Best Tractor Brand 2022 for All Farmers! (American-made, Japanese, German & European Tractor Brands)

To ease your work on fields, you must have reliable tractors. Tractors are the most reliable agricultural equipment.

But, how do you know what reliable tractors are?

Well, you need to look for high-performance, quality products and the latest technology that will last longer.

But, these agricultural tractors must come from reliable tractor brands.

Nowadays, the most reliable tractor brands are Japanese, European, American-made, and German tractor brands.

And, why are they so popular among farmers? Read below.

The Most Reliable Tractor Brands of 2022: What Is Your Decision?

1. John Deere

John Deere tractor brand
Source: Youtube

John Deere tractors are famous worldwide for their excellent performance and high-quality products.

In addition, the John Deere is a brand of agricultural machinery produced by the well-known company Deere & Company.

However, the John Deere brand focuses on utility tractors, diesel motors, mowers, loaders, forage harvesters, combines, and farm machinery.

John Deere tractor company is highly exceptional for their forestry sectors and construction machinery equipment.

The history of the John Deere tractor company begins in 1837, in Moline, Illinois, by John Deer.

As an American-made tractor company, John Deere is nowadays the largest tractor manufacturer globally, developing and purchasing other tractor manufacturers.

Although it’s widely recognized among farmers worldwide and has a reputation established in 1837, the John Deere tractor manufacturer is mainly sold in America and Canada.

And today, the John Deere tractors are versatile and famous for their engine power.

Unlike other tractors, John Deere tractors have a high-speed engine, a friction-drive transmission, and all-wheel drive.

Due to the technologically advanced benefits, the John Deere tractors are excellent for different tasks, and you can instantly send the data to the business offices.

Finally, the John Deere tractors are affordable, striving to increase the best performance and ease your work on the field.

Also, John Deere, as a brand, produces comfortable tractors, increasing efficiency, and production.

And, thanks to its 185 years long reputation, John Deere as a brand is a leading tractor company on the tractor market.

2. Case IH

case IH tractor brand
Source: YouTube

Case IH is another representative of USA-made reliable tractor brands.

The company was established in 1842 by Jerome Increase Case. He founded the Racine Threshing Machine Works in Racine, Wisconsin.

Thus, he was the founding father of the present thresher and separated grain and straw.

With 180 years of long history, the Case IH tractors are recognized in more than 160 countries, confirming their global presence.

Nowadays, the Case IH company is a part of CNH Industrial.

The Case IH tractors are reliable in creating highly efficient and powerful tractor equipment that meets professional farmers’ needs and meets the challenges of modern farming.

But, of course, they’re best known for harvesters and combines, too.

As the second-largest tractor manufacturer in North America, Case IH produces the most powerful, technologically advanced Case IH tractors, working in fields around the globe.

Case IH offers an extensive range of tractor models, producing sub-compact tractors, utility tractors, compact tractors, and other agricultural equipment for vineyards, orchards, landscapes, general farm chores, fieldwork, etc.

All Case IH tractors have advanced technology, and their agricultural machines are famous for low fuel consumption with higher performance.

Therefore, the Case IH tractors are practical and efficient for extended uses.

In addition, the tractors are comfortable and come with excellent control as the manufacturer knows farmers spend hours and hours in the field.

The company is a massive competitor to John Deere tractors, so they also win among other brands proving to be of the highest quality.

3. New Holland

New Holland tractor brand
Source: Youtube

New Holland is another US-based manufacturer of agricultural equipment and machines, outstanding for their high-quality products, including tractors, harvesters, balers, seeding equipment, utility tractors, implements, etc.

As an agricultural machinery brand, New Holland also became part of the global CNH Industrial and one of the most reliable tractor brands on the market.

New Holland was established in 1895 in Pennsylvania, changing its headquarters over time, but today they’re a part of the CNH Industrial.

However, New Holland tractors nowadays are best known for their price and premium-quality benefits.

Namely, the best tractors produce as few carbon footprints as possible, being functional and robust at the same time.

That’s why New Holland overpasses all other brands, making their way to the top of the market.

However, their trademark is the exceptional NH2 Hydrogen Tractor.

The tractor allows farmers to produce the energy necessary for operations, using hydrogen generated from renewable sources located in the environment.

Therefore, the tractor is an eco-friendly one!

Of course, all New Holland tractors have maximum comfort and multi-functions, with powerful engines, suitable for all small farms globally.

Moreover, the New Holland tractors produce quality results due to their specific constructions and power.

4. Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson tractor brand
Source: Youtube

Massey Ferguson is an international producer of agricultural machines.

