances of survivability. This happens because you have a lot of choices when it comes to the variety of seeds that you’ll be using.

What happens when you plant a single variety of grass is it becomes susceptible to disease, drought, and stress. This is because of the same characteristics and features that the grass seeds have.

By having a mix of different grass seeds, you can avoid this unfortunate possibility from happening.

2. Easy to plant

what are the best grass seeds

You don’t need to work throughout the entirety of the day when you’re planting grass seeds.

It’s because these are fairly easy to plant. You just need to have them delivered to your house, place them in a wheelbarrow or spreader, and just have a walk while pouring them evenly on your lawn.

After that, you can just use a plow and cover them with soil. There’s no need to do advanced agricultural techniques. It’s just doing the basics.

3. Economical

You’d save a lot of money if you were to opt to plant grass seeds instead of laying sod or turf grass on your lawn. Why?

It’s because you’ll spend around $600 to $800 if you were to use turf grass throughout your 2,000 square feet lawn, when in fact, you can just spend a few hundred dollars for a 2,000 square feet lawn if you were to plant grass seeds instead.

Best grass seed for cool season grasses in 2023!

If you need the best grass seed mix for your greener garden or existing grass, you can look at our grass seed mixes below and choose the right grass seed mix for your green lawn. Let’s start.

$$Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Lawn Repair

Best fastest growth and overall protection of the grass. The perennial ryegrass determines how much grass seed you need to protect your lawn and keep it optimal.

Still, the tool requires full sun exposure.

$$$Jonathan Green (10323) Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

Best grass seeds for colder climates, as the weather elements cannot harm their impact. They are danced over most cool season grasses for improved protection and better root systems.

But the protection for Bermuda grass type and other grass types is way too pricey.

$Scotts Turf Builder THICK’R LAWN Grass Seed

Best dense shade formula for lawns and similar outdoor areas. Efficient and effective for more robust applications.

Yet the formula offers some quality issues.

$$Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

Best for southern areas with more singling for optimal protection and grass growth. The speedy system requires sun coverage and it regulates uncoated seeds too.

However, it offers a slow start and lower quality standards.

$Greenview 2829353 Fairway Formula Grass Seed

Best for colder climates with less sun and full protection from weather elements. The organic ingredients won’t harm the surroundings.

Anyhow, it needs full sun coverage to germinate.

$Pennington The Rebels Tall Fescue Grass Seed

The most effective formula with perennial ryegrass for your lawn needs. The formula requires only partial sun, but it works better with full sun coverage.

Nevertheless, it offers labeling issues.

$Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix

The most affordable option for your needs. The average quality matches the price, although there is still room for improvement in performance and quality.

The protection is also average.

$Pennington One Step Complete Sun & Shade Bare Spot Grass Seed

Best for three-in-one technology with a Smart Seed system to improve the overall conditions and lawn coverage. Works well with smaller and larger lawns and gardens.

Nevertheless, the formula offers poor results.

#1. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Lawn Repair – The quickest grow-grass seed mix

  • Brand: Jonathan Green
  • Special use: Lawn
  • Expected bloom: spring
  • Best for: both sun and light shade

If you’re looking for a lawn repair solution that will get the job done quickly and effectively, then Jonathan Green grass seed is the perfect choice.

Our best grass seed mix contains 20% more grass seed than other products, making it ideal for repairing stubborn bare spots and seamlessly blending into existing lawns. The mixture also includes soil food, lawn food, and seed establishment mulch to ensure your lawn looks its best.

You can use this product to patch some bare spots in your enter lawn, and you will be amazed at how quickly it will work!

Within a few days, you will have lush green grass growing in the areas you have treated. Not only does it look great, but the grass will also be strong and healthy. Thus, the grass seed mix ensures healthy grass and the grass seed grows quickly and efficiently.

The Jonathan Green Turf seeds germinate fully, and you can expect lush green, new lawn with supreme drought resistance.

The fast-growing seed requires sun exposure, which is why the seeds sprout in spring instead of fall or other seasons. The warm-season grass seed uses much sun, but it’s also shade-tolerant grass seed for a dark green lawn.

The partial shade tolerant is easy to use and spread around your entire lawn, especially in sandy soil, as the grass seed mix boosts better grass growth, making your existing lawn healthier, and adding more green color to the lush lawn and turf grasses.

What we like
  • drought tolerant
  • partial shade
  • for sandy soil
What we don't like
  • needs full sun exposure

#2. Jonathan Green (10323) Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed – Best for northern lawns

  • Brand: Jonathan Green
  • Special use: clay soil, lawn
  • Expected bloom: Summer
  • Best for: deep roots of new lawn grass

The following grass seed mix is an excellent choice for anyone looking to grow a lush, green lawn. This grass seed is specially formulated to thrive in both sunny and shady conditions.

