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What is crop farming? This is the theme of this site. This web site operates as an information provider and a refresher on crop science, but first things first.

Farming being used interchangeably with the word "agriculture," crop farming is here meant to refer to the practice of producing agricultural crops. On the other side of agriculture there is livestock farming, or livestock production, or animal husbandry. However, there are plenty more about it. It is a science, a subject of study, an activity, a pursuit, a specialization, a hobby, a traditional practice, an adventure, a challenge, an enigma, a major problem, plus some more.

Crop farming can refer to a business or enterprise in which an agri-entrepreneur ventures in the commercial production of agricultural crops. Many individuals own or lease large tracts of farmlands, while others engage in corporate farming for the large-scale production of selected crops for profit. Popular crops grown include the sugarcane, oil palm, rubber, coffee, pineapple, banana and other fruits, cotton, soybean, tomato and other vegetables, and many more. The possibilities are wide.

Crop Farming: Basics, Advances and Practical MethodsThe sun is the ultimate source of energy, the ability to do work, without which the Earth will be devoid of life

But for those poor marginal farmers, it is a means of livelihood and sustenance for the basic needs of the family. Many of them are barely educated who inhabit the most remote of rural areas and are always short of cash. They are those who are prone to introduce themselves humbly as “I’m just a farmer.”

This is the Home Page of CropsReview.Com. This is the base camp from where most visitors start exploring. And so it is just proper to make  a little introduction as to what there is, if any, that can be possibly found here. You may click this About This Site link and also About Me to know more. You may also take a quick peep on its content. If you are using a desktop, hover on the navigation links on the Header. For those using mobiles, please tap the Menu button on top. Welcome, let's go crop farming!

What This Crop Farming Site Offers and Hopes to Accomplish

This is an educational site on science and agriculture. It proposes that in order to be more efficient in crop production, the farmer or farm manager should possess substantial understanding of the basic principles including its agribusiness feature and has acquired the necessary skills. S/He also ought to become well informed of verified technologies and of recent scientific advances.

To be successful, however, is another matter. Among others, he or she ought to be a good sightseer including seeing through people around. And also, if possible, he or she must have that magical ability to summon luck.

This site covers primarily the science and practice of crop production including home gardening, urban agriculture and plant art. It offers educational materials for review on agronomy and horticulture. These include, but not limited to, the basics and advances in related sciences and special fields such as botany, genetics and plant breeding, plant physiology, plant growth and development, plant nutrition and fertility, plant naming and crop classifications, plant propagation, and agricultural statistics. Cropsreview was in fact coined from crop science review.

It shares online references on various agricultural technologies. It provides how-to guides on selected crops and tips on innovative crop farming techniques.

It helps in preserving unique agricultural practices. Indeed, some farmers, gardeners and housekeepers can provide a wealth of information on practical, sustainable methods. If only made known, these can become valuable basis for formal research or simulated application. It’s a waste if all these are lost.

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Cropsreview.com likewise desires to write news and stories about discoveries and lessons learned about and in relation to plants and crop farming; the attractions as well as the hazards of farms; and the lives of farmers, their work ethics, their joy, their successes, their inventions, their craftmanship, their resourcefulness, their cooking and feeding, their adventures and misadventures, their jokes,  their failings, their ineptness, and the challenges that they encountered and will still encounter.

It wants to promote agri-tourism in words and in deed. It dreams of being able to advance and to lend an active hand in transforming degraded mountains into beautiful self-sustaining living works of scenic art. And manage to document every step of the way too for perusal of everyone mindful of how it is doing. And hopefully of its success... or doom.

In sum this site operates as an e-library and seeks to provide information, the right and reliable information. For only by knowing what truly lies beyond the mountains yonder can you and I make an informed decision...

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