what countries held the record as top producers of agricultural
crop commodities in the world?

Shown in the table below are the five top producers of selected agricultural crop commodities as of 2012. Rank 1 means having the highest tonnage while rank 5 refers to the fifth highest producing countries.

This table was constructed from the FAOStat list of top 10 and top 50 highest producers of food and agricultural commodities in the world. To date, 2012 is the most recent entry of statistics.

This is the first of three pages providing information on the various agricultural crop commodities around the world and the five countries which, based on production statistics, are ranked as top producers of each commodity. The crop commodities with names starting with letters A to C are listed alphabetically.

Table TP-1. List of agricultural crop commodities (with names beginning A to C) and their respective five top producers based on total production tonnage for 2012 (extracted from FAOStat 2014).

COMMODITY TOP 5 PRODUCING COUNTRIES (countries in column 1 are the top produces)
1 2 3 4 5
Almonds, with
United States
of America
Spain Australia Iran Morocco
Anise, badian,
fennel, coriander
India Mexico China, mainland Syrian Arab
Apples China, mainland United States
of America
Turkey Poland India
Apricots Turkey Iran Uzbekistan Algeria Italy
Areca nuts India Indonesia China, Taiwan
Province of
Myanmar Bangladesh
Artichokes Egypt Italy Spain Peru Argentina
Asparagus China, mainland Peru Mexico Germany Thailand
Avocados Mexico Indonesia Dominican Republic United States
of America
Bambara beans Burkina Faso Cameroon Niger Mali Democratic Republic
of the Congo
Bananas India China, mainland Philippines Ecuador Brazil
Barley Russian Federation France Germany Australia Canada
Beans, dry Myanmar India Brazil China, mainland United States
of America
Beans, green China, mainland Indonesia India Turkey Thailand
Blueberries United States
of America
Canada Poland Germany France
Brazil nuts,
with shell
Bolivia Brazil Côte d'Ivoire Gambia Peru
Broad beans,
horse beans, dry
China, mainland Ethiopia Australia France United Kingdom
Buckwheat Russian Federation China, mainland Ukraine Poland United States
of America
Cabbages and
other brassicas
China, mainland India Russian Federation Japan Republic of Korea
Canary seed Canada Thailand Argentina Australia Hungary
Carobs Spain Portugal Greece Morocco Cyprus
Carrots and
China, mainland Russian Federation United States
of America
Uzbekistan Ukraine
Cashew nuts,
with shell
Viet Nam Nigeria India Côte d'Ivoire Benin
Cashewapple Brazil Mali Madagascar Guyana -
Cassava Nigeria Thailand Indonesia Brazil Democratic Republic
of the Congo
Castor oil seed India China, mainland Mozambique Brazil Ethiopia
Cauliflowers and
China, mainland India Italy Mexico France
Cherries Turkey United States
of America
Iran Italy Spain
Chestnut China, mainland Republic of Korea Turkey Bolivia Italy
Chick peas India Australia Turkey Myanmar Ethiopia
Chicory roots Belgium France Poland South Africa Puerto Rico
Chillies and
peppers, dry
India China, mainland Peru Bangladesh Pakistan
Chillies and
peppers, green
China, mainland Mexico Turkey Indonesia United States
of America
Indonesia China, mainland Viet Nam Sri Lanka Madagascar
Cloves Indonesia Madagascar United Republic
of Tanzania
Sri Lanka Comoros
Cocoa, beans Côte d'Ivoire Indonesia Ghana Nigeria Cameroon
Coconuts Indonesia Philippines India Brazil Sri Lanka
Coffee, green Brazil Viet Nam Indonesia Colombia India
Cotton lint China, mainland India United States
of America
Pakistan Brazil
Cottonseed China, mainland India United States
of America
Pakistan Brazil
Cow peas, dry Nigeria Niger Burkina Faso Myanmar United Republic
of Tanzania
Cranberries United States
of America
Canada Belarus Azerbaijan Latvia
Cucumbers and gherkins China, mainland Turkey Iran Russian Federation Ukraine
Currants Russian Federation Poland Ukraine Austria United Kingdom

(Ben Bareja, Sept. 2014)

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