The Jonathan Green grass seed mix contains a variety of cool-season grasses that are designed to be hardy and resistant to insect damage.

If you struggle with growing grass in your shady backyard, this seed mix can take root and flourish even in those difficult conditions. The grass grows quickly and it’s healthy and vibrant all season long.

Also, the new grass will suppress the weed seeds, allowing healthy, greener grass to fully bloom under sun exposure. Thus, you won’t have any issues with the weed seeds.

The Jonathan Green grass seed mix also stands up well to heavy traffic, making it ideal for areas that get a lot of foot traffic or pets running around. If you have pets who love playing in the yard, they cannot damage the grass at all. It holds up very well despite their roughhousing!

So, the drought-resistant tool is ideal for a new lawn and cool-season grasses. The colder climates cannot damage it, and the seeds moist also cannot damage your lawns. So our best grass seeds offer optimal usage, and planting grass seed mixes is quick and efficient for achieving the best results.

The tool is also convenient for fine fescue grasses, and the tall fescue.

What we like
  • dense shade mix
  • fine fescue grass seed
  • tall fescue
  • drought resistant
  • for northern lawns
What we don't like
  • too expensive

#3. Scotts Turf Builder THICK’R LAWN Grass Seed – Best dense shade grass seed

  • Brand: Scotts
  • Special use: lawn
  • Expected bloom: spring, summer, early fall
  • Best for: fast-growing grass seed system

The Scotts Turf Builder grass seed mix will help your lawn look lush and green. This grass seed is designed to help you achieve a thicker, greener lawn with less effort. It contains a special technology that helps it grow faster and thicker than other grass seeds, making it ideal for areas prone to drought or heavy foot traffic.

The Scotts Turf Builder comes in a 40-pound bag, covering up to 4,000 square feet of lawn. It also contains fertilizer and soil improver, so you don’t have to worry about buying additional products. The combination of these three components helps promote strong root growth and improved water retention, which can help your lawn stay healthy even during periods of extreme weather.

The drought-resistant seed will ensure your lawn look much fuller and greener than before, and you won’t have any issues with drought or heavy foot traffic. The grass grows quickly and evenly throughout your yard, so you don’t have any bare patches or thin spots. Plus, you don’t need as much water as you did before since the fertilizer helps retain moisture in the soil.

For an easy way to get thick grass without having to put in too much effort, the Scotts Turf Builder is an ideal choice.

With its combination of fertilizer and soil improver plus the special technology that helps it grow faster and thicker than other grass seeds, this product gives you great results!

What we like
  • drought-tolerant
  • dense shade mix
  • fine fescue grass seed
  • tall fescue
What we don't like
  • quality issues

#4. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed – Best for southern lawns

  • Brand: Scotts
  • Special use: lawn
  • Expected bloom: summer, early fall
  • Best for: centipede grass

Another Scotts Turf Builder dense shade grass seed is ideal for more or less square feet of your law. The tall fescue/fine fescue drought-tolerant shade mix is designed to repair bare spots and aggressively spread to fill in gaps. It’s also formulated to resist drought, making it ideal for areas prone to dryness.

The 2.4 pound-bag of Scotts Turf Builder dense shade mix covers up to 320 square feet when used for new lawns and 960 square feet when over seeding existing lawns.

The mix contains a blend of grass varieties that are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, so you can be sure your lawn will stay lush and green even if there’s a lot of activity on it.

In addition to the seed, this mix also contains fertilizer and soil improver which helps nourish the soil and promote healthy root growth. It also helps reduce water runoff and erosion while improving water absorption, making it an ideal choice for areas with poor drainage or heavy rainfall.

The Scotts Turf Builder grass seed is ideal for different grass species, ensuring deep and strong root systems, twice as long as uncoated seeds, and the warm-season grass becoming stronger. It’s ideal for tall fescue but it requires full sun to bloom fully.

This is an excellent grass seed for southern lawns and annual ryegrass tasks. You can adjust it to your needs.

What we like
  • tall fescue
  • warm season grasses
  • uncoated seeds
What we don't like
  • requires full sun
  • slow start

#5. Greenview 2829353 Fairway Formula Grass Seed – Best for cool season grasses

  • Brand: Greenview
  • Special use: lawn
  • Expected bloom: fall, winter
  • Best for: organic ingredients

The Greenview formula is an amazing option for users in need of establishing and improving their lawns quickly and efficiently.

