18 Best Commercial LED Grow Lights for Grow Tents, Grow Rooms, Greenhouses, and Hydroponics

LED grow lights have become popular due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to provide a full light spectrum. They’ve revolutionized the indoor growing industry by enabling year-round cultivation with low cost and convenience.

To choose LED grow lights, always consider factors such as efficiency, spectrum, PPF and PPFD values, and quality of the components. The best LED lights are energy efficient, saving money on electricity bills. They offer a full light spectrum mimicking natural light for optimal photosynthesis. They produce higher PPF and PPFD values for optimal growth and rich blooming. Their high-quality components are made of aluminum, steel, and similar durable materials to last longer and prevent damage. 

Some LED grow lights (AC Infinity, Vivosun) are more popular in the industry due to higher efficiency, better heat management, and higher quality components.

When choosing a full-spectrum LED grow light, consider the light’s spectrum coverage, energy efficiency, and heat management. For hydroponics, coverage area and waterproof rating are additional considerations. For greenhouses, consider the light’s ability to complement natural sunlight. For vertical farming, compact design and uniform light distribution are important. For commercial cannabis cultivation, look for lights with high PPFD values and a spectrum tailored for cannabis growth.

Listed below are the best LED lights for different purposes:

  • The Bloom Plus Latest XP3000 is the best full spectrum LED grow light due to its mocking natural sunlight, ideal for all growing stages. 
  • The Freelicht 1pack 4ft LED grow lights are ideal for hydroponics, smaller and larger growing areas, and full spectrum light. 
  • The Barrina T5 grow light is the best greenhouse LED Grow Light for its spectrum, ensuring photosynthesis for plant growth. 
  • The Medic Grow Spectrum X LED grow lights are the best LED lights for vertical farming as they ensure the healthy growth of vegetables, herbs, and leafy greens when they are closer to plants. 
  • The Mars Hydro Smart FC8000 is the best commercial LED light for cannabis/weed/marijuana as it provides necessary red and blue colors for the vegetative and blooming stages of the plants. 

Table of Contents

1. VIVOSUN VS1000 LED Grow Light – High-efficiency grow lights

The Vivosun VS1000 LED grow light is both efficient and economical. These LED grow lights use the Samsung LM301 diodes for low energy consumption. The Vivosun LED lights provide uniform and potent illumination while consuming just 100 watts — making them more effective than traditional HID and HPS lights. It is ideal for a 3×3 ft area (max 4×4 ft), ensuring optimal plant light absorption.

The Vivosun LED grow light features a dimmer switch to meet the needs of different growth stages. With four adjustable brightness levels, it caters from sprouting to flowering stages. The daisy chain function (EXT) connects multiple lights to one socket, minimizing outlet use and clutter. Its slim design accommodates different plants (smaller plants and herbs, fruits, flowering plants, and vegetables).

Its cool white light boosts germination, the warm white light accelerates blooming, and the red light enhances plant productivity. These LED lights penetrate the plant surface and reach deep within to maximize yields.

With a high-quality heatsink and ventilation holes, the supplemental light offers excellent heat dissipation, reducing the risk of plant damage due to overheating. Its fanless design ensures quiet operation.

The package includes a pair of grow room glasses to protect your eyes when the light is on. We rated this full spectrum LED light at 4.5/5 due to its shorter lifespan, as it doesn’t last a year.

Pros: light coverage for indoor plants, quick installation process

Cons: durability issues 

2. Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants – Best LED bar grow lights 

The 12-inch small LED grow light has a built-in timer that can be programmed to turn the light off after 2H/ 4H/ 8H. Once you’ve set the timer, this LED grow light automatically turns on again at the same time the following day.

The Mosthink LED grow light offers four dimmable levels – 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% – allowing you to tailor the light intensity to the specific needs of your plants at each growth stage.

Equipped with 32 red and 16 blue LED lights and high-quality internal chips, these LED grow light strips provide just the right amount of light for plant growth while generating minimal heat. They are also designed for longevity, with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The Mosthink grow light strip package includes screws, ties, and double-sided tape for easy installation due to its compact design. The 78-inch power cord makes it suitable for use on common plant shelves, under cabinets, etc.

The Mosthink plant grow light is versatile and ideal for indoor potted plants and smaller plants, including greenhouse plants, such as succulents, seedlings, mushrooms, basil, rosemary, daffodils, plumeria, aloe, orchids, thyme, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and more.

