Why Buy Cyclops Fence Chargers? The Reason is Right Here! (Best 2023 Review)

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Are you in search of a dependable, powerful fence charger that won’t leave your livestock exposed to potential threats? If so, then the Cyclops brand offers one of the most reliable solutions for safely protecting your animals.

Whether for agricultural purposes or pet containment purposes, these chargers provide an excellent electrical power source to maintain order and stability from predators or unknown intruders.

Read on below to find out exactly why utilizing a Cyclops electric fence charger is the perfect choice for optimizing protection and control around one’s property!

Take away key points:

  • The Cyclops Brute uses the USA strongest lightning protection in the world
  • The AC charger is ideal for premium-quality parts, and unsurpassed animal holding power and it’s ideal for larger areas
  • You can look for different DC or solar-operated chargers built in the USA as well, but the AC charger will provide better power output and more strength

The bottom line: The Cyclops Brute is one of the best Cyclops fence chargers available on the market. The tool uses higher power, premium quality, and the USA strongest lightning protection in the world for optimal operations. The only downside is the higher price tag, but as the quality matches the price, it’s a worthy investment.

Main Features:

Power: 5/5 (the fence chargers offer powerful impulses, for unsurpassed animal holding power, so they are ideal for cows, bulls, and similar cattle)

Ease of installation and use: 5/5 (electric fence chargers have a unique design providing a simple installation process)

Ideal for larger properties: 5/5 (electric fence chargers support the electric fence strongest line, so they will deliver the necessary electricity in larger areas)

Premium-quality: 5/5 (the electric fence chargers use high-quality parts and provide the strongest lightning protection, so they will last for an extended period)

What we like
  • power
  • ease of use
  • surge protection board
  • durability and sturdiness
  • advanced protection
What we don't like
  • too expensive for some farmers

Best new Cyclops electric fence chargers money can buy!

Below you can find all advantages and benefits the Cyclops fence chargers offer. Learn their features, and see why they are the best protection in the world!

Our model is the Cyclops Brute – 8 Joule Fence Charger – AC, as the main representative of all Cyclops fence chargers. We will refer to it further in the article to see its advantages.

1. Chargers for all electric fence gates: Cyclops electric fencing models

The Cyclops fence chargers offer various models, divided into three categories:

AC electric fence chargers

DC battery-powered electric fence chargers

Solar-operated chargers.

Depending on your electric fence types and the power you need for your cattle or livestock, you can choose among twenty-one models of Cyclops fence chargers.

Regardless of your needs, in all models – AC fence chargers, DC battery-powered chargers, or solar fence chargers, you will get the best quality and best lightning protection.

Our Cyclops Brute AC fence charger comes from the first category, so the fence charger is ideal for larger properties. You must plug the fence charger into a standard wall outlet (power source) and you will get the electric fence strongest line of the low-impedance fence charger.

Due to its system, the Cyclops Brute fence charger will provide a high electric joule power rating, as the stored or output joules offer enough power to cover larger areas, and you can get the best cattle protection in the world.

2. Cyclopes fence chargers and their power

The electric fence chargers are well known for their power ratings, and they present the electric fence’s strongest line currently available on the market.

The Cyclops fence chargers use a different electric joule power rating for the low-impedance AC, DC battery-powered and solar-operated chargers. However, each of these models will give you enough power for the unsurpassed animal holding power.

For instance, the Cyclops Brute electric fence charger uses the electric joule power rating of eight joules. Its stored energy is ten joules. However, the fence charger works with an input voltage power of 240 volts. So, the Cyclops Brute offers the electric fence’s strongest line, and it will be enough to keep your animals safe inside the fenced area.

The fence charger will also prevent predators from stepping onto your property, as the tool provides enough energy to hit them with pulses and keep them away. So, your livestock will be safe inside the fencing area.

Of course, the manufacturer can always calculate the stored or output joules for all fence chargers, and you can look for the best model easier.

3. Premium-quality parts

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Cyclops fence chargers are famous for their advanced design, so they will last for an extended period. The Cyclops Brute fence charger is not an exception. Just like other DC battery-powered or solar fence chargers, the AC charger also uses an improved storage capacitor and output transformer.

These two high-quality parts ensure the charger will work optimally under pressure, regardless of weather elements, external impacts, or forces (such as when the cattle/predators hit the electric fence). So, the high-quality parts will remain intact no matter the potential risks, ensuring the electric fence strongest line for your needs.

4. Durability & sturdiness

In addition to the high-quality parts, the overall mechanism of the Cyclops fence charges is improved, unlike the competitors. For this reason, all AC, DC battery-powered and solar-operated chargers use the surge protection board.

