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The search for online references on crop farming or crop agriculture has expanded. Crop agriculture is the main division of agriculture which deals with the science and practice of crop production. The other division is livestock agriculture or livestock production.

Commercial crop farming is exemplified by agribusiness ventures engaged in large scale establishment of banana plantations.

Concerns include information on the basic principles, advances, and practical farming methods applied to different agricultural crops; basic botany and plant physiology, basic genetics, plant names and crop classification, soil and climatic adaptation of crops, plant propagation methods, plant nutrition and fertilization, crop protection, sustainable agriculture, integrated farming, farming systems, organic and urban farming, crop growing how-to guides, agriculture news, agricultural review, books, manuals, and related literature.

The list of specific concerns becomes longer and longer...

Access to information is important to the farmers and gardeners who desire to apply the most recent scientific innovations. Likewise, some farmers and plant lovers can provide a wealth of information on practical, sustainable methods. If only made known, these can be applied outright or further experimented to suit any specific location.

Plant propagation is one of the most rewarding practices in crop farming. Image shows rooted leaf cuttings of sampagita (Jasminum sambac), Sansevieria, and plastic plant.

In addition to printed sources, anyone who wants to learn is always in need of the most relevant, reliable online information. More and more students, farmers, and even graduates including those who are engaged in farm supervision, teaching, and extension, rely on the web for needed information. Where offline sources are scant, online access becomes more pressing.

To the farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, gardeners, students, agricultural technicians and the like, and to those who need online reviewers to refresh their memory on the science of crop production, or crop science; to those who welcome new ideas on practical methods in crop agriculture, welcome to CropsReview.Com!

PDF: Bamboo Propagation and Production Methods

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