We rated this LED grow light at 4.5/5 due to its short lifespan (6 months only). The price matches the average quality of the cheap LED grow lights. You must change the light bulb often, yet your electricity bill is less. 

Pros: affordable, low power consumption, even light distribution

Cons: short lifespan, small grow space, no full spectrum light  

3. Relassy 150W Waterproof Plant Light – Best COB LED grow light 

The Relassy LED lights provide full spectrum lighting, offering plants, vegetables, succulents, and flowers the same benefits they get from natural light at each growth stage. The light spectrum includes: (630-660nm) to promote blooming, fruit development, and yield increase; (440-460nm) for seed starting, boosting germination and photosynthesis; (780-800nm) enhancing plant cell growth.

With an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, these LED grow lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use without damaging the water and weather conditions. 

By utilizing COB technology, these best LED grow lights ensure maximum light energy usage, providing uniform illumination that’s environmentally friendly. The COB LED grow light boosts plant yields by 45%-63% while saving up to 40% energy consumption.

This LED grow light features aviation-grade aluminum and ventilation holes on the backboard, ensuring the operating temperature stays below 167℉ (75 C) and promoting excellent heat dissipation. 

An additional power switch on the 67-inch (1.7M) extended cable, a 180° adjustable bracket, and three mounting options make it safer and more user-friendly. The ultra-thin, ultra-light design with a wide 180° light angle operates silently, ideal for tranquil indoor gardening.

We rated these LED grow lights at 4.5/5 due to inflexible timer functions and passive cooling, which is not ideal for indoor gardening in areas with lower temperatures.

Pros: Full light spectrum, energy efficiency, safety, and ease of installation and use.

Cons: Requires more light strength.  

4. Groplanner LED Grow Light GP1500 App Dimmable – Best cheap LED grow lights 

The Groplanner grow light is Wi-Fi compatible to easily control and customize indoor growing conditions. The “tuya” app allows for remote control, timer-based shutdown, and numerous other functionalities. 

These LED grow lights feature a full spectrum, making them ideal for supplementing light for all indoor plants when natural light is insufficient. 

The Groplanner LED grow lights feature a patented quick lock and daisy chain system, allowing you to assemble a custom plant light setup based on your specific growing area. For example, use one 150W grow light for a 3×3 area, two for a 3×5 area, and four for a 6×6 area. In a home network environment, we suggest a maximum of 12~20 connections for control.

The Groplanner LED grow lights come with 756 LEDs, each boasting a lifespan of 60,000 hours and an energy efficiency of 2.75μmol/j. It consumes 50% less power than other SMD LEDs, violet, or HPS lights.

This LED grow light utilizes a silent heat dissipation solution. Its 2mm thick heat sink and 4mm aluminum backplate quickly dissipate heat upwards. The unit includes a fully covered lens cover and sealing rubber ring, giving an IP65 waterproof rating. The LED grow light operates in environments with a humidity range of 10%~90% RH.

We rated it at 4.5/5 due to app issues, and its price is not expensive. 

Pros: light intensity, full spectrum, energy efficient to reduce costs 

Cons: not for 5G network, issues with the control app 

5. AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO3, Samsung LM301H EVO Bar LED Grow Light – Best high-end LED grow lights 

The AC Infinity LED Grow Light uses Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs, which are renowned for their efficiency and light output. Its light spectrum is well-balanced, promoting both vegetative growth and flowering in plants. 

The Ac Infinity LED grow light has an adjustable light intensity feature to control the light output, providing optimal lighting for different growth stages – seedlings, vegetative, and flowering stages. Choose among sunrise and sunset dimming controls and ten brightness levels for low or medium-light plants, such as orchids, begonia, bamboo palm, etc. 

The build quality is robust, with a sturdy frame that ensures durability. Made of high-quality aluminum and steel with a powder-coated finish, the AC Infinity LED grow light cannot be damaged so soon, regardless of indoor or outdoor conditions. 

The AC Infinity LED light also has a passive cooling design, which helps to dissipate heat effectively, preventing any damage to the plants due to overheating.

However, this grow light is considered expensive, especially for those who are new to indoor gardening. Although it comes with a user manual, some users have reported that the instructions could be more detailed, as the instruction manual is confusing.

We rated the AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO3 at 4.5/5 due to their sturdy construction and energy efficiency. However, this LED grow light is not affordable to all indoor growers. 

