Best Electric Fence for Squirrels 2022: Useful Tips & Tricks for Less Nuisance

Kids like squirrels as they’re tiny, seemingly harmless animals, too cute in appearance. But that’s only in appearance.

I don’t know how you know about squirrels, but they can be significant pests and a real pain in the neck if you don’t stop them.

However, there’s a solution to stop squirrels from destroying your property. That’s the electric fence for squirrels.

But, how do you build adequate squirrel electric fencing? Stay tuned.

Squirrels: Cute or not so cute?

how to build an electric fence for squirrels

Squirrels are the worst pests and nuisances preventing you from achieving the garden of your dreams.

These tiny animals feed on the fruits of the trees, attack your bird feeders, and consume flower beds, garden beds, flower buds, and even tree bark.

They eat tomatoes and other vegetables, sweet corn, and other plants.

Squirrels will climb trees, dig up the winter bulbs, excavate or bury forages for winter storage, and ruin your grass.

Not a single hose or plastic cover can stop them from ruining your backyard or gardens. So, gardeners must be super-creative and thorough with the solutions to keep plants safe.

What are their signs?

Many gardeners recognize the warning signs that squirrels have “committed a crime,” including:

  • attacked bird feeders
  • partially eaten flowers
  • container digging
  • nibbled seed heads
  • missing plants
  • missing fruits or bite marks
  • golf-sized or small-sized holes
  • shallow digging.

One of the best ways to keep the squirrels out of your garden and make your vegetables and fruits safe is installing and using squirrel electric fencing.

This method works well only if you follow the instructions and set up the constructions correctly.

Otherwise, your electric garden fencing won’t be productive.

Squirrel electric garden fence: Should you or shouldn’t you?

solar powered electric fence for squirrels

Experts say you should.

But, before taking any actions, ensure you know what kind of animal is disturbing your garden or yard.

You can set up an electric garden fence once you discover and confirm the squirrels are the bad guys.

It’s not a simple process, to tell you.

As they will present a physical and psychological barrier for squirrels, electric fences require many components and perfect harmony.

What is the best procedure?

Nowadays, you can find various combinations of complete lawn and garden fence kits productive enough to keep these small animals out of your property.

You can find them on Amazon or get some Zareba models.

But, for larger projects, you might need to purchase the elements separately. It might cost around $250, more or less, and the units will last for at least a decade.

These electric fences are designed explicitly for squirrels and other tiny animals, giving them a gentle yet effective electric shock once they attempt to breach the perimeter.

The fencing will also condition them not to return. The kit will also cover a massive area of 625 square feet with only one strand.

If you add more kits, you can increase the electric charge range even up to one mile.

The kits include all necessary equipment parts: fence wire, fence posts, electric fence charger, and connectors. Posts are plastic.

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What’s the best squirrel electric fence?

When constructing a garden fence for squirrels, use three to five fence wires.

In addition, you will have to space the wires about four inches after placing the first wire at four inches.

Because the squirrels jump on trees or other objects around the new electric garden fence, ensure you trim the branches regularly and move any platforms near the fencing.

What are the benefits of squirrel fencing?

As squirrels brush up against the fencing, they feel a jolt, warning that they are in a difficult situation.

The pulsing low voltage current only causes an uncomfortable feeling so that it will carry them away.

If you install a standard electric fence, squirrels won’t be able to enter your yard, garden, or house.

It’s around eighteen inches tall low wire mesh fence, and the wiring system is coupled with the mesh to convey electric charges.

However, when your gardens target larger animals, farmers use seven to nine wire strands, creating ornamental fences.

Thus, they increase visibility to both humans and squirrels, scaring them off, and keeping your property intact.

So, when squirrels touch the top or bottom fence strands, the electrified fence wire hits them with a shock, and they flee away.

What is the fence mechanism?

The mechanism includes a charger, connection wires, a ground rod, fence posts, fence wire, and insulators.

A fence charger is another essential component in making the fence work correctly.

It transforms the electricity from a power source into a high voltage system between 2,000 and 10,000 volts, a very low-current pulse causing a shock.

It’s about 0.12 amps pulse.

Now, you know that the high current kills. However, here the current flows with it, creating an open circuit.

But, when the animal touches the wire, the current travels through it to the ground, closing the circuit. And the pulse will shock the animal.

The same goes with people and kids – once they touch the wires and the ground, the shock will startle them but not harm them.

Still, it would be best to post warning signs on the fence to stop curious visitors from touching it. For instance, perching birds on the wire system won’t be electrocuted.

When it’s raining, overhanging bushes and tall grass might cause the construction to short out.

To eliminate these issues, keep the grass beneath the fence short and trim shrubs or any other plants that might contact the wires.

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What about an electric zapper?

This unit is a primary device against squirrels. It’s both safe and effective.

To use and manage it correctly, you need to utilize a remote control with a range not more extensive than 200 square feet.

The electric squirrel zapper is also equipped with a holder, ensuring the correct application.

Can you install a squirrel fence?

best electric fence for squirrels

Most electric fences suit different animals; it’s just their purpose that differs them. Installing them on your own will depend on many factors.

If you want a DIY fence, think of the animal you want to control and repel.

Secondly, you will need various components for smaller, medium, or massive projects.

They will require more or less money, the proper amount of the wires, a correct distance specification, etc.

Act according to your needs, and calculate everything in advance to protect your house and keep intruders under control.

Other control-effective methods

You can use various squirrel repellents in combination with your tall fence to create a correct wall and prevent the pests.

Another option is to recognize the type of squirrel you’re fighting against.

So, it would be valuable to install a camera nearby to check the plants and prevent intruders.

You will need a one-inch mesh poultry wire to protect your planted rhizome. But, first, it would be best to dig a trench a little deeper into the ground & place the wire.

Next, you add soil & plant the corm.

If you place another strip of the poultry wire over the plants, the units will be encased entirely, and you finish the covering with soil.

You might also attach a chicken wire to a wood frame to make an open-bottom cage the same size as a raised bed.

This method can effectively keep the pests when placed over the bed. It will rest on the bed frame.

Yet, another method is to spray repellents on the ground, trees, or other objects.

These are not dangerous; they will deter and control the pests with the components the squirrels hate.

You can search for the best solution on Amazon as well.

Finally, for those with a bird feeder, moderate it to a specific squirrel-resistant variant to control the invasion.


As you can see, an electric fence for squirrels provides various services to control and reduce the invasion of squirrels.

You should search for high-quality products if you want to build constructions or check Amazon for fully-made units.

But, if you notice small holes around the perimeter, missing herbs, and other damage, it’s high time to stop the squirrels.

So, think of these solutions and search for the best method to control and prevent intruders.

Let me know once you’re finished.

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