10 Best T5 Grow Lights Choices of 2024

The purpose of T5 grow lights is to provide a high-output fluorescent light source ideal for indoor gardening. They are typically used as primary or supplemental lighting in the growth of herbs, seedlings, and plants harvested in their vegetative state.

T5 grow lights offer the benefits of producing a greater amount of light compared to traditional fluorescents, making them perfect for indoor growing. They also aid in giving seedlings a flying start, being superior to natural light from a window for this purpose.

When choosing the best T5 grow light, it’s important to consider the size of your space, as most sources recommend them for small spaces. Another key consideration is the light’s intended use, such as for growing microgreens, seedlings, or plants in their vegetative state.

Choosing bulbs and fixtures largely depends on personal preference and specific gardening needs. For example, T5 grow room light fixtures might be more suitable for a larger indoor garden 3×3, 4×4 ft), while bulbs could be ideal for smaller (2×2, 2×4 ft grow tents).

Specific features to consider for T5 grow lights used for seedlings, microgreens, herbs, leafy greens, etc., include the light’s output and spectrum. These features ensure that the light can effectively support the growth stages of these specific plants.

Listed below are the top selection lists of T5 grow lights for all types of indoor growing in 2024.

  • Hydrofarm Agrobrite grow light system is the best T5 light fixture. It’s the most durable and sturdy design to ensure longer working hours and rare bulb replacement.
  • Barrina grow lights are the best T5 grow light bulbs. The lights use a full spectrum to support all growing stages without frequent replacement. 
  • Moya std grow lights are the best T5 grow lights for seedlings. They offer the soft blues for growing seedlings and more intensive rangers for vegetation. 
  • Hydro Plant grow lights are the best T5 grow lights for microgreens. The bulbs use an intense green color for chlorophyll and are ideal for indoor growers. 

1. Barrina Grow Lights – Best for maximum control of the light fixture

Barrina Grow Lights for Indoor Plants are especially suited for growing diverse plants (herbs, leafy greens, microgreens, flowers, etc), including aquatic ones.

The Barrina Grow Lights offer full-spectrum light, similar to natural sunlight. The best T5 grow lights ensure sufficient light energy to ensure photosynthesis and healthy growth. They consume less power compared to many grow lights, making them an eco-friendly option.

The light is strong enough to provide enough warmth for indoor plants and keep the vegetation optimal and healthy. As they come softer in brightness, the Barrina grow lights cannot hurt the plants, such as burning them. 

They fit into standard fixtures, simplifying the setup process. Indoor gardeners can find clips, cable ties, and double-sided tapes for 16 lights in series. The installation is a plug-and-play design to save time. 

For larger growing areas (4×4, 6×6, 8×8 grow tents), you need multiple lights for adequate coverage, as the single bulb unit is insufficient to grow plants. For instance, indoor gardeners need two Barrina T5 grow light bulbs for marijuana in 4×4 grow tents. For 6×6 tents, you need around 24 bulbs to get 800 watts. 

We rated Barrina Grow Lights at 5/5 due to their cost-effectiveness features and higher color temperature. Their price is also attractive. Overall, they are particularly recommended for beginners learning about indoor gardening. 

Pros: cost-effective for saving energy, easy to install, and save time

Cons: poor packaging as parts come broken 

2. Monios-L LED Grow Light Strips – Best individual/series on/off switch system 

The Monios-L LED Grow Light Strips are ideal for their on/off switch design. The system allows you to manage all the lights in a sequence with a single switch and operate them separately using individual ON/OFF switches.

The optimal heat values ensure warmth to plants, and sufficient light ensures optimal photosynthesis. The plant growth lamp is furnished with a full spectrum, including a professional blend of red, blue, and green light. 

This ultra-bright substitute for sunlight emits a soft white light (5000k color temperature) to your eyes. The grow light bulbs also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your plants and keep them optimal in all growing stages. 

Thanks to adaptable and simple installation, simply plug in and use the lights. The connectable design enables infinite customization of the growth lamp. 

The package comes with all necessary accessories, including connection cords, connectors, double-sided pads, and zip ties, making these lightweight lamps easy to set up with multiple hanging options.

The total power consumption of the grow lamps is only 120W (15W x 8, equivalent to 600W) for reduced electricity bills. 

These grow light strips emit minimal heat, eliminating concerns about potential damage to smaller plants. The grow lights are rated 4.5/5 by our reviewers, mostly for their adjustable switching system, but their price is higher. 

