Best Hay Spear Attachments for Tractor: The Best 5 Picks for Perfection!

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You know that transporting bales might be dangerous. So, it would help if you had sound and secure equipment to be efficient enough and perform well.

That’s why we will present you with the best hay spears for your tractor, as they’re imperative!

The bale spears ensure the moving of large hay bales quickly and safely.

Still, as they come in various sizes, brands, capacities, etc., you may have issues when finding the best hay attachments.

So, how to find the best ones? Read below!

Best hay spears 2022: A complete overview

$$Mophorn Pair Hay Spear – 55.4 pounds.

Best stability and security of attached bales, resulting in advanced performance. Multifunctional for multiple machines and implements. Yet, package issues.

$$$$Titan Attachments 49″ Skid Steer Hay Spear – 135 pounds.

Best weight capacity and heavy-duty construction for more robust uses. Ideal for all heavy-duty projects. Effortless to install and apply.

$$$ Loader Bucket Hay Bale Spear – 79 pounds.

Best quality for a prolonged lifespan and more robust use. Solid and durable for advanced resistance to external forces & more quality work. Still, length issues.

$$$EBESTTECH 49 Inch Tractor Hay Spear – 143.3 pounds.

Most practical and efficient for all bale tasks. Quick mounting and setup process. However, questionable quality.

$$$49 Inch Tractor Hay Spear – 143.3 pounds.

Ideal for Bobcat farm machinery, versatile and robust for different applications. Reliable and potent for various bale projects. But not so sturdy.

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#1. Mophorn Pair Hay Spear – The best performance

  • Brand: Mophorn 
  • Item dimensions: 49 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches
  • Capacity: 3000 pounds
  • Best for: stabilizer spears

Our final winner will undoubtedly win your heart due to its sturdy and potent construction.

Namely, you will see the premium-quality steel structure, durable and reliable to support up to 3000 pounds.

In addition, the high-quality skid steer attachments undergo various heat treatments, so they’re not easily deformed.

Besides, their surface is powder-coated for rust and corrosion resistance.

So, the skid steer attachment can efficiently work with large square bales and round bales and support various weights. Moreover, the skid steer attachment cannot harm so soon.

Of course, the hay bale spear is easy to install and use, as it quickly attaches and removes from the quick hitches and hooks.

In addition, thanks to the convenient nut and bolt system, the receiver will keep the hay bale spear stable and secure.

Still, the hay bale spear has a more substantial penetration.

Namely, with the solid and reliable steel rod and the sharp taper-shaped unit, the hay bale spear quickly penetrates and attaches the hay bales without pushing the bales off the stack or getting them out.

Hence, the hay spear will keep the multiple bales stable and secure, and they cannot fall off the long spears so quickly.

Besides, you can attach the hay spear to versatile attachments, including skid steer loaders, tractors, telehandlers, cranes, etc. Thus, the hay spear is ideal for agriculture or farm work.

Finally, as a farmer, you will get a satisfactory warranty period to replace the hay attachments or a full money refund.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • stable
  • package issues

#2. Titan Attachments 49″ Skid Steer Hay Spear – Best weight capacity

  • Brand: Titan Attachments
  • Item dimensions: 49 x 45 x 16.5 inches
  • Capacity: 4000 pounds
  • Best for: heavy-duty materials

The Titan Attachments spear attachment easily transports hay bales, large square bales, and round bales and moves around without additional tools for security and safety.

So, you can attach the stabilizer spears to your skid steer, and the equipment will do all the tedious work.

Don’t worry about the tractor brands.

The Titan Attachments spear attachment is ideal for multiple tractors, such as John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, etc.

The spear attachment is also perfect for various skid steer attachments due to its universal hitch and mounting.

Moreover, the Titan Attachments hay bales spear attachment will be convenient due to the removable spear blades.

So, if you want to remove the Titan Attachments hay bales spear attachment, quickly detach the parts.

The Titan Attachments hay bale spear also contains more extraordinary spear lengths of 9.5 inches, and the gussets hold the spear sleeves in place. So, the hay bales equipment will be durable when you use them.

The Titan Attachments hay bale spear resists all weather and external conditions built from heavy-duty materials.

In addition, the hay bale spear has a steel frame, so it’s sturdy and solid enough to last for a prolonged time.

Additionally, the Titan Attachments hay bale spear has the ultimate weight capacity of 4000 pounds, unlike other options, so it can carry and move more weight.

And, the weight cannot harm the frame quickly, as the Titan Attachments hay bale spear offers maximum stability when moving large hay bales.

  • durability
  • sturdiness
  • stability
  • capacity
  • easy to install and use
  • not visible

#3. Loader Bucket Hay Bale Spear – Best quality

  • Brand: Neat Attachments
  • Item dimensions: 44 x 1.25 x 0.75 inches
  • Capacity: 3000 pounds
  • Best for: a durable and sturdy design 

What’s so unique about this skid steer bale spear?

