Top 15 Best 3-point Tractor Attachments (3-point Hitches & Accessories) of 2022!

Do you know how many tractor attachments are on the market? Do you know their purpose? More vitally, do you know how to select them properly?

Don’t panic – our team of experts came up with the best tractor attachments you could ever ask for!

These are the most popular tractor attachments for all your needs, as tractors handle everything as long as you use the proper implements.

So, what are the most prominent tractor implements?

Find below.

How the Tractor Implements Changed the History

Tractors have become the central part of the farmer’s routine, as the powerful agricultural machinery performs the essential functions that were done manually in the past.

Of course, with the improvement of modern technology, tractor implements also became prominent in the agriculture industry.

As they replaced animals and manual work, tractor accessories became irreplaceable for farmers, helping them manage productivity efficiently.

As a result, they improved the overall performance of tractors.

Also, they saved farmers’ time, money, and labor.

Finally, the best tractor attachments enhance crops’ smoothness, productivity, efficacy, and convenience.

So, here are our best tractor attachments for all uses!

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1. Rotary Tillers

Rotary Tillers

A rotary tiller is a must-have attachment when you’re just starting your farming experience, taking another project, or working on the current task.

You have to prepare your soil well.

Thus, the rotary tiller is one of the crucial agricultural machinery for growing plants and landscaping.

The rotary tiller is also a versatile attachment, tackling different big tasks effectively.

For example, you use it for turning and mixing soil to create healthy surroundings for vegetable gardens.

Thus, you can apply it for cultivating fall crops or preparing the ground for spring crops.

In addition, it won’t be an issue if you’re left or a right-handed person.

The rotary tiller consists of five different adjustable ski height settings. Therefore, the tractor attachment is suitable for all your family members.

Although it’s a small tractor attachment, the tiller is a significant tractor implement for making the soil suitable.

In addition, the extension is multifunctional, ideal for breaking the complex soil layers, making it ready for sowing seeds.

As the tractor’s rear PTO powers it, you can also use it for removing grass and seed at times.

And one such tractor attachment is the Titan 48″ Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller, exceptional for its heavy-duty design, performance, power, and strength.

2. Rotary Cutters

A rotary cutter is an ideal tractor attachment for clearing land. You can use rotary cutters to remove tall grass, thick weeds, or bush.

Depending on the size and the model, you can adjust the rotary cutter to cut higher and lower.

Rotary Cutters
Source: YouTube

The low cut measures 1.5 inches, whereas the higher amount measures a 9-inch diameter.

The most popular rotary cutter is the Bohlen rotary cutter. The tractor attachment is ideal for sub-compact tractors.

The attachment originates from the USA; it offers the wholesome quality and reliability the rotary cutters should have. Thus, it’s an indispensable part of equipment for compact tractors.

The cutter is durable and sturdy, made of a heavy-duty steel frame. Therefore, the unit is built to last with a powder-coated finish.

Thus, it will be both productive and reliable.

In addition, the cutter contains a robust shear bolt gearbox of 25 horsepower for various tasks. It will provide enough speed and potent for quicker accomplishments.

Another big plus is that the cutter has a lightweight design and overall construction. Therefore, it will best suit your needs in numerous small and lighter projects and tasks.

Hence, you can cut, mow, precise, or shred without any issues. In addition, you won’t overuse the machine.

3. Box Blades

Box Blades
Source: YouTube

A box blade is another necessary implement for a tractor, including all farmers and wide applications.

Thus, you can use the box blade for multiple purposes, scrape dirt from the ground, shape and smoothen it for numerous needs.

So, the tractor accessory is simple to use and spread dirt, level land, grade gravel driveways, and complete operations.

Moreover, the box blade easily attaches to the tractor’s 3-point hitch. And, among other uses, you can also apply it as a snow removal tool.

So, if you need a lightweight yet powerful box blade for your petite and lightweight jobs, the Titan 4′ – 7′ Box Blade Tractor is the right tractor tool for you!

