The Best Stump Grinder For Clearing Your Lawn

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It’s one thing to cut a tree, and it’s another thing to remove its stump. Not only do these tree stumps serve as an annoying landmark, but it’s also a safety hazard.

Because of this, it makes sense for you to remove a tree stump by using the best stump grinder.

In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best one.

Why use a stump grinder?

1. Works fast

One of the best things why you should use a stump grinder is because it’s the fastest way to remove tree stumps. Not only does this make the whole removal process easier, but it’s also the most effective way.

It removes the stump along with the roots. It doesn’t matter if the roots are buried deep in the ground because these stump grinders will surely do just fine with it.

It completes the removal task in just a fraction of the time compared to if you are going to remove it by hand.

2. Minimize collateral damage

best stump grinder teeth

What’s really great about using a stump grinder is its accuracy in removing the tree stump. It does it in a way that is very efficient. This means that it doesn’t deal with any negative effects on its surrounding ecosystem.

These stump grinders are specifically made for the purpose of just working on the tree stump itself and nothing more. This results in the proper execution of the stump removal process.

You don’t have to worry about the other trees, plants, or landscapes that are surrounding the stump. They won’t be affected by it.

3. Healthy for your garden

Another cool thing about stump grinders is that they do not just serve as stump removers, but they can also mulch your garden.

These strong grinding blades turn the stump into mulch which automatically falls to the ground where the stump once was. It’s because of this that it helps nourishes your lawn’s grass, in turn making it healthier than ever before.

And it also looks good on your lawn. It sure has a lot of benefits in store.

4. Environment-friendly

The process of stump grinding is considered to be a healthy practice by environmentalists. It’s because tree stumps are known to be the cause of the spread of diseases among trees. It’s the cause of infection, such as fungal and mold growth.

This is the reason why it makes perfect sense for you to remove these stumps, and a stump grinder does exactly just that. With the help of a stump grinder, you are making your lawn healthier.

You’re also stopping the possible spread of disease not only to the nearby trees but to the surrounding plants and grass as well.

5. Removes safety risk

These tree stumps also poses a risk to people, especially to children.

There is a growing case where children, along with pets, get injured when they’re playing in the lawn with a tree stump. They may either tumble over, or they might hit it because they’re usually not that visible, especially if it’s dark.

Because of this, it would be great if you’d remove it through the use of a stump grinder.

Best stump grinder on the market: My top 6 recommendations

#1. DK2 Power Stump Grinder OPG888E – Best overall

DK2 is a leading manufacturer of lawn tools that provide high-quality products. The DK2 Power Stump Grinder OPG888E, with the capacity to operate with a pull, is not an exception.

When it comes to performance, it is a powerful stump grinder thanks to the Kohler 14 HP CH440 Commercial engine. This engine is also under a warranty of 3 years, removing any worry about its breaking down.

Along with that, the Dual direct V-belt allows it to cut with a high speed of up to 3600 revolutions per minute (RPM). Combined with this, the 12-teeth machined carbide cutters facilitate you to cut through up to a 4-inch stump. This means you can deal with even the most stubborn ones. What a powerful beast!

Besides, the manufacturer has installed a comfortable bow handle with CE safety and ATV wheels on the HD axles for better stability. Also, the flip bar is removable, making it easier to tow and move around the worksites.

And the most interesting thing is its instant start. All you need is just a pull, and then the grinder will operate immediately.

The price is higher than in other stump grinders. Anyway, with all of the features it offers, this price is worth it.

  • Powerful engine
  • Better safety
  • Easy to move
  • Instant start
  • Somehow more expensive

#2. DK2 Power Stump Grinder OPG777 – A solid-built stump grinder

This DK2 Power Stump Grinder OPG777 is another product from DK2. It has all the advantages that any traditional DK2 stump grinder can offer.

It is powerful with the support of a Kohler 14HP CH440 engine. Combined with that, the dual direct V belt allows it to produce sufficient torque, and thus, it can spin approximately 3600 revolutions per minute, progressing a smooth operation.

It also features a precise direct belt driving system. This system helps avoid clutch slippage for a 100% smooth grinding performance. Besides, the system guarantees a firm cutting frame during the process, making grinding an easier task than ever.

Regarding safety, it includes safety keys for emergency shutoff, safety glasses, work gloves and ear protections for enhanced human care, and an oil bottle for lubrication and smooth running.

