How To Get Rid Of Honeysuckle The Right Way

It is important for us to take care of our gardens and all of the flowers and plants flourishing in them. We need to maintain its beauty and ensure that all of the things growing in it are manageable and in line with what we want.

However, honeysuckles may suddenly grow in our gardens. Though they might look nice to some, most often than not, they become eye sores because of the way they look.

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to get rid of honeysuckle so that your garden will be looking fresh and clean once more.

What do you need to prepare

1. Mower

You’re going to need a mower because you’re going to use this to mow the ground to remove honeysuckle. Make sure that the mower fits your needs. If you want to cover a huge area, it’s best that you get an engine-powered mower.

But if you’re just going to use it on your lawn or garden, then having an electric mower or a reel mower would perfectly do fine for you.

2. Hedge trimmer

Prepare a hedge trimmer. This tool can make your task of cutting through honeysuckle vines in easier, safer, and more comfortable manner.

These hedge trimmers are fully capable of cutting through almost anything, making it easier for you to cut through thick vines or branches where honeysuckle grows.

In choosing one, make sure that it has a comfortable handle that is safely distant from its rotating blades.

3. Gardening gloves

how to get rid of honeysuckle vines

These gardening gloves are another must-have because you need them to protect your hands from getting cuts.

This is important whenever you’re gardening or tending your plants. You need to have a form of protection that is not just functional but something that is also comfortable to wear. Killing honeysuckles is not easy, and it might take you some time.

This is the reason why you need to choose gardening gloves that are breathable and are a perfect fit for your hands.

4. Brush killer and herbicide

Having brush killer and herbicide is also important because this will be the one to put an end to the honeysuckle’s life finally.

The chemicals in these substances are all specifically designed to kill off any sign of life on a plant, especially with honeysuckles.

In choosing one, make sure that it’s from a reputable brand. And when you apply it, be extra careful not to have them in your hands as it can cause irritation problems.

5. Mulch

You’re going to need a layer of mulch to cover the pit where you’ve pulled the honeysuckle off. You need around 4 to 6 inches of mulch.

This mulch is useful in ensuring that there wouldn’t be any re-growth happening as this prevents photosynthesis.

The different methods to getting rid of honeysuckle

Method #1: Mowing and grazing

how to get rid of honeysuckle on fence

The first method that you can do is the mowing and grazing technique.

It’s fairly simple to understand because all you have to do is to be consistent in mowing your lawn. Make sure that you never miss a session on it. It’s one way of training your lawn’s grass to work in adherence to what you want.

Combine your mowing with grazing so that your lawn will have an even texture to it. This reduces the tendency of weeds to grow on it. When weeds grow, the likelihood of honeysuckle growing also increases, which is why you need to stop them from growing.

Start doing this when the vines are still small. Mow and graze your lawn every other day or once a week. What you need here is consistency. It might take several years before you fully get rid of honeysuckle, but it’ll surely be all worth it

Method #2: Pulling and cutting

Another method you can try is the pulling and cutting technique. To do this, you pull out the plant that has the honeysuckle. In pulling it, make sure that you include the roots so that they won’t grow again.

It’s important that all of the plant’s parts are removed thoroughly from the soil. Even the smallest of parts can re-grow, so you want to be extra careful with that. If the plant is too big for you to pull out by hand, you can prune it down, so it’ll be lighter and easier to pull out.

It’s recommended that you use hedge trimmers as it’s the safest tool you can use to cut these honeysuckles. This tool also enables you to cut through thick vines.

Method #3: Smothering

how to get rid of honeysuckle naturally

When you’ve already done the first two steps, it’s now time for you to do the smothering method. In doing this, you need to prepare cardboard and mulch.

Further, dig up the soil where you’ve pulled out the plant and fill it with 4 to 6 inches of mulch. Make sure that the mulch is evenly placed in the pit.

Make it compact so that there would be no air holes and gaps inside of it. Then cover the mulch with cardboard. Leave it there for over a year. This will ensure that re-growth will not happen.

Method #4: Brush killer

Honeysuckles can still reproduce and release pollens to the ground, which might then again grow into honeysuckle under the right conditions. Because of this, it makes perfect sense for you to kill the removed honeysuckle. Don’t be deceived into thinking that it’s already dead just because you’ve pulled it out of the soil.

Honeysuckles are strong plants that have a high endurance rate that makes them survive harsh conditions. Use a brush killer to kill off the honeysuckle and disintegrate it into unrecognizable pieces. Then apply the herbicide to the soil where you’ve pulled it out.


To sum it all up, you can see that getting rid of honeysuckle is not that hard. All you need to have are a few gardening tools and things, as well as a little dose of knowledge on the process. It’s all just about knowing what to do.

Luckily, you’ve just found this article. So the next time you spot any signs of honeysuckle growth, you now know what to do.

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