Best Chicken Coop for Your Hens: Top 7 Favorites for 2023!

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You need the best chicken coops to prevent predators from attacking your hens and keep them safe in the backyard. For this reason, we have gathered the most popular nesting boxes to keep your raising chickens safe inside your property.

But, if you don’t know how to find the best outdoor chicken coop for your backyard chickens, read our guide below. You will find the answers to all your questions.

Take away key points:

  • Best chicken coops are necessary to protect your poultry and keep them safe regardless of the time of the year
  • Nesting boxes are crucial to ensure your poultry will provide more eggs, be comfortable, and warm or cool, depending on the season
  • Read our reviews to find the perfect coop to keep your chickens safe inside your backyard

Best chicken coops money can buy!

We have listed some of the best nesting boxes for your chickens below. Read the reviews thoroughly to find the best solution for your needs.

$$$Large Metal Chicken Coop – Best protection for your small flock, offering enough space for collecting eggs. The large chicken coop is durable and reliable for all outdoor conditions and has more robust use.

$$Magshion Wooden Chicken Coop – Small but strong chicken run for a few hens. Durable and reliable for all weather conditions, and sufficient area for laying eggs. However, no safety locks for advanced protection.

$$$LEMBERI Large Metal Chicken Coop – Advanced construction due to strong and reliable design. The chicken coop is ideal for more hens and optimal egg laying, as they will be safe and secure for an extended period. Still, tricky to install.

$$$$OverEZ Large Chicken Coop – Best quality due to increased safety and construction standards. The multiple nest boxes offer more space for more chickens and keep them protected from predators. However, its price tag is way too high.

$$$Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop – Best value due to adjustable construction, and you can manage it for advanced safety standards. The durable design offers better living conditions, keeping poultry secure inside. Yet you need adjustments to provide more protection for chickens.

$$Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop – Most comfortable design with multiple doors to reach the desired areas. The bigger square feet design keeps animals and chickens optimal and comfortable. Nonetheless, the instructions are perplexing.

$$$$Omitree Deluxe Large Wood Chicken Coop – Best for overall performance, design and quality. Multiple nesting rooms for more chickens and eggs. Easy to maintain and clean, keeping the animals optimal. Anyhow, the price tag is too high.

#1. Large Metal Chicken Coop – Best large chicken coop

  • Brand: Polar Aurora
  • Dimensions: 110.4 x 220.8 x 76.8 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Nesting box: No
  • Best for: chicken protection

The Polar Aurora is one of the best chicken coops available on the market due to its simple, yet reliable construction. The large chicken coop offers easy access to raise chickens and collect eggs, offering easy cleaning of chicken poop. Thus, the large chicken coop is a smart idea for advanced protection and you can raise up to eight chickens inside the chicken coop.

Thanks to the steel frame, and the safety lock, predators cannot enter inside the cop when your chickens lay eggs. The durable and reliable design will also last for an extended period, making the chicken coop ideal for all weather and outdoor conditions. So, your feathered friends can ensure the best egg production without any issues.

Due to the UV-resistant and weather-resistant frame, the raised chickens will be protected from all external pressure, forces, and impacts, and no weather conditions can damage the construction. It resists corrosion and fading, offering maximum durability and strength.

As the outdoor chicken coop contains PVC hexagonal wire mesh, it is sold and reliable for more robust use without harm. So, it’s the right chicken coop to prevent different wild animals from intruding, keeping your birds healthy and fully protected.

The chicken coop uses a galvanized steel tube that is rust-resistant and easy to keep clean. You can use a wet cloth and water to wipe the smooth surface, keeping it optimal for newborn chicks and egg collection.

  • quick setup
  • easy access
  • easy cleaning and use
  • for small animals
  • durable
  • /

#2. Magshion Wooden Chicken Coop – Best wooden chicken coop

  • Brand: Magshion
  • Dimensions:  ‎45.7 x 41 x 20 inches
  • Material: pine wood
  • Nesting box: No
  • Best for: roomy nesting spots

What’s so specific about the Magshion wooden chicken coop? The outdoor chicken coop is versatile, so you can keep a few chickens to collect fresh eggs. But, you can also keep and protect other smaller animals, as the sturdy coop offers easy access to the enclosed area. There’s enough space to fit different animal types.

