How To Remove Shrubs The Right Way

It’s important that we take good care of our gardens or lawns because these are the places that connect us to Mother Nature.

However, we can’t deny the fact that overgrown shrubs suddenly pop out of existence and become an eyesore.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to remove shrubs the right way.

What do you need to get started?

1. Pruning shears

The first thing that you’re going to need if you want to remove shrubs is pruning shears.

This gardening tool is very important because this is the one that you’re going to use to cut and remove the overgrown branches and twigs of the shrubs. You’ll use this to trim it and get it back in shape again.

See to it that its blade isn’t dull. It should be sharp, and it shouldn’t show any signs of rusting.

2. Saw

You also need to have a saw, though you’re likely not going to need this if you’re just going to trim small shrubs. You’re going to use this in removing large chunks of shrubs that can’t be removed by shears alone.

There are different types of shrubs available in the market today. There are gas-powered saws, electric saws, battery-powered saws, and manual ones.

3. Crowbar

You also need to use a crowbar because you need something to pull the hard-to-remove twigs that are lodged in the shrub.

Remember that shrubs are entangled with each other, which is why it’s tricky to remove them. But you can avoid this from happening with the help of a crowbar. Crowbars are very useful in pulling lodged twigs because of their hook design.

4. Pulling the chain

how to remove shrubs from yard

Now here’s the pulling chain that is very necessary for the main removal process.

You need to have a sturdy and strong pulling chain because this will act as the lever and connector between the shrubs and your pulling device. This is where the force will travel and pass through, which is why it needs to be durable.

Without a pulling chain, you won’t be able to remove the base of the shrubs. Remember that you need to remove its base so that it wouldn’t grow again.

5. Tape measure

The tape measure is another necessity you need to prepare because you’re going to use this to measure the height of the shrub that you’re going to remove.

Shrub removal may sound to be an easy task, but it’s not that simple. You need to do measurements to make sure that you can remove them properly.

You need to ensure accuracy and precision to make sure that your shrub removal task will go on smoothly.

Step-by-step process of removing shrubs

1. Measure

Use your tape measure in measuring the height of the branches that you’re going to cut. The recommended length is 15 to 20 inches.

Once you’ve measured that length, use your pruning shears to trim and cut it down. If the twigs are too thick, you can instead use a saw.

how to remove shrubs with a jack

2. Remove the branches

Remove the branches that have roots originating from the base of the trunk.

You need to remove them first so that your work area won’t be cluttered. It’ll also be easier for you to see the smaller twigs that also need to be removed.

However, see to it that you leave three to five branches so that you can have something to wrap around with the use of your chains later on.

3. Dig holes and pull out

Dig a small pit around the main trunk of the shrub. Continue digging until you reach the shrub’s main root. Use your axe or saw to cut through the roots.

Then start pulling it out with your bare hands. Stop pulling when the trunk starts to get loose.

4. Pull out the shrub’s main trunk off the ground

Use your crowbar to pull out the shrub’s main trunk off the ground. Do this by inserting the lever bar underneath the trunk. Hammer its other end to ensure that it’s tightly wrapped underneath the trunk’s roots. Pry it up to loosen it even more.

It might take you some time to pry it all up, which is why you need to be patient when you’re at this step.

5. Repeating the digging & cutting

how to remove shrubs and roots

Continue repeating the digging and cutting procedure until all of the roots are removed.

To do this, you can wrap your pulling chain around the trunk’s roots and start pulling it. If it’s too difficult, you can hook up the chain to a pickup truck to pull it.

This might take you quite some time because shrubs usually have a complicated and extensive root system. You can remove the large roots first before proceeding with the smaller ones.

6. Finish and clean up

Once the entire shrub and all of its roots are removed, double-check the place and make sure that it’s cleared out. Smoothen out the soil and pour water on it. This will dampen and harden the soil, thereby preventing further plant life or shrub to grow.

You can also put a layer of mulch on the soil. This protects it from further plant life that might suddenly grow on it.


It’s important that you remove the shrubs on your garden or lawn because these are proven to be eyesores. They make your place look gloomy and dirty because they cover the beauty of your plants and landscaping design.

Shrubs can grow uncontrollably thick, which is why you need to remove them in the soonest possible time.

With the help of this article, you surely won’t have any problem doing that.

Your garden or lawn will surely look very attractive, blooming, and refreshing, all thanks to the removal of the shrubs that you can easily do without any hassle.

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