9 Best Hydroponic Indoor Grow Boxes for Growing Cannabis, Vegetables, and Herbs

A grow box system is a self-contained indoor growing environment, a portable, square, or rectangular container equipped with lighting and ventilation for growing plants.

Grow boxes are efficient water usage, constant reuse of nutrient solutions, and growing more plants in a confined space. Grow boxes are suitable for various cultivation methods, including soil and hydroponics, such as drain to waste, aeroponics, nutrient film technique, and drip systems. They also support the growth of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and leafy greens, such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, lettuce, and peas. 

Grow boxes provide nutrients periodically through the roots of regular flooding or regular intervals, so plants don’t need to look for nutrients as they do in soil. This way, they ensure an increased growth rate by 30-50% compared to grow tents, as the converted energy from the flooding is used to grow and produce fruit.

Grow boxes don’t have issues such as pests, fungi, or diseases, as the growing medium, such as sand, gravel, vermiculite, and perlite, is not conducive to weed growth.

Compared to grow tents, grow boxes are less popular primarily due to their initial setup cost and the availability of fewer models on the market. Grow tents are cheaper, easier to use, and offer more space, but they require an adequate area for setup.

While both grow boxes and grow tents share some components, such as lighting and ventilation systems, a grow box is more akin to a small grow room than a grow tent due to its fully enclosed and often automated design.

When choosing the best indoor grow box, consider its size and quality. Grow boxes are small, so determine how many plants you can grow and yield. Also, consider automated systems to prolong the lifespan and ease of use.

1. SuperStar Hydroponic Grow Box 24″x24″x60″ – Best smart grow box

The SuperStar indoor grow box kit is ideal for growers since it offers a 2×2 space, supporting up to 16 vegetative or flowering plants, thanks to its dual Superponics 8 system. This Superponics 8 system offers space for eight plants, and you can find two boxes with enough space to support your plants. 

The SuperStar fully automated hydroponic indoor grow box kit includes LED grow lights with smart-tech control. Connect it to your smartphone and manage it when the alarm notifies you that the indoor conditions need adjustments. The LED lights are of X series, such as X220, X330, and X420 light fixtures so you can adjust them for quick installation. 

This fully automated hydroponic indoor grow box kit uses the full ventilation system with the inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting to ensure a quick setup process, prevent plant overheating, and ensure fresh airflow without strong odors inside the indoor grow box. 

The SuperStar indoor grow box kit has a digital hygrometer/thermometer to keep the humidity at 45-75% and temperature 70-85°F/20–30°C. You can easily plug these gadgets into your 110V power sources, which work optimally for healthy plants. 

You will also get secure locked doors to protect your indoor garden from pests and unwanted visitors. 

The SuperStar indoor grow box kit is rated 5/5 due to its digital system, but it’s too expensive for beginners.

Pros: steel and metal frame for durability

Cons: too pricey 

2. Grandma’s Secret Garden 7.0 Hydroponics Grow Box System – The best performance

The Grandma’s Secret Garden indoor grow box kit is a good choice as it provides 3×2 feet dimensions for indoor plants. This indoor grow box kit supports up to 4 plants per 2-3 month cycle.

Thanks to its smaller dimensions – 36x24x16.5 inches, you can use the Grandma’s Secret Garden hydroponics grow box system in your apartment, house, garage, greenhouse, etc. 

The Grandma’s Secret Garden indoor grow box kit is completely automated, so you can digitally change the fan speed, adjust the hygrometer and thermometer, and regulate the grow light systems to prevent plant burns. 

The only thing you need to do manually is to change water and nutrients, but you need around 10 minutes for that, not more. 

Due to installed LED grow lights inside the indoor grow box system, you can grow plants in all three stages of growth – seeds, vegetative, and flowering – and provide full spectrum light, mimicking sunlight for the full photosynthesis process.

This ventilation system also includes a small 4-inch fan with a 4-inch carbon filter and duct taping to prevent odors if you’re growing cannabis and keep the temperature optimal – 70-85°F/20-30°C without plant burns. 

We rated the Grandma’s Secret Garden system at 5/5 due to its ease of use, but its price is too high.

Pros: strong metal frame and reflective materials for sturdy construction 

Cons: pricey  

3. Abby Grow Box Heyabby Automated Hydroponic Home Growing System – Best for beginners 

The Abby indoor grow box kit is a good option for beginners as it comes already pre-assembled. The Abby indoor hydroponic system includes all the equipment parts you need to ensure optimal plant growth, such as trellis netting, pruning shears, powder cords and extensions, airstone air diffuser, magnetic hooks, low-stress training ties, and stainer. 

