list of agricultural crop commodities (dates to oranges)
and their 5 top country producers

Table ACC-2. List of agricultural crop commodities (with names starting D to O) and their top 5 country producers based on total tonnage for 2012 (extracted from FAOStat 2014).

COMMODITY TOP 5 PRODUCING COUNTRIES (countries in column 1 are the top 1 producers)
1 2 3 45
Dates Egypt Iran Saudi Arabia Algeria Iraq
China, mainland India Iran Egypt Turkey
Figs Turkey Egypt Algeria Morocco Iran
Flax fibre
and tow
France Belarus Russian Federation China, mainland United Kingdom
Fonio Guinea Nigeria Mali Burkina Faso Côte d'Ivoire
Garlic China India Republic of Korea Egypt Russian Federation
Ginger India China, mainland Nepal Nigeria Thailand
Gooseberries Germany Russian Federation Poland Ukraine Czech Republic
(jnc. pomelos)
China, mainland United States
of America
Mexico Thailand South Africa
Grapes China, mainland United States
of America
Italy France Spain
with shell
China, mainland India Nigeria United States
of America
Gums, natural Mexico Guyana Brazil - -
with shell
Turkey Italy United States
of America
Azerbaijan Georgia
Hops Germany United States
of America
Ethiopia China, mainland Czech Republic
Jute India Bangladesh China, mainland Uzbekistan Nepal
Kapok fibre Indonesia Thailand - - -
Kapokseed in
Indonesia Thailand - - -
Karite nuts
Nigeria Mali Ghana Burkina Faso Côte d'Ivoire
Kiwi fruit Italy New Zealand Chile Greece France
Kola nuts Nigeria Côte d'Ivoire Cameroon Ghana Sierra Leone
Leeks, other
alliaceous vegetables
Indonesia Turkey Belgium France Republic of Korea
Lemons and limes China, mainland India Mexico Argentina Brazil
Lentils Canada India Australia Turkey United States
of America
Lettuce and
China, mainland United States
of America
India Spain Iran
Linseed Canada Russian Federation China, mainland Kazakhstan India
Lupins Australia Poland Chile Russian Federation South Africa
Maize United States
of America
China, mainland Brazil India Mexico
Maize, green United States
of America
Mexico Nigeria Indonesia Hungary
Mangoes, mangosteens,
India China, mainland Kenya Thailand Indonesia
Manila fibre
Philippines Ecuador Costa Rica Indonesia Equatorial Guinea
Melons, other
(inc. cantaloupe)
China, mainland Turkey Iran Egypt India
Melonseed Nigeria Democratic Republic
of the congo
Cameroon China, mainland Central African
Millet India Nigeria Niger Mali China, mainland
Mushrooms and truffles China, mainland Italy United States
of America
Netherlands Poland
Mustard seed Nepal Canada Myanmar Russian Federation Ukraine
Nutmeg, mace
and cardamoms
Guatemala Indonesia India Nepal Lao People’s
Democratic Republic
Oats Russian Federation Canada Poland Australia Finland
Oil, palm Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Nigeria Colombia
Okra India Nigeria Iraq Pakistan
Olives Spain Italy Greece Turkey Morocco
Onions, dry China, mainland India United States
of America
Iran Russian Federation
Onions, shallots,
China, mainland Japan Republic of Korea Iraq New Zealand
Oranges Brazil United States
of America
China, mainland India Mexico

(Ben G. Bareja, Sept. 2014)

I Top 20 Agricultural Commodities I Top 5 Country Producers of Agri Commodities: (A-C) (D-O) (P-Z) I

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