The Massey Ferguson company was established in 1953 when two companies merged into one. Those were the British Ferguson company and the Canadian Massey-Harris company.

Nowadays, the American-made tractor company is one of the leading globally, with the Massey-Ferguson tractors, farm equipment, and machinery with premium quality and maximum performance.

You can find the best Massey Ferguson tractors with economical prices and the latest technology with supreme tractor functions.

So, the tractors will complete all farming tasks with superior performance, making higher profits for farmers.

Massey Ferguson currently produces six series of tractors.

The last product line enables horsepower and torque levels much higher, unlike traditional tractors with lower use of fuel.

Therefore, the Massey Ferguson tractors are more advantageous.

All tractor models are created for farmers and their needs.

Farmers can choose more motor power, higher flow pump, implements, and accessories according to their preferences and demands.

They also have a specific system that keeps running costs down, which is crucial when hiring a tractor.

And Massey Ferguson produces sub-compact, utility, compact tractor models, mid-range tractors, and high HP row crop tractors.

So, when you need a tractor for all farm tasks, the Massey Ferguson tractor is the best option.

With the brand-new technology and potent engines, the entire product line allows efficient and practical work, with minimum effort and maximum performance.

But, the biggest plus is that Massey Ferguson has tractors more affordable than other tractor companies, such as John Deere, for instance, but with the same quality and performance.

5. Mahindra

Mahindra tractor brand
Source: Youtube

Mahindra tractors come from Asia. They are made in Mumbai, India, part of a multinational manufacturing corporation for farm equipment.

As a reliable tractor brand, Mahindra was established in 1945 and today is one of the leading tractor manufacturers both in India and worldwide.

They have another branch in the USA, known as Mahindra USA.

But, Mahindra tractors are multiple, with varying prices, depending on the tractor models, shapes, and sizes.

However, Mahindra tractors are most prominent for their long-lasting constructions, ruggedness, and reliability.

Their powerful engines are also supreme, producing maximum power without wasting fuel.

So, if you need sub-compact tractors, compact tractors, or larger tractors, Mahindra tractors are the best options for farmers.

The durable tractors will increase productivity and make farmers’ work more accessible and straightforward.

So, the Mahindra tractor models are both practical and efficient.

Mahindra won numerous prestigious awards as the most reliable brand, moving farming needs, and making its way in the tractor market.

So if you need a reliable tractor, the Mahindra tractor is an excellent option!

Only in 2020, the company sold more than 302,000 durable tractors. Thus, the company has become one of the leaders and sells its tractors in more than 40 countries.

And since its establishment, the Mahindra brand has sold more than 2.1 million tractors worldwide.

As previously said, Mahindra is famous even in the US market, as Mahindra USA, and you can repair your tractor there.

However, their stamp is also a more extended warranty period (5-7 years), so all farmers have insurance if something goes wrong.

Finally, Mahindra won a Deming Prize for Japan Quality Medal, unlike a John Deere or even Massey Ferguson tractor.

6. Sonalika

Sonalika tractor brand
Source: YouTube

Sonalika Group is another Indian company for farm equipment and tractors of premium quality.

The brand was established in 1885 as the youngest tractor world, one of the best Indian tractor exporters, with more than 120 countries in operation.

Customers can purchase an affordable tractor today for lower maintenance, yet they will get an outstanding motor engine quality.

These tractors operate in all fields with brand-new technology systems and have heavy-duty power. They combine well, so the tractors are attractive and comfortable even after several hours of use.

They offer a wide range of implements, from land preparation to post-harvesting work, such as residue management, etc.

The tractors also have various awards for implementing newer technology to facilitate work.

They also have a wide variety of HP, between 20 and 120.

And since they require low maintenance, their engines have a higher output for a better total cost of working experience and ownership.

7. Kubota

Kubota tractor brand
Source: YouTube

Kubota is one of the leading Asian tractor companies coming from Japan. It was established in Osaka, Japan, in 1890.

Nowadays, Kubota offers numerous tractors – from sub-compact to compact tractor designs, small tractor units, and large-sized tractors for all farming tasks for countless applications.

However, one of the best tractor companies also includes various implements for harvesting, plowing, harrowing, etc.

And in addition to Kubota tractors, the most advanced tractor maker company in the world also produces water pumps, treats drinking water generators, and does recycling.

Kubota tractors are also effortless to use and operate.

Their performance and quality stand out in completing all farming tasks. Their reputation and trademark are durable, and the customers agree.

In addition, their reputation is well known for design wisdom and light shapes, so Kubota tractors stand out among other tractor brands.

As the tractor company produces all tractors from 21 to 55 HP, their engines work well with diesel and gasoline. But, the machines are also used for construction machinery and yachts.

