Where Are John Deere Tractors Made? (Biggest Tractor Model & Top Models Cost)

It’s almost impossible that a farmer has not heard of the John Deere tractors!

So many of their customers stayed royal throughout the years while this company continues to be one of the leading agricultural equipment manufacturers.

However, to this day, many people wonder where john Deere Tractors are made, what is the biggest john deere tractor and how much does it cost?

So stay tuned to dive into these topics and answer all of your questions.

But first, let’s see how the brand made its first steps.

Brand Overview

biggest john deere tractor

We are starting the story with a steel plow. Yes, you read that correctly.

The company was founded in Grand Detour, Illinois.

In 1927, they invented the first combine harvester. After two years, combine harvesters were upgraded to be more efficient and lighter.

Then, in 1937, John Deere invented the first steel plow and gained national recognition!

He became a plow manufacturer, and in 1963, the company became the first to invent the horse-powered ride-on plow.

It’s known as Hawkeye Riding Cultivator.

However, it wasn’t until 1918 that the company produced its first tractors.

Surprisingly, in its first year of production, the company sold over 5,634 tractors!

The trope models were Waterloo boy and John Deere tractor. The first industrial-grade tractor was introduced in 1935.

There are currently five series of tractors, including D-series, specialty tractors, heavy-duty tractors, E-series, and JDLink.

It was the beginning of gasoline-powered tractors, and John Deere became a leading manufacturer!

The company of John Deere became a household name, and years later, it became a multi-national company.

The Deere company changed the logo a few times, but the central image of a leaping deere was never removed.

So right now, you can find two logos by the Deere company-one for the agricultural equipment and one for the construction equipment.

The Very First John Deere Tractor

As you gathered from our short history lesson, John Deere has been on the market for ages!

But, let’s talk a bit about the model that started it all since it’s a big thing in the Deere company!

The very first tractor by John Deere was called Waterloo boy.

When John Deere bought the Waterloo Gas Company, that’s when the interest in tractors occurred. So the Waterloo Boy got the name for its dual purpose.

Namely, the Waterloo Boy was the only tractor that could heat the water in the boiler either by kerosine or gasoline.

Looking back at it now, this was a pretty low-powered tractor. But, when you consider how big of a difference it made from farmers back then, you could say that 2-16 HP was mighty.

Later on, Deere continued to manufacture tractors which led to the development of the John Deere Model A tractor.

The very first row crop tractor John Deere tractors made changed the game for good!

Following the A model, the Deere company developed the B model, which helped continue manufacturing magnificent agricultural machinery.

Where Are John Deere Tractors Made?

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The very first tractor from the Deere company was manufactured in Moline, Illinois, USA.

Even though the company gained international success, they keep their roots in the heart of the USA.

The four main headquarters are in Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

However, the Deere company regained huge success, so it was only logical to take the manufactory international!

Starting from the 1950s, the company built factories in South America, North America, Mexico, Spain, Europe, Asia, and Germany.

Interestingly, not all of these factories are responsible for the same series. For instance, if you want lawn tractors and garden tractors, you can find these in the US at one of the headquarters.

But, if you need utility tractors, there is no better solution than to get them in Georgia.

But, you can also get models in India, Brazil, and Germany!

So, to answer the question of whether John Deere tractors are all manufactured in the USA, some of them are.

But, since this is one of the best tractor brands, they had to move some of their companies internationally.

Which John Deere Equipment Can You Get in the USA & Internationally?

1. The USA

Tractor Models:

  • Georgia: Compact utility tractors & utility tractors
  • Greeneville & Wisconsin: Lawn and garden tractors
  • Waterloo, Iowa: AG tractors

Other Machinery

  • East Moline & Moline Illinois: Hydraulic cylinders; large combine harvesters, planting equipment
  • Grovetown, Georgia: Agricultural tractor models & small commercial tractors
  • Iowa: Cotton harvesters, tillage equipment, sprayers, forage harvesters, motor graders
  • Waterloo: Drivetrain operations, service parts operations, tractors, foundry operations,
  • Fuquay Varina, North Carolina: Golf equipment
  • Greeneville, Tennessee, Wisconsin: Lawn-care machinery
  • Dubuque, Iowa: Backhoes, skid steer loaders, tracked forestry equipment,
  • Louisiana: Cane harvesting equipment

2. Internationally

Tractor Models:

  • India: 5000 series tractors
  • China, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Russia: AG tractors

Other Machinery:

  • Brazil: Harvesters
  • Finland: Harvesters and forwarders
  • Zweibrücken, Germany: Harvesting machinery
  • France: Power-systems
  • Mexico: Tractor & construction machinery, 4 & 6 cylinder engines.

