The Top 20 Food and Agricultural Commodities Produced in These Countries Around the World

Wonder what are the different food and agricultural commodities produced worldwide? Wonder which of these top the list and which country produces the most?

Which of these commodities are crop-based, that is, derived from agricultural crops? 

What are the top commodities produced in, by way of example, the United States of America, United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Australia, and the Philippines?

Want also to know what possibly are the major crops in the world and in any country?

Seeking to shed light on these questions, I referred to the online lists provided by FAOStat, the statistics division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

From its top 10 and top 50 lists, I made a table of the top 20 crop-based agricultural commodities in the world and in six selected countries.

To come up with the data, I disregarded from the FAOStat lists the crop groupings and the nes or not elsewhere specified (for example fruit, pulses, and vegetables, fresh nes).

These are broad groupings that do not specify the crops covered in each grouping.

Those who are obviously animal in origin (such as meat, milk, and eggs) were likewise excluded.

The ranking is by production tonnage with the smaller number (example 1) having higher volume compared to the bigger number (example 2).

The update revealed that now FAOSTAT provides lists for the top 20 food and agricultural commodities production only in different countries.

The year 2017 is its most recent release of production statistics.

For quick reference, a table has been constructed for selected countries around the world.

The table does not specify the mode of disposal of any commodity, i.e., whether mainly domestic or exported.

Here’s the table: 

Top 20 Food and Agricultural Commodities Produced in Selected Countries

Table AC-1. The top 20 food and agricultural commodities produced in selected countries around the world in 2017 ranked from highest (rank 1) to lowest production tonnage

1Sugar caneSugar caneWheatMaizeSugar caneCassavaSugar caneWheatSugar caneMilk, whole fresh cowMaize
2WheatSoybeansRapeseedRice, paddyRice, paddyYamsRice, paddySugar beetMaizeWheatSoybeans
3BarleyMaizeMaizeVegetables, fresh nesWheatMaizeCoconutsMilk, whole fresh cowMilk, whole fresh cowSugar beetMilk, whole fresh cow
4Milk, whole fresh cowMilk, whole fresh cowMilk, whole fresh cowWheatMilk, whole fresh buffaloRice, paddyMaizePotatoesPotatoesBarleyWheat
5RapeseedCassavaBarleySugar caneMilk, whole fresh cowOil palm fruitBananasBarleyGrapesPotatoesSugar beet
6OatsOrangesSoybeansPotatoesPotatoesVegetables, fresh nesVegetables, fresh nesMaizeMeat, chickenRapeseedSugar cane
7Seed cottonMeat, chickenPeas, dryWatermelonsVegetables, fresh nesSorghumFruit, tropical fresh nesSunflower seedWheatMeat, chickenPotatoes
8Meat, cattleRice, paddyPotatoesSweet potatoesBananasTomatoesPlantains and othersOatsOrangesCarrots and turnipsMeat, chicken
9Chick peasMeat, cattleLentilsCucumbers and gherkinsMaizeFruit, citrus nesCassavaMeat, chickenSoybeansMeat, cattleSeed cotton
10GrapesBananasOatsTomatoesOnions, drySweet potatoesPineapplesSoybeansMeat, cattleMeat, pigMeat, cattle
11Meat, chickenWheatMeat, pigMeat, pigTomatoesCow peas, dryMeat, pigCabbages and other brassicasApplesOatsMeat, pig
12PotatoesTomatoesMeat, chickenApplesMangoes, mangosteens, guavasTaro (cocoyam)Meat, chickenMeat, pigSunflower seedEggs, hen, in shellTomatoes
13LupinsSeed cottonMeat, cattleCabbages and other brassicasSeed cottonPlantains and othersMangoes, mangosteens, guavasPeas, dryOnions, dryApplesSorghum
14SorghumMeat, pigEggs, hen, in shellEggplants (aubergines)Eggplants (aubergines)Groundnuts, with shellSweet potatoesTomatoesTomatoesOnions, dryRice, paddy
15Rice, paddyPotatoesSugar beetEggs, hen, in shellMilletOkraEggs, hen, in shellRyeLemons and limesVegetables, fresh nesGrapes
16Meat, sheepVegetables, fresh nesLinseedMilk, whole fresh cowCoconutsPineapplesOil palm fruitEggs, hen, in shellPumpkins, squash and gourdsCabbages and other brassicasEggs, hen, in shell
17MaizeBeans, dryTomatoesSpinachSoybeansMilletRubber, naturalVegetables, fresh nesEggs, hen, in shellBroad beansApples
18Peas, dryCoffee, greenCarrots and turnipsOnions, dryFruit, fresh nesSugar canePumpkins, squash and gourdsOnions, dryPearsMeat, sheepOranges
19BananasEggs, hen, in shellApplesGarlicGroundnuts, in shellPotatoesFruit, fresh nesCucumbers and gherkinsMaize, greenPulses, nesMaize, green
20Meat, pigCoconutsRyeCarrots and turnipsChick peasFruit, fresh nesEggplants (aubergines)Carrots and turnipsBananasCauliflowers and broccoliLettuce and chicory


Maize refers to mature corn grains as distinguished from green maize which includes sweet corn.

Cassava should refer to cassava roots there being a separate entry for cassava leaves.

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