Its instruction manual is easy for users to understand, and you can set it up and operate it properly in only 2 hours.

One minor disadvantage is its thin and weak electrical wires, which should be taken notice of to prevent unnecessary electric problems.

  • Smooth operation
  • Precise direct belt driving system
  • Safety tools
  • Straightforward instruction manual
  • Thin and weak electrical wires

#3. Samson Machinery 15HPSG Stump Grinder – An easy stump grinder for maneuverability

And stand at number three in the stump grinder we would like to introduce to you today is the Samson Machinery 15HPSG Stump Grinder. It comes with a variety of features for many different stump-cutting tasks.

It provides a Ducar 4-stroke engine that transfers efficient power to the cutting wheel, allowing it to produce 3600 revolutions per minute. It is also powered by gas with a motor of 15 HP.

Besides, the manufacturer has upgraded the drum braking system to facilitate smooth stopping. With this, whenever you need to halt the operation, the power is all in your hands.

Moreover, the robust Tungsten carbide edge has 12 teeth and can grind 20.25 inches tall and to a depth of 9 inches. Also, with the support of twin V belts, the cutting framework remains steady, allowing it to run smoothly with minimal vibrations.

And when it comes to movability, the tires are made at 13 inches, which is an adequate size for seamless maneuverability on the ground. It also features a large pipe bow handle for added control, bringing protection for users.

Nevertheless, with a weight of 220 lbs, it is not one of the most lightweight stump grinders capable of wearing you out after moving around.

  • Smooth stopping
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Seamless maneuverability
  • Added control
  • Somehow bulky

#4. HoC Stump Grinder STG13 – Efficient cutting method

HoC is the abbreviation for the House of Contractors. As the name suggests, this HoC Stump Grinder STG13 is a good grinder with the latest cutting system. To be more specific, it brings a more precise and efficient cutting method that can deal with any tree stumps in your yard.

Moreover, this system contributes to the longer lifespan of each tooth on the cutter thanks to the tungsten carbide material. Not only that, but the material also allows users to replace their teeth much easier.

With such a proficient method and powerful cutter, the grinder can manage any soil condition and can grind objects up to 12 inches below the ground.

The weight of this grinder is 128 kg. That sounds a little heavy for a person to lift!

However, do not worry much! On each side, there is a lift handle so that two people can lift it into a truck or SUV easily.

As for safety, it is built with drum brakes so that the grinder will be stopped and kept steady in place. Also, the stop buttons and kill switches can be used in an emergency.

One thing to pay attention to is the lack of a child safety lock. Therefore, users must keep children away from the working sites when using this HoC grinder.

  • Latest cutting system
  • Longer lifespan of teeth
  • Lift handle on each side
  • Drum brakes, stop buttons and kill switches for greater safety
  • Lack of a child safety lock

#5. Generac Pro Stump Grinder ST47019GENG – A stump grinder with the larger fuel capacity

At first glance, it is certain that the Generac Pro Stump Grinder ST47019GENG bears an attractive design with a good combination of orange and black. Not only that, but it also has qualities that are worth appreciating.

It is built with the patented Generac G-Force engine, which facilitates an easier start, making it a natural choice for any grinding task. This means that even the toughest jobs will be done quickly without much fatigue.

What is more, the 8 teeth on the cutter are made of tungsten carbide with steel tips, which can devour 360 bites per second. This means that the grinder can spin at up to 2800 revolutions per minute. How remarkable it is!

Along with that, the tow bar is removable. In addition to that, a 2-inch ball hitch is included, and thus, it can hitch to any ATV, UTV, or tractor, making transportation simpler.

Furthermore, the tank can hold approximately 1.4 gallons of fuel, much more than its counterparts, allowing it to perform for a longer period. Besides, it features a shutoff valve on the tank in case of an emergency.

Nevertheless, it does not have a clutch for a smoother stamping process.

  • Attractive design
  • Easier start
  • Simple transportation
  • Larger fuel capacity
  • No clutches included

#6. Western Pacific Stump Grinder SMS-15HPSG – A portable stump grinder

Built with high-quality construction, this Western Pacific Stump Grinder SMS-15HPSG is one of the most reliable stump grinders. It has a user-friendly design and can provide the expected results.

