How to Use a Middle Buster Tractor Attachment for Efficient Planting (Top 5 Picks)

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Have you ever spent a day in the fields trying to prepare your soil for planting? If so, chances are you know how challenging it can be.

With traditional methods like hand digging and shovels, it takes time and energy to get the job done. But what if there was an easier way? That’s where middle buster tractors come into play!

This versatile tractor attachment is designed to make preparing your soil for planting significantly faster and more efficient.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top five most popular uses of a middle buster attachment and why they’re wise choices when looking to break up hard or rocky ground quickly.

Take away key points:

  • The middle buster is a plow-like tool that creates furrows for planting rows of crops.
  • Middle buster attachments require regular maintenance and care, including cleaning, lubrication, blade maintenance, storage, checking bolts and fasteners, and regular inspections.
  • There are different types of middle buster tractor attachments available, including heavy-duty, single-shank, multi-shank, reversible, and combo attachments.

What is a middle buster tractor attachment?

A middle buster is a type of tractor attachment used for cultivating soil in preparation for planting crops.

It typically consists of a long, narrow blade that is attached to the back of a tractor and is designed to break up and move soil in a straight line. The middle buster attachment is often used to create furrows for planting rows of crops, as well as for digging trenches for irrigation or drainage systems.

The name ‘middle buster‘ refers to the fact that it is typically used to cultivate the middle of narrow rows of crops.

middle buster for tractor

Types of middle buster tractor attachments

There are several types of middle buster tractor implement available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types:

Heavy-duty middle buster attachment: A heavy-duty middle buster is typically used for breaking up hard, compacted soil. It has a larger blade and stronger construction compared to other middle-buster attachments.

Single-shank middle buster attachment: A single-shank middle buster is designed for creating furrows for single rows of crops. It has a single blade that creates a narrow furrow.

Multi-shank middle buster attachment: A multi-shank middle buster is a versatile tool designed for creating multiple furrows at once. It has multiple blades that can be adjusted to create furrowed width.

Reversible middle buster attachment: A reversible middle buster is a plow-type device that is designed to work both forward and backward. This can be useful for areas that are difficult to reach with a traditional plow.

Middle buster plow combo attachment: A middle buster plow combo attachment is a tool that combines the features of a middle buster and a traditional plow. It has a blade that is designed to create furrows as well as a curved moldboard to move soil to the side. Some can even include a top link pin and a top link bar for getting rooted vegetables faster.

How to choose the right middle buster tractor attachment for your needs

how does a middle buster work

Soil conditions: The type of soil and blade size you’ll be working with is an important factor to consider when choosing a middle-buster tractor attachment.

Crop needs: The type of crops you’ll be planting also plays a role in choosing a middle-buster tractor attachment. For example, if you’re planting wide rows of crops, you may want a multi-shank attachment that can create furrows of different widths. Alternatively, if you’re making single rows of crops, or harvesting root vegetables, a single-shank attachment may be all you need.

Tractor size: The size and capacity of your tractor also impacts your selection. Certain attachments may require a larger or more powerful tractor to handle the load. Reviewing your tractor’s specifications and capabilities can help narrow down your choices.

Installation and usage of a middle buster tractor attachment

Attach the middle buster: Using a three-point hitch, attach the middle buster to the rear of the tractor. Make sure it is securely fastened and aligned correctly with the tractor.

Adjust the blade: Adjust the depth and angle of the blade according to the type of soil and crops you’ll be working with in your garden. Consult the manufacturer instructions for specific guidelines.

Begin plowing: Slowly drive the tractor forward and the middle buster will cut through the soil, creating a furrow for planting. Repeat until you have completed the necessary rows for your crop.

Disengage when finished: When finished, disengage the middle buster from the tractor and ensure that it is properly stored and secure. Make sure yo check if any there is any welding required.

Top 5 best middle buster tractor attachments

Heavy Hitch Ripper/Middle Buster Plow – The Heavy Hitch middle buster plow offers efficient and precise soil preparation, and outstanding safety features. However, the price is rather high.

MotoAlliance Impact Implements CAT-0 Middle Buster – The MotoAlliance middle buster is a durable attachment with impressive cutting power that requires a CAT-0 system and some assembly.

MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Middle Buster – The Middle Buster is a reliable and efficient attachment designed to provide impressive cutting power for soil preparation. However, it requires Pro 1-Point Lift System & Sleeve Hitch Adapter.

Middle Buster 3 Point Hitch Tractor Attachments by Rancher – This is a versatile and durable tool designed to make planting and soil preparation easier for farmers and gardeners. Its clear instructions and quality materials make it an excellent addition to any agricultural operation.

YITAMOTOR Middle Buster for Category 1, 3 Point Quick Hitch Tractors – The middle buster can withstand a wide range of soil and weather conditions. Its quick installation and unique features make it a great addition to any farming or gardening operation.

#1. Heavy Hitch Ripper/Middle Buster Plow – Best pick

Farmers and gardeners who need to prepare soil for planting will love this implement-middle buster plow. This plow’s 3-Point Ripper, with different depth settings, is a notable feature. This is a perfect tool that increases soil preparation precision and productivity.

This plow is quite durable. The Heavy Hitch middle buster plow’s 5/8″ Grade 2 bolt shear if you strike an immovable obstacle, protecting you and your equipment. This plow can break through clay, roots, boulders, and difficult terrain thanks to its quality engineering and strength-tested steel.

This plow fits Category 0 and Category 1 3-point hitches with 2″ receiver adapters. Choose Standard Shank or Combo Shank with John Deere Green, Black, or Kubota Orange when ordering. The 28″ model has an 11″ potato plow/furrower and a changeable ripper tooth, making it ideal for soil preparation and gardening.

The Heavy Hitch middle buster plow implement is a great investment for soil preparation and production. This plow will benefit any farm or garden with its longevity, varied depth settings, and ease of use.

  • Durable construction
  • Changeable ripper tooth
  • Fits Category 0 & 1 hitches
  • Designed to break through clay, roots, boulders, & difficult terrain
  • Expensive

#2. MotoAlliance Impact Implements CAT-0 Middle Buster – Runner up

Our runner-up pick is the Moto Alliance middle buster!

Because of its strong drop shank and steel subsoil furrower that can cut through resistant soils, the MotoAlliance middle buster is an ideal tool for cultivating and preparing the soil for gardening and harvest root vegetables.

The reversible, interchangeable cutting edges, as well as the 8-gauge steel stabilizer frame, contribute to its remarkable durability, assuring that it will survive for many years.

One disadvantage of the MotoAlliance middle buster is that it requires the installation of a CAT-0 system, which is not included. It does, however, include an inbuilt 3 Point CAT-0 fast mount, and lift pins which are easily attach directly to your tractor quickly effortlessly.

It’s important to remember that this implement requires assembly. This may be a headache for certain people, but the assembly procedure is not tough in general.

Although it does take some setup and installation, its durable build and adjustable design make it an excellent asset to any agricultural or landscaping company.

  • Strong drop shank and 8-gauge steel stabilizer frame
  • Compact dimensions
  • Reversible, interchangeable cutting edges
  • Inbuilt 3 Point CAT-0 fast mount for easy installation
  • Requires installation of a CAT-0 system

#3. MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Middle Buster – Best to harvest root vegetables

The MotoAlliance Pro Middle Buster implement is a superb attachment for gardening and growing that delivers dependable and effective soil preparation.

Its robust drop shank and heavy-duty steel subsoil furrower are intended to easily cut through resistant soil, making site preparation a snap.

One of the attachment’s prominent characteristics is its simple, one-pin mounting method, which makes it quick and easy to connect to your ATV/UTV, lawn tractor, or other suitable equipment.

It should be noted, however, that this attachment requires a Pro 1-Point Lift System, Sleeve Hitch Adapter, or CAT-0 hitch (both of which are offered separately) to be mounted to your machine.

Overall, the MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Middle Buster is a great buy for anybody trying to improve their soil preparation and production. In less time, you can increase quantity in your next crop!

Its tough design, powerful cutting power, and simple mounting mechanism make it one of the best middle-buster accessories on the market.

