Best String Trimmer Harness Review 2023

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Cutting grass and weeds is one of the more important tasks in maintaining a well-manicured lawn.

You need to own a string trimmer so you can get to the edges and hard-to-reach areas of your lawn.

String trimmers, though, can be heavy, and their vibrations can be strenuous on your body. That is why you need to use the best string trimmer harness to avoid these discomforts.

A string trimmer harness functions to take the weight of the equipment from your arms and hands. It serves as a cushion to protect you from the impact that a string trimmer can cause. 

Some string trimmer harnesses even come with cushions for extra comfort.

The best string trimmer harness for you in 2023

#1. Stihl 4119-710-9001 Oem Standard Harness – Best for comfort

Trimming without a harness for a long time might be extremely strenuous. However, with this Stihl standard harness, gardeners will never experience that tiredness again.

The unique design with shoulder and body straps makes this harness suitable for string trimmer working, and it will evenly distribute the weight of tools across your body. Thus, you are less likely to face fatigue and strain in your arms or shoulder.

Moreover, you don’t have to bend your back as this harness has a clip to hold the trimmer straight. Also, this harness offers you the best comfort with its soft shoulder pads that can support your shoulder when working continuously. The hip pad also acts as a shock absorbent to reduce strain on your hip.

This Stihl harness is made from heavy-duty material that can provide you with several years of use. Furthermore, the extra-long strap allows you to adjust the harness to fit different body sizes.

Many users who have purchased this product said that it could help them a lot in trimming their lawns. As it takes the strain in their arms and distributes it across the body, they are less likely to experience back pain and arm pain during continuous working hours.

  • Evenly distribute the weight across your upper body
  • Soft shoulder pads
  • Made from durable material
  • Extra strap to fit all body sizes
  • Not suitable for left-handed operators
  • Complicated adjustment

#2. Husqvarna Balance XT Trimmer Harness – Best for versatility

The Husqvarna Balance XT Trimmer Harness comes in a design that ensures the even distribution of the weight of the string trimmer between your back, chest, hips, and shoulders.

This string trimmer harness is equipped with wide shoulder straps with pads, which spread the weight of the trimmer to other areas to lessen the strain on your shoulders.

The joining straps of the shoulder straps can be lowered or raised so it can fit either men or women users.

It also comes with a sturdy chest plate which you can easily adjust for the easy mounting of your string trimmer. An adjustable backplate provides the best support when carrying the weight of your string trimmer during long working hours.

A user says this string trimmer harness is comfortable to use. It can be adjusted to fit different body sizes. He also says that this harness is well made, well-padded, provides top-notched support, and can be put on in a jiffy. It is good-looking, too.

The Husqvarna Balance XT Trimmer Harness is equipped with a shock absorbing designed hip pad that comes with a traveling connection.

This allows you to maneuver the string trimmer with lesser body movements while preventing the straining of your hips.

  • Adjustable design to custom fit men and women users.
  • Allows the easy maneuvering of the string trimmer.
  • Even weight distribution provided by wide shoulder straps with pads.
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Easily and safely releases the string trimmer.
  • Takes some time to master the different adjustments

#3. Kisstaker Trimmer Harness Strap – Best for durability

This Kisstaker Trimmer Harness Strap is made from nylon and plastic materials. Its strap is of high-quality hard nylon material, while shoulder pads and two backpack-type shoulder straps are made from soft materials.

The shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight of the trimmer from your hands, arms, back, and shoulders to prevent pain.

Without experiencing pain in your upper body, you can work long hours with your string trimmer.

The strap of this string trimmer harness can be adjusted to fit men and women users of any size and weight.

This string trimmer harness also comes with a nylon belt that provides more comfort to your shoulders and, at the same time, allows you to exert lesser effort while working with your string trimmer.

A user says this trimmer harness is a back and arm saver. He says he has a great working trimmer, but it can be too heavy when used for long hours.

He says this harness is perfect because it evenly distributes the weight of the string trimmer. He did not regret buying it and highly recommends this product.

This Kisstaker Trimmer Harness Strap comes with a box opener and bracket. It fits StihlEcho, Husqvarna, and other string trimmer brands, as well as chainsaws, brush cutters, and other tools.

  • Made from top quality materials
  • Superior quality design and construction
  • Easy to adjust to fit any user
  • Comes with wide straps offering more comfort
  • Not suitable for left-handed users

#4. HIPA String Trimmer Full Harness – Best for adjustment

The HIPA String Trimmer Full Harness is made from hard plastic, and the traps are made of heavy-duty materials.

It evenly distributes the weight of the string trimmer over the upper portion of your body, preventing you from having strained shoulders, back, and arms.

