Best 3×3 Grow Tent Review: Are They Worth Your Money?

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On the market, there are a variety of models with different sizes and functionalities. If you intend to take care of 3 – 4 plants, then you should opt for a 3×3 grow tent.

If you do happen to be on the look for one, please take a look at our review of the best 3×3 grow tent on the market for suggestions!

The best 3×3 grow tents review 2023

Vivosun Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent – This hydroponic mylar grow tent is great for beginners with its sturdy structure and easy set-up.

Gorilla GGT33 Grow Tent – With a height adjustable feature, this grow tent is perfect for growers who want to customize their indoor garden space.

CoolGrows 36″x36″x72″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent – This grow tent is well-made and perfect for small spaces, but it lacks ventilation options.

AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent – This grow tent is perfect for experienced growers who want to customize their environmental factors with the advanced ventilation system.

Zazzy Grow Tent 3×3 – This grow tent is budget-friendly and perfect for growers who want an affordable option without sacrificing quality.

Green Hut 3×3 Grow Tent – This grow tent is easy to assemble and has great ventilation options, making it perfect for beginner and seasoned growers alike.

OPULENT SYSTEMS Grow Tent – This grow tent is well-constructed with heavy-duty materials, but its assembly instructions can be difficult to follow.

MARS HYDRO 3×3 Grow Tent – This grow tent has excellent reflective material and is easy to set up, but the heavy-duty zippers can be unreliable.

Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 3×3 Grow Tent – Although it is more expensive, this high-end grow tent kit is made with premium materials and has strong metal poles, metallic frame and zippers.

iPower GLTENTXS3 Hydroponic Water-Resistant Tent – This is a reliable and durable grow tent kit with hydroponic systems for indoor gardeners looking to create the ideal environment for their plants.

#1. Vivosun Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent – Best overall

Vivosun earns its worldwide reputation for manufacturing high-quality hydroponics equipment. And the Vivosun 3×3 Hydroponic Mylar grow tent is one of the best-selling grow tents on the market that you should consider first.

The complete grow tent kit is made of first-rate 600D thick fabric, featuring exceptional tearproof and lightproof advantages.

In addition, 98% of the interior is made of mylar – a highly reflective material. The long-lasting frame of the 3×3 grow tent is also well supported by strong steel poles. Compared to poles made of plastic, these are far more long-lasting and compact.

To prevent the interior light from escaping, this Vivosun model is equipped with heavy-duty zippers with double-stitched seams. Therefore, the overall tent design does a great job of reflecting the light to escape out of the 3×3 grow tent, enhancing yield efficiency.

However, some users complain that the grow tent appears to have pinholes in the fabric. On the bright side, if you happen to find some on yours, you can ask for a warranty.

  • Long-lasting construction with 600D canvas and compact poles
  • Tearproof and lightproof
  • Reflective interior with mylar material
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Thick fabric
  • Nice ventilation system
  • Convenient observation green window
  • Removable floor tray
  • Excellent value
  • 2-year warranty
  • May appear pinholes in the fabric
  • Takes too much floor space

#2. Gorilla GGT33 Grow Tent – The best distinction

Another outstanding 3×3 grow tent setup on the market is the Gorilla GGT33, manufactured by the leading hydroponic equipment brand Gorilla.

The most exceptional feature of this product that sets it apart is the height extension kits. If you are not satisfied with your tent’s height, then you can extend it vertically for approximately one or two inches with these kits. The maximum expansion can reach up to 10″ tall.

The ventilation system of this Gorilla model can live up to every user’s expectations. It features ducts and mesh vents, which help enhance airflow effectively. Moreover, the 3×3 grow tent kit comes with a variety of ports to let users manage essential gear.

Another excellent feature of this 3×3 grow tent setup is the steel frame. It employs 1680D fabric steel, which can stay good as new for years of use.

Like other grow tents, the Gorilla GGT33 model has a smooth zipper with full wrap-around to ensure the best light reflectivity. 

The only thing to concern about this product is its fairly high price, compared to others on this list. Besides, it is best that you check whether the zippers prompt any light leaks.