Types of John Deere Tractors

john deere tractor review

Over the years of being a successful manufacturer, the Deere company has delivered over 700 models that satisfy the needs of every farmer.

Most farmers that had the chance to try out a genuine John Deere tractor have stayed loyal customers!

Other than tractor business, John Deere offers a few more agricultural machinery such as forage equipment, sugarcane harvesters, etc.

Currently, there are seven types of John Deere tractors, so let’s see what they are.

1. Row-crop tractors: They go up to 360HP and are mainly used for plowing, harrowing, weed control, and planting crops.

2. Specialty tractors: These tractors are great if you have a few awkward places in your vineyard, orchards, and alike. Specialty tractors are also suitable if you often go around rough terrain as they handle the rocky roads pretty well.

3. 4WD tractors: These are the absolute beasts! This is the best one if you want super heavy-duty tractors from John Deere! It’s the most potent model as it has up to 560 HP and can handle any terrain. It’s also suitable for bigger farms.

4. Utility tractors: These farm tractors have the power of 250 HP and include various attachments. They are multi-purpose, and with the attachments, you can use utility tractors for hauling, boiling, and mowing.

5. Track tractors: They come in 8RT and 9 RT series.

6. Sub-compact tractors: These are the smaller models. Sub-compact tractors work best for home use as they are pretty compact and easier to use. In addition, you can use the sub-compact tractors for small jobs around the garden, such as mowing, landscaping, or even animal management.

7. Compact utility tractors: These models have low power for heavy-duty tasks. Still, they are amazing at performing lighter ones such as plowing, digging, landscaping, garden maintenance, mowing, and loading.

The Unique 8000 Series

If you are looking to find out the specifications that make John Deere tractors stand out from the competitor brands, the answer is in the 8000 series.

The John Deere 8000 series of tractors was created to offer drivers maximum comfort, visibility, and power while reducing the operational costs in the field.

With all of these goals in mind, John Deere company set out to make one of the unique tractors of their brand.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what they offer.

The original lineup for the 8000 series included four-row crop tractors: 8100, 8200, 8300, and 8400.

1. Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD)

The mechanical front-wheel drive allows for traction and power in all terrains, weather, and road conditions.

In addition, the MFWD can be engaged and disengaged in all gears, even under full load.

This design allowed John Deere tractors to use a 52-degree steering angle even if the model had large front tires.

2. CommandView Cab

Not a single farmer driver does not appreciate the CommandView Cab!

It’s designed for utter convenience, comfort, visibility, as well as productivity.

We’re talking about lumbar support, seat air suspension, backrest adjustment, and lots of features that make a long day in the open field more manageable.

3. CommandArm Control

The CommandArm control allows for easy accessibility of tractor controls such as PTO controls; HITCH controls, automatic powershift resumes, transmission shift control, etc.

4. PowerShift Transmission

The power shift transmission allowed operators to choose between 16 speeds when driving forward and up to 4 speeds while going reverse.

This did not allow for more control, but it added safety for the operator.

To this day, John Deere included this feature with smaller alterations. It’s available with all newer 8000 series models except the 8360RT and 8360R models.

What Are the Biggest John Deere Tractors?

1. 9620RX

Coming at number one, the 9620RX is the biggest model that John Deere tractors manufactured.

It’s powered by the diesel Cummins QSX15 and a compatible B20 engine with the 14.9-liter 6-cylinder.

It has an immersive power of 620 HP, so it’s a true master on all terrains!

The CommandView cabin is comfortable and spacious for the driver and gives terrific visibility.

But, what’s even better is that it includes spring-loaded shock absorbers on the corners so the driver can enjoy a smooth ride.

Not only is it the biggest John Deere tractor, but it’s also the heaviest one with a weight of 62,000 lbs.

2. 8R 410

The 8R 410 tractor model by John Deere is genuinely a magnificent beast among row-crop tractors.

It’s spacious and well-equipped, so the driver will give good visibility once he gets behind the wheel.

It gives you the chance to order the tractor with the Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package, which includes several accessories and benefits for the driver.

