Best Tooth Bar for Compact Tractor Bucket: Top 5 Favorites of 2022

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Although it might be fun to drive around with the skid and track-loaders, you still need an all-purpose machine for various heavy-duty and light farming tasks.

That is why you should not invest in a larger machine – you can expand the bucket capacity on your compact tractors, and your tractor will perform better for an extended period.

But, what’s the best tooth bar for your sub-compact tractor & compact tractor bucket? Moreover, how to find the best solution?

Well, stay tuned and examine the reviews of the tooth bar for tractor bucket thoroughly. Shall we?

Best tooth bar for tractor bucket 2022: Our best overview

$$$$Heavy Hitch Green 53 Inch Bucket Tooth Bar for Sub-Compact Tractor – 68 pounds.

Best for exceptional standard and various performance benefits. For numerous heavy-duty tasks due to its solid construction.

$$$Digger Supply 7 Bobcat Style Skid Steer – 10 pounds.

Best for digging holes and other ground projects. Easy to attach, reliable, and strong enough to endure external forces, impacts, and pressure. Still specific design drawbacks.

$$$$Titan Distributors Inc. 72-in Fine Grade Skeleton Rock Bucket with Teeth – 772 pounds.

Best for moving rocks, brushing, and excavating. Universal fit for all heavy-duty tractors and machines. Excellent support. Yet, too expensive.

$$$VEVOR Bucket Tooth Bar – 76 pounds.

Best versatility, numerous functions, and multi-purpose unit. Advanced fixations, stability, and security due to the correct installation process. For various brush and other work. However, minor structure drawbacks.

$$$$49 1/2″ Clamp on Toothbar – 70 pounds.

Best long-lasting performance with a durable and sturdy heavy-duty construction. Suitable for different buckets, machines, and operations. But, questionable standard.

#1. Heavy Hitch Green 53 Inch Bucket Tooth Bar for Sub-Compact Tractor – Best quality

  • Brand: ‎Heavy Hitch LLC
  • Item dimensions: 57 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Material: heavy-duty steel
  • Best for: a John Deere sub-compact tractor

What’s so special about the Heavy Hitch tooth bar?

Firstly, you will love the Heavy Hitch tooth bar due to its heavy-duty construction and overall material.

Therefore, you can easily attach it to the tractor bucket and complete various tasks, including digging, working with dirt, and other heavy-duty arrangements.

In addition, you can get various sizes of the Heavy Hitch tooth bars and attach a different number of shanks – six, seven, or eight Heavy Hitch shanks.

Of course, the Heavy Hitch tooth bar has the best durability and sturdiness due to its solid construction.

So, it will last for an extended period, and the structure cannot damage so soon.

Hence, the Heavy Hitch tooth bar is an awesome product for hard-packed clay, rocky soil, and other robust uses for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Besides, the Heavy Hitch tooth bar is made for wear and tear, so it cannot break quickly.

Still, you don’t need to buy a new tooth bar – you can simply replace the shanks and teeth on this one. The quality and performance will remain the same.

Hence, your front-end loader uses a standard tooth bar and a cutting edge of 0.5 inches for effortless installation.

If you have tractor buckets with more significant sizes, you need to measure your front-end loader and the exact bucket edge and capacity to correctly mount the Heavy Hitch tooth bar.

And, as the Heavy Hitch tooth bar comes from the USA, it has superior quality.

  • easy to install
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • not visible

#2. Digger Supply 7 Bobcat Style Skid Steer – Best excavating equipment

  • Brand: H-RR
  • Item dimensions: 5.25 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches
  • Material: steel
  • Best for: hard-packed ground and soil

Why should you opt for the H-RR tooth bar for your tractor bucket?

Well, the H-RR unit is a perfect bar for your tractor, as the tooth bar presents the best tool for digging holes.

Namely, if you need to dig two holes or even more, the H-RR bar will work as a mini-excavator and complete your heavy-duty tasks in no time.

However, you can mount various numbers of shanks on the bar depending on the size and dimension of your bucket edge, bucket capacity, flat edge, and other bucket proportions.

So, my advice is to check the bucket size first and then see if you can mount the shanks properly.

Although the H-RR tooth bar comes custom-built to meet your tractor bucket, you still must determine the right measure to install it quickly.

Otherwise, you cannot dig holes and work on clay and rocky grounds if an error occurs.

As the H-RR unit comes solid and reliable, farmers can use it to dig up trees, excavate deeply, and clear brushes that a standard tooth bar cannot handle easily.

So, the bucket tooth bar serves as a digger for different heavy-duty jobs.

In addition, the heavy-duty steel construction is resistant to wear and tear; therefore, the bucket tooth will serve you well for an extended time.

Additionally, it would be best to check its OEM specifications and the bucket tooth bar’s number to find the corresponding machines and tractor buckets fitting the H-RR bucket tooth model.