Pros: adjustable light intensity, solid construction to last longer 

Cons: too pricey, confusing manual instructions for beginners 

6. FECiDA Dimmable 1000W LED Grow Light –  Best LED for 2×4 tent

The Fecida LED grow light, equipped with 588 high-grade LEDs, only consumes 130W at full brightness. The adjustable LED grow light features a versatile knob that serves as both a dimmer and a light switch. You can tailor the light intensity and output to suit different growth stages as per your plants’ requirements. 

This all-encompassing LED grow light comes with 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, UV-IR LEDs. It offers a sunlight-like full spectrum grow light for all growth phases, from germination, seedlings, and vegetables to flowering and blooming in your grow space.

A 3-pin input plug and a universal output socket enable you to link multiple lights using the power cable included in the package. You only need one household socket if you have more than two lights. We recommend 1PCS CR600 for a 2×2 grow tent, 2PCS CR600 for a 2×4 or 3×3 grow tent, and 4PCS CR600 for a 4×4 grow tent. 

The indoor grow lights boast a patented design featuring a Quiet Built-in Fan & High-quality LED Board with Vents. The superior cooling system ensures a longer lifespan for the LEDs.

The Fecida LED grow light is rated at 4.5/5 by our reviewers due to its inflexible built-in timer functions and offers good quality for the price tag. The app doesn’t function that well.

Pros: dimmable to ensure how much light you want, low-cost terms due to efficiency 

Cons: controlling app issues, so you must manually spread lights

7. VIPARSPECTRA 2023 Upgraded P2000 LED Grow Lights – Best LED for 3×3 tent

The newly VIPARSPECTRA 2023 Upgraded P2000 grow light boasts an advanced diode layout, ensuring a more uniform PAR map and deeper canopy penetration, thus maximizing plant yields. Its innovative Daisy Chain functionality connects up to 20 P2000 grow lights, making it an ideal choice for commercial growing, horizontal and vertical farming, greenhouse planting, and hydroponics.

This LED grow light bulb adopts the latest SMD LED technology, offering high PAR output, high energy efficiency, and robust light output. The full spectrum translates into increased yields. The natural light mode also features a dimmer knob, allowing you to adjust the brightness level to achieve the optimal growth performance at each stage of plant growth.

The P2000 grow light comprises 660nm of red light and 3000K and 5000K of white light spectrum, providing plants with natural sunlight throughout all stages. Large areas of built-in solid aluminum heat sinks are essential for heat dissipation, ensuring the light’s long lifespan.

Despite its powerful performance, the P2000 is energy efficient, comparable to traditional 400W HPS/MH, using only 200W. It provides perfect vegetative coverage of 4×3 tents at 24 inches and flowering coverage of 4×2 tents at 20 inches. 

These LED grow lights are rated at 4.5/5 by our reviewers as they still have trouble with a controlling timer, but their price is higher for new plant grow users. The price tag is a bit higher, but the LED grow lights are energy-efficient, ensuring low- costs for long-term use. 

Pros: ease of use and flexibility for your grow space

Cons: timer malfunctions require manual management 

8. BLOOM PLUS LED Grow Light – Best LED For 4×4 tent

The BP3000 LED Grow Lights, equipped with the latest high-yield LED technology, feature 1174 Samsung 2835 diodes. The energy efficiency measures 2.7 umol/J of light transmission. The grow lights consume just 300W of power, unlike 600W HID/Blurple/HPS lamps. 

These LED grow lights deliver a 50% higher yield than HID or HPS grow lights. They provide a maximum output of 2.5g/w with vegetative coverage of 5 x 5 ft and flowering coverage of 4 x 4 ft.

The Bloom Plus full spectrum LED grow lights follow plants’ needs at all stages of growth. Its blue light accelerates plant growth, while the IR light supports the flowering stage as it hastens blooming time, increases yield, fills flowers with space, and ensures an impressive harvest. It reduces buds but also boosts yield while conserving energy and reducing costs.

The BP3000 LED Grow Lights feature a fanless design for a noise-free growth environment. Due to Samsung LED chips and reliable drivers, a large-area thick aluminum heat sink passively cools the light’s LED board.

The quick-dissipating aluminum material minimizes light loss in walkways and walls, enhancing light intensity by 20%, without plant burns or overeating leading to decay and plant death.

These LED grow lights come with a dimmable driver on the back for easily adjustable functions. We rated the LED grow lights at 4.5/5 due to their short lifespan and average quality.