  • Unique height extension tent kits
  • 1680D steel frame
  • Durable and light-proof
  • Ample grow space
  • Removable spill tray
  • Large viewing window
  • Outstanding airflow system
  • A bit pricey
  • May have minor light leaks in the zippers

#3. CoolGrows 36″x36″x72″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent – Best reflective tent

This CoolGrows Mylar Grow Tent is another favorite option for hydroponic gardeners. With a range of outstanding features, this grow tent is definitely worth every penny.

The interior of the plants grow tent kit is lined with 99% reflective mylar, keeping the light concentrated in the tent. It also includes carbon filter straps and hanging bars, which can be quite convenient.

Besides, the quality tent features a viewing window to help you observe the plants without disrupting their environment.

Another advantage of this grow tent kit is its durability and waterproof floor tray. It features a 600D canvas that is extremely tough. With heavy-duty metal frames, the tent is long-lasting and reliable for many years of use.

One thing that needs improving in this tent is the zippers. Some users find that these do not function as smoothly as they expect them to.

  • Highest quality heavy-duty frame with 600D canvas
  • 99% mylar interior
  • Include carbon filters straps and hanging bars
  • Removable and waterproof floor tray
  • Steel connectors
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy setup
  • Zippers are not so smooth
  • May have small holes

#4. AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent – Best light leak-free design

The AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent is an exceptional product designed to create optimal indoor climate conditions for year-round indoor plant cultivation. This grow tent boasts of several advanced features that set it apart from standard grow tents.

The durable frame of the AC Infinity Advanced Grow Tent is made of 50% thicker steel poles that can carry 2x more weight than regular grow tents. This feature enhances the stability of the whole tent, making it perfect for heavier plants.

Its higher-fabric density 2000D canvas makes the tent stable, prevents light leaks, and ensures optimal blackout conditions while its diamond shaped mylar amplifies light reflectivity, providing adequate coverage to your plants.

The AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent has a controller mounting plate with passthrough for cable management to prevent light leakage. This makes it more convenient to manage cables and equipment inside the tent. Additionally, this tent is designed to be future-ready.

With all these outstanding qualities, the AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent is an ideal indoor plant cultivation product.

However, one disadvantage of this grow tent is that it is relatively more expensive than standard grow tents. This may not be an issue for professionals or avid gardeners, but it could be for beginners on a tight budget.

  • Durable frame that uses 50% thicker steel poles and carries 2x more weight than standard grow tents.
  • Higher density 2000D canvas reflective material prevents light leaks while diamond shaped mylar amplifies light reflectivity.
  • Relatively expensive as compared to standard grow tents.

#5. Zazzy Grow Tent 3×3 – Best sturdy design

The Zazzy Grow Tent 3×3 is a high-quality, sturdy, and efficient grow tent that is perfect for any grower looking for a reliable and functional solution to their indoor gardening needs.

The reflective 600D mylar material ensures light fixture blocking and efficient growth rates for all types of plants, while the all-steel poles provide the necessary support to hold up to 110 lbs of weight without any risk of collapse.

One of the biggest advantages of the Zazzy Grow Tent 3×3 is its efficient growth rate. Thanks to the 95%-reflective materials with mylar lining, you can significantly boost the light intensity of your grow led lights, while also retaining heat and maintaining the right temperature for your plants, flowers, and fruits. This means that you can expect faster and healthier growth rates, with better yields and more robust plants.

However, there are a few potential disadvantages to consider before purchasing the Zazzy Grow Tent 3×3. One of the main issues is that it may be a bit pricey compared to other grow tents on the market.

Also, while the sturdy frame is an advantage, it also means that the tent is not very lightweight, making it difficult to move around and store.

  • Efficient growth rate
  • Sturdy and well-built frame
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other grow tents
  • Not very lightweight and not easy to move around

#6. Green Hut 3×3 Grow Tent – Best for growing smaller plants

The Green Hut 3×3 Grow Tent is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to grow plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, or vegetables indoors.