Pros: adjustable due to switching system, easy to use and manage, versatile for growing plants 

Cons: package issues as many parts come broken, a bit pricey for beginners 

3. HYDRO PLANET T5 Grow Lights – Best for full spectrum light

The HYDRO PLANET T5 Grow Lights are eco-friendly, as they reduce the bills and save energy for longer working hours. 

The fixture’s fluorescent bulbs provide a full light spectrum for the seedling’s vegetative and flowering stages. It encourages healthy plant growth and enough energy for reproduction. The lights offer special green light for microgreens. 

The T5 grow lights are solidly built and durable, ensuring the light system withstands several growing seasons. Aluminum material and powder-coated finish are solid to prevent any kind of damage. 

Due to all the necessary hanging hardware, the installation is a breeze, even for beginners. No complicated setup procedures are required, as the package contains the necessary hardware for an indoor gardening system. 

The HYDRO PLANET T5 Grow Lights provide excellent value for its price. The lights are rated 4.5/5 by our reviewers due to their shorter lifespan. The lights are expensive and require frequent bulb replacement.

Pros: Energy efficiency for longer working hours, full spectrum light for all growing stages, quality construction to prevent damage 

Cons: Heat generation requires extra ventilation and frequent bulb replacement due to its short lifespan. 

4. VIVOSUN T5 Grow Light Bulbs – Best for an extended lifespan

The VIVOSUN T5 Grow Light Bulbs produce a bright, full-spectrum light that is ideal for supporting the growth of various indoor plants (herbs, vegetables, fruits), from seedlings to mature plants. They provide enough light necessary for photosynthesis.

The dominant colors of the T5 grow lights are violet and blue to prevent stretching and promote vibrant indoor vegetation. There is also a green color to promote chlorophyll and healthy growth. 

Thanks to their longer lifespan, the T5 grow light bulbs last over 20,000 hours. They surpass HID lamps, promoting healthy indoor growing conditions. 

These Vivosun grow lights work well with cooler temperatures, so they don’t damage or burn plants as other types of HID lights in larger grow tents (6×6, 8×8 ft). The grow lights are still strong for smaller grow tents (2×2, 2×4 ft), so growers should adjust their ventilation systems to prevent burns and death of vegetation.

The bulbs fit into any standard T5 fixture. The quick setup process is ideal for newbies when setting up indoor growing systems for the first time. 

We rated the VIVOSUN T5 Grow Light Bulbs at 4.5/5 due to the extra costs of ventilation systems. The price is cheaper for the quality. The lights are energy-efficient, helping to reduce electricity costs while providing your plants with the light they need to thrive.

Pros: versatile for its light spectrum,  easy to install due to hardware, energy efficient to reduce bills 

Cons: more heat output requires extra ventilation

5. Moya Std White Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plants – Best for seedlings 

The Moya Std 16in 6000K T5 Grow Light Strip emits a 6000K full spectrum light that mimics natural sunlight, promoting healthy growth in plants. With 240 white and red LED lights, these T5 grow lights support and optimize healthy growth during all growing stages. 

One standout feature is the auto ON/OFF timer, which can be set to 3, 6, or 12 hours. The grow room system ensures your plants receive consistent light, even when you’re not around. 

The 5-level brightness setting allows you to adjust the light intensity to make lighting dimmable or more intense. For instance, seedlings and flowering stages require dimmable lights to prevent overheating, while the vegetative stage needs stronger lights for optimal photosynthesis.

The installation is quick as the grow room lights come with screws, zip ties, and double-sided tape for convenient setup for all users. 

The Moya std grow light system is rated at 4.5/5 because its switching modes are not the best option for 16 hours of lights due to the power-off system. The price is not expensive for its functionality. 

Pros: full spectrum for all growing stages, adjustable brightness settings for optimal light output, compact and easy to use for small spaces (2×2, 2×4 tents)

Cons: The on/off system is inflexible, so you must manually manage the switch system; there is no remote control for convenient operations 

6. GYFT T5 LED Grow Lights, 1.4Ft 5000K Full Spectrum White Grow Lights for Indoor Plants – Best end-to-end design 

The GYFT T5 LED Grow Light system especially benefits succulents, seed-starting, and greenhouse plants. Thanks to its light intensity, the GYFT lights ensure optimal plant growth. 

As the light fixture uses LED lights, they consume less power than traditional grow lights, reducing your energy bills without compromising the growth of indoor plants. 

The end-to-end construction allows easy management, and you can adjust the lights to cover all indoor growing plants. The design allows for seamless connection of multiple lights, making it ideal for larger indoor gardens or greenhouses.