The Abby fully automated indoor grow box kit also combines with environmental simulators to provide air flow circulation and healthy weather for a holistic ecosystem and eco-friendly use. 

The Abby is valuable for reduced electricity bills since you need only $6 per month for this hydroponic system and their LED LM301H lights, and it uses 70% less energy compared to HID or HPS lights. 

These LED lights also offer full spectrum light to mimic natural sunlight and provide photosynthesis. The lights are also adjustable to shut off during the night, and you can connect them to the smartphone to be notified if you need to make adjustments. 

This fully automated indoor grow box kit provides less than 30 dB of noise levels, so it doesn’t disrupt your daily life if you’re using it inside your apartment or home. 

We rated the Abby fully automated indoor grow box kit at 4/5 due to its ease of use and pre-installed system, so you don’t need to collect parts to install it. Its price is high.

Pros: strong construction to last for more than 5 years, ease of use 

Cons: missing parts, such as the automated feeding tray

4. Growzilla 6.0 Large Hydroponics Grow Box System (4 Plant) – Ease of use 

The Growzilla hydroponic indoor growing box kit is an excellent choice for growing up to 4 large plants, such as tomatoes, cannabis, lemon trees, or orchids. It is 64 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 16.5 inches deep. 

The Grwozilla indoor grow box kit supports up to 135 pounds/75 kg of plants, which is 4-6 pounds of dried plant matter per 2-3 month cycle. 

Thanks to its LED grow lights, the Growzilla hydroponic system mimics natural sunlight and provides a full spectrum for all stages of growth – seedlings and clones, vegetative and flowers. 

The ventilation system includes a 6-inch inline fan with a 6-inch carbon filter and ducting tape to keep the odors out and prevent plant overheating and burns. Thus, you can grow cannabis without any strong smells. 

The Growzilla hydroponic system kit also comes with a lifetime warranty period and available customer support for all issues and questions. Only LED grow lights have a limited warranty period of one year, but you can also contact customer service if you have issues with the lights, such as missing parts, or need extra help with the installation guide.

Due to strong steel construction with metal poles, the Growzilla indoor grow box kit lasts for more than 5 years, and the reflective interior keeps the construction stable but also prevents light leaks for enhanced indoor growing conditions. 

The Growzilla system is expensive. 

Pros: durable and sturdy for a long lifespan

Cons: pricey 

5. SuperCloset Deluxe Hydroponic Grow Box – Best dual growing system 

The SuperCloset Deluxe hydroponic grow box kit offers large dimensions, 36x34x72 inches, so it supports up to 16 vegetative/flowering indoor growing plants due to its Superponics 16 system. 

But you can also use six 5-gallon soil pots for the growing system if you prefer soil more. Thus, the SuperCloset deluxe indoor grow box kit comes with two separate chambers, and you can grow plants perpetually, reducing the time between grows. 

These dimensions also provide enough space for up to 50 clones, and the 50-site SuperCloner ensures optimal growing conditions for such several plants, so you can share with your friends or family if you grow them as well. 

The SuperCloset deluxe indoor grow box kit is ideal for its ventilation system with a 4-inch inline fan, carbon filter, and cut taping to prevent plant overheating and ensure no strong smells inside. 

Thanks to the steel frame supporting up to 110 pounds (around 50 kg) with metal poles and inner reflective mylar material, the SuperCloset deluxe indoor grow box kit ensures stable construction and prevents light leaks. It also keeps the whole construction stable and secure, preventing tips over or instability. 

The SuperCloset deluxe hydroponic grow box kit offers 24W T-5 fluorescent bulbs with 6500K of temperature to support the healthy growth of plants in all three stages – seedlings, vegetative, and flowers. They are also energy-efficient to reduce electricity bills.

The SuperCloset is a high-end grow tent. 

Pros: ease of use and pre-installed system without additional setup time 

Cons: too pricey for beginners 

6. LEAF Grow System – Best automated indoor grow door box

The Leaf indoor grow box kit comes completely automatized without any need to manage and adjust the system manually. This indoor grow box ensures automatic pH balancing and nutrient dosing and mixing due to the digital and already installed hydroponic system. 

