Best Tractor PTO Universal Joint for Your Machine: Top 5 Items of 2022

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Universal joints are one of the five major components PTO drive shafts have.

Their primary purpose is to stabilize the connected components together, and once correctly installed; the universal joints will enhance the transfer of the tractor’s engine power to the connected implement.

So your PTO shaft cannot work without the joints. And they are also known as cross and bearing kits.

But, what is the best tractor PTO universal joint, and how to choose it correctly? Find below.

Best PTO driveline U-joints 2022: A complete overview

$MOOG 338 U-joint – 9.6 ounces.

Best design for a prolonged lifespan and advanced performance. Suitable for multiple tractor equipment due to the unique structure. But, specific package issues.

$New All Balls Racing U-Joint – 10.5 ounces.

Best versatility and performance for various rear tractor attachments. Stable and secure for different working conditions. Still, specific design issues.

$Ensun 3/4″ Round x 3/4″ Round Black Single Steering Shaft Universal U Joint – 10.3 ounces.

Best rotational force and maximum strength for numerous farm machinery and other vehicle equipment. Increased power and progressive resistance for heavy-duty uses. Yet, fitting issues.

$Spicer 5006813 U-Joint Kit – 2.53 pounds.

Best quality and improved structure for an extended time. Stable and secure connection for all PTO shaft equipment. Quick setup and more robust use.

$Waooeafi 3/4 round steering universal joint – 14.3 ounces.

Best for heavy-duty work, wear and tear operations, and more excessive tasks. Specific working angles for advanced construction and technology. However, potential size issues.

#1. MOOG 338 U-joint – Best design

  • Brand: MOOG
  • Item dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.2 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: 338
  • Best for: various operating equipment

Why should you choose the MOOG joint as the best one for your tractor PTO shaft?

Firstly, the U-joint is ideal for your farm machinery, thanks to its design and overall construction.

Namely, the tractor PTO joint has a rugged structure, built to last, and designed explicitly for tractor PTO shaft and other commercial vehicles.

So, it will be versatile and fit the corresponding PTO system.

Moreover, the component is solid and durable for multiple operations and has advanced bearing cups for extra strength and durability.

So, the cross has a precision-ground and case-hardened structure for an extended period.

Thanks to the abrasion-resistant nitrile seals, the item will enhance protection from under-vehicle contaminants and advanced grease retention.

So, the cross-bearing kit will keep the dirt out.

Due to tapped and frilled grease fitting holes, the MOOG tractor PTO unit offers cross trunnions and massive grease reservoirs for effortless grease distributions.

And as the MOOG product has a specific finish for a smooth surface free of microscopic grooves, the item will inhibit premature wear.

Of course, you will also get a manufacturer’s warranty for the PTO shaft product for potential damage.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • package issues

#2. New All Balls Racing U-Joint – The best performance

  • Brand: All Balls Racing
  • Item dimensions: ‎4 x 3.8 x 1.7 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: 19-1005
  • Best for: a tiller and other tractor implements

The following tractor joint will wow you due to its OEM specifications.

As you can find, the tractor power take-off joint meets and matches various tractors, different brands, and various implements. So, it works with multiple PTO shafts.

Still, you must check the model’s number and other details to find the proper PTO shaft and implement it to connect the components together for stability and security.

In addition, the power take-off joint is an ideal unit for different PTO shafts and vehicles as well, so you can use it to create a constant velocity and stability for various ATVs, UTVs, and other vehicles and implements.

Thanks to its durable and sturdy design, the PTO driveline bearing kit will provide you with a heavy-duty material handling various external impacts, forces, and pressure.

So, nothing can quickly attack the PTO shaft you attached to the tractor and the implement.

So, you can use the bearings for the tiller, cutter, woodchopper, mower, or other farm equipment required for your farm tasks.

And the design will ensure the stable connection of all components, making the operating mechanism optimal and the engine power transmission successful.

So, your implementation will fully operate.

  • warranty
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • specific design issues

#3. Ensun 3/4″ Round x 3/4″ Round Black Single Steering Shaft Universal U Joint – Best strength and versatility

  • Brand: Ensun
  • Item dimensions: 4.09 x 1.81 x 1.81 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: ‎SUJ003
  • Best for: mowing implements

Next off, we present the Ensun PTO shaft joint.

The unit is an excellent power take-off model, specific for its strength and reliability.