Such is the automatic climate control, telescopic steering wheel, and a console so you can manage the hitch and other functions.

3. 9470R-Scraper Special

This John Deere tractor features immersive power of 470 HP, which is delivered through the 18-speed Power Shift.

It has a 6-cylinder engine and includes a CommandView cabin with a ComfortCommand seat.

The asymmetric turbocharger of this John Deer tractor has a dual function.

One serves for variable geometry and aftercool, while the other serves for fixed geometry.

Why Are John Deere Tractors So Special?

john deere tractor comparison chart

John Deere has set out a goal to create tractors that will fit every farmer’s needs. From premium comfort to well-equipped vehicles that will reduce operational costs.

They have some of the most advanced features you can find on the market.

Such features include a high hydraulic system, high engine power, upgraded transmission system, and others that differentiate them from their competitors.

They are equipped with innovative technology, including excellent brakes, a large fuel tank, and impressive PTO, all while having outstanding lifting capacity.

John Deere is a company that’s a friend with lots of implement companies so you can get a variety of implements for your agricultural achievements.

Lots of the tractor models are known for their durability and power. They are equipped with cast heavy-duty iron axles to perform rigorous tasks.

We already mentioned the CommandArm Control.

Not only are farmers able to do their tasks efficiently and quickly, but they can also safely do them. This is because all of the controls are easy to reach and operate.

Lastly, it’s good to mention that you can also customize your John Deere tractor.

By this, we mean that you can purchase a variety of attachments such as a bumper, hitch, top link, and many others, which make your John Deer model unique!

It allows for comfortable and safer rides in the field, which you cannot put a price on!

How Much Does a John Deere Tractor Cost?

Just like any other tractor brand, John Deere’s prices vary in the tractor’s quality, specifications, release series and power.

Please consider that the prices we listed could differ from those of your local dealers.

Let’s start with the more expensive John Deere tractors and come down to some of the budget-friendly deals.

4WD and 9 Series tractors are one of the new releases from the John Deere company.

Not only are they newcomers, but they are also one of the biggest deere tractors made recently. Therefore, you can expect the price to be steep, let’s say between $360,000 and $645,000.

The 8000 series we mentioned above ranges between $275,000 to $560,000.

You can find the 7000 series tractors with the beginning price of $235,000 up to $325,000.

Specialty tractors range between $50,000 to $180,000.

The 6000 series utility tractors range between $90,000 to $265,000.

The 5000 series utility tractors have pricing between $20,000 to $100,000.

Compact utility tractors by John Deere range somewhere between $16,000 and $25,000.

And finally, we have John Deere lawn tractors that have a starting price point of $1,600.


Are John Deere tractors still made in the USA?

Although the company is worldwide, the John Deere tractors are still manufactured in the USA.

One of their most popular tractor series, like 7R, 8R, and 9R, are still manufactured in Iowa, Georgia, and Waterloo.

What is the most reliable John Deere tractor?

One of the most reliable models of John Deere tractors is the 6150R.

It’s robust and includes power systems that make it ideal for harvesting crops and fertilizing the soil.

Since the model has a bigger cab design than the rest of the tractors, it offers excellent visibility to tractor drivers.

Who is John Deere’s biggest competitor?

John Deere’s biggest tractor manufacturer competition is Kubota, CNH, AGCO, Claas KGaA.

However, you will notice that Mahindra also tops the chart for best-selling tractor models.

Why are John Deere tractors so expensive?

There are many reasons why John Deere tractors are so expensive.

For starters, the company has been in the business ever since the petrol agricultural tractors were introduced, so they earned a respectable name.

But, if you compare John Deere tractors with other brands, you will notice that there is not a big of a price difference.

It all comes down to the tractor’s power, capacity, condition, and specific requirements.

What percentage of farmers use John Deere?

From the survey conducted among 2000 farmers, the results show that up to 67% of them are loyal users of the John Deere equipment.

Final Words

Now that you know where John Deere tractors are made, it gives you more knowledge of where you can buy your favorite model.

We listed the prices of all the series, but they may vary depending on where you plan to purchase your John Deere tractor.

John Deere is a respectable brand with many loyal customers that have been in the tractor business for over 100 years now!

If you plan on investing in a trustworthy tractor brand, there is no better pick than the good old green and yellow John Deere tractor!

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