The T5 LED Grow Lights are known for their long lifespan. Due to high-quality materials and durability, indoor conditions cannot harm the light fixture easily.

The light intensity is not adjustable, so you must remove the plants further from the light source to ensure proper health.  

Although LED lights are cooler, they still produce heat. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent any potential damage to your plants. Some users have reported difficulties with installation, specifically with the clips provided.

Overall, the T5 LED Grow Lights are affordable for the given performance. We rated it at 4.5/5 since the lights are inflexible and hard to install. But the full-spectrum light, energy efficiency, and end-to-end design make the GYFT T5 grow lights a solid choice in the market. 

Pros: adjustable light intensity and brightness, affordable, longer lifespan

Cons: difficult to install, inflexible light output for plants requires extra ventilation 

7. Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent, 2 Foot, 4 Tube Grow Light System – The most durable light fixture 

The Hydrofarm Grow Light System uses energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs to save money. 

The high output tubes offer a lumen output of up to 8,000 lm, ensuring your plants get sufficient light, but too much heat hurts plants.

With its adjustable fixtures, you can easily change the direction and intensity of the light according to your plants’ needs. To cover all plants fully, you can hang the bulbs in three ways: overhead, vertically, or horizontally.

The build quality of the bulbs is sturdy and made to last. The powder-coated steel housing protects the bulbs, adding to their durability. 

The grow light bulbs come fully assembled and have a 5-year ballast warranty, adding convenience and peace of mind for users.

The downside is that the light bulbs need replacement over time, which is an added cost. However, they last a long time before needing a change.

The bulbs are pricier compared to other competitors in the market. The average price is more than $80 for the given quality when you replace the bulbs often. But given its efficiency and the quality of light it provides, it’s a worthy investment.

We rated this Hydrofarm Grow Light System at 4.5/5 due to its support of indoor growing plants and optimal growing needs. 

Pros: ease of installation due to hardware, durability, and sturdiness due to solid material, versatile and adjustable for indoor plants 

Cons: heat temperature requires additional cooling systems 

8. Roleadro T5 Led Grow Light Bar – Best for flowering stages 

The Roleadro T5 LED Grow Light Bar provides a full light spectrum, ensuring that your plants get the best possible care. The light bar closely mimics natural sunlight. 

Its temperature range (300-600K) and wavelength (660nm) ensure the Roleadro lights support bloom and boost yields. 

The Roleadro T5 also has a low heat output, reducing the risk of damaging your plants due to overheating.

The Roleadro grow light is flexible. The bulbs can be used individually or linked together in a series, making them suitable for small plant pots to larger indoor gardens. 

It’s also easy to install with included snap joints and connecting cords. The dual light channels reposition the lights into two groups of one or two light bars each. 

The grow light bulbs provide an adjustable on/off system to change the brightness levels and timing modes. You can set the 4 adjustable brightness levels – 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and 3 timing levels of 3, 6 or 12 hours. 

The Roleadro T5 Led Grow Light Bar has a rating of 4.5/5 by our reviewers due to the shorter cord length and more working modes with Alexa.

Pros: full spectrum for all growing stages, adjustable brightness settings to prevent plant damage, timer functions to ensure optimal heat when you’re not around, low heat output to prevent burns

Cons: too bright light for sensitive plants (philodendron, ficus)

9. Bokeedo T5 Grow Lights for Indoor Plants – Best for more effective lighting 

The Bokeedo LED Plant Light offers a unique 3-in-1 light spectrum design, including full-spectrum sunlight replacement (380-780 nm), added with 5000k white and 660nm red light. The spectrum supports all stages of plant growth.

The bulbs only consume 18W power (9W x 2), producing a soft white light of 2000 lumens (4000K), equivalent to a typical 140W grow light bulb. 

The T5 grow light has an increase of 25% in effective light reaching your plants while minimizing light scatter elsewhere. 

Due to the soft white light, the Bokeedo T5 grow lights reduce the risk of overheating and plant burns to prevent decay and plant death. The lamp features a full aluminum housing with reflectors, ensuring a superior cooling system and extended lifespan. 

It also provides four installation options for an easy setup on flower rocks,  plant shelves,  or hanging above your plants.

Bokeedo grow light system also offers a 12-month warranty and a 30-day satisfaction or return guarantee. For all issues with packages, you can contact customer support.

We rated the Bokeedo LED Plant Light at 4.5/5 since it comes with only one power plug, which is insufficient for combining more lights on the fixture. However, its price is affordable for customers, so its initial cost equals the overall quality. 