Pros: quick setup and ease of use for beginners 

Cons: not so durable, too expensive 

9. MEDIC GROW Spectrum X LED Grow Lights – Best LED For Vertical Farming

The MEDIC GROW Spectrum X LED Grow Lights provide a full spectrum LED technology, These grow lights mimic natural sunlight and provide the energy and carbohydrates a plant needs from the seedling to the flowering stage.

The Spectrum X LED Grow Lights consume less power than other lights (HID or HPS grow lights), resulting in significant energy savings. The efficient light output has been shown to increase yields, so the plants grow healthily and fully bloom in the last stage. 

Made with high-quality materials, the MeDic Grow Spectrum lights are built to last, providing consistent light output over a long period. 

The setup process is straightforward, as the lights have the necessary hardware and components to make them user-friendly, even for novice growers.

While performance and energy efficiency justify the cost, some growers’ initial investment is high. 

Some users have reported that the Medic Grow Spectrum light intensity can be too strong for small plants such as herbs and medium light plants, so careful adjustment and monitoring are necessary. 

While the design includes a fanless cooling system, a few users have mentioned that the lights can get warm after extended use.

We rated the MEDIC GROW Spectrum X LED Grow Lights at 4.5/5, mostly due to their solid design. The grow lights cost huge, which is more than expensive for beginners. 

Pros: energy-efficient to reduce long-term costs, quick setup on light fixtures 

Cons: too pricey, prone to overheating, and requires additional cooling systems 

10. Barrina T5 Grow Lights – Best Greenhouse LED Grow Light

The Barrina grow lights offer full-spectrum (Pinkish White Color) sunlight replacement, making them perfect for indoor plant growth. These compact grow lights provide the most effective light wave based on the plant’s absorption ratio (300-400 nm for UV light) and (700-800 nm for IR lights). These super bright lights with high photosynthetic photon flux consume only 80W with 400 LEDs, replacing general 500W plant lamps.

Installation is a breeze with the included hardware. The hardware includes double-sided tape, clips, and cable ties. You can set up these T5 LED grow light strips in minutes. They are plug-and-play and can be linked up to 16 lights in a series, saving you time and installation costs.

Each light comes with an on/off switch on the housing surface, allowing you to control the lights individually or collectively based on the photosynthetic photon flux density your plants require. With a 2-year warranty, the grow light package includes 8 small connectors, 7 connecting cords of 20 inches, 24 cable ties, 8 grow lights, 4 power cords with ON/OFF switches, 16 installation clips, and 24 double-sided tapes.

We rated these small LED grow lights at 4.5/5, as the ties are mainly for the greenhouse. But, an affordable price includes all necessary equipment parts for quick installation.

Pros: easy to install and use, affordable to newbies and pros, versatile with IR and UV lights  

Cons: timer malfunctions, so you must manually manage the light system 

11. FREELICHT 1 Pack 4ft LED Grow Light – Best grow lights for hydroponics

The FREELICHT 1 Pack 4ft LED Grow Lights are highly efficient, consume less power than traditional grow lights (HID or HPS lights), and ensure significant energy savings, up to 70%.

Thanks to its full-spectrum system, indoor plants are effective as the Freelicht lights cover all growing stages – from seedlings to flowers and fruits. 

Built with sturdy material – aluminum and powder-coated finish type, this grow light ensures longevity and consistent light output. It cannot be damaged due to prolonged use. 

This grow light has a simple installation process, ideal for beginners and experienced growers. The Freelicht grow light includes the hardware parts, especially for beginners. 

Its 4ft length provides ample lighting coverage for larger growing areas (2×4, 3×3 ft).

Although the performance and efficiency justify the price, the upfront cost might be a bit high for some growers. 

Some users have reported that the light can be too intense for certain sensitive plants such as lettuce, spinach, rice, poinsettias, etc., requiring careful monitoring and adjustment. 

A few customers have mentioned that the lights become quite warm after prolonged use, despite the built-in cooling system.

We rated the FREELICHT 1 Pack 4ft LED Grow Light at 4.5/5 for its stronger heat output and intensity, which leads to plant burns and decay. The price is a bit higher for average quality. 

Pros: full spectrum for all growing stages, energy efficiency and reduced costs, durability, easy installation, larger coverage

Cons: light intensity is too strong for plants, requiring extra ventilation

12. AGLEX COB LED Grow Light 3000W – Highest yielding LED grow light

The AGLEX COB LED grow light has been enhanced with 3pcs of newly developed 3400K COBs, which have been proven to contribute to plant growth, resulting in superior outcomes.