  • reasonable price
  • durable
  • solid
  • negligible design flaws

#3. Titan Distributors Inc. 72-in Fine Grade Skeleton Rock Bucket with Teeth – Best skid steer design

  • Brand: Titan Distributors Inc.
  • Item dimensions: 72 x 51.5 x 20 inches
  • Material: steel
  • Best for: universal installation

As you will notice, the Titan bucket tooth bar is a perfect skid steer for various digging operations, brush hog projects, and other heavy-duty tasks you need to finish.

Thus, the agricultural equipment contains an improved steel design for extra support.

Yet, the skid steer bucket tooth bar also supports the structural integrity different rock bucket tooth bars lack.

So, the rock and debris bucket tooth bar is ideal for heavy-duty operations, rocky and bumpy ground, soil, and excavations.

The tooth bar will fit various Kubota, John Deere, Ford, or KIOTI tractors and tractor buckets thanks to its universal fit.

In addition, the teeth will match multiple machines, such as loaders, skid steers, and other farm machinery.

If you perform various operations on construction sites and landscaping, the Titan tractor bucket teeth are ideal for scooping material, clay, dirt, debris, snow, etc.

So, you can easily install the teeth and use them for brush hog projects.

As the tooth bar contains protruding teeth, you can install it easily on the cutting edge of your bucket, simply slide it on the cutting edge, and make it stable and secure.

Still, you must measure the cutting edge and the bar before your final purchase.

So, please, check the OEM specifications to be able to fit the digging tool easily on edge.

Finally, the bar works with limited time due to design, saving your money. So, you can use it for pushing and pulling operations.

  • solid
  • durable
  • stable
  • too expensive

#4. VEVOR Bucket Tooth Bar – Best stability and security

  • Brand: VEVOR
  • Item dimensions: 48.4 x 15 x 6.7 inches
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Best for: versatility and fixation

Concerning the VEVOR tractor tooth bar, you will choose this unit as the bar has a width of 48 inches, so it fits various John Deere, Kubota, Ford, and other agricultural machines and brands.

So, you can use the VEVOR bar with various tractors, skid steers, and other machinery.

And as it has specific bolts, the VEVOR teeth bar will show the best performance due to the hexagonal wrench setting the screw.

Moreover, since the VEVOR bar has six teeth, you can replace them instead of purchasing a brand-new teeth bar.

So, you don’t need to spend too much on new products – replace the parts and measure the pieces correctly to fit the cutting edge of your tractor bucket.

You can use the bar for rocks, clay, holes, excavating, dirt and debris, and other heavy projects.

So, the parts will be fixed, stable, and well-balanced once you install the teeth to the edge and dig rocks and other massive items.

And thanks to specifically created bolts, the installation process will be effortless and stable enough for tough and bumpy ground.

A bucket bar is ideal for a longer lifespan, as the surface contains a metal protective coating.

Therefore, the finish will protect the bucket attachment from dirt, air, debris, rocks, and other substances or threats that might destroy the solid construction.

But, when you dig a hole, the components inside the hole and surface cannot destroy the bucket so quickly.

  • width
  • better ground bite
  • durable
  • minor construction flaws

#5. 49 1/2″ Clamp on Toothbar – Best performance

  • Brand: ‎IAM MFG, LLC
  • Item dimensions: 49.5 x 18 x 4 inches
  • Material: steel
  • Best for: durable and sturdy construction

And last but not least, the IAM MFG bucket attachment is an excellent choice for your tractor, as the extension offers a complete design and full performance without modifications.

Therefore, the unit will fit your tractor bucket instantly and fill all vacancies along the edge.

So, you don’t need to weld or drill your bucket to accommodate the mounting attachment. Hence, it will save your time and energy.

Furthermore, the bucket unit offers a quick setup so that you can remove and mount it in seconds for flawless and improved performance during various operations and projects.

But, the tractor attachment will also astonish you, as you can move it quickly from bucket to bucket to jump and fill other requirements.

So, it can work well as a brush, excavator, digger, brush mower, etc.

Yet, you need to check the instructions data and compare and measure the buckets to find the proper fit and stable connection between the tractor units.

Due to seven teeth, a bar is a perfect tool for all lighter and heavy-duty tasks and more extended uses.

So, you can use the unit more robustly, and the advanced construction and material will not damage and harm so soon.

Hence, the attachment will serve you for an extended time.

And, as it contains a lifetime warranty, you can always replace the unit or get a full monetary refund if you find some irregularities.

But I don’t think that would be the case.

  • sturdy
  • stable
  • durable
  • questionable standard

Choosing the best tractor tooth bars for tractor buckets 2022: A complete buyer’s guide

Although choosing the best bars for tractor buckets seems like an easy task, you still must follow various factors to grab the best solution for your needs.