Pros: easy to use and install due to hardware parts, energy efficient to reduce bills, warranty for return

Cons: only one power plug for a single light on the fixture, not so sturdy and prone to damage 

10. SunBESTer 4FT 54W T5 HO 6500K Fluorescent Tubes Grow Light Bulbs – Best for easy installation

The SunBESTer 4FT 54W T5 HO 6500K Fluorescent Tubes Grow Light Bulbs are smaller in design yet use a higher light output and cover your plants fully. 

The high output of 54W ensures that your plants receive ample light, even in larger indoor gardens. Due to its small design, the SunBest grow light bulbs are ideal for both small and large grow tents and valuable for 2×2 or 4×4 tents. 

The SunBester T5 grow light is energy-efficient. Despite its high output, it consumes less power, making it an economical choice for long-term use. 

The tubes are also easy to install and fit into standard T5 fixtures for ease of use and a quick setup process, so the bulbs save time for indoor gardeners. 

The SunBESTer 4FT 54W T5 HO 6500K Fluorescent Tubes Grow Light Bulbs are rated at 4/5 by our reviewers. The main reason for the rating includes shipping issues, as the bulbs come broken and lack a fixture. Also, the light appears yellowish and not white. Their price is high for their quality. 

Pros: full spectrum for growing stages, energy-efficient to reduce bills

Cons: expensive initial costs, no fixture for installation

How do you choose the best T5 grow light?

To choose the T5 grow light, consider 6 factors: size and number of tubes, wattage, light spectrum, build quality and durability, energy efficiency, and price.

6 factors to choose the best T5 grow light

Size and number of tubes: The size determines how much area the light covers, and the number of tubes affects the overall brightness and intensity of the light. Consider a larger fixture with more tubes if you have a larger growing area. For instance, for a 4×4 grow tent, it’s suggested to use two 4-bulb T5 lights. For a 2×2 grow room, use a single 4-bulb T5 grow light. For a 6×6 grow tent, you need 5-7 4-bulb T5 grow lights. 

Wattage: Wattage measures how much energy the T5 light uses. Higher-wattage lights are generally brighter and produce more heat. You need 30-40 wattage per square foot of the canopy area. For a 2×2 grow tent, you need a 24-watt bulb. For a 4×4 grow tent, you need 385 watts of T5 grow light; for a 6×6 grow tent, you need 864 watts of T5 grow light. 

Light spectrum: Most T5 lights come in full-spectrum variants, meaning they cover all the light spectrum necessary for plants. However, some specialized models MarsHydro, T5pcs, etc.) may focus on certain parts of the spectrum, like blue (for vegetative growth) or red (for flowering).

Build quality and durability: Look for aluminum or steel fixtures, which are the most durable and have a prolonged lifespan. Such fixtures cannot be damaged so soon, regardless of the lighting conditions. 

Energy efficiency: Look for specific brands of T5 grow lights to save energy costs. For instance, Hydrofarm FLT44 as they use only 216 watts of actual power and is good for 4×2 grow tents. Another option is Barrina T5 grow lights, which provide 8×20 watts and are equivalent to 1000 watts. They are good options for 2×2, 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 tents.

Price: Search for the best quality of T5 grow lights, given their price. For example, Barrina T5 is energy-efficient and costs around $40, while Hydro Planet lights are more expensive (around $90), but they offer a shorter lifespan and need extra ventilation. So choose the price corresponding to the quality. 

What is the best T5 light fixture?

The best T5 light fixture must provide wide coverage and minimal heat for indoor plants. It also must be durable and solid enough to ensure the best working conditions and work for an extended time without any damage. 

The best T5 light fixture is the Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent, 2 Foot, 4 Tube Grow Light System. Thanks to its German aluminum design and powder-coated finish, the grow light fixture lasts for an extended period and supports higher light temperatures. Its lifespan also adds to its durability. It’s also good for a higher heat output. 

What are the best T5 LED grow light bulbs?

The best T5 LED grow lights must ensure gentle but effective lights that HID lights cannot provide. They also ensure the best control and adjustable settings for optimal growth and cover all plant stages. 

The best T5 LED grow light bulbs are the Barrina Grow Lights. The Barrina grow lights offer maximum control of the light fixture, and you can adjust the lights for the healthy growth of the indoor vegetation with blue and red colors for vegetative and flowering stages. 

What is the best T5 grow light for seedlings?

The T5 lights help seedlings grow indoors as they can be placed inches away from the seedlings growing indoors and still receive the necessary amount of light for photosynthesis at a safe temperature. 

