A Detailed Guide on How to Prune Viburnum

Plants come in all shapes and sizes. Viburnum, for instance, is a flowering plant with simple lobed leaves.

It is a plant with one-fifty known species, plants that captivate the eye from a distance.

The Cultivation Process

how to prune viburnum tinus

Viburnum is a plant with exotic foliage. It features attractive flowers. The plant also releases a sweet fragrance you can smell from a mile away.

But how do you grow such a great plant in your garden?

First, you must concentrate on the individual needs of the species you want to plant.

Remember, each plant thrives under different conditions and regardless of the location.

Investing in the best growth knowledge, therefore, helps you achieve your goals fast. 

Second, you must provide the right conditions for Viburnum growth.

As experts reveal, the plant does incredibly well in areas with sufficient solar glare.

Besides, the soil’s fertility is a factor worth considering, and here is why. Fertile soils provide enough nutrients to the plant in its early stages of growth. 

The shrub then propagates fast.

Moreover, the plant thrives in well-drained soils. You must, therefore, avoid waterlogged soils to prevent root damage.

Getting Down to Business

Planting Viburnum is not hard.

All you must do is till the land for planting. But land preparation requires a lot of investment.

You must, therefore, dig deep and wide holes that are fifteen feet apart to accommodate the Viburnum root balls

You can then install the root balls into the dug holes and add soil to each set. But there is more.

You also need to add water to the backfill before covering the ditch with more dirt.

Last, you must add a slow-release fertilizer to keep the plant nourished. 

Benefits of Planting the Shrub

how to prune viburnum plicatum

Why is growing a Viburnum shrub important? The benefits outweigh the cons. Recall, that the plant

  • Improves the exterior aesthetics of your home
  • Boosts air quality in the area
  • Provides an excellent supply of food and shelter for birds
  • Sequesters heat from the air during summer

But even the most beautiful Viburnum shrub requires regular pruning to prevent making the bush an eyesore.

So, do you know when to prune Viburnum? 

Occasional Viburnum pruning rejuvenates the shrub and keeps it neat. But when do you cut through the mess?

You can trim the hedge at any time of the year.

Severe pruning, however, gets recommended for late winter or early spring. And then there is another trick you must use.

As I mentioned earlier, Viburnum has one hundred and fifty known species.

Trimming must, therefore, get done after flowering regardless of the plant variety.

More so, you must cut the hedge before the seedpods start to show. 

There is, however, a catch. Never prune the shrub when there is too much frost in the area.

Remember, the cold might act against you and damage the small, healthy shoots. 

What Next?

It is always best that you prune the shrub every other month. But how far must you go without falling into the dark side?

The professionals advise you to trim back about one-third the size of the bush when reshaping a young shrub.

Old bushes, however, require a different ball of tricks. You must cut out one-third of the shrub to expose the inner parts to light.

Excess trimming also improves air circulation.

Next, you must cut overgrown and sick-looking branches out to provide room for new shoots. 

Pruning like a Pro

how to prune viburnum mariesii

Trimming the Viburnum hedge is not necessary. However, it is something you must do right to yield the best results.

But it all starts with the tools at your disposal. Investing in a sharp cutting edge and a thick pair of gardening gloves advances your agenda.

More so, you must conceptualize the end product before getting your hands dirty.

Creating a virtual model helps you achieve a visual design people will adore. The design phase is, therefore, hard to overlook if all you want is to gain success. 

Last, you need to cut through the hedge, like your life is on the line.

But always keep the design you envisioned before in mind. You can then cut the extremities when done to achieve that polished look.


Viburnum is one of the best shrubs you can plant in your garden, and here is why.

The plant is non-invasive, meaning it does not destroy the surrounding vegetation.

Second, the bush provides a sweet heavenly scent. It is the best air freshener you can get free of charge. 

Moreover, the shrub blooms, making the environment look lively.

In brief, Viburnum gives you the best experiences in life.

But that does not mean you neglect the yard. Doing so can turn a once-thriving ecosystem into an unsightly mess fast.

That said, you must trim the hedge monthly to ensure you keep the entire network neat and clean.

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