This blend of perennial ryegrass provides superior resistance to heat, drought, and disease, making it the perfect choice for sunny to slightly shaded areas. It’s also highly recommended for heavy-traffic areas due to its quick growth and ability to withstand compaction.

The seed is 99.9% weed-free, ensuring maximum coverage and a beautiful deep green color. The recommended planting depth is 1/4 inch and the ideal temperature range is 61-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 3-pound bag is available to all users, and the formula starts its bloom instantly. So, you can use it for different lawns, more or less square feet of your gardens, and the formula does the job successfully.

The seed germinates quickly and you can see a significant improvement in the health of your lawn. Be confident it will continue to grow thick and lush as long as you provide proper care such as watering regularly and applying fertilizer when needed.

If you worry about damaging your lawn or garden, please don’t. The organic formula does not contain any harsh chemicals that will damage the root systems, inner or outer coating of your land, or soil types.

The formula will only improve and fasten the quick growth of the new, healthy grass. You won’t have any issues with the application. And you can use it for an extended period.

What we like
  • easy to spread
  • quick growth
  • effective
What we don't like
  • full sun coverage

#6. Pennington The Rebels Tall Fescue Grass Seed – Most effective

  • Brand: Pennington
  • Special use: lawn, outdoor
  • Expected bloom: fall, spring
  • Best for: perennial ryegrass

Another seed formula wows you due to its effective and efficient use and applications. The Pennington seed formula is an excellent choice for lawns that need to withstand heavy traffic and drought.

This high-quality turf grass produces a beautiful, lush green lawn that can stand up to the toughest conditions. It has thick, deep, and dense roots that result in excellent drought and traffic tolerance.

The Tall Fescue blend is perfect for overseeding large areas, as it takes less seed to cover 10,000 square feet. For new lawns, this bag will cover 3,330 square feet. The best seed is bred to grow darker green than other tall fescues and maintains a deep green color throughout the growing season.

In addition to its superior performance in heat and drought conditions, our best seed also adds an awesome accent to your yard with its darker, greener, and denser look. It’s easy to use too – just spread the seed evenly over the area you want to cover and water regularly until the seeds have germinated.

The ingredients will not harm your existing grass or root systems, and you don’t need full sun coverage to spread new grass systems. Partial sun coverage is needed for good-quality grass.

So you can adjust the grass formula to your needs, and its performance ensures the best standards for your existing or new gardens, lawns, and other green surfaces. You can use it for an extended time.

What we like
  • perennial ryegrass
  • full sun or partial sun
  • hot sun
What we don't like
  • grass seed label issues

#7. Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix – Budget-friendly

  • Brand: Scotts
  • Special use: lawn, outdoor
  • Expected bloom: spring, fall
  • Best for: overall performance

The Scotts repair is a great solution for repairing bare spots in your lawn. It combines seed, mulch, and fertilizer to provide all-in-one spot repair.

The Scotts mix is ready to use right out of the bag and starts to grow in as few as seven days. It also absorbs three times more of its weight in water, so you don’t have to worry about watering it too often.

After just a few weeks you can see new grass growing in the bare spots. The mix is easy to spread and you won’t have any issues with it sticking together or clumping up like some other products you’ve used before.

You can adjust the seed for grass to your needs, and the formula will only improve the condition of your lawn, without damaging the existing root systems, and inner and outer land layers.

The Scotts Mix also uses an improved easy to spread formula which makes it even easier to apply than before. It covers 145 square feet for bare spots and 290 square feet for thin areas, so you can get a lot of coverage from one bag.

The mix also contains fertilizer which helps promote healthy root growth and helps the grass stay green longer.

All in all, we highly recommend the product for your grass needs. You won’t need to buy several products separately, and an all-in-one grass fertilizer will make your job less exhausting.

What we like
  • ease of use
  • great coverage
  • fast results
  • no harsh chemicals
What we don't like
  • average quality

#8. Pennington One Step Complete Sun & Shade Bare Spot Grass Seed – Best for three-in-one grass protection

  • Brand: Pennington
  • Special use: lawn, outdoor
  • Expected bloom: spring, fall
  • Best for: Smart Seed technology

And our last seed formula is Pennington Smart Seed grass protection, keeping your lawn and garden optimal, healthy, and green for different uses and attractive looks.

The formula is ideal for different robust applications, and it won’t damage your current lawn conditions. The formula only improves and strengthens the overall state of the soil and surface in general.

Pennington Smart Seed combines premium Smart Seed protection with professional-grade fertilizer and mulch to help repair bare spots in two weeks or less. The combination of the three components helps create a lush, thick grass that is both water-saving and disease-resistant.

