10 Best 2-in-1 (Multi Chamber) Grow Tents for Indoor Growing

A 2-in-1 grow tent, or multi chamber grow tent, is a specialized setup designed for indoor plant cultivation. It features an innovative multi-chamber design to provide optimal growing conditions for different stages of plant growth simultaneously within the same space. They typically have ventilation systems, thermometers, hygrometers, shears, trellis netting, and light hangers.

Multi chamber grow tents include versatility in managing multiple growth stages such as seedlings and clones, vegetative and flowering stages, efficient use of space, and potential for year-round cultivation. They are more complex to set up and manage than single chamber tents, requiring more investment upfront.

These grow tents suit soil and hydroponics cultivation methods and accommodate cannabis, marijuana, fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables. However, they are inappropriate for growers who only need to manage one growth stage at a time.

When choosing the best multi chamber grow tents, ensure they are durable enough to last for more than 10 years. Also, ensure the 2-in-1 grow tents accommodate the number of plants you want to grow and the available space. Ensure the proper ventilation system too, as these kits include complete systems with fans, carbon filters, and ducting for quick setups and full air circulation.

1. BloomGrow 36″x24″x53″ 2-in-1 600D Mylar Grow Tent – Best design

The BloomGrow 2-in-1 grow tent uses a strong 600D reflective diamond Mylar construction with double stitches and heavy-duty zippers to prevent light leaks. The mylar is also 96% reflective and water-resistant to keep the inner grow tent part dry and optimal for plant growth. 

The outer material includes a metal frame and poles to keep the construction stable and safe for more robust uses. This 2-in-1 grow tent also mixes PET and aluminum of 16 mm thickness to prevent falls and tipping over. 

The BloomGrow 2-in-1 grow tent includes LED grow lights featuring a full spectrum to mimic natural sunlight and ensure photosynthesis for all growing stages – seedlings, vegetative, and flowering. 

The LED grow lights also emit 6500K to support plant growth and speed up the yield process. 

These lights consume only 120W of power, so they are energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run. 

Thanks to the fixtures with adjustable design and hooks, you can either install the LED lights horizontally or vertically to ensure proper light coverage and prevent plant burns. 

The ventilation system includes a four-inch carbon filter and an inline fan to promote fresh air and eliminate strong odors. 

We rate the BloomGrow 2-in-1 grow tent at 4.5/5 mostly due to ease of use and installation, but its price might be higher for beginners.

Pros: strong construction to last up to 1- years, ease of use and installation

Cons: package issues, as it might be delayed

2. CoolGrows 2-in-1 36″x24″x53″ Mylar Reflective Grow Tent – Best for beginners

The CoolGrows multi chamber grow tent offers two separate chambers for growing plants, divided by the velcro baffle. The main room supports two large plants like tomatoes or orchids, while the 2-tier nursery supports up to four small plants, such as strawberries or leafy greens.

You can find a 3 PCS waterproof removal tray to take out the plant garbage and clean each chamber easily with water.  

The velcro baffler uses a thicker design of 1.5 inches to prevent light leakage and keep the inner part optimal for indoor growing. 

In addition to the reflective buffer, the CoolGrows also offers reflective mylar to prevent light leakage, increase light intensity, and ensure the optimal temperature of 70-85°F/20-30°C for all growing stages, from seedlings to vegetative and flowering. 

Due to its plain design, the grow tent includes easy-access doors for smooth unzipping, while the observation makes it easy and convenient to peek inside the grow tent. 

The frame material includes metal with heavy-duty zippers and double stitches for light protection, durability, and long-lasting use up to 12 years. Also, the 600D thick tent material with metal poles ensures stability and security.

Thanks to clear setup instructions and small size – 2×2 design, the CoolGrows multi chamber is ideal for beginners and apartments, condominiums, greenhouses, garages, etc. 

The CoolGrows 2-in-1 grow tent kit is rated at 4.5/5 by our reviewers due to its sturdy design and ease of use.