Unlike other standard LED grow lights that only use red and blue LEDs and regular COBs, the Aglex LED light uses additional light beads to ensure a scientifically accurate full spectrum. The cob grow light comprises 3pcs 3400K COB, 3pcs 6500K COB, 30pcs 2000K, 20pcs 650-660nm, 85pcs 620-630nm, 9pcs 450-460nm, 4pcs IR for indoor plants. 

The PPFD measures at 1855 umol/㎡s when hung at 24 inches. The COB LED offers the highest PPFD output and is considerably brighter and more efficient than traditional LEDs. This 3000w cob grow light yields superior results. 

The actual power of the lamp is 655 watts. It uses less energy but delivers brighter and more powerful light than HPS HID and MH, making it a scientifically sound and energy-efficient option. 

The optimal hanging height is 24 inches. It’s also versatile, serving both herb/veg/bloom stages.

We rated it at 4.5/5 due to more heat output, and customers claim that 90-degree lenses are not enough for 4×4 tents, so they pay extra costs for additional lights. Its price is not affordable to all users.

Pros: manageable settings with adjustable wavelengths, full brightness covering plants, ease of use 

Cons: it’s insufficient for larger grow tents (4×4, 6×6 ft, etc.)

13. BLOOM PLUS Latest XP3000 LED Grow Light – best full spectrum LED grow light

The Bloom Plus LED grow light utilizes the most recent high-efficacy (2.7 umol/J) LED technology – Samsung LM301B Diodes, offering exceptionally high output.

The Bloom Plus grow lamp, with its 652 LEDs, uses 300 Watts, compared to a traditional 600W HPS/MH. This results in a 50% higher yield harvest and significant cost savings. With a core coverage of 4×4 ft, adjust the height and brightness to achieve the optimal growth level for your plants.

It offers an optimal light-spectrum coverage – 650-665 nm Red Lights, with a temperature of 2800-3200K for warm lights, 4800-5000K white lights, and 730-740 nm IR lights. It’s ideal for all stages of plant growth, from seed to flower, enhancing yield & crop quality. 

The XP3000 LED indoor growing lamp features a dimming knob to adjust for all growth stages of your plants.

The fanless design of these LED grow lights ensures a noise-free growing experience. Large sections of solid aluminum heat sink aid in achieving the perfect cooling system. 

High-performance power supply drivers deliver high PAR output, extend lifespan, accelerate plant growth processes, boost yields, and save energy costs.

We rated these LED grow lights at 4.5/5 since their dimmer switch easily breaks, and there is no external way to control the dimmable functions. Its average price is not affordable to all users.

Pros: quick setup and flexibility for indoor growers 

Cons: expensive for beginners, strong heat output requires an extra ventilation system

14. YOLYSY Plant Growing Lights – Best LED light for mushroom growing

The YOLYSY Plant Growing Lights provide a full light spectrum, ideal for all plant growth stages. 

The built-in timer allows for automatic on/off functionality, making it convenient for those who can’t manually monitor their plants regularly.

This light is suitable for various indoor plants (herbs, vegetables, microgreens), including mushrooms, making it a flexible choice for indoor gardeners. 

This energy-efficient LED lamp significantly saves electricity bills in the long run. 

Its easy-to-follow installation guide makes setup a breeze, even for beginners.

Some users have reported that the light intensity is insufficient for plants requiring high light levels (ponytail palms, jade, croton, etc). 

The timer only allows for 3, 6, or 12-hour settings, which may not cater to all plant needs. For example, there are better options than the Yolysy lights for spinach, coneflowers, lettuce, or tomatoes, as they need more than 12 hours of sun. 

A few users have raised concerns about the lamp’s durability, as it lasts only for six months, which is shorter than expected.

We rated the YOLYSY Plant Growing Lights at 5/5 on the rating scale, but mostly for its mushroom orientation. Concerning durability and low heat output, there is still room for improvement. But its price is convenient for the quality. 

Pros: full spectrum for all growing stages, flexible with dimmable features, energy efficiency, easy to install and use

Cons: shorter lifespan up to 6 months, low heat output, timer issues 

15. MARS HYDRO Smart FC8000, Samsung LM301B 800W LED Grow Light – Best commercial LED light for Cannabis/Weed/Marijuana

Gain mobile access to your FC8000 grow light via the Mars Hydro APP using WIFI. This feature allows you to effortlessly control the grow lights and plan your growth schedules from your cell phone, anytime and anywhere. All data and settings are stored and transmitted using OTA (Over The Air) technology.

