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Indeed, agriculture and other sciences are intertwined. More than a century ago in 1840, the German chemist Julius von Liebeg (1803-1873) presented his report on the state of organic chemistry to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (click here to read related page). In his paper entitled Chemistry in Its Application to Agriculture and Physiology, Liebeg stated:

"Perfect Agriculture is the true foundation of all trade and industry, — it is the foundation of the riches of states. But a rational system of Agriculture cannot be formed without the application of scientific principles; for such a system must be based on an exact acquaintance with the means of nutrition of vegetables, and with the influence of soils and action of manure upon them."

The word "vegetables" likely refers to plants.

Primarily, Crop Farming Blog aims to provide the most recent news on the science, practice, and business of crop farming or crop agriculture and related disciplines. The blogger, who is also the owner-founder-webmaster of the agricultural site CropsReview.Com, personally selects and makes available via this blog page the most relevant news releases. He himself likes these news items and hereby offers these to readers who are searching for the same. This Blog likewise provides updates on CropsReview.Com and its contents. When deemed appropriate for the convenience of readers, old contents are sometimes inserted.

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Apr 06, 2019

Is There Plant Sex?

Reviews the existence of plant sex with some notes on early belief and its investigation by Camerarius in 1694, author's critical comments.

Continue reading "Is There Plant Sex?"

Apr 05, 2019

Factors in Crop Selection

Some of the major factors to consider in crop selection are discussed with the assumption that a farm is already available.

Continue reading "Factors in Crop Selection"

Apr 02, 2019

Cover Crops: Advantages and Other Uses in Crop Farming

Cover crops have numerous benefits, also as source of forage and as groundcover in landscaping.

Continue reading "Cover Crops: Advantages and Other Uses in Crop Farming"

Mar 07, 2019

A Concrete Rice Paddy: Design and Its Making

Introductory account leading to the making of a rice paddy on land unfavorable for lowland farming.

Continue reading "A Concrete Rice Paddy: Design and Its Making "

Mar 02, 2019

Growing Peanut Without Planting

Author’s testimony in growing peanut without the use of seeds nor the act of planting.

Continue reading "Growing Peanut Without Planting"

Mar 02, 2019

Lessons in Crop Selection: The Case of Peanut

Perspectives on why growing peanut as a cash crop can possibly become a financial disaster.

Continue reading "Lessons in Crop Selection: The Case of Peanut"

May 29, 2018

What is Contour Farming, Contour Line?

Basic information on the what and why of contour farming and what is a contour line.

Continue reading "What is Contour Farming, Contour Line?"

May 16, 2018

Coffee Wildling for Farm Establishment: Rationale

What is a wildling and when may it be used in establishing coffee farms?

Continue reading "Coffee Wildling for Farm Establishment: Rationale"

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