Namely, the lawn tractor accessory has a tremendous 4×4-inch square tubing shank support.

In addition, the shank runs 72 inches between the two side panels of 0.25 inches. Thus, it’s 0.25 inches thick, with the dual 0.48-inch steel brace.

And the braces keep the scraper in the correct position.

So, if you get this tractor tool, your gardening work will become trouble-free.

Thanks to the four sharp scarifier teeth, you can remove the materials fast with the pin-through adjustments.

However, the teeth are not replaceable, which you might consider a massive drawback for the blade.

4. Post Hole Diggers

Post Hole Diggers

The tractor’s rear PTO powered a post hole digger, crucial for drilling down and making narrow holes for place posts.

The post hole diggers are agricultural machinery with specific designs and shapes.

Thus, the post hole digger consists of clam-type blades and two handles, and you can use it for digging holes, deep wells to plant trees, installing fences, and regular land enhancement.

Hence, it’s one of the fundamental farm tools used to create narrow holes and perform everyday tasks.

One of the best diggers is the John Deere post hole digger.

The John Deere model is excellent for its durability and sturdiness, making it last longer.

Thus, you can find the PHD0 Series dependable and rugged gearbox for a more prolonged lifespan and uses.

Of course, John Deere includes a reliable safety shield surrounding the auger, and the PTO, providing extra protection for farmers.

Additionally, the John Deere model offers an adjustable handle, crucial for placing the digger in a good position before you start the digging process.

Thus, if you own a John Deere compact utility tractor, this digger is the right option for you.

And the foldable hook-up stand offers different height options for easy attachment and detachment.

5. Rear Blades

Rear Blades

A rear blade is another exciting tractor tool suitable for landscaping, gardening, backfilling projects, or grading.

The box blade is ideal for all kinds of lifting tasks.

Moreover, you can use the box blade to remove snow if you don’t have snow blowers. So, what’s the difference between the box and rear blade?

Well, the rear blade can change the blade’s pitch from one side to another. In addition, it can also angle the blade.

When on the flip side, you can use the tractor tool to smooth and grade. But, that’s not all, as the tractor accessory can also break harder ground with its scarifier teeth.

So, for all landowners, the best rear blade is the unique Brinly BB-56BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Rear Blade.

You can use the tractor device to remove debris, dig a ditch, or remove dirt and sand.

However, the tractor tool is also valuable for its design and overall durable construction. Thus, the blade has heavy-duty carbon steel as the actual content.

Hence, the range ensures the powerful and efficient movement with the least effortless necessary for its operations.

And, you can rotate 180 degrees to push the materials instead of pulling.

6. Snow Blowers

Snow Blowers
Source: YouTube

A snow blower is one of the essential farm tools for all those living in snowy areas.

It’s another tractor accessory powered via its rear PTO, used for cleaning and removing snow from sidewalks, driveways, roadways, etc.

So, among the best loader attachments, the Arnold 19A30017OEM 46-Inch Snow Blade Attachment is the cherry on the top.

The snow blower is ideal for numerous tractor types due to its strength and performance. Thus, the blower works well with all lawn and garden MTD tractors.

But it will be helpful due to its manual adjustability.

Hence, you can use it with either a straight-ahead angle or a 25-degree difference to left or right.

The positions make you push the unwanted snow away in all directions.

Regardless of the amount of snow you need to remove, the tractor tool will finish the job quickly and effortlessly.

Thus, it will be better and more successful than shawling, and you won’t be tired at all.

As the blower offers a 46-inch heavy-duty steel snow blade, it will be solid and powerful enough to clear all larger snow-filled areas in no time.

Thus, the tractor accessory will be both practical and efficient for all snow tasks and surfaces.

7. Dump Carts

Dump Carts
Source: YouTube

A dump cart is another excellent tractor tool for numerous jobs, as it makes you move bulky products and materials with less effort.

