Best Post Hole Digger 2022: Best Auger Style Digger for the Quickest Drill!

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Digging post holes is exhausting and tedious work. You need to put a lot of effort into the digging process, especially if you’re a newbie.

So, to ease your digging projects and make installing fence posts less tiresome, you can choose the best post hole digger!

The best post hole digger will reduce the time and energy invested in the digging tasks and help you correctly dig post holes.

But, how to pick the best post hole digger? Read below!

Best post hole digger 2022: A final overview

$$$Adasea 72CC Post Hole Digger – 29 pounds.

Best effectiveness and efficiency for various drilling tasks. Flexible and versatile for different blade sizes.

However, package issues.

$Draper 1050 x 150mm Fence Post Auger – 8.6 pounds.

Best heavy-duty structure with solid and reliable overall content and materials. A long-lasting lifespan; potent and heavy-duty jobs. Easy to use.

$$$$Landworks Earth Auger – 28.7 pounds.

Best safety and security features, thanks to specific design and LED lights for lower-visibility conditions. Ideal for rough applications.

But, specific switch issues.

$$$$ LLC 63CC Heavy Duty Gas Powered Post Hole Digger – 23.15 pounds.

Best system technology due to optimal tracking of the used fuel and construction. Robust for heavy-duty tasks.

Still shipping issues.

$$$PPROYAMA 54cc Dig Performance Gas Powered Earth Auger Post Hole Digger – 43 pounds.

Best protective equipment and overall protection. Eco and user-friendly for more extended use and more robust applications.

Yet, extension issues.

$$$$SuperHandy Earth Auger – 29.8 pounds.

Best quality for a prolonged lifespan and smoother drilling procedures. Flexible and lightweight for advanced standards.

Anyhow, battery issues.

$$DYRABREST 52cc Gas Powered Earth Auger Post Hole Digger – 22.82 pounds.

Best for the straight-through gearbox for more robust applications. Solid for external pressure.

Nonetheless, poor customer service.

$$$DC HOUSE 52cc 2.4HP Auger Post Hole Digger – 51.65 pounds.

Best value due to durable and sturdy construction, penetrating all grounds. Powerful engine for increased potential & longer uses.

Nevertheless, unstable extension.

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#1. Adasea 72CC Post Hole Digger – Most efficient

  • Brand: Adasea 
  • Item dimensions: 16.5 x 24.4 x 10.4 inches
  • Material: Alloy steel 
  • Best for: versatility 

What’s so unique about our best post hole digger?

Firstly, the Adasea gas-powered post hole digger reviews show the item is perfect for setting the fence post, drilling quickly into the earth, and making space for tree roots, poles, shrubs, etc.

In addition, the earth auger post hole digger contains a solid and potent 72cc gasoline engine for improved performance and efficiency.

Thus, one or two people can efficiently operate the earth post hole auger.

You will find the gas-powered auger post hole digger comfortable and adjustable for an extended period, as the gas-powered post hole digger offers an ergonomic design.

Therefore, the gas-powered earth auger won’t cause extra pain or pressure on your hands.

On the contrary, the best post hole digger contains an easy-to-grip handlebar and finger throttle switch control to find and turn the suitable digging speed, control the auger drill bit, and adjust the manual digger to various digging tasks.

However, the gas digger will be ideal for multiple holes and even hardened soil, as it provides a quick pull-start action, thanks to the faster fuel delivery system.

Thus, you’ll find the manual recoil start.

The gas-powered model is also ideal for deeper holes, as the steel blades and the solid steel drive shaft come in three different sizes, so you can choose the best one for your demands.

Finally, the manual post hole digger comes in two packages due to size limits. Hence, check the delivery details.

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • stable
  • package issues

#2. Draper 1050 x 150mm Fence Post Auger – Best heavy-duty construction

  • Brand: Draper
  • Item dimensions: 41.97 x 6.77 x 6.46 inches
  • Material: Tubular steel 
  • Best for: solid and reliable material

Why should you opt for the Draper post hole digger?

Well, the manual post hole digger will wow you due to its sturdy and reliable construction.