The surge protection board of our Cyclops Brute fence charger offers it the USA strongest lightning protection in the world. The surge protection board supports the chargers for over 5000 joules of lightning protection, so basically, the chargers are indestructible.

So, if you install the Cyclops Brute charger on your electric fence, even in remote areas, don’t worry about adverse weather conditions. The best lightning protection will prevent damage and potential risks, so your electric fence power remains optimal.

Of course, other DC battery-powered or solar-operated chargers built in the USA also use the USA strongest lightning protection. If you need other models instead of the AC charger, they are also optimal for your unsurpassed animal holding power.

5. Ease of use & adjustability

Thanks to its best lightning protection in the world, and the unsurpassed animal holding power, the Cyclops Brute charger is an ideal option for larger properties and different fencing conditions.

However, the AC charger requires a power source for the working conditions, so you will have to use wires or other complements to attach to the wall outlet to make the charger work. And, to do this properly, you need the best safety standards, otherwise, the charger will not operate well, or might cause injuries.

However, our AC charger will provide the best stored or output joules compared to other DC or solar fence chargers, as the wall output will always keep the charger running, and there will not be any “cracks” in the fencing system.

But, if you don’t like the additional outlets or too many cables, you can look for similar models, such as solar-operated chargers built in the USA or DC chargers. The DC chargers will require you to replace or recharge batteries on a timely basis, while the solar fence chargers do not need battery charging.

However, the Cyclops Brute AC charger is the most popular option as it allows the easiest installation regardless of extra wires and cables, and the best lightning protection in the world only makes it more attractive for the users.

6. Budget-friendly options: Yes or no?

Unfortunately, the Cyclops fence chargers might not be the best solution for farmers on a tight budget. The Cyclops Brute AC charger has a higher price point, so it might not be affordable for all farmers.

However, the price matches the advanced quality and the overall design does respond to the pricey costs. Still, the manufacturer offers free shipping to the USA, and you will get a discount if you purchase the tools on the official website. So, you can explore the chargers a bit more and find your best option.

If you still want a more affordable solution, you can check the fence chargers here, and see if there is an alternative for your needs. But, as all chargers offer the strongest impulses, the best lightning protection in the world, and unsurpassed animal holding power, you won’t find similar models with such benefits.

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7. Are there alternative options?

There are always alternatives if you don’t want the Cyclops Brute charger. These include the Zareba, Gallagher, and Parmark models. Let’s see their comparison.

Voltage is an essential consideration when purchasing an electric fence charger. The Cyclops charger offers a high voltage output (110 V), ensuring a strong and reliable charge throughout the fence line.

In comparison, Zareba offers higher voltage options (115 V), while Gallagher and Parmak offer a range of voltage options, including some with comparable high voltage output to Cyclops.

The range is another important factor to consider, and Cyclops fence chargers provide a range of options to suit your needs. Whether you need AC, battery-operated, or solar fence chargers, Cyclops has a charger with the range you need. Zareba and Gallagher also offer similar options, but Parmak falls short with limited ranges in their product line.

Durability is a key factor for electric fence chargers. Cyclops prides itself on the durability of the solar-operated chargers built in the USA, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and tough handling. Gallagher also offers similar durability, but Zareba and Parmak may fall short in comparison.

Portability is essential for some users, and Cyclops offers a range of portable options. Its Stallion Battery 2.5 Joule DC Energizer, in particular, is a great option for those who need a portable and reliable charger they can take anywhere. Zareba and Gallagher also offer portable options, while Parmak’s product line lacks portability options.

User-friendliness is important for all electric fence chargers, and Cyclops excels in this area with easy-to-use interfaces, clear instructions, and reliable performance. Zareba and Gallagher also offer user-friendly options, while Parmak falls short with some outdated and confusing interfaces.

Overall, while other brands may offer similar features and performance, Cyclops fence chargers stand out with their consistent and reliable high voltage, durability, portability, and user-friendliness.

When comparing prices, Cyclops fence chargers are competitively priced while also providing high-quality performance. Additionally, with exceptional customer service, warranties, and guarantees, Cyclops is the brand you can trust.


Where are Cyclops fence chargers made?

They are made in the USA.

Which is the best electric fence energizer?

The Gallagher S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger is the best option currently.

Why you should buy a Cyclops fence charger?

You can visit the official Cyclops website, Amazon, or local stores with such fence parts.

How many joules of Cyclops electric fence chargers?

The chargers range between 1.5 and 12 joules, depending on the type, model, and battery standards.


Will you choose the Cyclops Brute charger as your top choice? We assure you it won’t let you down! Besides, not every charger offers the best lightning protection in the world, so think twice before the final decision.

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