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This web site operates as an e-library. But first, what is crop farming? This is the theme of this site. 

It is farming mainly for the purpose of producing agricultural crops. On the other side of agriculture, there is livestock farming or animal husbandry which deals with animal production.

Crop farming can refer to a business or enterprise in which an agri-entrepreneur ventures in the commercial production of crops. Many individuals own or lease large tracts of farmlands, while others engage in corporate farming for the large-scale production of selected crops for profit. Some examples are sugarcane, oil palm, pineapple, banana and other fruit crops, cassava, corn, cotton, soybean, tomato and other vegetables, and many more. The possibilities are wide.

But for those poor marginal farmers, it is a means of livelihood and sustenance for the basic needs of the family. Many of them are barely educated who inhabit the most remote of rural areas and are always short of cash. They are those who are prone to introduce themselves as “I’m just a farmer”.

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What This Crop Farming Site Offers and Hopes to Accomplish

This is an educational site on science and agriculture. It agrees that in order to be more efficient in crop production, the farmer or farm manager should possess substantial understanding of the basic principles and has acquired the necessary skills. He also ought to become well informed of verified technologies and of recent scientific advances.

This site covers primarily the science and practice of crop production including home gardening and urban agriculture. It offers educational materials on the fundamentals of crop production. These include, but not limited to, the basics in related sciences and special fields such as botany, genetics and plant breeding, plant physiology, plant growth and development, plant nutrition and fertility, plant naming and crop classifications, plant propagation, and agricultural statistics. Cropsreview was in fact coined from crop science review.

It likewise shares online references on various agricultural technologies. It provides how-to-grow guides on selected crops.

It helps in preserving and disseminating unique agricultural practices. Indeed, some farmers and gardeners can provide a wealth of information on practical, sustainable methods. If only made known, these can become valuable basis for formal research or simulated application. It’s a waste if all these are lost.

Ultimately, this site hopes to reach out to the underprivileged marginal farmers who call themselves “just or only farmers”. Yes they are reachable, one way of which is via the privileged who can have access to this site.

Crop Farming and Crop Agriculture Used Interchangeably

The word farming is a synonym of agriculture. Notable examples of synonymous usage are in the following terms in which the word farming is often substituted with by agriculture and vice versa: sustainable farming, urban farming, organic farming, and precision farming. Online search of the keywords department of farming and ministry of farming yielded millions of results but, instead of farming, it’s agriculture.

Similarly, this site uses crop farming and crop agriculture interchangeably. Both terms should apply more to the study of or engaging in crop production applying scientific principles and appropriate technology. The terms should also be synonymous to crop science

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