Firstly, the Neat Attachments skid steer bale spear has a quick table mounting and setup, thanks to the security chains and ratchet load binder.

Thus, you can install and use the Neat Attachments hay bale spear effortlessly and straightforwardly.

Moreover, the Neat Attachments hay bale spear is ideal for different round bales or square bales with a maximum weight capacity of 3000 pounds.

Now, it may not lift as much as Titan Attachments can, but it’s equally efficient due to performance and overall design.

The Neat Attachments hay bale spear for your skid steer has a replaceable bale spear with a usable length of 44 inches.

So, if you notice something wrong, the skid steer bale is effortless to remove.

Of course, the Neat Attachments skid steer bale spear includes the turnbuckle or the ratchet load binder for a faster setup process and easier mounting.

Thus, the skid steer bale spear has a universal attachment that fits all buckets with 0.75 inches of lip thickness.

Still, you cannot find drilling holes in the bucket or full load on the bucket lip.

However, the Neat Attachments skid steer bale spear contains a durable and sturdy design, an idea for different heavy-duty hay bale tasks and projects.

So, the hay bale spear easily adjusts to working conditions.

In addition, no external forces, impacts, or pressure can quickly destroy the skid steer bale spear.

  • stable and secure
  • durable and sturdy
  • versatile
  • length issues

#4. EBESTTECH 49 Inch Tractor Hay Spear – Best efficiency

  • Brand: EBESTTECH 
  • Item dimensions: 45.66 x 4.52 x 22.04 inches
  • Capacity: 3000 pounds
  • Best for: quick mounting and setup 

The following hay bale spear has an ideal heavy-duty structure, solid and reliable for various bale tasks and projects.

In addition, it’s resistant to corrosion and rust, and it won’t quickly fade away.

Moreover, the skid steer hay bale spear will astonish you as it uses a quick hitch for effortless attachment.

Hence, you can easily mount it on your tractor, skid steer hook up, or other hooks.

In addition, the hay bale spear attachment is ideal for various Bobcat haulers and mowers, working with multiple square bales and round bales, up to 3000 pounds of maximum weight capacity.

So, you can transform your skid steer into a multifunctional attachment and use it n the farm or another place with an abundance of hay bales.

As the hay bale spear has a solid construction, the bales cannot fall off so easily, and you can quickly move them around.

And, thanks to the universal hitch, the hay bale spears are excellent tractor equipment for heavy-duty bale jobs.

The hay bale attachment has high-quality steel, solid and potent hay spears, versatile and efficient enough to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

So, the hay bale spears will be ideal farm equipment for every farmer.

Still, to use the hay bale attachment correctly, a farmer must insert the complete spear in the frame, not only half of it.

Thus, the steel attachment will be stable and secure, and it won’t bend forward.

  • robust and solid
  • reliable and stable
  • durable and sturdy
  • quality issues

#5. 49 Inch Tractor Hay Spear – Most reliable

  • Brand: EBESTTECH
  • Item dimensions: 45.66 x 4.52 x 22.04 inches
  • Capacity: 3000 pounds
  • Best for: Bobcat mowers and haulers

And last but not least, our last hay bale attachment is perfect equipment for your farm and bales, as the farm bale spear contains an increased weight capacity of 3000 pounds.

Thus, the hay bale unit can easily lift and carry the bales around without obstacles.

Of course, the unit has a heavy-duty design, powerful and long-lasting for more robust uses and different applications.

In addition, it’s corrosion and rust-resistant, and it cannot fade away quickly.

Thanks to its versatility, the ranch equipment can quickly transform your skid steers into multipurpose farm machinery.

And, naturally, it’s best to use the bale equipment on the farm or ranch, where you work with giant hay bales.

The bale equipment also uses the skid steer hitch and hooks up universally.

So, it’s ideal for round and square bales transportation, as you can move them around quickly, and they won’t fall off.

Due to the quick-attach system, the baling equipment is reliable, sturdy, and thick enough to carry heavy loads without potential risks and complications.

So, the baling equipment is ideal for versatile jobs and more robust operations.

Still, to attach the baling equipment correctly, you need to slide and insert the spear entirely into the frame. So, your job can be finished in no time.

If not, the skidsteer hay spears can loosen and bend forward, and your bales might fall off and disassemble.

Hence, always check the connection of the skidsteer hooks and bucket.

  • setup
  • ease of use
  • solid
  • sturdiness issues

All you need to know about the best tractor hay spear attachments: Buyer’s guide

Every farmer needs proper attachments for numerous farming operations. The same goes with the bale spears.

As you cannot simply jump to the best ones, we will guide you to pick the best bale spears for your needs.

1. Round vs. square bales

best hay spear attachment

If you have round bales, search for attachments with stabilizer spears to prevent the bales from shifting.