Its light intensity is adjusted down to the year/month/day/hour/minute for adaptive light levels that align with your growth schedules. Once configured, dimming programs automatically operate to support full growth from seed to harvest. It also offers a Sunrise & Sunset Simulation option to replicate plants’ natural photoperiod.

The MARS HYDRO FC8000 LED grow light is equipped with 2968pcs Samsung LM301B & Osram 660nm Diodes, offering industry-leading 2.9 µmol/J efficiency. 

With a Max 3.0g yield per wattage and 30% higher Average PPFD, it achieves 50% higher yield & quality. 

Consuming only 800w, it’s the perfect light for a 4x4ft flowering area.

Ideal as commercial LED grow lights, the FC8000 dimmable grow lamp features a daisy chain connecting up to 15 lights. 

Its IP65 Waterproof wide 8-bar ensures even & broad canopy coverage, maximizing grow space with its flexible 180-degree design, ideal for home & vertical farming.

We rated the lights at 4.5/5 due to the lack of IR and UV lights. The price is too high, so it’s not affordable to all growers.

Pros: adjustable brightness with dimmable features, easy to assemble and use, 

Cons: no UV and IR lights for plants, pricey 

16. Barrina Grow Light Bulb – Best 600W LED grow light

Using only 96W with a total of 384 LEDs, the Barrina grow light bulb substitutes 600w conventional plant lights (HID or HPS lights).

The light efficiency is boosted by 17~20% with a reflector. The casing of the LED grow light is made entirely of aluminum, ensuring high-efficiency heat dissipation and thus extending the lifespan of the LED chips.

The package includes double-sided tape, clips, and cable ties, enabling you to set up the lights in just a few minutes. It’s a plug-and-play system, and you can connect up to 12 LED grow light strips in a series, saving on installation costs and time.

Barrina’s plant grow light offers indoor plants a full-spectrum sunlight substitute. It delivers the red light for flowers and fruits, blue light for vegetative stages, and blue light/green light for seedlings and starting plant growth.

These LED grow lights are ideal for any indoor planting application. The warm white color temperature is easy on the eyes, and you don’t need to wear any protective glasses. They are highly effective for your plant grow tents, shelves, seedling cultivation, hydroponic rooms, greenhouses, etc.

We rated the Barrina LED lights at 4.5/5 since the lights emit stronger heat, so you need an additional ventilation and cooling system. But their price is affordable for their quality.  

Pros: full spectrum for all plants, ease of use and installation, adjustable due to dimmable features

Cons: requiring ventilation due to strong heat output 

17. BESTVA 2023 Newest Upgrade 2000W Led Grow Light –  Best Veg & Bloom LED grow light

The Bestva 2000-watt LED grow light is equipped with 1176pcs high-grade LEDs. Compared to traditional 2000-watt grow lamps, this light is brighter and more efficient, with only 200 watts of actual power consumption. It’s ideal for a 3x3ft area, with maximum coverage up to 4x4ft.

Emulating natural sunlight, it utilizes the latest top-tier LED technology diodes. This full spectrum LED grow light is designed with 3000K, 5000K, 460nm, 660nm LEDs, supporting optimal plant growth. 

The true full spectrum light consists of nine different bands of LEDs, aiding the indoor growth of plants, vegetables, and flowers at all stages, just like natural sunshine. It includes VEG mode for growth with 18-24 hours of illumination per day and BLOOM mode for flowering, adjusting illumination to 12 hours per day. The lights ensure full photosynthesis, and the visible light doesn’t cause any harm to users, so there is no need for protective glasses. 

High-speed silent fans and upgraded aluminum radiators ensure the light bulb operates at temperatures between 50°F to 60°F (10-15 Celsius). At these lower temperatures, your plant won’t be scorched, which could extend your lighting duration and promote plant growth. 

With a  long lifespan, you won’t need to replace the light frequently.

We rated the lights at 4.5/5 due to package issues (parts are broken) and poor customer service. Its average price is cheap, but broken parts add more costs to long-term usage. 

Pros: sturdy design, longer lifespan for prolonged use

Cons: pricey, low heat output 

18. AC Infinity IONBOARD S22, LED Grow Light – Best programmable LED grow lights

The AC Infinity IONBOARD S22 LED Grow Light provides a full spectrum of light, including blue, red, and white light, catering to all stages of plant growth.

