list of fruits in the tropics (a-l)

Table F-1a shows a list of fruits which should serve as reference for fruit crops that are common in distribution or grown as commercial crops in the tropics. Emphasis is given to crops with fleshy dessert fruits including cashew which produces a pseudofruit. Most of these crops are listed in E.D. Merrill’s A Flora of Manila published in 1912 but many of the scientific names have since been modified. The crops are arranged alphabetically by their common names, generally English names.

This web page is one of two pages and consists of a list of fruits in the tropics with common names that start from A (acerola) to L (lychee).

Table F-1a. List of fruits (fruit crops) in the tropics.


, Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry
Malpighiaceae Malpighia glabra
Ambarella (see Spondias)

Moraceae Artocarpus spp.
- Chempedak - Artocarpus integer
- Jackfruit, jack, langka, nangka - Artocarpus heterophyllus
- Marang, madang, loloi - Artocarpus odoratissimus

(see Custard apples)
Apple, mansanas Rosaceae Malus domestica
Avocado Lauraceae Persea americana
Banana, saging Musaceae Musa spp.
Bilimbi, cucumber tree, kamias, iba Oxalidaceae Averrhoa bilimbi
Balimbing, carambola, starfruit Oxalidaceae Averrhoa carambola
Canistel, egg-fruit, yellow sapote, tiesa Sapotaceae Pouteria campechiana
Capulin, Jamaica cherry, datiles, mansanitas, seresa Elaeocarpaceae Muntingia calabura
Cashew, kasoy Anacardiaceae Anacardium occidentale
Chempedak (see Artocarpus)
Chico (see Sapodilla)
Chinese laurel, salamander tree, bignay, bugnay Euphorbiaceae Antidesma bunius

Rutaceae Citrus spp.
- Calamondin, golden lime, kalamansi, lemonsito - x Citrofortunella microcarpa syn. Citrus microcarpa, C. mitis
- Citron, bulid, sidris - Citrus medica
- Lime, sour lime, common lime, dayap - Citrus aurantifolia
- Grapefruit - Citrus x paradisi
- King mandarin, naranjita - Citrus nobilis
- Mandarin, Mandarin orange - Citrus reticulata
- Pummelo, pommelo, pomelo, shaddock, suha, lukban, buongon, kabugaw - Citrus maxima
- Sour orange, Seville orange - Citrus aurantium
- Orange, sweet orange, kahel - Citrus sinensis

Custard Apples
Annonaceae Annona spp.
- Custardapple, cherimoya, anonas - Annona cherimola
- Soursop, guyabano, guayabano, babana, labana - Annona muricata
- Sugarapple, sweetsop, atis - Annona squamosa
- Atemoya - A. cherimola x A. squamosa

Palmae/ Arecaceae Phoenix dactylifera
Durian, dulian Bombacaceae Durio zibethinus
Fig Moraceae Ficus carica
Grape, ubas Vitaceae Vitis vinifera
Granadilla (see Passionfruit grouping)
Grapefruit (see Citrus grouping)
Guava, bayabas Myrtaceae Psidium guajava
Guayamochil, Kamachili, Manila tamarind, sweet inga Leguminosae/Fabaceae Pithecellobium dulce
Inyam, bugnay Euphorbiaceae Antidesma ghaesembilla
Jackfruit (see Artocarpus grouping)
Jambolan (see Syzigium grouping)
Jujube, manzanitas Rhamnaceae Ziziphus mauritania
King mandarin (see Citrus grouping)
Lime (see Citrus grouping)
Lanzones, langsat, boboa, buahan Meliaceae Lansium domesticum
Loquat Rosaceae Eriobotrya japonica
Lychee, litchi, letsias Sapindaceae Litchi chinensis

(Ben G. Bareja, Dec. 2011)

Click here to go to next page. The second page is a continuation of this list of fruits. Fruit crops are enumerated therein with common names starting from M (mango) to T (tamarind). Some crops are listed but only as a search aid with link to this page.

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