Pros: sturdy construction to last longer, up to 10 years

Cons: package issues – might be delayed 

3. TopoGrow 2-in-1 48″x36″x72″ Grow Tent – Best for mushrooms

The TopoGrow multi chamber grow tent is ideal for medium-sized and larger plants, such as cannabis and tomatoes. You can grow 3-5 plants inside the bigger chamber of this 3×3 grow tent. The smaller chamber is reserved for small plants like mushrooms or strawberries, and you can grow four of them inside. Once your plants grow taller, you can move them to the bigger chamber for more space. 

Due to 600D mylar reflective material combined with metal poles, the TopoGrow 2-in-1 grow tent is stable and secure, preventing light leakage and enhancing light inside the grow tent. The heavy-duty zippers and double stitches also ensure smooth opening and closing but also prevent light from coming out. 

The TopoGrow 2-in-1 grow tent includes adjustable light fixtures, so you can install either LED lights 600/800/1000W/1200W, MH/HPS 600W, or CMH 315W grow lights for vegetative and flowering stages, while you can use the T5 grow lights 24W for the seedling stages. 

Thanks to its 6-inch inline fan and carbon filter, the TopoGrow 2-in-1 grow tent kit ensures fresh airflow and circulation, eliminating strong odors and keeping your plants optimal. 

The ventilation port also uses a built-in mesh system to increase the fresh air coming in and prevent plant burns. 

We rated the TopoGrow multi chamber at 4.5/5.

Pros: 16mm powder-coated metal rods for durable and solid construction, easy to install with clear instructions 

Cons: package issues; missing 8 corner pieces 

4. Hongruilite 2-in-1 Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent – Best hydroponic system

The Hongruilite 2-in-1 multi chamber uses heavy-duty metal construction, combining metal poles with 600D lightproof Oxford cloth and 16mm-diameter rods to keep the construction secure. 

Thanks to the heavy-duty zippers with double stitching, the Hongruilite 2-in-1 grow tent provides full protection against light leaks, ensuring strong light inside and green vegetation. 

As the Hongruilite comes with two separate chambers, you can grow more plants independently, up to 4 seedlings in the 12-inch small grow room and up to 2-3 larger plants in the bigger 23-inch grow room. Once your seedlings grow enough, you can transfer them to the bigger growing chamber for vegetative and later flowering stages. 

The installation process of this tent is effortless. This kit includes all installation parts – rods, canvas material, hangers, screws, and ropes, so you don’t need additional material to install it. 

The built-in mesh screen, ventilation ports, and the inline fan and carbon filter ensure fresh air circulation and eliminate strong odors if you’re growing marijuana or cannabis, for instance. 

You will also find a waterproof and removable tray to easily clean up the interior and easily wash the tray once you remove it. 

We rated the Hongruilite 2-in-1 multi chamber at 4.5/5, mostly due to its ease of use and clear installation process. This price is also attractive for customers. 

Pros: sturdy construction for a longer lifespan of more than 10 years, fresh air to prevent plant burns 

Cons: cross bars are unstable and easily slip off

5. Hydro Plus Indoor Grow Kit 48″x36″x72″ Grow Tent Kit – Best for accessories

The Hydro Plus indoor 2-in-1 grow tent kit comes with different accessories to ensure optimal plant growth, such as a hygrometer/thermometer, trellis netting, light hangers, and bonsai shear. Such accessories keep the temperature and humidity levels optimal as they provide precise readings, support structure for more stability, and ensure proper installation of reflectors. They also provide light fixtures, carbon filters, and installation equipment for easy trimming and cutting of plants. 

Thanks to the 16mm thick metal poles and heavy-duty metal rods with a powder-coated finish, this multi chamber kit lasts more than 10 years of robust use. 

The 96% Mylar reflective material combined with the 600D Oxford cloth ensures the 100% reflective material for the inner part, enhancing stronger light inside the tent for plants without any leaks. 