Thus, the steel blades are ideal for tough soil conditions, the construction site, planting trees, loose soil, deep holes, etc.

So, the earth auger post hole digger is versatile for various heavy-duty tasks.

Thanks to the reliable and solid design, the manual post hole digger won’t damage so soon, and you can use it more robustly.

Hence, the steel construction will last for an extended period, and you can apply it for numerous projects.

Moreover, the simple yet strong structure will adjust your grip and effort so that the manual post hole digger will be ideal for deep holes and strength-requiring jobs.

Due to its length of 41.33 inches, the earth auger drill bit will help you quickly and straightforwardly tackle post holes into your yard, garden, or any other surface and ground.

So, you will finish the tasks quicker and save your time and energy.

Yet, the post hole digger has a 19.68-inch handle and 5.90-inch diameter.

So, the drill bit and the handy measuring stick adjust to various working conditions and ease the digging process.

Although the post hole digger doesn’t have an ergonomic design like the previous model, it will equally offer better-digging holes projects.

And, unlike various regular post hole diggers, the Draper post hole digger will provide you with a prolonged lifespan.

  • sturdy
  • easy to use
  • durable
  • /

#3. Landworks Earth Auger – Best safety benefits

  • Brand: Landworks 
  • Item dimensions: 9.5 x 13.1 x 15.8 inches
  • Material: Carbon-coated steel 
  • Best for: LED lights for lower visibility 

The following post hole digger will astonish you due to its security features.

Namely, the electric post hole digger has an overload protector, preventing overheating.

But, you’ll also find the wide-spacing handle construction suitable for improved and enhanced balance and security while applying the high-carbon steel on the rocky soil, tough soil, a deep hole, etc.

In addition, the electric post hole digger is highly versatile, so you can use it for fence posts, post hole prepping or digging, root removal, weed control, etc.

Don’t worry; the electric model has a sharp point on its blade for efficiency, and nothing can harm it easily.

Still, the electric post hole digger is eco-friendly, unlike gas-powered augers. Thus, the electric tool is quieter and produces no smog.

Besides, the electric post hole digger can either dig 30 or 60 holes when using 2Ah or 4Ah batteries.

The electric post hole drill bit uses an electric brushless motor with 320RPM output and the RTC button; it provides the best effectiveness and quicker digging of the deeper hole.

Besides, these electric post hole diggers have a specific Cap Screw bolt thread system for more efficiency.

Thanks to the efficient and advanced system technology, the best post hole digger has a 3-Planetary Gear System, ideal for higher power transmission and maximum efficiency.

So, the brushless motor will make digging post holes effective and smoother. It is ideal for uneven and bumpy ground, saving your time and effort.

  • eco-friendly
  • stable
  • secure
  • durable
  • switch issues

#4. ECO LLC 63CC Heavy Duty Gas Powered Post Hole Digger – Best system technology

  • Brand: ECO LLC 
  • Item dimensions: 31.5 x 12 inches
  • Material: Metal 
  • Best for: auger bit strength 

You shouldn’t skip the ECO LLC gas-powered post hole digger as it offers a smooth and secure drilling process.

So, the gas-powered auger post hole digger is ideal for rocky soil, increased auger bit, fence posts, planting trees, poles, shrubs, etc.

Additionally, contrary to most augers, you don’t have to deal with the persistent loose dirt on the auger bit, and you can apply the post hole digger for various tasks and even heavy-duty jobs.

Thanks to its ratio, power, strength, and potential, the gas earth auger offers 800RPM, a safety-built lock, and a carburetor with a pump for the smooth transition and the smoothest operations.

This way, the post hole digger changes the drill bits effortlessly and offers a quick starting system for digging holes quickly.

But, the post hole digger also offers a centrifugal clutch to control and moderate the overall digging process.

You can quickly moderate the gas-powered post-hole digger due to the switch control and the easy-to-grip finger throttle on its handlebar for optimal speed control and user power.

So, you can quickly adjust it to your fingertips.

As the post hole digger offers the recoil start with the quick-fuel delivery mechanism, the item is ideal for the quickest starting options, and the built-in fuel tank permits you to keep the optimal track of the fuel level.