  • Robust drop shank and heavy-duty steel subsoil furrowed
  • Simple one-pin mounting method
  • Includes lower lift pins
  • Easy to mount to ATV/UTV, lawn tractor, or other suitable equipment
  • Requires Pro 1-Point Lift System & Sleeve Hitch Adapter

#4. Middle Buster 3 Point Hitch Tractor Attachments by Rancher – Budget-friendly pick

Rancher’s Middle Buster 3 Point Hitch Tractor implement may plant and dig potatoes, harvesting root vegetables, and make drainage ditches all at an affordable price! As a farmer, you can even adapt this tool to their requirements.

Installing the Middle Buster to the tractor is easy, thanks to clear instructions. The attachment has grade 2 bolt quantity for a solid tractor-tool connection.

The manufacturers’ suggest leveling the tool and setting the tractor’s 3-Point hydraulic lift system to transmit most of the Middle Buster’s product weight and draft to the tractor to enhance traction. Proper installation, maintenance, and operation will enable the owner/operator to obtain years of good service from the tool, which is well-built and sturdy.

The Middle Buster should only be used with wide-fronted tractors. A tractor with a broad front axle must pull the attachment since tricycle front-wheel setups are unstable and can overturn.

For agricultural efficiency, Rancher’s Middle Buster 3 Point Hitch Tractor Attachment is a great buy. Its versatility, simple instructions, and high quality make it a trusted agricultural and gardening equipment.

  • Grade 2 bolt quantity for a solid tractor-tool connection
  • Includes lower lift pins
  • Can be adapted to suit individual requirements
  • Requires wide-fronted tractors for maximum stability/safety.

#5. YITAMOTOR Middle Buster for Category 1, 3 Point Quick Hitch Tractors – Best high-quality middle buster

The YITAMOTOR quick hitch middle buster implement is a long-lasting and dependable instrument for farmers and gardeners preparing the soil for planting. This attachment is built of heavy-duty, high-quality carbon steel that can endure any weather or soil conditions, and it can break ground easily.

This attachment’s corrosion-resistant black powder coat and spray paint finish is one of its distinguishing qualities. This protects it from corrosion and scratches, guaranteeing that it will look excellent for many planting seasons to come.

The quick hitch middle buster is also quite flexible, with the capacity to harvesting root vegetables faster and lighten the soil. The attachment is Cat 1 quick hitch compatible, making it simple to install on your tractor in a matter of minutes. It is important to note, however, that expert installation is suggested for your protection.

Overall, the YITAMOTOR middle buster is a great purchase for farmers and gardeners looking for a long-lasting, adaptable attachment to help with soil preparation.

  • Heavy-duty, high-quality carbon steel frame
  • Excellent for harvesting rooted vegetables
  • Corrosion-resistant black powder coat & spray paint finish
  • Cat 1 quick hitch compatible
  • Professional installation is recommended for safety


What is a middle buster used for on a tractor?

A middle buster is a tractor attachment that is used to dig trenches, break the soil, and create furrows in the ground.

Can I plow with a middle buster?

While middle busters can be used to break up and move soil, it is not designed to be used as a traditional plow. Its main function is soil preparation, such as creating furrows for planting or digging trenches for irrigation systems.

What is the difference between a middle buster and subsoiler?

best compact tractor middle buster

Middle busters are a plow-like tool that creates furrows in the ground for planting rows of crops. A subsoiler is used to rip up compacted soil by breaking up hardpan layers and improving soil drainage.

Why use a middle buster plow?

A middle buster plow is a useful tool for creating furrows in the ground for planting rows of crops, particularly crops that require deep planting, like potatoes or peanuts.

How do you plow with a middle buster?

To plow with a middle buster, attach the tool to a tractor, adjust the depth and width of the furrow, drive the tractor forward, and repeat until the plowing is complete. Finally, plant the crops.

How to build a middle buster plow?

To build a middle buster plow, gather materials (metal blade, metal tubing, three-point hitch attachment), cut and assemble the metal tubing, attach the blade, add any stabilizing components, and test the plow. It’s important to have metalworking expertise and tools.


In conclusion, a middle buster tractor attachment is an invaluable tool for farmers who need to create furrows in the soil. Not only do middle busters help create perfect straight rows for planting crops, but they are also versatile in their design, allowing users to choose the type that best meets their individual needs.

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