Due to the 2-in-1 design, the Hydro Plus indoor multi chamber offers two chambers for plant growing, a smaller and a larger one. The smaller one is 12x36x72 inches for four seedlings, while the larger one measures 36x36x72 inches for two medium or large plants, such as tomatoes or orchids. 

The ventilation system includes a 6-inch inline fan and a 6-inch carbon filter with duct taping to ensure fresh air flow and circulation and prevent plant burns. 

We rated the Hydro Plus 2-in-1 multi chamber kit at 4.5/5, mostly due to additional accessories and ease of use. Its price is affordable for indoor growers.

Pros: durable construction to last longer, adjustable fixtures for the light system 

Cons: threads are falling apart 

6. VIVOSUN GIY 4×3 Grow Tent Complete System – Best quality

The Vivosun GIY 4×3 grow tent is an excellent choice since it comes with a 4-inch inline fan and carbon filter, 8 feet of ducting, and 2 stainless steel clamps for ease of installation and adjustments. The ventilation system kills the odors and produces fresh air to prevent plant overheating.

The Vivosun 2-in-1 system uses VS1000 LED grow lights, offering full spectrum light and mimicking natural sunlight for complete photosynthesis. The LED grow lights use Samsung LM301 diodes that provide 2.75 μmol/J and only 100W of power, so they are highly energy-efficient compared to HID or HPS lamps.

The Vivosun GIY 4×3 multi chamber uses elastic trellis netting for sturdy support of the construction, combined with the metal poles to last for more than 10 years. The inner construction uses reflective mylar and oxford fabric to prevent light leakage for optimal photosynthesis. 

This kit also comes with a hygrometer, thermometer, and digital timer to control the temperature and humidity levels and get precise readings 24/7. The alarm system also notifies you if something goes wrong with your plants. 

The Vivosun pruning snips design is also good for beginners since you can set it up easily whether you are left-handed or right-handed. And the clear instructions ensure an effortless setup process. 

We rated the Vivosun GIY multi chamber at 4.5/5 due to its long lifespan and light system.

Pros: durable, adjustable for ease of installation 

Cons: too expensive 

7. AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 864D 2-in-1 Advance Grow Tent – Best plant support

The AC Infinity Cloudlab 2-in-1 grow tent is made of alloy steel combined with strong metal poles to keep the structure durable and reliable for an extended period, up to 15 years of robust use. 

The structure is wrapped with 100% reflective mylar and 2000D canvas to prevent light leaks and enhance the light system inside the tent. These materials use heavy-duty zippers for easy access to open and close the tent and prevent accidental construction opening. 

Due to its 2-in-1 design, the AC Infinity multi chamber allows you to cultivate plants separately, so the smaller chamber is for seedlings while the larger one is for vegetative and flowering stages. You can grow 4 seedlings inside the smaller one while the larger one supports 1-2 larger plants, such as cannabis. You can move smaller seeds into the larger chamber once they are grown enough. 

You can connect the digital hygrometer/thermometer and digital timer via apps to your smartphone and ensure an alarm system to get notifications when readings are too high.

We rated the AC Infinity 2-in-1 multi chamber kit at 4.5/5 mostly due to its ease of use and clear instructions for a quick setup process, so it’s a good option for beginners. However, the price might be too high for growers, so it’s not affordable for all. 

Pros: strong support up to 150 pounds/70 kg, adjustable and quick setup 

Cons: weak stitching, prone to damage 

8. VIVOSUN D325 2-in-1 3×2 Grow Tent – Best installation process

The Vivosun 2-in-1 grow tent is made of 600D Oxford fabric with PE and 100% reflective Mylar to prevent light leaks and increase the light conditions inside the grow tent. The outer material also uses zippers with a black inner lining to keep the construction stable and secure. You don’t need additional tapes or flaps to zip the tent.

The outer construction uses metal poles to keep the structure durable, support 100 pounds (50 kg), and ensure proper installation. 

The Vivosun uses two different chambers, a small one for up to 4 seedlings and a bigger one for 1-2 vegetative or flowering stages and larger plants. 

