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This website solely aims to provide information. The author(s) of the pages strive to create these pages on the basis of actual experiences, personal observations, opinions and analysis, and review of the literature. However, the data, procedure, conclusions, and manifestations contained therein, no matter how convincing or enticing they seem to be, are merely informative or points of opinion and do not constitute medical, legal, financial, or otherwise expert advice.

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Permission, Limitation and Prohibition

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Rules on Commenting

CropsReview.Com adheres to the rule of law. It respects man’s freedom of choice and of expression. Nevertheless, it maintains that freedom has limitations and is not absolute; that it may not be used to trample upon the rights of others; and that no one has the monopoly of being right. User-visitors are therefore enjoined to be more circumspect and, in commenting, observe the rule: Attack the idea, not the person. 

User-readers of this site are informed that they are given the privilege to participate, without vesting right, in this site’s interactive social feature, particularly to express opinions or to comment on ideas and this site. This can be done via our Comment box on selected pages. Provided, that they do not post or display statements, symbols, or images that are unintelligible or perceived to be vexatious, discriminatory, defamatory, pornographic, libelous offensive, or otherwise attacks any person unfairly. Advertising is likewise prohibited. This site reserves its right to remove any comment and to restrict or withdraw the privilege granted to any user-visitor. 

For comments, corrections, requests, opinions, questions, or any inquiry that is intended for the author of any article or the owner-founder-webmaster of this site, please use our Contact Us form. 

Non-Liability on Links and Other Sites

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About ‘cropsreview’

The owner-founder of this website hereby declares proprietary ownership of the word cropsreview and reserves all rights appurtenant thereto. It may not be used as a domain name, or brand, or otherwise any other identification without his prior express consent.

Revision and Effectivity

This Terms of Use and Disclaimer page may be revised, modified, or otherwise altered at any time. Users of this site are enjoined to visit this page more frequently. The change or changes will take effect immediately and your access to this site will be deemed an express acceptance of the same. 

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