However, there are better choices than a strong heat output for the 2×2 tents, only bigger ones, such as 4×4 tent models. The smaller tents pose risks of plant burns and overheating. 

Despite their high output, the AC Infinity lights consume less power than traditional grow lights such as HID lamps or HPS lights, making the LEDs an eco-friendly choice. They ensure reduced electricity bills later. 

The intensity of the light is adjustable via the app, providing flexibility in use. You can adjust the brightness and dimmable features from 0 to 100% brightness. The light also comes with an efficient cooling system that prevents overheating, ensuring longevity and safety in operation.

The AC Infinity IONBOARD S22 is on the pricier side compared to other grow lights in the market. 

Some users have found the size of the unit a bit bulky, especially for smaller growing spaces.

We rated the AC Infinity IONBOARD S22 LED Grow Light at 4.5/5 for its timer functions. The app is initially confusing, and the instructions need to be clearer. However, the price tag is higher for newbies. 

Pros: adjustable wavelengths for plants, covering large areas, versatile and manageable

Cons: higher price, not for smaller tents 

How Do You Choose the Best LED Grow Light?

To choose the best LED grow lights, consider factors such as LED grow light types, brands, spectrum/uniformity, coverage, wattage, PPF and PPFD, efficiency, adjustability, reliability and durability, footprint, certifications, ease of use, and installation.

13 factors to Choose the Best LED Grow Light

Type of LED Grow Lights: There are three light types, including full-spectrum, high-intensity, and switchable LED lights. The full spectrum is suitable for all growth stages; high-intensity speeds up photosynthesis, while switchable allows you to switch between vegetative and blooming stages.

Brands of LED Grow Lights: Consider reputable brands known for quality and reliability, such as Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, or AC Infinity.

Spectrum/Uniformity: Look for full-spectrum lights that cover all light ranges plants need, from UV to far-red. Uniformity ensures even light distribution across the plant canopy.

Grow Light Coverage: Make sure the light covers your entire growing area. The size of your garden will determine the number of lights required. For 2×2 tents, use 2 lights of 120 watts. For 4×4 tents, use 2 lights of 300 watts.   

Grow Light Wattage: Higher wattage means more light output, heat, and energy usage. For instance, a 2×2 tent requires 100-150 watts. 4×4 tents need 600 watts.

Grow Light Size: The size is again connected with wattage. For 3×3 tents, use 400 watts, while 10×10 tents use 1000 watts. 

PPF and PPFD: PPF measures the amount of light produced by the lamp per second. PPFD measures how much of that light reaches the plants. Higher values are better for optimal photosynthesis and healthy plant development. The best lights offer the right PPFD values, including 100-300µMol/m2/S for seedlings, 300-600µMol/m2/S for vegetative, and 600-750µMol/m2/S for flowers.

Efficiency: Look for lights with high luminous efficacy (more light for less electricity). Luminous efficacy measures the efficiency of a light source in converting power (usually electricity) into visible light, measured in lumens per watt. A higher value indicates a more efficient light source, as it produces more visible light with less power consumption source. For instance, LED lights can have a luminous efficacy as high as 300 lm/W.

Adjustability: Adjustable lights allow you to change the height and angle, ensuring optimal light exposure. The height of seedlings is 24-26 inches, while vegetative and flowering stages require 18-22 inches. 

Reliability/Durability: Opt for durable lights with strong build quality and good warranties. The best ones include sturdy frames (aluminum, steel) to ensure a longer lifespan and prevent frames from burning or other damage due to longer working hours. The good warranties include ones around 3-5 years, so opt for at least that period. 

Footprint: The footprint refers to the area that receives adequate light from the lamp. Bigger is usually better as they grow bigger and faster when they have more CO2 footprint inside the tent. 

Grow Light Certifications: Check for safety and performance certifications like UL, ETL, or ROHS. UL, ROHS, and ETL are certifications indicating compliance with safety and environmental standards for LED lights and other products.

Easy to Install and Maintain: Look for lights that come with easy-to-follow installation instructions and require minimal maintenance. Such lights have all hardware parts in the package and a plug-and-play design. 

What’s the best full spectrum LED grow lights?

What's the best full spectrum LED grow lights?

The full spectrum of LED lights ensures the plants get sun-like lighting conditions, supporting photosynthesis and energy and fully developing them. The full spectrum offers a visible light with blue and red colors, which are the main supporters of all three growing stages.

