Best Pallet Forks for Tractor 2022: A Comprehensive Guide for Rookies & Professionals

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Pallet forks are necessary tractor attachments for lifting pallets but also for hauling hay, firewood, brush, logs, and other materials.

As you can find several types of pallet forks, you can attach them on the three-point hitch, skid steer, or front-end loaders.

Therefore, they’re a must-have for every farmer, and they will perform exceptionally in all tasks.

Hence, without further delay, we present the best pallet forks for tractor 2022!

So, take a look at every single one, and see if they fit your job requirements.

Best Pallet Forks 2022: The Overview

$$$Titan Attachments Light-Duty 46″ Clamp-on Pallet Forks – 93 pounds – Most versatile for all tasks and most efficient for job requirements. Still lacking instructions. Capacity: 1,500 pounds.

$$YINTATECH 60″ Clamp on Pallet Forks – 67.6 pounds – Most adjustable forks for different lifting jobs. Stable and secure for users. But prone to bending. Capacity: 1,500 pounds.

$$$Sulythw Clamp On Pallet Fork – 57.9 pounds – The lightest pair of clamp-on forks. Best lifting capacity. Sturdy and durable. Yet, size issues. Capacity: 2,000 pounds.

$$$YITAMOTOR 60″ Clamp on Pallet Forks – 68 pounds – Best performance and exceptional operating. More safety and security for pallet jobs. However, poor customer support. Capacity: 1,500 pounds.

$$CREWORKS 60 inch Clamp on Pallet Forks – 60 pounds – Most practical and efficient. Compatible with various tractor models. Nonetheless, shifting issues. Capacity: 2,000 pounds.

Best Pallet Forks for Tractor 2022: Our Exclusive List!

#1. Titan Attachments Light-Duty 46″ Clamp-on Pallet Forks – Best design

  • Brand: Titan Attachments
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Top benefit: versatile for all tasks

The Titan Attachments pallet forks are ideal for numerous lifting tasks, as the light-duty pallet forks offer maximum versatility.

Therefore, you can move, lift and transport goods and materials without any issues. They will be flexible and easily maneuverable.

In addition, the Titan Attachments light-duty pallet forks contain an adjustable stabilizer bar.

The main point of the bar is that it will fix the pallet forks without spreading too far.

So, they will keep the loads stable and fixed. Besides, you can adjust the fork width from 19.5 to 36 inches apart.

Of course, the Titan Attachments pallet forks are versatile and compatible with numerous tractor brands, including John Deere, Ford, Kubota, New Holland, etc.

Thus, the tractor attachment will effortlessly clamp.

Moreover, the Titan Attachments light duty pallet forks have chain holes that secure lift capacity even when dealing with massive objects.

And, as the pallet forks have a maximum capacity of 1500 pounds, you can use the Titan Attachments pallet forks for various goods.

Finally, the light-duty tractor attachment has 3-inch fork width and a 2-inch fork height. Thus, they offer a quick-attach on the tractor bucket.

  • easy to install
  • stability
  • high-quality material
  • no instructions

#2. YINTATECH 60″ Clamp on Pallet Forks – Most flexible

  • Brand: YINTATECH 
  • Price: $$
  • Material: high strength steel
  • Top benefit: stability and security 

These clamp-on pallet forks are suitable for numerous loader bucket skid steer tractors.

You’ll notice a quick attachment to the bucket, and the pallet fork attachment will quickly move and lift heavy items.

Due to the 1500 pounds of maximum lift capacity, the skid steer pallet forks are ideal for fence posts, hay bales, and other farm tasks and jobs.

So, the tractor attachment will be versatile and flexible for your farm needs.

You can effortlessly attach the pallet forks to the bucket – slide the pallet fork over the edge, and clamp it down for the correct locking process.

So, you can haul logs, lumber, brush, etc.

As the clamp on pallet forks has durable and sturdy material, you can lift heavy loads. In addition, the forks use chain holes to secure the lift of massive items.

Since they have a specific design, the clamp on pallet forks offers thick rectangular tube walls.

However, the biggest plus is the rollback protection slots that keep you and your machine safe while working.

And as the pallet fork attachment contains an adjustable stabilizer bar for heavy lifting.

