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Since 2017, by Shannon has been an incredible resource for gardening and lawn care enthusiasts. Sadly, the original website went defunct. As part of an effort to enhance useful gardening and lawn care content to its readers, has acquired So thankfully, from June 1, 2023, becomes part of – Towards a sculpted contour in agriculture.

So thank you for your service over the past 6 years, Shannon!

There are a ton of complements between my articles – and I look forward to meeting new visitors & readers.

Additionally, I share a wealth of experience on agricultural topics like crop farming, livestock, tractors and farm fencing as a researcher and product reviewer, including:


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Ben Bareja, the owner-founder-webmaster of This website was conceptualized primarily to serve as an e-library for reference purposes on the principles and practices in crop science, including basic botany. Read more here