The best T5 grow light for seedlings is the Moya std White Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plants. The grow lights use the timer to set the working mechanism for 3, 6, and 12 hours, and five adjustable brightness modes keep the lights optimal. You can use softer lights for seedlings and flowers, while intense light is adjustable for vegetative stages. 

What is the best T5 grow light for microgreens?

T5 grow lights are commonly used to cultivate microgreens due to their efficiency, the quality of light they produce, and their ability to be placed close to the plants without causing heat damage.

The best T5 grow light for microgreens is the HYDRO PLANET T5 Grow Light. The consistent, bright light ensures optimal growth in all three stages, and they also offer sufficient green color to keep the microgreens healthy and optimal.

Are T5 bulbs cost-effective?

T5 bulbs are often considered cost-effective, especially compared to other lighting types, such as T8 or T12 lamps. They have a higher luminous efficacy, which indicates how much light a lamp generates from the energy it consumes. T5 fluorescent lamps have a higher luminous efficacy than T8 or T12 lamps, making them more efficient and, thus, more cost-effective in terms of energy costs.

T5 bulbs also have a longer lifespan, contributing to their cost-effectiveness. T5 fluorescent lamps were once the most energy-efficient option for tube lamps on the market, saving around 50% of energy costs, and their service life is several years.

What is the difference between T5 and T8 grow lights?

T5 grow lights have a diameter of five-eighths of an inch, making them thinner than T8 bulbs, which have a diameter of one inch or eight-eighths. T5 lights have higher light density, 1.5-2 times that of a T8 bulb with the same power. 

T5 grow lights are brighter for every watt of energy, and their output is more robust than the T8. However, T8 lights are approximately 40% smaller than T5 lights, which can make them a better choice for smaller indoor gardens. 

T5 grow lights are more suitable for high-light plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and cannabis. In contrast, T8 grow lights are better for plants with lower light requirements (spinach, herbs, lettuce).

While T5 bulbs may be more efficient, they are also more expensive upfront than T8 bulbs. However, their long-term savings from reduced energy consumption make them a more cost-effective choice.

What kind of plants can you grow with T5 grow lights?

With T5 grow plants, you can grow cannabis, spices, vegetables, microgreens, and fragile plants such as seedlings and herbs. 

Spices such as basil are grown under T5 grow lights. They don’t require much light, making them ideal for this indoor gardening setup.

T5 fluorescent lights are used to grow cannabis plants from seed to harvest. However, they are not the best choice for the flowering stage unless additional lighting is provided.

Some vegetables like lettuces and microgreens thrive under T5 grow lights. T5 grow lights provide a gentle yet effective light ideal for fragile plants like seedlings and herbs.

How far do I hang T5 lights from plants?

For young seedlings, the light should be closer so they can receive enough light without stretching too much. Generally, T5 lights should be about 6-8 inches away from seedlings.

As the plants mature, you can increase the distance to prevent burning. During the vegetative stage, keep the lights approximately 8-12 inches from the plants’ tops.

The plants will need more intense light during the flowering or fruiting stage. However, keep the lights around 12-18 inches away from the plants to avoid light burn.

How long do T5 grow lights last?

T5 bulbs generally last about 20,000 hours. Considering the usual daily light cycles of 8-12 hours, the expected lifespan of T5 bulbs ranges from 9 to 12 months. If it’s been over a year since you last replaced your bulb, it’s time for a new one.

You know it’s time for a change when your bulb is dimmable, changes its color spectrum, causes reduced plant growth, and when your plant is flickering or shows no light at all. 

Where to buy T5 fluorescent grow lights?

There are 9 places where you can purchase T5 fluorescent grow lights:

  • Amazon: They offer a variety of brands, including the Barrina T5 Grow Lights, which are full spectrum and come in a 4-pack.
  • HTG Supply: They have an extensive inventory of T5 grow lights for sale.
  • Hydrobuilder: They offer high output T5 fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent grow light bulbs at competitive prices.
  • Home Depot: They carry a range of T5 grow lights.
  • 1000Bulbs.com: They offer fluorescent T5 grow lights in the red, blue, or green spectrum from top brands like Spectralux, GE, and others. 
  • Walmart: They carry a range of T5 Grow Light Products.
  • Growershouse: They sell T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs, Lamps, and Fixtures.
  • GrowAce: They provide a comprehensive guide to finding the best T5 for your indoor garden and sell Fluorescent T5 Grow Light Kits.
  • ACF Greenhouses: They sell high output (HO) fluorescent T5 tubes that are highly efficient).
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