How To Kill Dallis Grass? Simple Steps For You To Master!

Not a sight to behold! It’s troublesome to see clumping weeds stealing the spotlight from beautiful flowers.

How often have you been clearing out those Dallis grass? How to kill Dallis grass and prevent them from coming back?

Stay with me, and learn steps on how to kill Dallis grass!

There are two methods to kill Dallis grass

Some may say that Dallis grass is just a minor matter to worry about, but for those homeowners who love their yard green and nice, this is a big concern.

Below are two effective ways how to kill Dallisgrass for good.

1. Manual labor

how to kill dallisgrass naturally

Lawnmowers may be effective in cutting evenly our lawn grass fast and conveniently, but they just cut the surface of the grass and do not uproot.

For a very effective way to kill unwanted weeds, you need to pull out the entire clump from the roots. How to do it? By manual labor, of course.

2. Use of herbicide

​Manual labor is tedious, messy, and time-consuming. If you want it quick and easy, opt for using herbicides.

If done properly, herbicides not only kill Dallisgrass but prevent it from coming back as well.

What do you need to kill Dallas grass?

#1. Garden tools

It is not easy to take care of a yard. In doing so, you must keep garden tools at all times.

The basic tools you need to get by are a shovel, garden gloves, boots, a spade, a water can, or a garden hose. The tools protect and aid you during manual labor when pulling out those unwanted Dallis grass.

#2. Pre-emergent, selective post-emergent herbicide

how do i kill dallisgrass

Chemicals are used to prevent and stop weeds from growing in your yard. This should be applied with utmost care. Otherwise, it will also destroy other types of grasses.

#3. Pump sprayer

A pump sprayer is a tool needed to spray the herbicides. The fast, safe, and effective way of dispensing and applying the chemicals on the lawn.

Method 1: Manual labor

This method is suitable for people who have the time and energy to do the process. This is also practical if Dallis grass infection in your lawn is not yet in the advanced stage.

Otherwise, it will be much strenuous that you will need helping hands.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Sprinkle water into your entire lawn

Watering your lawn generously is not to make the unwanted Dallis grass healthy. Its purpose is to make the soil beneath soft and easy to dig into. Make sure that all infected areas are soaked.

If it rained at night, it would be a good time to do the digging the following day. But if rain is scarce, you can use your water can, water hose, or sprinklers.

#2. Identify the areas where the Dallis grass is

Of course, you need to recognize Dallis grass from other types. These clumps are huge, and often the middle part dies while the outer part spreads and gets larger. This way, it is easy to locate which area of your lawn you are going to work at.

Do a thorough inspection of your entire lawn.

Don’t miss a single Dallis grass. They multiply fast. Your labor would be a waste. To make it easier, you can put markers all over the place to identify the areas for plowing.

#3. It’s time to start plowing and digging!

how to kill dallisgrass in lawn

You start working on your marked areas. You do the usual plowing and digging for every Dallis grass. Yet, you have to take out the entire root mass. You might think that you need to pull out lots of roots.

However, Dallis grass spreads its stems and leaves all over. You look for the main base and uproot it six inches all the way under. You’ll be happy to see that you have eliminated a huge clump.

It is great if you can dig out collectively the soil where the roots are, and it is crucial that you will not leave behind any single root system. Otherwise, Dallis will start to grow again.

Method 2: Using herbicides

This technique is extremely suggested if the lawn is relentlessly infested by Dallis grass. You might need a professional in helping you out with the spraying.

Post-Emergent Treatment: When your lawn is already infected with these unwanted Dallis grass, it’s better to use post-emergent treatment. By using this, you can control the existing Dallis grass and prevent them from growing again.

However, you need to be careful in choosing the type of emergency and how to apply it. There’s a kind of emergent for each type of weed or grass.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Identify the area where the Dallis grass is

You can refer to step number two of the first method for the instructions.

2. Prepare the chemical

Herbicides are chemicals that may be harmful, so do this with precaution.

To be safe, put the chemical into the pump spray. Using the pump gives you ample control to spray the chemical, making it safe and easy.

how to kill dallisgrass in lawn

3. Spray the chemicals on the areas where the dallis grass are

Spray the herbicides carefully. Make sure that you have not included areas where the good grass is. Otherwise, you will also kill them. It is good to concentrate your spraying on the marked areas.

It would also be great if you could put a barrier around the marked area to prevent the spray from going to the good grass.


I found out that how to kill Dallis grass is not difficult or complicated after all. It’s easy, as a matter of fact. It only takes diligence, commitment, and perseverance to keep your turf and become your pride every day.

Dallis grass is a plague to your turf, only if you don’t know how to get rid of them.

Now that you know the steps on how to kill them, I bet you are on it already. Good luck with taking care of your lawn!

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