You can connect to the system via the iOS mobile app to follow the readings and also contact the support via the live chat if you have additional questions or don’t know how the system works.

The 4×2 hydroponic grow tent uses enough space to support the growth of two large plants and yields 4-5 ounces of weed per harvest. 

The ventilation system also includes a 6-inch inline fan with a 6-inch carbon filter and duct taping to keep the ventilation secure and prevent strong smells if you grow cannabis inside. 

The Leaf hydroponics indoor grow box kit also uses 245W LED grow lights with full spectrum to mimic natural sunlight and ensure a full photosynthesis process for optimal plant growth. These lights are also energy efficient compared to HID or HPS lights, reducing your bills by up to 50%. 

The Leaf grow box uses steel and metal poles and construction with mylar reflective material to ensure the security and stability of the grow tent kit and keep the light inside for enhanced light conditions.  

This indoor grow box tent kit is way too expensive for beginners, so it’s not the best option for newbies.

Pros: ease of use due to automated digital system 

Cons: too pricey for beginners 

7. Mary Model Z – Best plant protection 

The Mary Model Z smart indoor grow box kit uses a smart AG software platform, which is used to run automatization and analyze data. You can connect the indoor growing system with your Bluetooth or wifi and get precise readings on your smartphone via its AG app.

You will also receive alarm notices when the growing conditions are not as your set standards, so you can always change the settings and adjust the conditions to keep the humidity and temperature levels optimal to prevent plant decay and death.  

The Mat model Z also uses its ventilation system to ensure smart climate assistance, and you can automatically adjust the normal warming and cooling effects, similar to those in nature, for the best use in your home environment. 

The LED lights offer an Intracanopy lighting system, and you can push the button to mimic natural sunlight and sunset to create a natural growing space inside and provide a full spectrum of light for optimal photosynthesis process for increased yields. 

The Mary model Z provides ease of use due to its built-in water tanks that allow soilless hydroponic growing to prevent diseases and pets but also ensure less maintenance of indoor growing conditions.

The Mary model Z comes with a higher price tag, but its overall quality, durability, and ease of use make it attractive to indoor growers.

Pros: dual E-glass doors for durability and easy observation of the growing process, adjustable settings for the optimal growing standards  

Cons: expensive for newbies

8. SuperFlower Soil Grow Cabinet 36″x24″x72″ – Best quality 

The SuperFlower uses a SuperPonics 16 system, combining automated top feed and Deep Water Culture, increasing yields up to 50%. You can place 16 plants inside this growing space, and the hydroponic system will support growth and yield 2-5 times faster than the soil method. 

This indoor growing box kit uses a 4-port air pump to circulate fresh air, keeping temperatures at your target levels. This pump is also quiet, and you don’t need oil for optimal work. 

Thanks to its X Series LED lights, you can get the new X220, X330, and X420 light fixtures to install and adjust the LED lights easily and cover your grow tent for optimal photosynthesis process.

The SuperFlower indoor grow box kit also includes a trellis system to increase your yields by up to 30%. This trellis system helps support, partition, and train your plants, creating equal spacing from each other and ensuring even light distribution and absorption for every plant.

This ventilation system offers a dual-industrial grade carbon filter for durability for up to 2 years and for eliminating strong odors inside the grow tent. 

You will also find a digital hygrometer/thermometer inside this indoor grow box kit, as it controls the optimal humidity and temperature levels, and you can control them via mobile app.

The SuperFlower indoor grow box kit has a higher price tag, but its overall quality and durability match the cost.

Pros: durable for a longer lifespan of 5 years, easy to use and adjust 

Cons: expensive 

9. Grobo Solid Automated Hydroponic Grow Box System – Best Design

The Grobo fully automated indoor grow box kit is fully smartphone-controlled, so you can control the dose of nutrients, adjust the LED light spectrum, and control humidity and temperature levels. 

This indoor grow box kit uses a steel security lock, so it prevents unwanted visitors, but the heavy-duty zippers are attached to the reflective mylar and strong steel construction to prevent light leaks, enhancing the light performance inside.  

The Grobo ventilation system includes the inline fan, carbon filter, and duct tape to prevent plant overheating, provide fresh airflow, and keep your tent interior free of smells and odors. 

Thanks to its 14x14x48 inches, the Grobo small design is ideal for your house, apartment, garage, etc. The small design provides 28 inches of growing space, and you can grow one plant of cannabis or tomato or 4-6 small gerbs, leafy greens, or lettuce. 