It would be better to use the dual bale spears or even pallet forks for square bales.

Both attachments – pallet forks and double bale spears offer more stability and security for the bales lifted.

2. Safety features

Safety is crucial for every farmer.

But, even a minor accident might be the largest one if you don’t follow the safety details when purchasing the best bale attachments.

So, to keep your security, follow the manufacturer’s guide with the bale attachments.

And here are valuable tips for extra security:

  1. ensure all the guards are in place before using the bale attachments
  2. do not carry a passenger on the bale attachments or any other parts
  3. watch over the skid steer while performing
  4. keep bystanders away from the bale spears while attaching them
  5. manage the objects such as wires, trees, power lines, etc. when using the bale spears
  6. never operate bale spears after alcohol or drugs consuming

3. Efficiency

Different bale spears fit extra skid steers, and you as the leading farmer.

So, check if you’re the right farmer for the specific bale spears before the final purchase.

So, glance at the instruction and specification of the wanted bale spears to ensure they’ll be effective and efficient for numerous tasks.

Otherwise, you will have problems with work and operations.

4. Weight capacity

It’s crucial to check the maximum capacity of spears to see if they can carry more or less round or square bales.

You might switch to, for instance, the pallet fork for square ones if the bales cannot be stable.

Make sure the bales do not overload the spears to eliminate safety risks and security issues.

Contact manufacturers before you spend money on specific spears.

5. Components

best hay spear kit

Spears consist of locking lugs, bale spear hooks, top angle bars, hitch plates, etc. But, they have spears as crucial parts.

So, you can find one primary and two supporting spears or several main and supporting spears.

Hence, according to the work you will be doing, you can purchase various spears and components.

6. Maintenance

To prolong the lifespan of the spears and attachments, you need to maintain them correctly.

In the guide, you can find the precise step-by-step cleaning and maintaining process to clean the spears of dirt, debris, and other hazards.

Thus, you will expand the lifespan and won’t need to replace the spears so soon.

Still, you can use these tips to prolong the quality of your purchase:

  1. replace the damaged parts with new ones
  2. ensure the spears are optimal
  3. remove all dirt, debris, oil, and other risky components
  4. inspect all aspects to ensure there are no breakages or imperfections

7. Price tags

The stock is ready for purchase, and you can find various spears ranging between $300 and $800 or even more.

So, inspect all the details regarding the delivery for your country, stock sale, and see what parts you’ll receive.

Some units do not include pears, so you have to purchase them separately. Or, you may get only one year warranty period and not more.

So, pay attention to what you’re paying for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bale spears?

hay spear attachment for skid steer

Those tractor attachments will lift, move and raise the hay bales higher to load onto the field wagons, truck beds, or double stack in the barns or fields.

Their primary purpose is to lift, carry and move hay bales around your property.

What is a hay bale spear used for?

A hay bale spear is an ideal tractor attachment used to move and lift bales around your farm or ranch quickly and efficiently.

What kind of steel is a hay spear?

The most prominent type is the medium carbon steel, but it must be heat tested and treated.

In addition, the steel must be solid and reliable to endure the pressure, external forces, impacts, and other potential hazards.

What machine picks up hay bales?

Various machines are working with hay bales, including:

  • tractors
  • mowers or conditioners
  • tedders
  • hay rakes
  • ballers
  • hay wagons or trailers
  • bale kickers or throwers
  • bay accumulators
  • bale spears
  • baling twines
  • hay elevators, etc.

So, you need to know your requirements to be able to pick the right attachments for successful job operations.

How do you attach a bale spear?

  • align the lip with the attaching parts
  • please put it in the center
  • measure the proper distance from one side to another
  • drill a hole in it – a 3/4 bolt hole
  • use a screw
  • place the construction on the bolt
  • screw and connect the parts together with the structure
  • put channel locks at the bottom to prevent turning
  • find a good angle for the proper installation
  • check the connection and the stability of the construction before you lift and carry the hay

How long should a hay spear be?

hay spear attachment for tractor

It should be at least 49 inches long.

The 49-inch spears are standard units for moving around or massive square or round hay bales.

But, for round or square shapes, with 3 x 3 x 8 dimensions, you can even use 38-ich long spears.

And, the final winner is…?

Our top pick is undoubtedly the Mophorn Pair Hay Spear.

You will love it as the tool has a larger weight capacity, so it’s suitable for massive square and round hay bales.

In addition, due to durable and reliable steel construction, it will last longer and serve for more robust operation and performance.

Finally, it has premium safety and security benefits, keeping the wholesome connection stable.

Final thoughts

So, have you found your best spear yet? If you haven’t, check the latest sale & find the best solution for your farm needs.

Still, be careful with the choice, and ensure you fulfill all the requirements before selecting the final purchase.

Protect your safety!

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