This multi chamber tent has a full ventilation system with a 4-inch inline fan/carbon filter and duct taping to produce fresh air inside the tent, prevent plant burns, and eliminate odors.

The Vivosun multi chamber offers an observation window to closely watch the growing process and make changes if you notice something wrong, such as turning the AC on if the temperature levels are higher than allowed. 

This grow tent is convenient for beginners as it offers a removable and waterproof floor tray to wash it easily with water. It’s also convenient due to the tool organizer, so you can keep your pruners, gloves, scissors, screws, etc. inside and keep your equipment in one place. 

We rated this Vivosun tent at 4.5/5 due to clear instructions for quick installation.

Pros: high-quality materials for a long lifespan, suitable for beginners 

Cons: no light system and thermometer; requiring more money 

9. OPULENT SYSTEMS 2-in-1 Grow Tent – Best performance

The Opulent system 2-in-1 grow tent uses reflective mylar in combination with Oxford fabric to prevent light leakage and enhance the proper light system inside the tent without any escaping. The heavy-duty zippers also prevent accidental openings but ensure easy access to the inner part of the grow tent. 

This multi chamber tent construction is durable and reliable since it combines steel and metal poles to keep the structure stable and secure for optimal plant growth. The construction lasts up to 15 years, and the design supports up to 110 pounds/50 kg of plants. 

Due to the two chambers, you can separately grow seedlings and separately grow vegetative and flowering stages. The smaller chamber supports up to 3-4 seedlings, for instance, strawberries, while the bigger one supports 1-2 larger plants, such as cannabis, marijuana, etc. 

There are 7 vents for the carbon filter, inline fan, duct taping, light system, and other equipment, such as exhaust fans, AC, etc., to keep the inner well ventilated and ensure optimal temperature and humidity levels for your indoor plants. 

The Opulent 2-in-1 system also uses the observation window for a closer look at the growing process, and you can adjust the system when the conditions are not satisfying (broken lights, dimmable conditions, etc).

We rated Opulent 2-in-1 system at 4.5/5 due to its adjustable design for a quick setup.

Pros: sturdy and reliable for a longer lifespan 

Cons: zippers cannot close fully; you need extra tape to prevent light leaks 

10. cdmall 108″x48″x80″ Grow Tent – Best reliable features

The cdmall multi chamber tent is a huge construction with two separate rooms for seedlings, vegetative, and flowering plants. The cdmall construction supports up to 16 seedlings and up to 25 medium-sized and larger plants so that you can grow more cannabis or marijuana easily. 

The cdmall 2-in-1 grow tent kit uses 96% high-reflective and water-resistant mylar material combined with 16mm thick metal rods and 16mm thick steel connectors. These materials keep the construction stable and secure for more plant support and prevent accidents such as light leakage. 

The cdmall multi chamber tent also comes with five vents for a carbon filter, inline fan, AC, etc., to provide fresh air, prevent plant overheating and ensure proper ventilation for your plants. 

The cdmall 2-in1 grow tent system also uses heavy-duty tubes to provide good support for hanging equipment.

The cdmall 2-in-1 multi chamber has clear installation to support a quick installation process so beginners can use this tent too. 

The cdmall grow tent also offers 1000 watts of LED lights with a full light spectrum to mimic natural sunlight and support a full photosynthesis process. Thus, the lights cover all three growing stages – seedlings, vegetation, and flowers. 

We rated cdmall multi chamber tent kit at 4.5/5 due to its strong plant support and convenience. Still, its price is a bit expensive.

Pros: ease of use and installation, long lifespan

Cons: There is no place to put the massive flap door, so it must stay on the floor 

How Do You Choose the Best Multi Chamber Grow Tent?

To choose the best multi chamber grow tent, consider factors like size, cultivation method, brand, grow light, ventilation system, and accessories.

