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Crop Science Basics

What is Agriculture? What is the Definition of Agriculture?
What is a Crop and What is a Weed
What is Horticulture: Definition and General Concept
What is Agronomy: Definition and Concept
Agronomic Crops vs. Horticultural Crops
Branches of Horticulture, Other Description
The History of Agriculture
Thomas Malthus: Only 2 of 1000 will Survive in 2011 Without Crop Farming

What is Photosynthesis in Plants
What is Photosynthesis: Cimate Change Mitigation
History of Photosynthesis: Contributions of Early Researchers
The Process of Photosynthesis in Plants: An Overview

Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics
Common Terms in Genetics
Gregor Mendel and His Choice of Garden Pea
I. The Law of Segregation, Mendel's First Law
II. The Law of Segregation, Mendel's First Law (page 2)
The Law of Independent Assortment, Mendel's Second Law

Plant Names and Classifications of Crop Plants
Agricultural Crop Classifications
Botanical Latin Names for Farm Crops Identification
Common Plant Names Can Mislead
Plant Classification Terminology Based on Natural Adaptation

Plant Growth Factors Reviewed
Genetic Control of Plant Growth and Development
Biotic Factors: Interactions Affecting Plant Growth
Abiotic Factors Affecting Plant Growth: Topography and Soil
Climatic Factors Affecting Plant Growth
The Properties of Light in Relation to Plant Growth
Light Quality in Plant Growth and Development
Light Intensity in Plant Growth and Development
Light Duration or Phoroperiod in Plant Growth and Development
Photoperiodism: Crop Response to Light Duration
Climate and Philippine Climate Types

The Plant Structure of the Angiosperms
The Plant Root System and Its Functions
Root Types: Fibrous Root vs. Taproot System
Plant Stem, Parts and Functions
Plant Leaves, Parts and Functions
The Flower: Flower Parts
The Flower: Flower Types
What is a Fruit: I. Functions and Parts
II. Fruit Types in the Angiosperms
III. Types of Simple Fruits and Unit Fruits
The Plant Seed, Functions and Types
Parts of a Seed and Their Functions

Sitemap: Crops and Other Info

Cash Crops Distinguished from Subsistence Crops
Cover Crops in Tropical Crop Farming
Fibers and Fiber Crops
List of Staple Crops
List of Cereal Crops
List of Grain Legumes or Pulses
Starchy Root Crops, Tuber Crops and Corm Crops
List of Fiber Crops
What is Sugar?
Sugar Crops, Sugar Alcohols and Alternative Sweeteners
Palm Sugar, Other Uses of Palm Sap
List of Palms: Palm Sugar Sources
List of Fruits in the Tropics (A-L)
List of Tropical Fruits (M-T)

Sitemap: Plant Propagation

Sexual and Asexual Plant Propagation
Sexual Propagation: Orthodox vs. Recalcitrant Seeds
Vegetative Propagation of Crop Plants
Vegetative Propagation Using Plant Cuttings
Air Layering: What, Advantages and Disadvantages
Marcotting Methods in Plant Propagation
What is Budding?
Methods of Budding in Plant Propagation
What is Grafting, Its Uses in Plants
Plant Grafting Techniques
Top-grafting Applied in Adult Mango Trees
Adult, Bare-root Mango Trees Can Be Transplanted
Asexual Propagation Methods for Molave (Vitex parviflora)
Sweet Palm or Kaong Propagation Methods
Sweet Palm or Kaong Seed Propagation

Jasminum or Sampaguita Propagation by Leaf Cuttings

Sitemap: Crop Farming Systems and Practices

Starting a Farm: Crop and Site Selection
Factors in Crop Selection
Factors in Farm Site Selection
Planting Crops: Direct Seeding and Transplanting
Row Planting and Spatial Arrangement of Crops
Common Planting Patterns in the Orchard
How to Prune Fruit Trees Applying Bonsai Rules
Cash Crop Farming
Intercropping vs. Crop Rotation in Multiple Cropping
Urban Farming: Growing Crops in the City
Urban Farming: Pot Gardening
What is Vertical Farming
Advantages of Vertical Farms
Vertical Farming Issues
Vertical Gardens: Potential in Food Crop Production
Basics of Vertical Garden Construction
Crop-Livestock Integrated Farming System for Mango Farms

Vermicomposting: What, Development and Basic Procedure
What is Vermicompost?
The Earthworm: What and Habits
Earthworms: Uses and Disadvantages
The African Night Crawler (ANC) and Other Composting Earthworms
Vermiculture and Vermimeal Production

Sitemap: Crop Farming How-To Guides

Growing Bamboo Gets Boost
Clumping Bamboo Plant Care
Growing Dwarf Potted Bamboo
Making Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo (Bambusa ventricosa)
Growing Calamondin for Cash or Home Use
Growing Durian as a Cash Crop
Growing Jackfruit: Crop Info
Growing Jackfruit: Cultural Practices
Growing Lanzones or Langsat
Growing Pummelo (Pomelo) as a Cash Crop
Growing Soursop or Guyabano (Annona muricata)
Growing Sweet Palm or Kaong (Arenga pinnata)
Producing Edible Mushrooms with Vermicomposting

Crop Protection

Crop-Livestock Integrated Farming System for Mango Farms
Durian Phytophthora and Insect Pest Control
Ways to Prevent Citrus Greening Disease Found
Report Brontispa Sighting!
Detect Damage Symptoms First, Then Confirm Brontispa
Insect Pest Identification, Key to Brontispa Control

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