How To Get Rid Of Zoysia Grass? Simple Steps To Remember!

Stubborn grass? It must be Zoysia! It is a tough grass to eliminate. Drought tolerant withstands foot traffic and can cover your lawn like a thick blanket. Looks like you’ve got a problem out there.

How to get rid of Zoysia grass? Stick with me, and I’ll show you the steps!

Unlike other unwanted grass, Zoysia grows parallel, swarming and creeping more alongside the topmost of the soil surface and obstructing out any other grass in the trail. Here is an effective way to get rid of Zoysia grass.

However, this is not easy, and it takes time.

Getting rid of Zoysia grass needs a combination of two methods

how to get rid of zoysia grass naturally

Applying selective herbicide: Invaded lawn by Zoysia needs the help of herbicides. However, be careful to choose the kind that you apply. Remember to use selective herbicides to ensure not to kill another type of grass in your turf. Ensure to use it the right way for safety. I encourage you to FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS carefully.

Manual labor: This time, you can’t do it with manual labor alone. If you do, it will consume much of your time, energy, and, worst case, money. That’s why you have to seek help from herbicides before striking manually. Getting rid of Zoysia grass manually is the most effective way.

What do you need to get rid of Zoysia grass?

Post Emergent Herbicides (Roundup-Pro) – These types of herbicides attack weeds or unwanted grass when they have already completely invaded the lawn. That is why it is called “post.” This will get rid of existing weeds and prevents them from coming back.

– Safety Gadgets – herbicides contain chemicals that may be harmful to humans. So when you are spraying this on your lawn, make sure you are properly geared for protection. Wear safety glasses, gloves, boots, dust mask, pump sprayer, and protective suit. Safety first, as they say.

Lawnmowerwhat is the best tool to cut your turf fast and easy? This machine saves your time and effort. This will be a great help in getting rid of your Zoysia. Walk-behind or ride-on type will do the job.

Watering and Gardening Tools – Prepare a rake, shovel, or spade for the digging. You can use watering cans, practical for selective watering, a garden hose for easier watering practically for a large coverage of your lawn, or you can use your automatic sprinklers. Either one of those, they will do the job perfectly.

If you have been wondering where you got those Zoysia grass that invaded your lawn, I tell you, there are so many possibilities for how.

They might be hiding in the mulch you just bought, or from the soil that you just dumped, or it just got there from a long trip across the neighborhood. Who knows?

Step-by-step instructions

how to get rid of zoysia grass in flower beds

Identify the areas where your Zoysia grass invaded. Make sure to know where the Zoysia is from your good grasses. Mark the zone where the Zoysia grass is for you to see it right away. You can use bamboo sticks for the marking.

Wait until the Zoysia grass green up. Let it grow long so that there is a lot of blade surface for the Roundup to spray on. Roundup herbicides only work on the leaves and stems of the grass. It doesn’t penetrate the soil making it safe to use, avoiding damage to the good grass.

Cut your good grass frequently as usual but do not touch the Zoysia. Do this while waiting for the Zoysia grass to flourish.

It’s time to spray Roundup. When Zoysia grass is all healthy and flourished, spray them with herbicide. Make sure not to skip a single one. After a few days, you will see that Zoysia grass will start to dry up and die. Do another Roundup spray after a week to ensure there is no more new growth to flourish.

Use your powerful lawnmower. When you are sure that all the invaded zones are done, Zoysia is dried and dead, it’s time to mow the lawn. Lower the blade of your machine to cut down all dead Zoysia as much as you can. It is much greater if it can cut through the surface soil. When confident that you have covered all areas, rake up all the tattered dead grass.

Water your turf. Water the invaded zone, hopefully encouraging any remaining Zoysia roots underground. Continue doing this for 2-3 weeks and observe if new sprouts will come out.

Let’s do manual labor. Now, let’s finish up what the herbicides and the lawnmower have started. Doing it manually is very effective. Complete with your gardening gears, get your shovel or spade, and dig out as much as you can get of the remaining roots of Zoysia. Make sure you have uprooted the entire root system. Get rid of those, put them in the trash, to be taken far away from you. If you want to make sure to get rid of them for good, collect all the root systems you have uprooted. Leave them exposed to the sun for a day, placing them root side up. They will eventually die then you can throw them away.

how to get rid of zoysia grass lawn

As soon as you have finally made it all to the last step, you can breathe and relax. It is time for you to reseed the cleared zones. Fill in all the blank spots anew. Don’t leave a free space for another unwanted grass to grow.

For the next few months, keep an eye out for any new Zoysia grass invasion. If you spot one, pull it out right away. Don’t give them a chance to spread out.

Final thought

Do you think you can do the above steps?

Surely, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in the process. Yet, it is the most effective method how to get rid of Zoysia grass.

Besides, you should pack yourself with lots of patience, perseverance, and motivation to keep going!

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