Best Electric Fence Charger for Cattle 2022: Top 8 Picks to Wow You!

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If you have free-spirited animals, you know there are no limits and borders for them. However, they will also find a weak spot to escape yards, fences, and other confined places.

However, you can prevent them from escaping with the best electric fence charger for cattle!

The chargers will keep away from the fence and teach how painful it can be if they approach near.

So, pick the best solution, and keep your livestock safe inside your homestead.

Best electric fence chargers 2022: Our best overview

$$$$Gallagher S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger – 11.75 pounds.

Maximum safety and security due to a built-in safety system and lighting protection. Solid and reliable for advanced uses and broader applications. Easy to mount and install.

$$Parmak SE5 504564 Super Energizer – 4.18 pounds.

Best accuracy and precision for prolonged lifespan and more robust uses.

Anyhow, durability issues.

$$$Parmak DF-SP-LI Electric Fencer – 11.33 pounds.

Best for smaller animals and smaller enclosed areas. Durable and sturdy to last up to six years.

But specific terminal issues.

$$Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger – 5.61 pounds.

Best resistance and higher strength for all weather conditions. Waterproof for more robust uses.

However, specific issues with clamps.

$$Zareba ESP10M-Z 10-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger – 4.11 pounds.

Best quality due to data accuracy and effortless installation. Optimal performance without sunlight for a prolonged time.

Yet, specific design issues.

$$Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Charger – 2.4 pounds.

Most solid and reliable power and energy due to advanced performance.

Still, too weak for mesh netting.

$$$$Cyclops Boss 32 Joule AC Fence Charger – 11.66 pounds.

Best potential and protection, thanks to its reliable and sturdy design. Increased power and energy due to input and output systems.

Nevertheless, it’s not the AC electric fence charger.

$$ Solar Powered Fence Charger – 3.81 pounds.

Best hybrid charger due to heavy-duty construction and increased performance for more robust operations. Requires minimal sunlight.

Nonetheless, package issues.

#1. Gallagher S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger – Best safety benefits

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Item dimensions: 9 x 14 x 12 inches
  • Power: solar
  • Best for: built-in lightning protection

Why should you go for the Gallagher solar electric fence charger?

Well, the best electric fence charger is ideal for your cattle, as it is compact and portable. So, you can take it anywhere you like, especially with unreliable or no access to mains power.

Due to its coverage and solar power source, the solar-powered charger will empower up to 30 miles of single-wire fence and 8 miles of your electric fence system, multi-wired fence, and cover between 60 and 100 acres.

As it comes with 12V battery power and a built-in solar panel, the solar electric fence charger is quick and effortless to install and use.

Thus, excluding wildlife and controlling your farm animals inside the multi-wire fences is ideal.

Due to its solar mechanism, the electric fence charger will maintain the power, and the solar-powered electric fence can perform for up to three weeks without sun.

Thanks to its multiple power modes, the Gallagher reliable electric fence charger pulses faster day and night or reduces the pulse rate when your cattle are not that active.

As it comes with 360-degree mounting, the solar charger offers quick installation, dual power options, and an automatic battery management indicator light for more convenient use and applications.

In addition, the solar-powered electric fence charger has a water-resistant case and built-in lightning protection with the handle for maximum safety features.

Thus, the cattle will be secure inside the electric fence.

  • reliable power
  • low impedance charger
  • extensive coverage
  • not visible

#2. Parmak SE5 504564 Super Energizer – Best accuracy and precision

  • Brand: Parmak
  • Item dimensions: 15 x 8 x 7 inches
  • Power: air powered
  • Best for: built-in performance meter

The Parmak low impedance fence charger is an excellent option for your power fences, as the air-powered fence charger offers 110 or 120V and the 50-mile-range electric fence.

So, it will be an ideal fence energizer for your small animals and smaller electrified fences.

Due to its built-in digital meter, the air-powered fence charger will show precise data about the fence conditions, the electric shock through brush and wet weeds, and the power cord data.

Since the electric fence charger provides 8000V of holding power, the electric charger also features a 500 OHM load.

Still, the electric charger controls both wild and farm animals and prevents escaping or intruding.

Of course, for more convenience, the electric fence energizer will be black on the ground and red on the fence.

Naturally, its construction will be sturdy and durable to withstand all weather conditions.

As you will find, the electric fence energizer contains solid steel construction. So, it will last for an extended time, and nothing can damage it so quickly.

Yet, you will like the Parmak low impedance electric fence charger, as it’s compact and portable so that you can moderate it according to your needs.

Besides, the fence charger works well with the multiple-fence line models, and you can set it up to check all necessary data.

Finally, the 6.3+ joule electric fence charger offers enough power source and strength to cover most electric fences fully. So, it will be versatile for broader uses.

  • stored energy
  • quick setup
  • warranty
  • durability issues

#3. Parmak DF-SP-LI Electric Fencer – Best for small electric fences

  • Brand: Parmak
  • Item dimensions: 17 x 8 x 13 inches
  • Power: solar/battery powered
  • Best for: small animals

Thanks to its increased power output, the following Parmak solar charger is the right electric fence charger for you.

Thus, the powerful electric fence charger will prolong its lifespan and preserve its quality and strength for an extended period.

Moreover, the solar-powered fence charger is ideal for small animals, small pastures, and medium-size pastures and livestock.

