top 20 food and agricultural export commodities
in the world and in these selected countries

Table AEC-1. List of top 20 food and agricultural export commodities in the world and in selected countries for 2017 ranked from highest (rank 1) to lowest total export tonnage

1 Wheat Wheat Soybeans Wheat Food prep nes Rice- total (Rice milled equivalent) Cocoa, beans Bananas Wheat Maize Beverages, distilled alcoholic Soybeans
2 Maize Barley Maize Rapeseed Garlic Rice, milled Sesame seed Oil, coconut (copra) Maize Oranges Barley Maize
3 Soybeans Sugar Raw Centrifugal Sugar Raw Centrifugal Soybeans Apples Cake, soybeans Bran, wheat Pineapples Barley Apples Milk, whole fresh cow Wheat
4 Cake, soybean Rapeseed Cake, soybeans Cake, rapeseed Feed and meal, gluten Sugar refined Soybeans Sugar Raw Centrifugal Oil, sunflower Wine Wheat Dregs from brewing distillation
5 Oil, palm Chick peas Sugar refined Peas, dry Rice- total (Rice milled equivalent) Onions, dry Cake, soybeans Cake, copra Cake, sunflower Food wastes Beer of barley Cake, soybeans
6 Rice- total (Rice milled equivalent) Meat, cattle, boneless (beef & veal) Meat, chicken Oil, rapeseed Fruit, prepared nes Rice, broken Cashew nuts, with shell Beverages, non alcoholic Beet pulp Beverages, non alcoholic Beverages, non alcoholic Sorghum
7 Barley Cotton lint Coffee, green Barley Vegetables, preserved nes Cotton lint Rubber natural dry Pineapples canned Peas, dry Sugar Raw Centrifugal Food wastes Forage products
8 Sugar Raw Centrifugal Lentils Oil, soybean Lentils Food wastes Coir Beverages, non alcoholic Plantains and others Bran, wheat Grapes Food prep nes Rice- total (Rice milled equivalent)
9 Rice, milled Wine Juice, orange, single strength Maize Rice, milled Oil, castor beans Food prep nes Coconuts, desiccated Molasses Lemons and limes Pastry Cotton lint
10 Sugar refined Molasses Meat, cattle, boneless (beef & veal) Oats Cake, soybeans Groundnuts, shelled Ginger Rubber natural dry Sugar refined Flour, maize Meat, chicken Meat, chicken
11 Rapeseed Malt Cotton lint Potatoes, frozen Vegetables, frozen Maize Cocoa, butter Juice, pineapple, concentrated Linseed Pears Potatoes Food prep nes
12 Bananas Broad beans, horse beans, dry Juice, orange, concentrated Meat, pork Water, ice etc Chillies and peppers, dry Macaroni Fruit, prepared nes Oil, soybean Fruit, prepared nes Malt Feed and meal, gluten
13 Beverages, non alcoholic Meat, sheep Wheat Potatoes Onions, dry Cake, rapeseed Feed, compound nes Food prep nes Soybeans Grapefruit (inc. pomelos) Pet food Rice, milled
14 Waters, ice etc Tallow Rice- total (Rice milled equivalent) Malt Tomatoes, paste Potatoes Oil, palm kernel Manila fibre (abaca) Food prep nes Sugar refined Flour, wheat Fructose and syrup, other
15 Food prep nes Wool, greasy Meat, pork Dregs from brewing, distillation Cabbages and other brassicas Sesame seed Vegetables, fresh or dried products nes Flour, wheat Beer of barley Food prep nes Meal, meat Meat, pork
16 Beer of barley Cottonseed Tobacco, unmanufactured Pastry Carrots and turnips Soybeans Oil, palm Pastry Sunflower seed Tangerines, mandarins, clementines, satsumas Meat, pig Feed, compound nes
17 Flour, wheat Sorghum Rice, broken Food prep nes Glucose and dextrose Coffee, green Cotton lint Molasses Cake, soybeans Potatoes Chocolate products nes Oil, soybean
18 Food wastes Meal, meat Rice, milled Linseed Juice, apple, single strength Tea Cocoa, powder & cake Tobacco, unmanufactured Oil, rapeseed Rice- total (Rice milled equivalent) Maize Potatoes, frozen
19 Dregs from brewing, distillation Peas, dry Melons, other (inc. cantaloupes) Chocolate products nes Fructose and syrup, other Spices nes Beer of barley Feed, vegetable products nes Beverages, non alcoholic Onions, dry Cereals, breakfast Beverages, non alcoholic
20 Potatoes Rice- total (Rice milled equivalent) Food wastes Beans, dry Vegetables, fresh nes Pastry Cigarettes Fatty acids Flour, wheat Juice, fruit nes Cheese, whole cow milk Meal, meat

Note: FAOSTAT also provides statistics on top export commodities based on monetary value.

-Ben G. Bareja Aug. 2014, edited Oct. 26, 2019

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