This string trimmer comes with comfortable adjustable straps and shoulder pads to protect your shoulders from the heavy weight of your string trimmer. It can also be easily adjusted to fit users of different weights and heights.

A user says this is a useful, simple, and comfortable harness that works on many string trimmer models. He says that if you are looking for an economical and simple harness, he highly recommends a HIPA harness.

The HIPA String Trimmer Full Harness functions to take away the stress of cutting grass and weeds. It allows you to work long hours without being too hard on your upper body.

  • Evenly distributes the weight of the string trimmer reducing fatigue on the upper body especially on the shoulders.
  • Strap can be adjusted so it can also be used with brush cutters.
  • Made from high quality materials that can outlast your string trimmer.
  • Fits users of all weights and heights.
  • Not suitable for left handed users

#5. EGO Power+ AP1500 String Trimmer Strap – Best lightweight

This thoughtfully-designed EGO trimmer strap offers you great help when dealing with heavy string trimmers, especially EGO string trimmers.

While the strap is made from hard materials that can withstand extended use, it also comes with a soft and thick pad for better comfort when carrying your tool around the garden.

This shoulder strap can transfer the weight of a string trimmer from the user’s arms to their shoulder. As a result, it can prevent fatigue when working in continuous hours.

Another advantage of this strap is that it can be used right out of the box. You don’t need to spend time messing up with parts. All you need to do is put it on your body, then adjust the size of the strap to fit your body.

A user has praised this strap because it is such a breeze to put this EGO Power+ strap on. It is big enough to put it over the head and place it diagonally across your body. Hence, it is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users since they only need to change the direction of the strap when wearing it.

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • No assembly required
  • Thoughtfully made to reduce the pressure on users’ arms
  • Padded strap for extra comfort
  • Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • The strap might slip out of your shoulder

#6. WEIBOND Trimmer Shoulder Strap – Best for multiple uses

WeiBonD string full harness is made from highly durable material that can offer you several years of use. While the trimmer shoulder strap is made of a padded and soft material for greater comfort, and the strap is made of durable nylon.

Unlike many other types of full-body harnesses, this string trimmer harness is amazingly comfortable and convenient to use. Not only is it padded with soft and thick pads, but the adjustable strap makes this harness breathable for users.

Moreover, it can be adjusted to fit different body sizes, from men to women.

With the thoughtful design, it can distribute the weight of your gardening tool evenly to your upper body. Thus, it will reduce fatigue and tiredness in your arms.

The best thing that many users love about this string trimmer harness is that it works well with several types of gardening tools. You can attach it with not only string trimmers but also brush saws, brush cutters, and many other heavy-duty tools.

Furthermore, this WeiBonD trimmer shoulder harness goes well with a long list of tools from these manufacturers: Husqvarna, Homelite, Echo, Shindaiwa, Robin, Dolmar, Solo, Mcculloch, Tanaka, Red Max Sears, and Poulan.

  • Made from highly durable material
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Apply to different body sizes of men and women
  • Can be used with several types of gardening tools
  • Not suitable for left-handed users
  • Confusing to put it on

Choosing the best string trimmer harness

You should always have comfort at the top of your mind when choosing a trimmer harness.

It is, therefore, important to first look at the comfort features of a particular harness before anything else.

1. Durability

Choose a harness you can use for a long time. Take a close look at the straps. They should be of good quality.

2. Design

shoulder harness for string trimmers

The best trimmer straps should come with soft shoulder pads for maximum protection of your shoulders from the weight of the string trimmer.

Opt for a harness with a double shoulder strap. This design evenly distributes the weight of the string trimmer across your body.

3. Durability

The harness should be adjustable to fit users of different weights and heights.

4. Weight

The harness should be lightweight but strong enough to support the weight string trimmer during long hours of use.

5. Accessories

It would be great to have a clip to hook the string trimmer to the harness. A hip protector is also preferred. 

As an added feature, it would be perfect for the harness to be designed for right-hand and left-hand users.

A string trimmer harness is all about providing you comfort while using your string trimmer.

Watch out for these features when deciding on the harness to purchase, and be assured that you will have the best comfort while working on making your lawn well-maintained and beautiful. 

Final thoughts

A string trimmer harness is a must-have item for gardeners, especially those who have to deal with the huge task of gardening work. It can reduce body pains after trimming your lawn for long hours.

Finally, if you wonder which string trimmer harness is the best, here is your answer. The Stihl 4119-710-9001 Oem Standard Harness is the most valuable product on our list today. It possesses several strong points that can tick all your checkboxes for the best string trimmer harness:

– Full body support with soft chest, hip, and shoulder pads

– Can be adjusted to fit different body sizes of both men and women

– Offer even weight distribution

– Prevent users from fatigue, tiredness, and body pains

– Easy to attach and take off the tool from the harness

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