6 factors to Choose the Best Multi Chamber Grow Tent

The size of your grow tent should be determined by the number of plants you intend to grow, the size of the plants, and the available space in your home. For example, you can grow up to 4 seedlings in a small chamber of the grow tent, while the larger one allows you to grow 1 to 2 large plants if you use a 2×2 grow tent. Using a 4×4 grow tent, you can grow up to 4 seedlings and up to 6 mature plants in the larger chamber.

The cultivation method is either soil or hydroponic, but you should opt for hydroponic systems as they reduce risks of pests and plant diseases, so there is no need to use large amounts of pesticides such as with the soil. Another advantage is faster growth and 30-50% richer yield than in soil set up, so you choose 2-in-1 tents with hydroponic systems, such as a Hongruilite grow tent.

Brand plays a huge role in the quality of the tent, and many reviews show that brands like Visoun, AC Infinity, Gorilla grow tents, etc., show good quality in terms of lifespan – up to 15 years, energy-efficient LED lights, safety to prevent accidents and good ventilation to prevent plant overheating. 

Grow lights should be LED lights as they are energy-efficient and use up to 50% less energy than HPS or HID lights. You can find lights using only 100W or 150W of power consumption, so always choose such LEDs, as they provide a full spectrum for optimal plant growth. 

The ventilation system is crucial to prevent plant overheating and burns, so if you have a 4×4 tent with 106 cubic feet, an inline fan of 6 inches and 215 CFM is enough to cover your plants. For a 5×5 tent, using a 6-inch fan with 44 CFM is optimal. 

Accessories also add more to the ease of use of the tent, so choose the models with extra additions such as thermometers/hygrometers, digital timers, and CO2 bags to promote healthy indoor conditions. You can use such systems via wifi or Bluetooth, and they let you know when to adjust settings for optimal temperature levels of 70-85°F/20-30°C and humidity levels of 45-75%. 

Are Multi-chamber Grow Tents Worth It?

Are Multi-chamber Grow Tents Worth It?

Yes, multi chamber grow tents are worth it when you grow a small number of plants, usually up to 4 seedlings and 1-2 flowering plants. But, using two tents for larger plants and more yields is recommended. For example, you can grow 6-10 cannabis plants in a 4×4 tent and 16-18 plants in a 6×6 tent. 

Why is Multi Chamber Grow Tent So Expensive?

A multi-chamber grow tent is more expensive due to its separate areas for different stages of plant growth. It offers one room for seedlings and another for vegetation and flowering stages.

A tent also requires more minerals such as steel metal and aluminum for sturdy frames, reflective interior material, and heavy-duty zippers, all of which can drive up the cost.

What is the Difference Between a 2-in-1 vs Two-room Grow Tent?

A 2-in-1 grow tent is a type of multi-chamber grow tent typically has one large main chamber for mature plants such as cannabis, potato, orchids and a smaller, separate area for seedlings or clones for herbs or leafy greens.

A two-room grow tent usually refers to two equally sized rooms inside a grow tent. This setup is often used for managing two separate environments for different plant varieties, such as mint or herbs in one room and cannabis in another, or two distinct growth stages requiring similar space but different conditions, such as tomatoes and cannabis for instance as cannabis requires 6 gallons/22.7l of water per week, while tomatoes need a gallon of water per day which is around 4 liters.

What is the Difference Between a 2-in-1 vs Two-room Grow Tent?

Is a Multi Chamber Grow Tent Better Than a Single Chamber Grow Tent?

Yes, a multi chamber grow tent is often considered better than a single chamber grow tent. A multi chamber grow tent provides more flexibility, allowing growers to manage different stages of plant growth concurrently in distinct areas: seeding, vegetative, and flowering. They increase efficiency and yield by reducing the time between harvests.

Are Multi Chamber Grow Tents Good for Growing Marijuana?

Yes, multi-chamber grow tents are good for growing marijuana. They allow different plant growth stages to occur simultaneously in separate areas. Such tents increase efficiency and yield by facilitating continuous cultivation cycles, from cloning to flowering, within the same space. 

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