The dump cart is crucial for your garden tractor or heavy truck.

In addition, you can use it when moving a heavy load of sand firewood, for dumping gravel, or preventing yard refuse.

The dump cart has two parts: thick tires with two straight-cushioned handles and the vast bed space to contain debris.

You can move it to its final destination when you fully load it.

Thus, if you need a perfect dump cart for your gardening needs, you can check out the Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart.

The cart is ideal for transporting heavy materials, sand, mulch, gravel, firewood, and more.

The alloy steel construction is what makes the cart valuable when carrying heavier loads, supporting up to 750 pounds.

And, thanks to its 16×4-inch pneumatic tires, the dump cart is ideal even for rough terrain.

Moreover, since the tractor product was made in the USA, the manufacturer guarantees the best quality and long-lasting construction.

Thanks to its universal hitch, the tractor unit is the best tool for the garden tractor.

However, you may have issues attaching it.

8. Disc Harrows

Disc Harrows
Source: YouTube

A disc harrow is a necessary attachment for your compact tractor, valuable for maintaining your property and preventing unwanted vegetation.

So, you use it to chop and bury weeds, till the soil, or crop debris.

The disc harrow is also excellent, even for small and mid-sized farms. It mounts with a 3-point hitch.

The main advantage is the row of concave metal discs, penetrating rugged and rocky soil without damage.

However, when you use it, the tractor pulls it to loosen and make the front ground in its path smoother for effortless operations and a better experience.

So, for your farming needs, you can always refer to the Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow.

A disc harrow is ideal for penetrating the ground due to its adjusting sides.

So, you can select among 15 or 30 degrees in both directions and break the tough ground without any issues.

In addition, the harrow contains a parallel linkage design; therefore, it will maintain the proper attachment as you lower it.

As the harrow has a lightweight design, installing it with one person will be easy.

Moreover, the tool reduces inferences when maneuvering. And its structure and material provide maximum motion range.

9. Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers
Source: Youtube

A lawn mower is a potent tool used for delivering groomed land.

It consists of powerful blades and rotary cutters. It ensures high-quality clean areas and overall farmland for your needs.

In addition, the lawn mower is mainly used for cutting grass to collect hay.

And the accessory comes in various types, including a rotary mower, reel mower, sickle mower, drum mower, flail mower, and electric mower.

So, if you want an advanced lawn mower, you better look for the Fieldking Forage Mower.

The tool will be an excellent attachment for your lawn needs, as it provides effective and efficient work, so it’s suitable for farming.

In addition, of course, the tool offers excellent performance, as it includes a range between 40 and 55HP.

Thus, it will reduce your work hours and make more remarkable achievements in reduced periods.

As it works with the 540 PTO, the mower offers excellent strength and potential for the smaller, medium, and more extensive grounds, so it will be effortless to use it optimally.

Moreover, the power matches the premium-quality constructions. So, you don’t need to worry about overuses and potential problems.

Finally, you can instantly finish lawn tasks without overkilling the machine with a more significant number of blades and their cutting speed.

10. Land Planes

Land Planes
Source: YouTube

A land plane is an excellent tool used in all kinds of ground and surfaces in your household.

The land plane covers some of the main tasks: leveling the garden, leveling a horse arena, maintaining a driveaway or a gravel road, and many others.

These products are easy to operate upon and moderate, as they have two-forward-cutting blades, making simultaneous and instant contact with the ground they’re acting upon.

In addition, the gravel and dirt rise to the blades’ top and out the rear.

Once your landplane process is complete, the material will accumulate between the two endplates and flow easily and uniformly over the breadth.

Thus, it will create a smooth surface.

Hence, if you want to invest in this attachment, make sure you select the John Deere land plane.

The plane is compatible with all 2000 and 4000 series tractors, or 3000 and 5000 series.

However, they’re also iMatch compatible for a super-quick connection and effortless mounting.

In addition, the land plane is also ideal for its two reversible, double-beveled cutting edges.