Pennington Smart Seed is easy to use and comes pre-mixed and ready to go. All you have to do is spread the mixture over the bare spot, water it, and wait for the grass to grow. It’s also great for patching or repairing problem spots in your lawn as it contains a super absorbent seeding mix that holds and maintains moisture around the seed while providing the necessary nutrients for growth.

Use Pennington Smart Seed and attest to its effectiveness. After just two weeks, you can see a noticeable difference in your lawn. The grass will be greener, thicker, and healthier looking than before you applied the mixture.

You’ll like the results and would highly recommend this Pennington product to anyone looking for an easy way to repair bare spots in their lawns. The ease of use and quick applications make it popular among all customers.

What we like
  • ease of use
  • quick applications
  • repair & care
What we don't like
  • poor results

Things to consider when buying a grass seed: Buyer’s guide

Here are crucial factors to consider when choosing the best grass seed for a healthy lawn:

1. Foot traffic

The first thing you need to consider is the foot traffic. What we mean by foot traffic is how much your grass will be stepped or trampled on.

If you expect that a lot of people will be walking on it, then it would be best if you were to choose a tough variety of grass seeds that can tolerate heavy foot traffic.

On the other hand, if you’re just going to stare at it and have it as an addition to your house’s aesthetic appeal, then you can choose whichever grass seed variety you want.

2. Climate of your place

when are the best times to plant grass seed

You also need to factor in the climate of your place. Remember that grass seeds need to suit well with the temperature of your place.

There are grass seed varieties that grow well in warm tropical weather, and there are also those that thrive in cold climate regions.

Before buying, it’s best you learn more about the climate of your place.

3. Pricing

You need to be extra careful with the pricing of your grass seed of choice. It’s important to remember that expensive grass seeds don’t necessarily mean that they’re of higher quality than the cheaper ones.

There are some instances when more affordable grass seed varieties are purer and can tolerate more stress and foot traffic than the more expensive ones.

For you to know if it’s worth the price, you can check if it is mixed with other seed varieties. You surely don’t want to keep on plucking weeds from your lawn by the time your grass seeds grow.


Are grass seeds bad for dogs?

Yes, grass seeds can be bad for dogs.

Grass seeds can become lodged in a dog’s fur and skin, leading to infection and abscesses. They can also cause painful swelling which can progress to an abscess.

In addition, if the seed gets into the ear canal it can cause head shaking and excessive licking of the area.

To protect your dog from grass seeds, it is important to keep them away from long grass and check their fur regularly for any signs of infection or irritation.

Are grass seeds abiotic or biotic?

Grass seeds are abiotic. Abiotic factors are non-living components of an environment, such as temperature, humidity, soil type, and sunlight.

Do grass seeds need sunlight to germinate?

Yes, grass seeds need sunlight to germinate. Sunlight helps the seed absorb water and break down the seed coat so that it can begin to grow. Without adequate sunlight, the seed will not be able to germinate properly.

What is the easiest grass seed to grow?

The easiest and quickest one is the Bermuda grass or perennial ryegrass.

Can I just throw grass seed down on the existing lawn?

No, you cannot just throw grass seed down on the existing lawn. The best way to ensure a healthy and lush lawn is to prepare the soil before planting the grass seed. This includes removing any weeds, aerating the soil, and adding fertilizer or compost.

Additionally, you should choose the right type of grass seed for your region and climate.

What is the best grass seed to choke out weeds?

The best one is the Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Lawn Repair due to its overall performance, gras protection, and improvement.

How to plant grass seed on existing lawns?

Follow the steps below:

  • Remove any weeds from the area and enrich the soil with nutrients to help the grass seeds grow.
  • Spread the seeds evenly across the surface of the lawn and cover them with about a quarter of an inch of soil. 
  • Protect the seed by keeping it moist until it germinates, which can take anywhere from five to 21 days.
  • Once your new grass has taken root, it should take another four to 10 weeks before you can enjoy a lush green lawn.

What’s the best grass seed for your garden?

The best seed is the Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Lawn Repair due to its quick applications and optimal performance, as well as safety standards, soil, and grass protection.

The seed requires full sun but it ensures a healthier lawn and overall better grass conditions, so it’s better than other warm-season grasses.


Best grass seeds are ideal for your Buffalo grass, Bermuda grass types, and other cool-season grasses or warm-season grasses.

The formulas ensure greener lawns and lush gardens full of vegetation. They won’t harm the environment, so choose the best perennial ryegrass for your needs.

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