How to Get Rid of Pampas Grass – The Best Guide That 100% Working!

If you want to hide an area in your yard, then the pampas grass is the perfect way to do it. It grows fast and will hide just about anything.

But, what if you don’t want to have the pampas grass in your yard anymore? Can you remove it easily, or is this something really hard to get rid of?

With this guide, you will learn more about getting rid of pampas grass. So that you can get rid of it a lot easier and more successful than before.

Now, you will not have any more problems with the pampas grass that keeps returning.

More About Pampas Grass

how to get rid of pampas grass roots

Firstly, what is pampas grass?

This is long and thick grass also known as Cortaderia Selloana that flowers and are commonly seen in South America.

This grass can get really long, and its flowers look thick.

This is the grass that can grow as long as 3 feet high. 

One plant can have more than 100,000 seeds per flower head that are quickly dispersed in the wind. Spreading in no time.

Their root systems can grow about three meters down, making it hard to get rid of.

Why Do Homeowners Make Use of Pampas Grass?

In most cases, homeowners are making use of pampas grass, because it is a cheap way of getting some privacy from their neighbors or for hiding a bad-looking garden. 

At first, they might think that this is a great idea, but after a couple of years, without proper maintenance, the grass can get out of hand quickly and can get thick and large.

Making it impossible to get rid of successfully. 

Can You Remove the Pampas Grass Manually?

how to get rid of a pampas grass

If you had pampas grass before and you wanted to remove it, this might be the route that you have tried first.

And, no you can’t just remove the grass manually like any other plant in your garden.

First of all, the roots are going down three meters, and the grass is thick and hard to handle.

Even, if you think that you have taken it out manually, there is a big chance that the grass will grow back.

Not many people were successful in removing pampas grass manually without using any chemicals. 

The First Thing to Do When You Want to Get Rid of the Grass

The first thing that you should always do when you want to get rid of the grass, is to cut it as low as possible.

You can’t work with the grass that might be higher than what you are.

The thicker the bush, the harder it is going to be to take out.

Even, if you decide to try to burn it down, you still need to cut it down as low as possible. This can become a fire hazard if you are burning it without cutting it lower.

You will see to just cutting the grass lower, is already really hard work, and will take some time to get done.

Especially, with the larger and thicker bushes.

Two Different Options to Make Sure That You Are Getting Rid of the Grass Successfully

how to get rid of a pampas grass plant

There are two different options that you can make use of to get rid of the pampas grass successfully.

The one is to make use of chemicals, while the other one is a more natural approach.

The first option to use chemicals is to use Glyphosate and Haloxyfop.

These aren’t as dangerous to the environment as other chemicals and won’t put your pets and other animals at risk.

This is the safest and fastest option, but you need to remember that this only will work if you cut the grass down before you use the chemicals. 

A second option is a non-chemical option.

This is where you are adding a lot of salt to the plant.

The plant doesn’t like salt and will die from it. However, you really need to make use of a lot of salt. The bigger the area, the more salt you need.

You should just remember that if you have delicate plants nearby the pampas grass, you should not use salt.

There aren’t many plants that like the salty ground and it will die.

If you are maintaining the pampas grass correctly, it can be something beautiful to look at.

However, getting rid of this grass isn’t as easy as you might think. And, you might need to make sure that you know exactly how to get rid of it successfully.

This isn’t as easy as many might think.

Doing it naturally won’t work, because of the roots that are so deep in the ground.

And, with so many seeds, you will have a huge chance that the seeds will grow back and that you will still be looking at the pampas grass. With this guide, you will get rid of the pampas grass for good.

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