To extend the drill bit, you can use the extension cord and increase the maximum depth of the deep hole you’re digging.

  • sturdy
  • lightweight
  • stable
  • shipping issues

#5. PPROYAMA 54cc Dig Performance Gas Powered Earth Auger Post Hole Digger – Best protection

  • Brand: PROYAMA
  • Item dimensions: ‎‎32.48 x 22.83 x 15.04 inches
  • Material: Steel 
  • Best for: maneuverability

This gas post hole digger is another eco-friendly product, ideal for its users, as it doesn’t cause uncomfortable noise, pressure, or pain while operating.

Thus, the post hole digger has an EPA-certified engine, discharging less fuel gas in use. So, the post hole digger won’t create pollution or harm human bodies.

The gas post hole digger offers a powerful engine; it provides a 2.4HP 1300W, 2-cycle 54cc motor.

Hence, unlike other similar automatic diggers, the automatic post hole digger provides more power and a quicker starting mechanism.

Of course, the gas post hole digger also includes increased protection for your hands, thanks to its vibration reduction handle, gloves, free ear defenders glasses, and other following equipment to prevent injuries & dig holes correctly.

In addition, the gas post hole digger offers an optimal mixing ratio of 1:25.

Thus, the post hole digger provides a 2-cycle oil/gas mixing ratio for optimal working conditions and needs to help you dig holes effectively.

Yet, you will like the post hole digger due to its sturdy and durable content.

Namely, the steel blades and the overall construction will serve you longer and show advanced performance for various tasks, even ice fishing.

And the package has different additional units, such as a spark plug tool, open-end wrenches, and other components required for effective and efficient digging holes.

Still, you will get a 5-year warranty period if something goes wrong. Thus, you can replace it or get a full money refund, but we doubt so.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • adjustable
  • extension cord issues

#6. SuperHandy Earth Auger – Best quality

  • Brand: SuperHandy 
  • Item dimensions: 9.5 x 13.1 x 15.8 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel 
  • Best for: flexibility 

Next off, the SuperHandy post hole digger advances various gas-powered diggers, as it’s safe, eco, and user-friendly for longer-term use.

The battery-powered auger bit contains a specific design, so it stops smog and overheating.

Therefore, you can use it for different tasks, and the earth auger will dig holes without potential risks.

So, you will find a unique structure preventing overheating and smog.

Thanks to the wide-space handle, the electric digger offers more balance during operations, making it more advanced than regular manual diggers.

Besides, you will get a 2Ah battery, but you purchase even a 4Ah one separately.

You will notice the specific 3-Planetary Gear Mechanism for higher power transmission, making the head more robust and providing the smoothest digging and more efficient process.

Among the units, you can find the earth auger bit, the battery, and the powerhead in the package.

In addition, the parts contain the universal Cap Screw Bolt thread system, making them smoother and more effective for digging.

As the post hole digger has various applications, you can use it for fertilizing shrubs, root removal, weed control fence posts, water aeration, etc.

Finally, the manufacturer offers a satisfactory warranty period. So, you can always replace the post hole digger or get a complete monetary refund.

However, the unit has premium quality, so it’s not possible. And you can always contact customer support for additional questions and dilemmas, if any.

  • easy to use
  • lightweight
  • maneuverable
  • durable
  • battery issues

#7. DYRABREST 52cc Gas Powered Earth Auger Post Hole Digger – The best performance

  • Brand: DYRABREST 
  • Item dimensions: 19.69 x 8.27 x 13.39 inches
  • Material: Manganese steel 
  • Best for: adjustability & convenience 

The DYRABREST gas post hole digger will help you dig holes properly due to its large size and robust construction.

Yet, the building comes in two packages due to its massive size.

So, check the shipping and delivery details before the final purchase.

In addition, the unit contains different auger bits of 4, 6, and 8 inches and an extension bar of 12 inches. So, it’s suitable for different diameters.

The product contains a straight-through gearbox, so it will be more robust and won’t share gears so quickly.

So, unlike most augers, it doesn’t have a side-mounted engine.

Since the manual digger has an ergonomic design, it will be suitable for one or even two people to adjust and use it effortlessly.