  • ease of use
  • stabilizer bar
  • quick attach
  • may bend soon

#3. Sulythw Clamp On Pallet Fork – Best lift capacity

  • Brand: Sulythw
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Top benefit: for all light and heavy loads 

The following clamp-on pallet fork is perfect for your farm task, as the tractor equipment offers a unique hook.

Thus, you can quickly attach the pallet fork to the tractor bucket skid steer or forklift.

In addition, the use of a T-shaped reinforced plate makes the pallet fork more robust, more durable, and reliable.

As the pallet fork features an adjustable stabilizer bar, you can adjust the fork width and make it more convenient for heavy lifting.

Also, it will be effortless to attach it to the skid steers.

Thus, the heavy-duty pallet forks will be ideal for various farm needs – moving fence posts, lumber, hay bales, and other heavy loads and items.

Due to the heavy-duty abrasion-resistant powder-coated finish, the heavy-duty pallet forks will resist flaking scratching and remain intact.

Thus, the heavy-duty clamp on the pallet fork can last longer, and you can use the tractor attachment more robustly.

Besides, the heavy-duty clamp-on pallet fork offers a completely welded design, with reinforced and enhanced critical points to provide more power and strength.

And you can slide the pallet fork over the tractor bucket and clamp it down to lock it properly.

  • quick setup
  • sturdy
  • durable
  • stabilizer bar
  • size issues

#4. YITAMOTOR 60″ Clamp on Pallet Forks – The best performance

  • Brand: YITAMOTOR
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: iron tubes
  • Top benefit: stable and secure heavy loads

The following light-duty pallet forks are one of the best on the market today, as the attachments offer a good warranty and lift capacity of 1500 pounds.

Thus, the light-duty attachments for tractors have a remarkable ability to mount and carry different heavy stuff.

The light-duty tractor attachments won’t bend over easily, crack or break too soon. Thus, you can mount and carry heavy loads, fence posts, lumber, hay bales, etc.

Thanks to its design, the pallet fork is compatible with different tractors, such as John Deere or Kubota tractors with three-point hitches.

So, you can quickly turn your skid steers into multi-purpose loaders.

Due to the adjustable stabilizer bar, the fork width ranges from 13 to 23 inches.

So, when operating with higher capacity, the stabilizer bar will secure the load and prevent complications.

And, as the light-duty forks come with an affordable price tag, they will save your money and offer a practical solution for various tasks.

Naturally, the pallet forks also include rollback protection slots and chain holes for more safety and security of the load, so the loader allows full operating and minimized risks.

  • secure load
  • stabilizer bar
  • durable
  • lift ability
  • poor customer service

#5. CREWORKS 60 inch Clamp on Pallet Forks – Most effective & efficient

  • Brand: CREWORKS
  • Price: $$
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Top benefit: compatible with various tractor models

Finally, the CREWORKS clamp-on pallet fork provides ideal performance, helping you finish your jobs quickly and efficiently.

You can use them in your garden, farm, or construction sites – the clamp-on pallet forks will complete all tasks in no time.

Moreover, the pallet forks have chain holes and the adjustable stabilizer bar to make the lifting process better, perform well, and keep the load secure, safe, and fixed on the forks.

Thus, you will avoid potential risks and complications.

In addition, the rollback protection slots also make the heavy-duty pallet forks safe and secure for lifting pallets, site materials, and other load types quickly and effortlessly.

As the tractor attachments offer a heavy-duty frame and overall construction, they won’t be prone to rust, corrosion, and other deformation.

Additionally, the high-quality loaders will show exceptional stability and strength without any lifting risks.

Naturally, the tractor attachments are ideal for John Deere, Ford, Kubota, and other skid steer tractors on the market.

You can easily connect the pair of clamp-on pallet forks to the tractor bucket, and you’re done.

  • sturdy frame
  • high-quality materials
  • load capacity
  • stability
  • shifting issues

Selecting the best pallet forks for your needs: Buyer’s guide

When looking for the best pallet forks for your tractors, here is what you must search for in these tractor attachments:

1. Size

As various pallet forks come with different fork lengths, weight, and loading capacities, you need to select the right one for your needs.

So, you can find numerous attachments ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 pounds in loading abilities, 42 to 60-inch of fork length, and adjustable fork width.

In addition, pay attention to pallet proportions, as not all pallet forks have brick guards, so you need to be careful when mounting the attachments to the skid steer.

best pallet forks for compact tractor

2. Installation

There are different setup types, from simple pallet forks and their mounting to those with the hydraulic-actuated grapple to hold the loader weight during the transportation process.