Although this is a small coop ideal for up to six chickens, it offers easy egg retrieval and keeps the roosting area safe from wild animals. Thanks to the solid wood construction and heavy-duty wire mesh, the nesting area will be unapproachable to predators, and the chicken run offers a secure nesting area for new chickens.

The chicken run is an ideal outdoor roosting space, as it contains sturdy construction, resistant to all weather and water conditions. So, it keeps your chickens safe and sound, and you can easily adjust the chicken run to all your needs.

The chicken run and roosting area are easily foldable. The chicken coop doesn’t require an assembly, and you can easily fold it and move around, without any worry about the limited nest spots. The chickens will be optimal for egg production in all conditions.

Thanks to the ventilated enclosure, the chicken run provides enough fresh air for optimal climate inside, and there won’t be freezing or overheating, regardless of how many chickens you’re raising. The mesh design also offers better viewing without disturbance, and there will be enough room for easy cleaning.

  • durable
  • adjustable
  • safe
  • no safety locks

#3. LEMBERI Large Metal Chicken Coop – Advanced chicken coop roost bars

  • Brand: LEMBERI
  • Dimensions: 236.16 x 118.08 x 76.8 inches
  • Material: Nylon, Alloy Steel
  • Nesting box: No
  • Best for: keeping chickens optimal for all weather conditions

The following chicken coop is a perfect choice for a few birds so they will have enough space for laying eggs and overall free movements no matter how much room you have for a chicken run in your yard. The chicken coop plans include an advanced area for you to come in, clean, and manage the chicken coop to fit your needs.

Due to the durable steel frame, the construction offers galvanized technology, so you don’t need to bother about corrosion, rust, and similar harms. Nothing will damage the metal chicken coop so soon.

As the roosting bars offer an anti-UV cover and waterproof design, the walk-in-roost chicken coop offers full protection from snow, rain, sun, and other adverse weather elements. However, it allows warmth, water, and other necessary conditions to ensure the best quality for your chickens. The roof system will allow light snow, debris, and water to pass through, instead of accumulating on the roof. So, the construction will not damage so soon.

This charming coop offers safety locks on the coop doors and the roosting bars include a small mesh design to ensure predators and wild animals cannot attack and harm the animals inside. Even if you feed the chickens with your own food, you can easily enter and leave the chicken coop without any harm even though there is no sliding door.

Finally, if you choose this product as your own chicken coop, you’ll get a one-year warranty period.

  • durable
  • reliable
  • quality
  • difficult installation

#4. OverEZ Large Chicken Coop – Best quality

  • Brand: OverEZ
  • Dimensions:  74 x 60 x 72.5 inches
  • Material: wood
  • Nesting box: Yes
  • Best for: five nesting boxes

The OverEZ large chicken coop is the best-choice chicken coop for its five nesting boxes to keep chickens warm, and ideal for laying more eggs. One of the best chicken coops comes with two-screen windows to ensure fresh airflow and ventilation. It contains two vents, allowing maximum air circulation, and keeping your chickens safe and hygienic.

Thanks to multiple nest boxes, the coop is more advanced than regular chicken coops. Some models contain three nesting boxes, and some might contain only one nesting box, but a variety of them comes without any nest box. Thus, the wooden coop is ideal for up to fifteen chickens, and you can rest assured nothing can harm the construction or animals.

Due to the high-quality flooring and natural wood, the OverEZ large chicken coop uses non-toxic paint, is eco-friendly, and prevents water penetration, providing a prolonged lifespan. Thus, the chickens and other animals are warm all year round.

The OverEZ large chicken coop is also perfect for its wider use and adjustability. The coop for chickens is ideal due to maximum stability and security, offering an advanced shelter not only for chickens but other animals too. The durable construction prevents weather conditions and damage, keeping the animals secure.

The best coop for chickens is easy to assemble and install. It comes with a tractor-trailer and clear instructions. Besides, the shipping company might help you if you have difficulties installing and using the coop for chickens.