The tent provides a highly reflective environment due to its tear-proof reflective Mylar lining, which assists in increasing the intensity of grow lights. The 100% light-proof material helps in retaining heat and keeping the room temperature ideal for plants to thrive.

One of the main advantages of this grow tent is its sturdy frame. The all-steel poles can handle up to 110 lbs of weight, making it capable of accommodating multiple grow lights and other heavy-duty equipment. The frame is also specially finished to ensure smooth installation, and it can safely handle all the equipment without the fear of the tent falling apart.

The removable Mylar floor tray of the grow tent provides additional advantages, making cleaning and maintenance easy. Users can remove the tray, clean it, and replace it, keeping the tent hygienic and healthy for the plants.

Despite these advantages, there are a few downsides to using this tent. The tent may not be as spacious as other grow tents, and while it can accommodate multiple grow lights, it may not be ideal for cultivating larger plants.

  • Highly reflective Mylar lining.
  • Sturdy and robust frame.
  • Extra-thick 600D Mylar material.
  • Removable Mylar floor tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • May not be as spacious as other grow tents.
  • May not be suitable for growing larger plants.

#7. OPULENT SYSTEMS Grow Tent – Best high-quality design

The OPULENT SYSTEMS Grow Tent is a highly efficient solution for those who want to dive into indoor growing.

This tent boasts a 98% highly reflective waterproof mylar that maximizes the output efficiency of growing by reflecting light back onto the plants.

The high-quality zipper with a black lining ensures that the tent is light-proof and helps with maintaining the optimal environment for plant growth. 

When it comes to the materials, the OPULENT SYSTEMS Grow Tent is made of superior quality canvas that blocks light and provides durability to the tent’s structure.

The sturdy metal poles with safety designs make the tent easy to install, and the double stitching ensures that the tent is well-constructed for a long-lasting life.

As for disadvantages, some users have reported that the tent is not as air-tight as they would like it to be, which can lead to leaks and decrease the quality of the indoor environment.

Additionally, the tent’s price point may be a bit high for some budget-conscious users.

  • 98% highly reflective waterproof mylar maximizes the output efficiency of growing
  • High-quality zipper with black lining ensures a light-proof seal
  • Superior quality canvas blocks light and provides durability
  • Sturdy metal poles with safety design make the tent easy to install
  • Easy and clean window design allows for easy monitoring of plant growth
  • Tent may not be completely air-tight 
  • Higher price point 

#8. MARS HYDRO 3×3 Grow Tent – Best high-reflective design

The MARS HYDRO 3×3 Grow Tent is a high-quality product that comes with a range of advantages and disadvantages. There are many features of this product that make it an excellent choice for those looking to grow plants indoors, but there are also some things to consider before making a purchase.

One of the biggest advantages of the MARS HYDRO 3×3 Grow Tent is its upgraded zipper flap, which ensures that the interior of the tent is highly reflective and that there are no pinhole leaks.

The exclusive shade cloth is equipped to avoid any light leaks, and the 1680D canvas is double-stitched, tear-proof, and perfect for locking in 100% of lighting beams.

Unlike many other grow tents, the MARS HYDRO 3×3 Grow Tent is also rust-proof and paint-falling proof, which ensures that it will continue to look and function well for many years to come.

A further advantage of this grow tent is that it is easy to set up. The thick and solid steel poles make assembly straightforward, and the corner adapters and top bars ensure that the tent remains stable once assembled.

However, there are also a few disadvantages to consider before making a purchase. One of the biggest drawbacks of the MARS HYDRO 3×3 Grow Tent is that it may not be as large as some users need it to be. While it is spacious enough for most indoor growing applications, some users may require a larger grow tent to accommodate larger plants.

Another potential drawback of this grow tent is that it may not be suitable for those on a tight budget. The high-quality materials and construction of the MARS HYDRO 3×3 Grow Tent make it a more expensive option compared to some other grow tent brands on the market.