You can also find other valuable accessories, such as fork frames compatible with trailer hitches or the hay spike.

All these will help your loader with massive weight, reduce labor, and improve productivity.

Thus, you can check the benefits and deals with your dealer and find the best pallet forks for your needs.

3. Lift capacity

You can either choose light-duty or heavy-duty fork attachments.

Also, you need to check the lift and loader capacity to find the best one for the skid steer.

Light-duty fork attachments are ideal for small skid steers and compact utility tractors, and their loader ability won’t overcome 2,500 pounds.

Medium or standard-duty attachments typically have loader capacities between 4,000 and 5,000 pounds, and you can use them with multiple skid steers and standard pallets.

Heavy-duty fork attachments are typically most suitable for massive skid steers and tractors, with capacities up to 10,000 pounds.

So, based on your needs, you can choose among these three groups and find the best attachments for your needs.

4. Materials

Don’t forget that your ideal attachment should be sturdy and durable enough to load and transport heavy loads of materials and other tools and items.

So, search for equipment with a solid frame and reliable construction to avoid deformation and bending.

This way, you can use the attachment more robustly, and it won’t damage so soon. Thus, it will last for an extended period.

So, it would be best to search for the steel, and iron equipment, as they will easily mount on the bucket and keep the weight stable and balanced.

In addition, the fork attachment won’t bend or break regardless of the loaded weight.

5. Compatibility

It would be excellent to purchase an attachment that easily mounts and fits different equipment and tractor brands.

So, you can find numerous attachment models compatible with Kubota, New Holland, Ford, John Deere, and other brands.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the attached units – they will fit your tractor models.

Extra tips & tricks for pallet forks

best pallet forks for kubota tractor
  1. Keep them close to the ground for better visibility and a lower center of gravity during transportation.
  2. Read the instruction manual and find more details about what you can or cannot do with the attachments in question. So, look for pre-use inspection for damage, hydraulic grapple uses and leakage prevention if they have some, security of the fasteners, etc.
  3. Ensure the frame is firmly attached to the vehicle and the positive latching of grapple and forks onto the fork frame.
  4. NEVER carry a load concentrated only on one fork tine. Spread the burden on both tines to prevent slippage or harm of a fork tine. And, never use the tines to grub roots, stumps or rocks. There are other various attachments meant for these heavy-duty tasks, so don’t destroy your fork tines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size pallet forks do I need?

You can use a 36-inch attachment.

The 36-inch fork length will be enough for loading and lifting standard pallets.

Thus, the forks won’t have to poke out to the other side, and the forks will get most of the pallets.

Are clamp-on pallet forks good?

They are an excellent piece of tractor equipment, but experts agree they’re ideal for occasional use.

In addition, they’re fantastic if you don’t have a quick attach bucket.

Above all, they’re affordable for all farmers.

Where are Titan pallet forks made?

According to the Titan pallet forks review, their headquarters and manufacturing facilities were established in 2014 in Decatur, Tennessee, so they’re made in the USA.

What kind of steel are pallet forks made of?

These units are mostly made of tough and durable steel – 4140 or 4340.

They meet the plans and proportions the engineers make and propose, and all of them undergo extra durability and sturdiness tests to complete the proper needs.

How does a pallet fork work?

A pallet fork is one part of the tractor equipment known as the escapement.

The pallets on the divisions interact with the escape wheels and cause the pallets to move back and front.

And, the best pallet forks are?

The best ones are undoubtedly the Titan Attachments Light-Duty 46″ Clamp-on Pallet Forks.

The best skid steer pallet forks are ideal for all tasks due to their massive weight ability, easy installation on the tractor bucket, and exceptional performance.

In addition, the forks are versatile, flexible, and compatible with numerous brands, so they make an excellent purchase for different needs and equipment parts.

Finally, the chain holes and stabilizer bar will keep the loads and their maximum weight stable and safe while operating, without any complications or potential risks.


All reviewed pallet forks will show the best performance, high-quality content, and maximum durability and sturdiness.

Their differences are only in detail, so you will have to examine all features thoroughly and find the best solution.

However, you need to determine the tasks you will operate, the purpose of your purchase, and how you will use the attached units.

Once you do so, you can go for these five tractor attachments.

Let me know once you find the ideal attachment.

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