It is powered by a 15 HP 420cc engine that can spin 3600 revolutions per minute. This means that any annoying stumps in your yard can be accomplished easily and, thus, meet most demands of homeowners and professionals.

Moreover, the manufacturer also provides an OHV4 stroke system for optimal power production. This system ensures that every burned gas trickle is put to the best use, which will save your money in the long term.

In terms of convenience, it comes with a recoil starting system that facilitates running with a pull. Besides, you will be absolutely comfortable when using this device as it has a large adjustable pipe bow handle to maneuver the ground.

Most interestingly, the grinder features a side opening discharge to prevent dust and debris from jamming in the cutting wheel, reducing the washing and maintenance periods.

However, this Western Pacific stump grinder seems to produce quite a lot of vibrations for beginners. Hence, you should consider this when you have some experience in controlling stump grinders.

  • Suitable for both homeowners and professionals
  • Fuel-saving
  • Recoil starting system
  • Side opening discharge
  • Quite many vibrations

Buying guide for tree stumper

1. Size of the stump grinder

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a stump grinder is its size.

The stumper’s size is a very important consideration to make because this is where the overall efficiency and productivity of your stumping process depend.

If you’re going to remove a small tree stump, then there’s no need for you to get a really big stump grinder. This is especially true if you’re going to remove several tree stumps. You want something that is small, portable, and can be easily transported.

But if you’re just going to remove one tree stump that is really big, then you need a big stump grinder so that you won’t have a hard time dealing with it.

best stump grinder to buy

2. Brake wheels’ stability

The brake wheels are important to consider because these are the ones that give stability to your stump grinder.

You don’t want something that moves from time to time throughout the whole entirety of the grinding process. That would not only be stressful and tiring, but that would also pose a certain risk to you and to its surroundings as it might grind whatever it is that might come it’s way.

Remember that its sidewise movements should all be dealt with accordingly. So make sure that its brake wheels are all intact and are working properly.

3. Cutting capacity

The cutting capacity is also another factor that tells you if the product is effective or not. This is all about the number of stumps that your grinder is able to cut in a specific time frame

This is a technical thing to do, which is why it would be best if you’ve got a professional who’s guiding you in your decision-making process.

4. Handlebar comfort

The handlebar is also important to factor in your decision-making process. This is where you will get in contact with. It’s where you are going to hold the device.

Because of this, it makes perfect sense for you to make sure that it’s comfortable to hold. It would be best if it features some kind of padding cushion or just an ergonomically designed handlebar so that you can hold it with ease.

5. Ease of use

Of course, you don’t want to have a hard time using the stump grinder. This is why you should check its ease of operation.

It would be best if it had a simple mechanism that you could easily operate. It doesn’t mean that if it’s simple to use, it’s already not that capable. It doesn’t work that way.

Remember that the simpler you get to use it, the better design and functionality the stump grinder has.

6. Design

best stump grinder on the market

You also want something that is designed in a compact way. Though it would be great if you were to use a big one in dealing with a large tree stump, it would still be better if you use a small one.

Whichever size you choose, there’s no doubt that it will still be able to grind the tree stump. It would just take a long time for a smaller grinder to remove the stump fully.

What we mean by this is that portability is still more important. So better choose a small and lightweight stump grinder to have an easier time removing the stump.

7. Price

Price is also another important factor to consider. Put it this way. Those stump grinders that are priced cheaply are more likely to be made of low-quality materials, which is why it’s not advisable to get them. 

However, it also doesn’t mean that expensive stump grinders are of high quality. To be safe, better get one that is not that cheap or too expensive.


Of all the stump grinders we have introduced, the DK2 Power Stump Grinder OPG888E is the most outstanding one. It is powerful with enhanced safety. It is also made easy for users to move. Lastly, it can be operated with just a pull.

A stump grinder is a must when your jobs are related to stump clearing. Hopefully, our 6 best stump grinders can help you pick your perfect one!

And now, thank you for reading!

Detail K2 OPG888E 14 in. 14 HP Gas Commercial Stump Grinder with Electric Start*
  • Kohler 14 HP ch440 Commercial 3 yr warranty
  • Dual direct V-Belt, high speed 3600 rpm drive.
  • 12 High speed Machined Carbide Cutters 4 IN WIDE CUT.
  • Top side EZ Belt tension adjustment
  • ATV wheels on HD axle. Tire 13.75D x 5.25W 145/70-6

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