In addition, it will adapt to various tasks, perform professional-quality operations, and be accurate.

Thus, it will be easy to install and use, economical and efficient, as it has an advanced 52cc powerful engine.

So, it will perform the smoothest operations and finish the work faster, to save your time and energy.

With three different drill bits, you can work like a real professional and use the digger in various surroundings and environments.

Still, the installation and disassembly are also quick and uncomplicated.

Finally, the gas digger will come with a convenient warranty for quality and convenience. Thus, you can replace it or get a refund for potential risks, irregularities, and doubts.

And, for additional questions, contact customer service.

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • easy to use
  • adjustable
  • poor customer support

#8. DC HOUSE 52cc 2.4HP Auger Post Hole Digger – Best value

  • Brand: DC HOUSE 
  • Item dimensions: 49.25 x 16.25 x 12.25 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Best for: durability & sturdiness

Due to its versatility, you can use the DC post hole digger for different digging procedures and various soil types.

So, it will penetrate sandy, clay, silty, loamy, and even icy surfaces and grounds. Hence, it will be ideal even for ice fishing.

Moreover, the digger maximizes the efficiency and minimizes the effort and labor, thanks to its 52CC 2.5HP engine, so one or two persons can easily handle the primary operations.

Thus, you can control and manage it as you like.

It will meet your requirements as it comes with two auger bits of 6 and 10 inches. So, you can dig multiple holes in the subsequent use and applications.

With a maximum power of 8000RPM, the post hole digger is ideal for heavy-duty tasks and other burdensome procedures.

You can control and change the drilling bits effortlessly thanks to the mixing ratio, carburetor with pump, quick-starting system, and centrifugal clutch.

Since the unit offers an easy start and lightweight construction, it will be an ideal machine to empower you and provide the ultimate control over your drilling process and the land.

The post hole digger is also supreme for the penetration into the ground and deeper drilling system when necessary.

The durable and sturdy structure will create in-depth holes to increase the stability of fence posts or all other operations required to accomplish.

Still examine the shipping data to avoid complications with delivery. The unit comes in one package.

  • easy to use and install
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • unstable extension

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Types of automatic post hole diggers

1. Manual post hole diggers

Manual diggers are the most prominent, traditional post hole diggers for different digging procedures for fence posts, mailboxes, and other applications.

Their constructions resemble massive salad tongs, as the manual post hole diggers have a pair of two handles and the two hinged scoops at the end.

These post hole diggers dig holes in the following way:

  • Push the scoops into the soil.
  • Move the handles back and forth to loosen the rocks and dirt.
  • Scoop them out of the hole.

Although they’re portable, these post hole diggers require much energy and labor.

best auger style digger

2. Electric post hole diggers

These post hole diggers have electric engines to empower the augers.

Still, the machines are quieter than the gas models, preventing fumes and a smoke curtain.

They are lighter, require less maintenance, and are more convenient yet too pricey.

Still, they’re more convenient, contrary to gas models, and you can find various battery-powered post hole diggers.

Hence, the post hole diggers are the lightest and the most suitable for your digging needs.

So, when digging holes in smaller yards, the best post hole diggers would be the battery-powered models.

3. Gas-powered post hole diggers

When you’re in a hurry to finish the tasks quickly, you should go for different gas post hole diggers.

These models are equipped with gasoline-powered engines installed on the top of the diggers.

They are perfect for those in-depth holes, construction sites, excavations, etc., but for rocks, stones, soil, and other bumpy grounds.

Yet, the models will loosen the rest of the soil and clean all the holes with the subsequent passes.

Still, when catching rugged rocks or roots, the gas models might bury themselves in the ground.

Hence, you may have issues moving the diggers, so be careful with the challenging environments.

How to select the best post hole diggers?

To pick the best post hole diggers, you need to know the basics.

So, read the guide and find all the exciting facts regarding the best units.

1. Ease of use and lightweight units

Before moving on to other factors, ensure the diggers are lightweight and practical enough to finish the job. So, check the power inlet and outlet.

They also must be light enough to accomplish the tasks well if you work alone.