As the Grobo fully automated indoor grow box kit comes with 150W LED lights, this row tent is energy-efficient, reducing costs in the long run. You can also adjust the wavelengths and light temperature to dim them to prevent light stress and burns. 

The Grobo indoor grow box kit works with standard power inputs of 110V, and its system is plug-and-play, so you can easily connect the power cords and extensions for optimal work. 

The Grobo fully automated indoor grow box kit costs huge, so it’s not the best option for beginners. 

Pros: durable and sturdy for longer lifespan – more than 5 years 

Cons: expensive 

How Do You Choose the Best Grow Box for Your Growing Needs?

To choose the best grow box for your growing needs, consider factors like growing space size, frame structure, cultivation method, material, ventilation, and filtration systems.

6 factors to Choose the Best Grow Box

The growing space size determines the number of plants you can grow. Thus, if you have a small 2×2 grow box, you can grow 1-2 plants, such as cannabis or a tomato. However, when using a larger 4×4 grow box, you can grow 4-6 larger plants such as cannabis, orchids, or tomatoes. 

The frame structure must be solid, reliable, and rough to support equipment and plants, so look for models supporting 110 pounds/50 kg of plants and even more. Look for frame structures made of steel and metal poles to last up to 5 years and provide a stable structure to prevent tips over, risks of collapsing, or falling onto the ground if you place more plants inside. 

Depending on your preferences, the cultivation method is either a soil or hydroponic system. Soil requires daily watering; plants grow slower, and you must maintain them regularly, making more space and adjustments such as humidity levels and temperature for plants to grow healthy. Hydroponics increases yield and growth by up to 50%, decreasing maintenance and water. Such systems are fully automated so that you can adjust the systems via phone. It’s better to choose hydroponics due to automated systems.

Materials must be high-quality, such as steel, aluminum, and metal for the outer part, with heavy-duty zippers and reflective materials such as Mylar, canvas, or Oxford fabrics to prevent light leaks and keep the construction stable. Such materials also last up to 15 years; outer conditions such as weather, for instance, cannot damage them so soon. 

What is the best grow box for beginners?

The best grow box for beginners is the Abby indoor grow box kit, which is already pre-assembled. The Abby indoor hydroponic system is also energy efficient and provides full spectrum light for photosynthesis. Due to the automated system, you don’t have to adjust the system manually at all. 

What is the most expensive grow box?

The most expensive grow box is the LEAF Grow System, with a price tag of almost $3,500. However, the fully automated system matches the quality and price, and you can monitor the growth process on your phone and change the settings when necessary. 

Why is the grow box system so expensive?

Why is the grow box system so expensive?

A grow box system is expensive due to several factors, such as integrated system, material and construction, and space efficiency

Grow boxes have built-in lighting, ventilation, and hydroponic systems, increasing the starting cost. Grow boxes are usually made from durable, high-quality materials such as metal or steel designed to last, and the cost of these materials is reflected in the price.

The compact, space-saving design also adds to the cost, as grow boxes require careful engineering and construction to match the interior furniture and be small enough for apartments or houses.

What is a self watering grow box?

A self watering grow box is a grow tent that uses a sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots without any guesswork. Its water reservoir at the bottom of the planter allows plants to drink at their own pace and visually shows indoor growers when it is time to water with an empty reservoir.

How do grow boxes work?

The grow boxes provide water and nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to suspended plants above the water tanks. The plants’ roots dove into containers to absorb water and nutrients for stems and healthy growth.

Through the reservoir system, the plants get the moisture for growth, while this system also filters and removes the excess water, preventing odors inside the grow box. 

How do grow boxes work?

Grow boxes vs. grow tents: What are the differences?

The differences between the grow boxes and grow tents include design, appearance, size, and price

A grow box is a self-contained unit that often comes with built-in lights, ventilation, and hydroponic systems. On the other hand, a grow tent is essentially a flexible, portable structure that you fit out with your own choice of lights, fans, and ventilation equipment.

Grow boxes are usually more discreet, often designed to look like regular furniture – fridge, for instance. Grow tents are typically more visible with a distinct, often reflective, interior.

Grow boxes are smaller, making them ideal for growing a few plants in tight spaces such as apartments. Grow tents come in a wider range of sizes, accommodating anything from a single plant to a larger crop.