  • Highly reflective and density diamond mylar interior
  • Upgraded zipper flap for perfect light locking
  • Rust-proof and paint-falling proof durable metal structure
  • Easy and sturdy setup
  • May not be large enough for some users
  • Higher cost than some other grow tent brands

#9. Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 3×3 Grow Tent – Best for efficient growing

The Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 3×3 Grow Tent is an exceptional product designed to create the perfect growth conditions for your plants. Made with high-quality materials, this grow tent is the ideal solution for growers looking to maximize their yields and ensure the health of their plants.

The metal frame is made from hardened steel, and the tent is three times thicker than other tents, making it more robust and sturdier. The metal angle adapter is stable and has a load capacity of up to 153 lbs, which means you can trust the tent to withstand the weight of your grow lights, fans, and other accessories.

With an easy-to-use observation window, the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade Grow Tent allows you to check your plants effortlessly at any time without opening the door.

Despite the many benefits of the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade Grow Tent, there are some drawbacks to consider.

One of these is the price, which may be higher than other grow tents on the market. However, considering the quality of the materials, the durability of the construction, and the effectiveness of the design, this product is well worth the investment.

The 3×3 size may not be suitable for growers with larger plants or those who want to plant a more extensive variety of species. However, for most beginner to intermediate level growers, the 3×3 size is plenty big enough.

  • Lockable light and temperature feature creates optimal growth conditions
  • High-quality materials and sturdy design ensure durability
  • Easy observation window allows for convenient monitoring of plants
  • Higher price point than other grow tents on the market
  • The 3×3 size may not be suitable for all growers’ needs

#10. iPower GLTENTXS3 Hydroponic Water-Resistant Tent – Best value for the money

Are you seeking a low-budget grow tent that is suited for many growing systems? Look no further than this iPower Hydroponic Tent!

The product offers good uses and quality at an unbelievably low price. The first benefit to look at is the durability of the tent. The employed material is 3-ply vinyl with a thickness of 5 mm, which is extremely heavy-duty. Plus, the tent features all-metal construction, which makes it more compact and reliable.

Additionally, 99% of the tent is light-proof, thanks to the long-lasting zippers with double-stitched seams. The material used for the inside of this tent is 98% diamond Mylar to facilitate the best light scatter.

At its affordable price, this 3×3 tent undoubtedly does wonders for external light blocking and internal light-reflective function. Yet, like many models mentioned above, this tent cannot 100% prevent light leaks.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent light-proof features
  • Good ventilation system
  • Convenient observation window
  • Removable floor tray
  • Affordable
  • Minor light leakage may appear


How many plants can you grow in a 3×3 tent?

It depends on the size of the plants, but generally you can fit between 4-9 small to medium-sized plants in a 3×3 grow tent.

How many CFM for 3×3 grow tent?

The recommended CFM (cubic feet per minute) for a 3×3 grow tent is between 200-400 CFM, depending on the plants you are growing and the temperature and humidity levels in your growing environment.

What size carbon filter for 3×3 grow tent?

For a 3×3 grow tent, a 6-inch carbon filter is usually sufficient. However, the size of the carbon filter you need may vary depending on the humidity and odor levels in your growing environment.

How many LED watts for 3×3 grow tent?

The recommended LED wattage for a 3×3 grow tent is between 300-600 watts, depending on the type of plants you are growing and the stage of growth.

What size grow light for 3×3 tent?

For a 3×3 grow tent, a single LED grow light that provides enough wattage for your plants is recommended.

What size dehumidifier for 3×3 grow tent?

The size of the dehumidifier you need for a 3×3 grow tent will depend on the humidity levels in your area. As a general rule of thumb, a 30-pint dehumidifier is usually sufficient for a 3×3 grow tent.


You may doubt whether a grow tent is necessary for indoor gardening. The answer is YES since it is the easiest way to help you control the growing conditions of your plants.

Among a variety of sizes, the 3×3 grow tent is the most common choice. It does not take up too much space to set up while offering many benefits for productive yields.

From our detailed best 3×3 grow tent review, we highly recommend the Vivosun Mylar Hydroponic 36″x36″x72″.

Due to all the high-quality materials and outstanding features, there is no question why this product becomes one of the best-selling grow tents worldwide.

You can also consider other options that we have carefully picked out. Best of luck in choosing your favorite, and thanks for reading!

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