These edges enhance and improve grading performance. But, on the other hand, they also extended wear life and prolonged the use of the unit.

So, you can use it more robustly; it won’t affect the lifespan.

11. Landscape Rakes

Landscape Rakes
Source: YouTube

A landscape rake needs landscape rake tines to scrape over pebbles, grass, dirt, and other soil types.

The tines do not penetrate the ground to preserve the soil under the surface. Instead, their primary purpose is to lift buried material to the surface.

The landscape rake also covers various other jobs, such as removing roots, rocks, and other waste, including litter and sand.

Once the landscape rake completes its tasks, you can easily take them away via tractor.

So, if you have a compact tractor, you can easily use the Titan Attachments 5-Ft Landscape Rake.

The rake is ideal for cleaning your comb grass, landscape, and soil quickly and effectively. The tool is efficient and time-saving.

The tool rotates in 360 degrees so that you can use it in all directions and even reverse if you need to.

Hence, you definitely cannot miss this attachment to clean your garden.

Moreover, regarding its tines, they treat the heat and are of premium quality. Thus, they will be durable and robust enough to endure the jobs and perform well.

So, the unit will carry heavier loads without bending or breaking easily.

And, you can easily change the damaged or broken tines with new ones.

12. Cultivators

Source: YouTube

A cultivator can scrape the soil to some extent and pulverize the roots and weeds.

But, of course, it also aerates the soil and improves the structure after the tilling or cultivation.

Throughout the growing season, you may use it to destroy weeds and preserve the crops.

Or you may apply them to remove the existing vegetation and prepare the beds for the planting process.

Active cultivators are used on light soils for the primary tillage.

However, the cultivators eliminate weeds during the secondary tillage and adequately mix the fertilizers into the ground.

The Brinly CC-560 BH Sleeve Hitch Adjustable Tow Behind Cultivator is one such cultivator.

The tool has rigid and sturdy steel, featuring depth control skids. Thus, it’s convenient for small and extensive gardens.

You can adjust the tools’ height, as it has a versatile system so that you can moderate it according to your needs.

And the blade will quickly hook up to any sleeve hitch for the most straightforward mounting.

The C-shaped shanks make their way into the ground quicker. They also vibrate to loosen the soil quickly.

However, you can add extra weight to the angle steel frame if you need to break up rocky and rugged soil.

13. Tractor Loaders

Tractor Loaders
Source: YouTube

Front tractor loaders are the most prominent accessories in compact utility tractors.

Nowadays, you can find a loader and a utility bucket for numerous tasks, such as scraping, digging, lifting, or loading.

The loaders are also crucial for picking up and moving boulders, plant debris, firewood, and other heavy loads.

You can find pallet forks, bale spears, blades, and other loaders, among common types.

However, pallet forks may be convenient as they do all the challenging tasks and lift everything.

So, the loaders are an essential part of machinery you should consider.

That’s why you shouldn’t neglect the Mophorn Pallet Forks.

The pallet forks are crucial front loaders due to 4000 pounds of working and lifting capacity and compatibility with all skid steer tractors.

Thanks to an effortless assembly and usage system, you can easily mount them and lock them in the right place.

And the adjustable width will provide you a wanted distance when lifting debris.

Furthermore, the intelligent and secure design is rust-resistant and reliable for more robust uses.

The rectangular and thick tube walls add more stability.

Finally, for more security during the work, protection slots and chain holes allow you to keep the loads in the right place on the forks, maintaining a proper balance.

14. Spreaders

Source: YouTube

You can use numerous spreader types, including a fertilizer spreader or a broadcast spreader, among others.

Now, fertilizer spreaders are excellent for operating on wildlife food plots for seed planting and spreading, liming, and fertilizing.

However, these don’t run well in combination with powdered lime since it tends to clump in the hopper, especially when it’s wet or dumped.