As you will see, the Ensun PTO model operates well even with the maximum rotations and operating speed, up to 4000 RPM.

Therefore, it won’t damage so soon, and all-important parts will be in the right place for an optimal condition of the machine.

Since the PTO shaft equipment contains a durable and reliable design, the Ensun PTO shaft part has a refined finish, full of black oxidization, for improved corrosion resistance and maximum machinery power.

Still, as it has versatile uses, the Ensun PTO shaft part fits various mowing attachments, tillers, cutters, and other PTO driveline tractor machinery.

So, it will show outstanding performance and operation conditions.

You will also like it due to its operating angle of 35 degrees and its total length of 3.75 inches. So, it will also fit various PTO drive shafts and their composition.

As the PTO shaft components offer durable and sturdy designs, their maintenance will be correct and optimal, although you need to take care of the parts.

  • operating angle
  • smooth transition
  • durable structure
  • fittings issues

#4. Spicer 5006813 U-Joint Kit – Best quality

  • Brand: Spicer
  • Item dimensions: ‎4.2 x 4 x 1.7 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: 5006813
  • Best for: stability and security of the connection 

The Spicer tractor joint for tractor PTO shafts is ideal for your tractor PTO drive shaft since the bearings have a cross design, which is convenient for stable application on the PTO shaft at the tractor end and the implement shaft end.

In addition, the non-greaseable tractor PTO axle shaft contains snap rings for better stability and security once attached to the tractor PTO shafts.

So, your tractors will directly transfer the engine power to the implement.

Thanks to its particular design – the ISR, or the Inside Snap Ring Style, the power take-off U-joints will keep your tractor PTO shafts optimal, resulting in better performance of both the tractor and the attached implement or another tractor machine.

Of course, you can find the various series sizes, and you need to measure the corresponding one to your tractor PTO shafts for a complete power transfer process.

So, this driveline series is 1485WJ.

Yet, the U-joints for the PTO shafts have specific OEM numbers for their particular shape, design, and replacement parts.

So, you need to examine the charts and find the most fitting tractors, PTO shafts, and other machinery the cross-bearing kit matches.

  • durable
  • price
  • solid
  • not visible

#5. Waooeafi 3/4 round steering universal joint – Most durable

  • Brand: Waooeafi
  • Item dimensions: 4.57 x 3.19 x 3.15 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: 1
  • Best for: wear and tear operations

Finally, the last part of the PTO drive shaft equipment is treasured and helpful for multiple operations and your tractor equipment, as it offers a specific design.

So, the power take-off bearings provide a premium-quality bearing kit, in the needle form, suitable for a longer lifespan, more robust use, higher horsepower, and other wear and tear jobs.

Although the PTO drive shaft equipment contains reliable and robust materials used for multiple conditions and increased working performance, the PTO drive shaft U-joints still have oxidization for corrosion resistance.

Therefore, the PTO driveline shaft part will be resistant and endure numerous external forces, pressure, impacts, and other potential hazards that might occur while operating.

Its maximum working angle reaches 35 degrees, and the PTO shafts will rotate up to 4000 RPM.

So, you can freely use the U-joints for increased horsepower tractors and other tractor equipment – they cannot harm so soon.

On the contrary, the units will make your PTO driveline shaft work better and provide optimal performance.

Yet, you must check the OEM request and find the fitting PTO shafts, tractors, and other farm equipment meeting the standards. So, do your measuring correctly.

  • working angle
  • reliable
  • stable
  • specific size issues

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Choosing the best U-joints for your PTO shafts 2022: A complete buyer’s guide

Although selecting the best U-joints seems easy, you need to consider various factors to fit your shaft and other connection points to complete the process.

So, here is what you need to know regarding the shaft U-joints.

What are U-joints?

tractor pto u joint replacement

These shaft items are essential parts of the shaft system, driving the technology in shaft vehicles.

When you fit the cross bearings correctly, they will transfer the engine power through the shafts to the attachments.

When the shaft items don’t fit correctly or are loose or broken, they will create irreparable damage to your machine, and it can malfunction.

So, the shaft items are crucial for the healthy performance and safety of the operator and the machines.

What are crucial factors to consider?

1. Sizes and models

Shaft joints come in various sizes and models, so you need to check the shaft requirements and find the proper fit for your needs.