  • slide out tray
  • durable fir wood
  • sturdy
  • safe
  • too expensive

#5. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop – Best value

  • Brand: Petsfit
  • Dimensions: 53 x 25 x 28 inches
  • Material: spruce wood
  • Nesting box: /
  • Best for: fir wood design

The Petsfit weatherproof outdoor chicken coop supports up to four chickens and it offers two nesting boxes for your laying chickens. But, you can also lay ducks and place between three and five of them inside the coop for chickens.

The Petsfit weatherproof outdoor chicken coop uses solid and reliable fir wood, combined with stainless steel hardware and similar composite materials. Thus, the coop for chickens will last in all weather conditions. The rain-resistant asphalt roof will prevent all weather elements from penetrating inside the poultry cage. So it’s much better than a regular plastic roof.

Thanks to the three accessible areas, you can easily reach every inch of the coop for chickens. You can easily place a pull-out tray to easily clean the inner part of the coop. The coop also offers front access with a ladder so that the chickens can easily get in and out the coop.

You can quickly open and close the roof of the coop with a removable lid, so you can collect eggs effortlessly. You might also adjust the nesting box, as the coop includes the adjustable divider. So you can easily move it around to make smaller or larger spaces, depending on how many chickens are inside the coop.

Finally, the coop for chickens ensures secure housing with solid wood panels, and safety locks on all access points. It ensures the security and protection of all household animals inside the coop while keeping the predators out.

  • durable
  • safe
  • reliable
  • needs adjustments for more protection

#6. Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop – The simplest use

  • Brand: Aivituvin
  • Dimensions: 61.42 x 40.94 x 26.02 inches
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Nesting box: Yes
  • Best for: more square feet and more comfort

Next off, this coop for chickens and similar household animals is valuable for its string construction. The coop includes a durable and reliable wood design combined with PVC materials to ensure the best resistance to all water and weather elements. Thus, you can use the coop for an extended period.

In addition, you can support up to eight chickens, ducks, rabbits, and other animals or similar pets. You will keep them safe and sound, and prevent predators from intruding on the enclosed area.

You will also find two nesting rooms for laying more eggs and keeping chickens and other poultry warm and cozy inside these places. Thus, you can easily pick up the eggs later, and clean the area when necessary. You can also use a pull-out tray to clean and disinfect the coop, to keep the chickens clean and hygienic.

The coop is also valuable for its strong construction. The small gaps in the mesh design will create an advanced barrier to prevent predators. Yet the design allows full air flow and circulation to keep the animals inside the coop optimal and prevent accidents.

The safety locks will also add more security and safety, as you can lock the doors and prevent the chickens from escaping the coop. So nothing can harm them.

Multiple doors offer quick access inside the coop, and also more square feet – 11.53 square feet of design, ensure your animals won’t be stiffed.

  • reliable design
  • safe
  • sturdy and durable
  • quick setup
  • complicated instructions

#7. Omitree Deluxe Large Wood Chicken Coop – Best for multiple nesting boxes

  • Brand: Omitree
  • Dimensions: 63 x 41 x 50 inches
  • Material: wood
  • Nesting box: Yes
  • Best for: overall performance

And last but not least, the Omitree coop for poultry offers fir wood for a reliable and sturdy design. Thus, you can rest assured the coop will be resistant to all weather and water conditions, and you can use it for an extended period. Besides, the coop will keep your poultry optimal inside the nesting rooms, and they can lay more eggs easily.

Thanks to the timber and their T&G design, the wood coop is plain to avoid splintering. Thus, the construction is advanced for more robust uses and adverse weather conditions. The design is not so easy to damage, and there won’t be any issues with more robust uses and different animals.

In addition, the coop uses multiple joints – tenon and mortise, located at suitable places to ensure you can lock them and safely keep your pets inside the coop. Thus, you will prevent accidents and predators, and keep your pets safe inside the poultry coop. And, the metal bolts are heavy-duty for better protection and safety standards.

Of course, the pull-out tray is made of rear zinc to ensure you can easily clean the poultry coop for optimal and more robust use. Besides, you will find pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Thus, the model is a perfect DIY construction.