So, here’s what you need to know:

Who needs tractor bars for buckets?

compact tractor tooth bars

Well, the bars for tractor buckets are ideal attachments for all construction workers, farmers, landscapers, and gardeners who work with mud, rocks, and debris.

Once they add teeth to their buckets, they can clear brush, deepen their excavation sites, and construction sites, dig up trees, and all other operations the standard buckets cannot perform well.

And although you need to pay more, the tooth bars will undoubtedly save and return the money to you, as they will transform the machine into a brand-new one.

The fitting & fixation

As the tooth bars fit various John Deere, Kubota, KIOTI, Ford, and other tractor brands, you need to measure their proportions to provide the corresponding buckets and machines.

So, they are suitable for 49, 53, and 61-inch Deere models and 46-inch Kubota loaders.

Thanks to bolts fixed on a standard wrench, the installation will also be a breeze.

Still, you can come across various models ideal for 73 and 81-inch units.

And, if you have trouble with installation, you can refer to multiple YouTube videos and reviews for step-by-step procedures.

In addition, it would be best to determine the width, length, and other sizes of your bucket but the width between the teeth to find and select the most suitable bars for your tractor’s needs.

This way, you will avoid further complications and operate for an extended period.

Versatility and capability

According to various customer reviews, the tooth bars are excellent tools to increase the capability and performance of their loaders.

For instance, they use the loaders for pool diggers, construction sites, gardens, landscaping, etc.

So, the attachments will be super-versatile and ideal for multiple operations and quicker completion of numerous agricultural tasks if your existing equipment has certain limits.

Therefore, it would be best to examine the products’ possibilities and advantages and then select the right one to fit your and your machine’s needs.

How solid and reliable are tooth bars?

best tooth bar for compact tractor

Tooth bars are designed to increase the performance of your existing machines and crush the wall to complete various tasks.

So, numerous manufacturers use different grades and standards of steel for extra thickness.

Hence, according to various customer reviews, many are concerned that their teeth might not be able to endure and resist the external forces, pressure, and heavy impacts of the operations.

Other reviews show their concern of (in)capability of supporting more massive loads and potential bending of the attachments.

That is why various attachments have a powdered black finish as extra support to the steel material to improve the overall construction and structure, making the extensions more durable and solid for an extended period.

Due to extra support and strength, the teeth are able to perform better and complete various operations sooner than expected.

So, check the main content and the finish of the selected units to avoid further complications, and perform better.

What if something goes wrong?

Well, if you are not that satisfied with the products, you can refer to customer support and the manufacturer to help you solve the issues.

They must be quick and responsive so that you can avoid potential risks and problems if you notice some wrong actions.

However, if you order the units from online shopping websites, it would be best to examine all details regarding shipping, delivery, and other parts if you have further implications with the requested attachments.

So, ensure you take notes while ordering.

And, if you don’t trust a brand or think customer support is too poor, you might want to skip the product and choose a more reliable one from another brand.

At least, that’s what farmers’ reviews show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I put teeth on my tractor bucket?

Yes, you should if you need to perform heavy-duty operations where your existing machinery has limits and cannot complete the tasks.

The attachment will be ideal for huge stones and rocks you need to excavate or if you work at construction sites with mud, debris, etc.

To install it correctly, place it underneath the bucket, and roll it back.

tooth bar for tractor bucket

What is the piranha tooth bar made of?

The BXpanded Piranha tooth bar is made of heavy-duty steel. In addition, the Piranha bar has a specific finish, full of tough-hammered silver.

Thus, the BXpanded tooth bar will resist all external factors, impacts, pressure, and forces while operating and completing various heavy-duty projects.

Which tooth bar-style works the best?

It depends on the challenging conditions you meet.

For example, you can use a larger capacity, a 9-tooth bar on the 72-inch bucket for stability. Or, if the work is more minor, you may try less power.

What is a tractor tooth bar used for?

It’s used for:

  • digging holes and trees
  • landscaping
  • deep excavating
  • construction sites

How do you reinforce a tractor bucket?

You can add extra support, such as a reinforcer to keep it stable and fixed and bend it forward.

Or you can check YouTube videos for various procedures.

And, what’s the final winner?

The best bar is the fantastic Heavy Hitch Green 53 Inch Bucket Tooth Bar for Sub-Compact Tractor. It’s heavy-duty and solid for various operations.

The bar is ideal for better maximum strength and more robust uses.

Finally, it will wow you due to its versatility & security while performing and fulfilling various heavy-duty agricultural tasks.


You have seen the best reviews of the best tooth bar for compact tractors and the most prominent bars for your machines.

Now it’s time to choose the final one. Are you ready?

Still, as a reminder – please check all the details, sizes, and shapes you need for the effortless installation of the tooth bar for the tractor bucket. Capacity and strength included.

Otherwise, you will have issues with performance. And you want to eliminate potential risks.

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