So, check the size and shape of the front shaft, shear pin, yokes, their closed length, and other details to ensure the bearing kits will fit your shafts.

2. Design and performance

Make sure all shaft parts, including yokes, tubes, shield, chains, and other components, are durable and reliable enough for multiple working hours and more excessive use.

Also, ensure the cross bearings are reliable and robust enough for more rotation power, tractor horsepower, and other operations and tasks.

Since the joints are under constant pressure, they must endure all external forces and be optimal.

So, check if their construction is a heavy-duty one.

3. Versatility

There might be some models that fit similar shaft parts and various other models, yet you must check the OEM specifications to find the most reliable units to meet the requirements of your shaft construction.

Possible issues

As the PTO shaft works with agricultural equipment, failures are often. So, identifying the problem will help you continue the work.

a. Compression issues

The constant compression of the shaft might result in harm with connection with the shaft, its parts – yokes, joints, etc., tractor or implement damage.

So, be careful when operating, and if you notice damaged parts, replace them instantly!

b. Clutch issues

Various shaft failures occur due to inappropriate clutches or the complete absence of these.

So, choosing the shaft systems with the slip clutch would be best to prevent strikes and gearbox from the shocks and uneven ground.

In addition, the slip clutch will help you manage the mechanism better.

tractor supply pto universal joint

c. Robustness

When steering your machines, there are inevitable bumpy operations. So, pay attention to yoke ends and angle points to prevent failure.

If the angles exceed 54 degrees, disengage the PTO to prevent the yoke ends loss.

Lubricate the shield bearings to keep them optimal. The shield must be lubricated every eight hours.

d. Damaged or broken parts

If your machine parts don’t run smoothly, it’s an alarm for harmed parts.

The harm might occur to yoke ends, joints, and other shaft parts, so ensure you replace the items before you cannot repair the machines at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all PTO shaft U joints the same?

No, the U-joints are not the same for all PTO shafts.

Although they are not that different in size and shape, they can not fit your PTO shaft unless the parts match the ending and all connection points.

How are PTO U joints measured?

To measure the joints, you need to use tape. Measure their width from the inside to the outside.

Once you get a proper dimension, measure the width of one end of the joints.

Finally, when you get that proportion, you can refer to the specific diagram to find the proper size of the joints.

How do you install a U joint in a PTO shaft?

tractor pto shaft u joint

Follow the procedures below:

If you have a press:

  • remove the greased nipple
  • get it up out of the way
  • use pliers to remove the snap rings
  • drop them and pull over a little to see the clips
  • get them out of the way
  • use the pliers and pull the cap out to free all the holes and parts
  • put the unit back in the PTO drive shaft, and the main clamp
  • use the press, rotate it and fill all positions for a proper, stable connection

If you don’t have a press, you can:

  • open your vise
  • grab a big socket that will go over the top of the set
  • please set it to match the accessible parts of the vise
  • open a vise a little bigger
  • get another socket that will be in the unit
  • pop it right out
  • pull the cap off
  • pull the remaining parts
  • you will get the joints free

Or you can refer to numerous videos with step-by-step procedures to help you install or replace the units.

What is the difference between a 1310 and 1350 u-joint?

The main difference is their strength and size.

The 1310 series unit is ideal for small trucks and jeeps. On the other hand, the 1350 series are suitable for various full-size trucks.

How much power can a 1310 u-joint handle?

As Spicer states, the 1310 unit has a rating of 800 lb-ft of short-term torque – launch at the line and 400 lb-ft of continuous torque – down the track.

The 1330 series contains the same caps as the 1310, but their cross is the same size as the 1350 series.

So, the best tractor PTO U-joint is…?

The best product is the fantastic MOOG 338 U-joint!

The unit will show outstanding performance, heavy-duty design, and operate well with various PTO drive shafts and other equipment and attachments.

In addition, thanks to its advanced design and construction, the heavy-duty product will last for an extended period, and you can use it robustly.

It will keep the PTO drive shafts and their mechanism stable and secure for all jobs.

Finally, it has an ideal price point, so it’s affordable for all farmers.

Final verdict

So, have you found all the crucial points and factors regarding the best tractor PTO universal joint yet?

If you haven’t, take a look at reviews and guides to find the best solution for your shafts and needs.

Still, ensure your shaft meets the standards of your machine and implement it to perform and transmit the necessary power to the attachment fully.

Finally, let me know once you find the best item!

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