Grow boxes are more expensive due to their integrated features, such as fully automated systems and compact design. Grow tents are generally cheaper, though the cost can increase depending on the equipment you add, such as thermometers, CO2 tanks, hygrometers, etc.

Is it better to choose a cannabis grow tent or a grow box?

Grow boxes are better for cannabis as they are the easier option, especially for beginners. As cannabis grow tents come with a bigger learning curve, you need to adjust the lights and fans manually throughout your weed plants’ growing cycle.

Tent growers also need to learn more by trial and error, but in grow boxes, you don’t need to adjust the settings manually; you can do it all via your mobile app. 

Are grow boxes and grow cabinets the same thing?

Grow cabinets or boxes are essentially the same thing, but there are some differences in size and structure.

Grow cabinets are more robust, made of wood or metal, provide a more stable structure, and are usually larger than grow boxes, but they are also more expensive than grow boxes. 

How do you grow potatoes in a grow box?

To grow potatoes in a grow box, follow the 5 steps given below: 

1. Place a single layer of seed potatoes in the box with the sprout or eye facing up. Ensure the potatoes are 4-5 inches apart.

2. Cover the seed potatoes with about one inch of soil and water thoroughly.

3. Add a few more inches of compost and rice straw as the vines grow taller.

4. Use light and fluffy soil with a lot of vermiculite to accommodate the potato’s growth. The watering and nutrition systems are maintained through the pipes, and you must water your plants at least once daily. During the period of very hot weather of 100°F or 37°C, you need to water potatoes twice. The nutrients will also reach the stems and support growth. 

The optimal humidity level for potatoes is around 95% relative humidity, so you can reduce the air exchange in the grow box to ensure higher humidity by closing the vents or reducing the airspeed. 

The necessary heat for potatoes is 65-80°F (18-26°C) during the day and 55-65°F (13-18°C) at night. You can maintain the heat by adding an air conditioner or increasing or decreasing the inline fan to achieve the target heat levels. 

5. To harvest, remove the bottom frame’s boards to access the bottom layer of soil. When all potatoes have been removed from this level, replace the soil.

How to build a DIY grow box?

How to build a DIY grow box?

To build a DIY grow box, follow these 10 steps: create a base with floor and sides, install a backboard, install a top board, install braces for the box, add hinges, install wheels, install fans, add elbow pipes, add interior fans, install light and finishing touches. 

  • Screw sides into the floorboard, insert 0.25 inches from the back side and 0.5 inches from the front.
  • Screw 0.25-inch board onto the back of the side boards and then up through the bottom of the base.
  • Screw the top board down onto the side and back boards every 6-10 inches. 
  • Insert the vertical beam 0.5-inch inward from the front edge, then secure it by screwing it in from the top and bottom.
  • Next, position the 47-inch horizontal beams behind this column and fasten them securely. These beams enhance the stability of the box, helping to avoid any bending or twisting. Opt for a more robust wood like Oak for these parts. 
  • Position the doors and tape them down with masking tape. Ensure they are secured in their place. Put one door in and fully screw the hinges before dropping in the second.
  • Install four wheels onto the corners of the base, but for a heavy or a larger box, you can add a 5th or 6th under the center of the box.
  • Drill out the 4-inch holes a few inches from the corners and place the fans so that one draws fresh air in and the other pulls air out from the other side. Any 4-inch duct fan does the job.
  • Slide the elbow pipes over the fan extending out of the back of the box to avoid dust and light leaks. You can use duct tubing as an alternative. Add a layer of filter floss to cover the intake and prevent hairs and larger particles from entering the box.
  • Add screw hooks to the ceiling to hang interior air circulators or agitators to ensure good airflow within the box and airflow over most of the canopy. 
  • Add light, caulk the joints, and wire everything up to a power bar on the back. Keep the electrical work outside of the grow box to prevent water or humidity from getting into the wiring. Tarp the grow box interior for better waterproofing as well.

How long does the grow box last?

They last more than 5 years with care and maintenance. However, the brands offer a lifetime warranty for the grow boxes so that indoor growers replace the box equipment without additional costs. 

The most durable components of the grow boxes are sturdy frames, as they are mostly made of steel and metal poles and connectors to last around 20 years without rust or corrosion. They also support plants and indoor equipment up to 110 pounds (50 kg) without falling apart. 

The fastest breaking components of the grow boxes are grow lights, as the LED lights last around 50,000, which is 5 years. 

The ventilation system, especially the inline fan, lasts around 10 years.  

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