So, tractors have ideal performance, advanced design, and lower fuel consumption.

Although they’re small in appearance, they have sensitive steering wheels, agility, speed, and higher power.

Also, the tractors have hydrostatic transmission, mechanical, CVT transmission, glide shift, power shift, and many more.

So, they’re adequate for different tasks, including front loader, soil cultivation, transport, etc.

8. Fendt

Fendt tractor brand
Source: Youtube

Fendt is one of the most reliable tractor brands in Europe. Moreover, it’s a German brand, one of the most popular tractor companies.

It was founded in 1930 and became a part of the AGCO Corporation.

Nowadays, the brand produces tractors, balers, and harvesters. They have the most significant share in tractor production in Europe.

Fendt tractors cover a wide range of 70 to 500 HP, with economic balance – less money for supreme performance and quality.

So, the tractors are recognizable for intelligent systems and design, with less time for higher performance.

All Fendt tractors are equipped with potent motors, insensitive to engine lugging, for more durability and better working options.

Their price tag is affordable, which is why they’re one of the best-selling tractors in the world.

Moreover, their intelligent design and brand-new system technology makes them attractive for newbies and beginners in the farming world.

Fendt tractors are ideal for all terrains, working at full speed and maximum performance.

And, they’re attractive for their implements and compact design, with increased comfort for long working hours.

So, their most significant benefits are solidity and durability in the sea of tractor brands.

But, they’re also famous for transmission and cruise control, engine speed memory buttons, hydraulic system and control switches, rear PTO, and rear linkage.

9. Claas

Claas tractor brand
Source: Youtube

Claas Tractors is another German tractor producer based in Harsewinkel.

The company was founded in 1913, and they have created additional farm machinery, including presses, combines, attachments, and other agriculture equipment.

Claas is also the best harvester producer in Europe and worldwide, well-known for its top-quality tractor designs and systems.

Claas has produced more than 50 tractor patterns, between 75 and 530 HP. They come in numerous power ranges and types.

In addition, the company has launched a total of seven tractor series with specific functions, purposes, and specifications.

Also, Claas models have lower fuel use and higher performance.

And as farming requires hours of work, they have comfort benefits, helping farmers to work longer, without issues.

And the tractor patterns are most recognizable for their effectiveness, so they’re best sold in Europe, Asia, and America.

They have an entire range of prices too, suitable for all farmers.

10. SAME

SAME tractor brand
Source: Youtube

SAME stands for the Societa Accomandita Motori Endotermici, an Italian tractor brand founded in 1942 in Italy.

However, the tractor company is one of the most reliable tractor brands, creating a series of diesel engineers, harvesting machines, and other agricultural machinery.

The main SAME tractor designs have models from 25 to 440 HP. So, there is a tractor division into two groups:

  • for bigger fields
  • for orchards and vineyards.

In addition, customers love SAME tractors since they’re practical, easy to use and operate, solid, and effective.

Moreover, each tractor is unique, modern, trustworthy, reliable, and of premium quality for more prolonged use.

So, they’re always farmers’ #1 choice.


What is the most reliable tractor brand?

All of these brands are equally reliable.

The main differences are only in their engine HP and performance, but overall, even these segments are somewhat the same.

You can choose your reliable brand depending on your demands and needs.

However, the top three selling tractor brands are:

  1. John Deere – for the American market
  2. Mahindra – for the Asian market
  3. Fendt – for the European market

And, you can choose among other numerous brands as well, just decide what your primary needs are.

For example, what is the number 1 selling tractor?

The best-selling tractor is the John Deere model.

They are widely known for their powerful engines, exceptional performance, and high-quality equipment.

And, we cannot forget the trademark – yellow and green color.

Is John Deere better than Kubota?

Both are great tractor brands. So, you can choose either of them.

However, John Deere tractors are standard with a quick attach bucket, and Kubota tractors have buckets with supreme maneuverability.

So, that would be the main difference, but overall, they’re pretty the same in all other aspects.

What is the best American tractor brand?

The best American brand is John Deere, the best-selling and most popular brand. They have the ultimate performance, quality, and newest designs for all farmers and all tasks.

What is the most expensive tractor brand?

Well, these brands include John Deere and Case IH.

Of course, they have the highest prices, but still, their prices match the needs and quality of farming tasks.

That’s why they’re top-selling brands in the USA and worldwide.

Final Words

That’s it, farmers! I hope you liked the list and found the most reliable brand for your needs.

If you still can’t decide, take your time, and think twice since it’s a significant investment.

However, whatever your choice might be, you won’t go wrong, as all brands are outstanding and popular among the farmers.

And, let me know once you select your best brand!

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