If you need to adjust the nesting rooms and adjust them to your chicken’s needs. You can easily remove the roof part and remove the ramp dividing them to get less or more space.

  • durable
  • reliable
  • sturdy
  • safe
  • too pricey

Choosing the best nesting boxes for your chickens: Buyer’s guide

Selecting ideal chicken coops may be challenging, as there are various factors to consider. But, look at our guidelines to find the best solutions.

1. Size

The square feet measures are crucial to determine how many hens you will have inside the coops.

Many people raise a few hens and then want to expand. So, they need more square feet of their land and larger coops to ensure more besting rooms and more poultry. Thus, consider the size when choosing the best coop.

what are the best chicken coops

2. Durability & sturdiness

Ensure you choose the advanced materials and overall construction of the chicken coops. The durable and sturdy design will allow you to place them outside the whole year round, and they will resist all weather elements. So, a robust and reliable design will last for an extended period.

3. Ventilation

Proper ventilation and air circulation provide optimal use of coops and keep the animals inside optimal. The ventilation will prevent odors and fresh airflow is extremely important for young flocks to grow and develop healthily.

Ensure one square foot of ventilation per ten square feet of chicken coop floor. When you’re worried about predators, cover the walls with hardware cloth.

4. Predator protection

You need coops that will deter raccoons, foxes, weasels, hawks, and similar animals from hurting your pets and poultry. So, ensure you thoroughly sealed the coop and the mesh design is small enough to prevent their penetrating inside the coop.

The half-inch wire spacing is ideal for keeping the predators away and ensuring the chickens are safe and sound inside the coop. Or, you can cover the walls, windows and roof with the hardware cloth, or install secure latches on the doors, as raccoons are prone to damage regular latches and enter the coops.

5. Chicken run

Always search for the coops with enclosed areas for foraging and eating – chicken runs. As they will spend the most time here during the day, you need spacious and durable areas.

If coops don’t have such areas, you must build one or place the coop inside a fenced area. But, to prevent predators, the walls and roof system must include wire with openings less than one inch.


Is it cheaper to build or buy a chicken coop?

Building a chicken coop is always cheaper than buying a new one. But, you need the right tools, instructions, and enough time. If you lack any of these, you cannot get proper construction.

What is the best starter chicken coop?

The best starter chicken coop is the Large Metal Chicken Coop. The chicken coop is ideal for a durable and spacious design, so you can see the chickens’ behavior and know their needs better. Thus, you can know what else they need for proper egg laying.

What is the best chicken coop for the winter?

The best coop for winter is the OverEZ Large Chicken Coop. The chicken coop is closed and offers the best design to support animals and prevent predators from intruding on the territory. Thus, it will keep the animals warm, and the durable design will not damage due to heavy snow.

How long can chicken eggs stay in the coop?

what kind of coop is best for chickens

Chicken eggs can stay inside the coop for up to five weeks, thanks to their cuticle – bloom, keeping them secure in this period.

Do chicken coops need to be insulated for winter?

You don’t necessarily have to keep the coops isolated in the winter, but the walls must have the proper insulation installed. This way, the chickens will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How big does the chicken coop need to be?

You need at least four square feet for the standard breeds. Thus, if you want six chickens, you need a coop of 24 square feet.

Why does a chicken coop have two doors?

One door works as the entry part for chickens and other animals to enter and leave the coop, while the other one works for you when you’re cleaning the coop and collecting all the eggs left inside.

How to keep snakes out of a chicken coop?

You can use netting or cloth to cover the mesh walls, roof, doors, and other parts of the coop, and prevent the snakes from coming inside the coop.

So, what is the best chicken coop out there?

The most valuable chicken coop is the Polar Aurora Large Metal Chicken Coop. It allows more space for chickens and other animals, allowing them to move freely inside the enclosed. It’s durable and sturdy for all weather and other conditions, showing maximum resistance for more robust use. Finally, the walls and roof keep the predators away, protecting your animals better.


As you can see, there are multiple chicken coops for your needs, and you can find the best one if you follow the crucial factors they offer. They are necessary for poultry, and you can protect them better. Thus, you will keep them safe and optimal for laying and collecting more eggs.

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