Once such spreader is the Yard Commander YTL-002-179 125 Pound Tow Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader, as it has a solid and robust design, full of aluminum, it’s also universal for all ATVs, and the capacity makes it ideal for all small and big areas.

Its pneumatic tires will make it well-balanced and secure for more extended uses.

But, the broadcast spreaders are ideal for preventing harmful chemicals when spreading seeds.

In addition, they save time, energy and make your job done quickly.

And the principal representative is the Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader, used for numerous vehicles and tractor types.

It’s a solid and reliable unit, made of steel, for a longer lifespan.

It also has pneumatic tires, a heavy-duty plastic hopper, and a larger capacity. Therefore, you can grow your lawn instantly without more extensive issues.

However, it will be stable and secure for more extended uses.

15. Trailers


A tractor-trailer is the most common type of attachment used for transporting numerous materials, vegetational and general agricultural products, or wastes from one place to another.

Smaller tractors with trailers are primarily used in rural regions for fields or short transportation to fulfill the smaller agricultural operations.

Also, their sizes and load capacities vary according to their principal uses to accommodate the needs of multiple materials or wastes.

Universal models have more significant capacities and floor areas. And, some models have two levels – higher and lower that are separated.

But, they mostly fit the speed of 30km per hour.

So, the farmers can transport everything quickly and without any complications.

The best representative is the Khedut Tractor Tipping Trailer. It maximizes the gains and minimizes the pain due to overall design and load capacity.

The tractor-trailer is ideal for farming, as it offers practical work, making farmers satisfied. How so?

Well, the trailer can load and transport more significant amounts of materials, crops, vegetation, and other farm or agricultural products easily from one place to another.

It also features excellent implement power, offering ideal performance and ensuring superior work.

It can quickly move around all surfaces with four wheels and high-quality tires.

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What are tractor attachments called?

You can often use alternative names, such as tractor accessories, tractor implements, hitch tractor attachments, 3-point hitch tractor attachments, etc.

They refer to equipment necessary for your tractors and different works.

The 3-point hitch refers to the ways the implements are mounted to the tractors.

What tractor attachments are needed for a garden?

For your garden, you can use the following attachments:

All these attachments will help you keep the quality of the garden’s soil and prepare the land for fertilizing, and later, growing plants.

None of the extensions can destroy the ground, so don’t worry about potential damage.

What are the most helpful tractor attachments?

best compact tractor attachments

Well, of these fifteen attachments are the most valuable when it comes to tractors.

However, the most valuable ones also depend on your needs and demands.

If you need to perform heavy-duty tasks, you may need post hole diggers. But, if you need to cut the grass, you may go only with lawn mowers.

So, you need to decide the right tasks to choose the most useful ones.

However, based on numerous farmers’ needs, the most valuable types still may be:

  • box blade
  • mower
  • front end loader
  • rear blade
  • post hole digger
  • snow blower
  • land planes
  • pallet forks
  • rotary tiller
  • spreader

Are 3 point tractor attachments universal?

No, they are not.

Instead, they’re created in different sizes and shapes to fit multiple needs and demands. They also include numerous attachments in specific ways.

They also vary in terms of the tractor’s strength hand power on which they are installed.

So, you cannot mount attachments on less-powered tractors if they need more power.

What is the example of farm implementation?

Those are the attachments that you mount on your tractors. They cover all kinds of machinery used on farms to help with farming.

Numerous models are available for different needs and use, as you can see in the list.

They include models suitable for planting, harrowing, disking, tilling, plowing, pushing and pulling, and many other lighter or heavy-duty tasks.

Final Thoughts

The best tractor attachments are undoubtedly an indispensable part of farmers’ lives, and even if you do different agricultural tasks, you cannot imagine your life without them!

As we have seen, they cover a wide range of jobs, from soil compaction to commercial landscaping, and save your time, energy, and money.

Imagine manual operations and labor with animals – not gonna work. So, stick to modern technological advancements.

However, do not forget to read all operating and safety instructions for precise control and the best farming experience!

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