2. Engines/motors

Some grounds and soil are easier to penetrate, others harder.

When using diggers, ensure they can perform well. Their performance depends on engines/motors empowering the augers.

Gasoline engines should be at least 40cc – cubic centimeters, or even more for successful operations.

On the other hand, the electric units have information about their wattage and amps.

Still, units with 1200W and even more perform best.

Yet, ensure the engines have at least 10-amps to prevent overheating and other potential risks.

Regarding the powerhead systems, look for those models with a minimum of 1.5HP. For rough soil and ground, search for those with at least 2.25HP.

If you cannot find the matching electric type, go for gas models.

3. Augers

best post hole digger manual

The auger is the component that penetrates the ground and soil. They look like drill bits.

They come in different sizes, so choosing the proper size for machines and projects is crucial.

Still, to find the best size, you need to know the basics of the tasks.

Specific procedures, including concrete, deck footing, higher fence posts, etc., require massive augers.

For instance, 8-inch augers allow 4×4 posts, while 12-inch augers match 6×6 or 4×6 posts and more concrete.

These units are ideal for light-duty works and metal and chain-link fences.

If you have issues with digging, use the smaller units first and then transfer them to the larger ones.

You will save time and energy.

4. Weight

The correct weight ensures safety and security when operating.

You need to match the weight to move it around quickly and dig the holes in question.

So, follow these tricks:

  1. Manual models are the lightest, weighing approximately 10 pounds. They will be able to lift around 20 pounds from the hole.
  2. Gas models are the heaviest, weighing more than 40 pounds. They’re easy to penetrate the soil but hard to move around.
  3. Electric units are in the middle, weighing around 20 pounds, and the most suitable for all farmers.

5. Depth capacity

It’s essential to determine how deep your holes will be.

Taller fences easily uproot shallow posts and create extra leverage in windy conditions.

In addition, installing fences above the frosted surface will make them out of the hole and heave them up in the cold weather conditions.

Thanks to longer handles, various diggers enable you to penetrate 4 feet into the ground, ideal for frigid climates, fences, and deck posts.

And you have different extensions increasing the depth capacity, as you cannot find these augers.

So, adjust the unit to your needs to better handle the process.

6. Handles

Regardless of the units you want to use, consider the handles first.

They must be comfy and to your hands, eliminating extra pressure and pain and offering the leverage to remove the units quickly.

Long-handled units dig deeper and make you easily maneuver the process.

But for powered, wider handles are the best options.

You will have better control over the twisting nature of the models, and if the digger stacks in the ground, your working partner can quickly help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are manual post hole diggers any good?

Digging holes manually requires your energy, which is great for light or medium-level digging.

These units are excellent for fences, planting small bushes, or extending irrigation trenches.

Should I use an auger or post hole digger?

best type of post hole digger

The first option is ideal for rotating the top part without much energy. The second digs deeper into the ground yet creates larger holes at the top.

What is the fastest way to dig a post hole?

The fastest way is to use a gas earth auger.

Simply fill it with the required fuel, and the auger will complete the process in seconds.

Can one person use a two-person auger?

You might, but still, it’s better if the two you use it.

So, first, one person holds the machine steady while another starts it. Then, create and control the unit according to the instructions.

How deep can a one-person auger dig?

It digs around 3 feet into the ground, but you can use extensions for more profound needs.

Do augers work in rocky soil?

Yes, they might work there, yet they will be prevented if the soil is more robust than the most powerful machine.

So, check the specs before you start digging to prevent instant damage.

So, what is the best post hole digger?

The best one is undoubtedly the superior Adasea 72CC Post Hole Digger.

Thanks to its performance, design, and quality, the digger is ideal for various jobs.

In addition, it will be effective and efficient for various soil and ground types and quickly dig the holes you need.

Finally, the digger will wow you due to its strength and potential of the digging capacity and engine power.

So, it will be ideal for more robust applications.

Final words

The best way to dig holes is to use post hole diggers. Yet, their type, size, and mechanism determine the quality of your work.

So, ensure you meet the standards and specifications of the units before the digging projects to avoid damage and complications.

And inform me when you select the best post hole digger.

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