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This is our disclosure in relation to CropsReview.Com’s display of third-party commercial links. It is hereby declared that this site resorts to pay-per-click and pay-per-view advertising and affiliate marketing as a strategy to generate revenue (also from donations, a personal appeal). These are generally displayed in the form of text and/or images, occasionally with some promotional lines. Pay-per-click links are provided by affiliate-advertisers (i.e., Ads by Google, AdChoices) without our participation in their selection. When you click any of these links, we earn a small share of the advertising fees.

However, there are affiliate marketers also which we have deliberately chosen with a view that they may provide convenience to this site’s user-visitors. We chose them based on the information that these sites have provided online or, as in the case of Solo Build It!, out of actual user-experience. When you buy any product from them or engage their services for a fee via this site's link, we receive commissions. No, we don't earn anything from mere clicks; we do from completed transactions.

The income that may be derived from these sources will be used for this site’s maintenance and operation. They are intended primarily to ensure this site’s continuing online presence including its upgrading.

When you visit and/or patronize our affiliates after clicking our link, you are therefore helping this site. Nonetheless, whether you so do or not will not affect the information that we provide.The content pages in this site are made independent of any affiliate relationship entered into with online marketers.

In addition to Sitesell.com (Solo Build It!), we may affiliate with other marketting sites. 

If you like CropsReview.Com, you may prefer to buy from these affiliates via our link in which case we receive commissions and you indirectly contribute to this site's continuing presence. If you do not want us to receive commissions, you can still transact with the same advertiser-marketer without clicking the link that this site has provided. Simply copy-paste the given domain names to your address bar.

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