The Bloom Plus Latest XP3000 LED grow light is the best for the full light spectrum. The light ensures the necessary ranges of blue and red colors, with a blue and green combination for seedling stages and optimal growth start.

What is the most powerful LED grow light?

A powerful LED light ensures a wide range of wavelengths that ensure proper photosynthesis and better growth and development of the plants.

The Bloom Plus Latest XP 3000W LED Grow Light is the most powerful LED grow light due to its 3000 watts covering large 6×6 areas. 

What are the best LED bar grow lights?

The led bar grow lights are ideal for smaller setups, individual plants, or commercial cultivation in large areas (multi-bars). They offer more precise and uniform lighting for all indoor plants, such as fruits, herbs, vegetables, marijuana, cannabis, and microgreens.

The best LED bar grow light is the Mosthink LED grow light bar due to its adjustable technology for both small 2×2 and larger tents (4×4, 6×6, etc.). 

What is the best COB LED grow light?

The COB LED grow lights allow a single driver to power multiple chips. They result in more light output per square inch. They also produce less heat and are ideal flood lights where regular lights cannot fit.

The best COB LED light is the Relassy 150W Waterproof LED light due to its specific design for small spaces with a higher power output and water-resistant design. 

What is the best affordable LED grow light?

What is the best affordable LED grow light?

Affordable LED lights are available for all indoor growers, especially newbies, as they learn the basics and need lights to keep their standards optimal.

The best affordable LED lights are Groplanner LED grow lights, which have a price tag of less than $50, and you can control them via the app. 

What is the best high-end LED grow light?

The high-end LED grow lights are better quality than regular, cheaper ones. They are easier to adjust and control via apps and other wifi systems, can come with remote controllers, and offer flexibility when installing and using them. They do not require extra ventilation due to reduced heat output and temperature.

The best high-end grow lights are AC Infinity Ionframe EVO3 Samsung LM301 EVO LED lights due to their premium-quality features, such as a passive cooling design that does not require additional ventilation. 

What are the best LED grow lights for hydroponics?

As growers use water-based nutrient solutions instead of soil for hydroponics, the plants require photosynthesis, carbohydrates, and water for optimal nutrient uptake for optimal growth and development. LED lights provide a full spectrum similar to natural light, use less energy, and produce less heat.

The best LED grow lights for hydroponics are Freelicht grow lights due to their full spectrum for optimal growth for smaller and larger growing areas (2×2, 3×3, 4×4 tents).

What is the best greenhouse LED grow light?

Greenhouses also use photosynthesis for greenery and healthy development of indoor vegetation. The LEDs are ideal for the greenhouse because they mimic natural light and cover all growing stages.

The best greenhouse LED grow light is the Barrina T5 grow light, which provides a full spectrum for all plants and development.

What is the best LED for vertical farming?

What is the best LED for vertical farming?

Vertical farming is crucial for producing salad vegetables, herbs, and leafy greens. Vertical farming helps in growing fresh foods when there is little food production. LEDs are ideal for vertical farming due to lower energy consumption and sun-like lights.

The Medic Grow Spectrum X is the best LED for vertical farming due to its easy installation, full-spectrum light, and longer wavelengths for a longer working mechanism. 

What is the best LED grow light for seedlings?

LEDs are ideal for seedlings as their cool lighting ensures stronger and thicker plants using little energy. The bright light helps the plants grow stronger when closer to seedlings.

The best LED grow lights for seedlings are the Vivosun VS1000 grow lights, as they offer cool blue and green colors for seedlings and later plant development. 

What is the best veg & bloom LED grow light?

LEDs are the perfect solution for flowering and vegetative stages since they provide red and blue lights to optimize photosynthesis and ensure the plants get sufficient energy and carbohydrates for healthy growth.

The best LED grow lights for veg and bloom stages are the Bestva 2023 Newest Upgraded 2000V lights, as they provide adjustable light intensity necessary for flowers and vegetation. You can set the heights to meet the plant requirements or dim the lights when the heat output is too high. 

What is the best commercial LED light for cannabis/weed/marijuana?

LEDs are ideal for marijuana and cannabis as you can grow these plants with less electricity bills. As with other plants – herbs, leafy greens, vegetables, or fruits, LEDs provide enough light for marijuana and cannabis for optimal growth.

The best LED grow lights for weed, marijuana, and cannabis are Mars Hydro Smart FC 800 LED lights. The commercial LEDs provide OTA controlling apps and suit larger tents (4×4 ft). 

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