It will control your animals escaping the confined space and prevent wild animals from intruding.

As you will find a small solar panel, the electric fence charger will charge and protect up to 25 miles of electric fences. In addition, the solar electric fence charger provides 1.4 joules.

And it operates via solar panels or rechargeable batteries on the solar fences.

Since the Parmak electric fence charger comes from the USA, the unit will be reliable and solid for a longer lifespan, higher quality, and an excellent warranty period.

So, you can always contact customer support for additional questions and dilemmas to help you and guide you through the process.

Moreover, the low impedance 25-mile range electric fence charger has lightning protection, an indicator light, and other benefits regarding the security and safety of your animals inside the electric fence line.

Thus, you can read the exact data and don’t need to worry if something might go wrong.

The solid structure and advanced system technology will make your fences strong enough to complete the tasks.

And, you will get a satisfactory warranty period for extended uses.

  • easy to install
  • durable
  • solid
  • terminal issues

#4. Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger – Best for all weather conditions

  • Brand: Zareba
  • Item dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 15 inches
  • Power: solar
  • Best for: higher resistance 

What’s so unique about the Zareba electric fence charger?

Firstly, the low impedance electric fence charger is ideal for your needs, thanks to its performance and more prolonged operation conditions.

Thus, it can operate well for up to two weeks without the sun.

Yet, the solar electric fence charger covers up to five miles of electric fencing and offers enough energy and power for continual performance.

Thanks to its built-in performance meter, mounting bracket, and overall design, the electric fence charger will be an ideal unit for T-posts, as the 360-degree rotation allows full mounting, and you can turn it towards sunlight.

As the Zareba electric fence charger comes from the USA, it is fully load-tested in the USA after manufacturing and guarantees only the best quality.

Of course, the electric fence charger is ideal for all weather conditions and other external impacts, forces, and pressure, as it’s solid and reliable for a prolonged time.

So, nothing can damage it so soon, and it will last longer.

In addition, the charger will resist all power shortages if the fence is in contact with weeds or bushes. So it won’t interrupt the connection and electricity.

Naturally, you will get a one-year warranty period for the charger, and you can always contact customer support and get information for additional dilemmas and questions.

Still, the limited warranty period includes the lightning damage, and you can replace it or get a full money refund if you have issues with the item.

  • easy to use
  • easy to mount
  • water-resistant
  • durable
  • flimsy caps

#5. Zareba ESP10M-Z 10-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Fence Charger – Best quality

  • Brand: Zareba
  • Item dimensions: 11.5 x 8 x 11.25 inches
  • Power: solar
  • Best for: aluminum fence

The following Zareba low impedance solar electric fence charger is perfect for your cattle needs since the unit offers an effortless installation process.

Hence, you will notice that the unit features a slotted mounting bracket at the back of the energizer. This way, you can use and place it on the ground, Y, and T-posts.

However, if you want to install it on flat walls and surfaces, you need to install a hanging screw to make it stable.

You can monitor your electric fence status via the fence OK light. When the light is up, the fence is running and active.

In addition, you will find the on/off switch at the bottom, under the light. So, the location is protected from harsh weather conditions, keeping it optimal.

Yet, the Zareba electric fence charger also benefits from an easy-grip screw-on terminal to help you connect the ground rods and fence wire.

Hence, you can easily connect the fence line to the red terminal and the grounding rod to the green knob.

Still, use the sunlight and charge the energizer, switch it off, and allow the sun to receive the light for up to 72 hours.

The electric fence charger will cover up to 10 miles of your electric fence area, and it can work well for up to two weeks without the sunlight.

Of course, the charger comes from the USA, and you will get a one-year warranty period.

  • easy to install and use
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • accurate
  • design issues

#6. Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Charger – The best performance

  • Brand: Gallagher
  • Item dimensions: 5.7 x 5 x 6.7 inches
  • Power: solar
  • Best for: reliable energy and power

As you will see, the Gallagher electric fence charger is an ideal charge for your electric fence posts, thanks to its quick mounting and setup and practical design.

Hence, the unit is compact and quick to install, move, valuable and portable for various operations.

It covers approximately 18 acres of the land and areas and empowers up to four miles of the perimeter fence.

Since it is super-tough, portable, and durable, it provides instant use and mounting. It also includes a lithium battery and built-in solar panels.

So, you can mount and attach it to the grounding rod and connect it to your fence.

Due to an intelligent digital meter, system, controls, and the highly-efficient solar panel, the charger will operate well and offer optimal performance in harsher, lower-light conditions.

So, it’s the best set-and-forget unit for reliable 24/7 power.

As the charger mounts quickly, you can use it for a metal rod up to 0.5-inch thick or a ring-top post.

And, you don’t need ground/earth lead, as the metal post acts as the stand PLUS earth system for the charger.

Finally, the charger for your electric fence is built to last, highly resistant to external pressure, impacts, elements, and forces that might damage it.

So, it will show maximum sturdiness and durability to last for an extended period.

Still, you will get a three-year warranty period to eliminate potential risks, replacement, and get a full refund for possible irregularities.

  • easy to install and use
  • accuracy
  • durability
  • reliability
  • weak for mesh netting

#7. Cyclops Boss 32 Joule AC Fence Charger – Best protection

  • Brand: Cyclops
  • Item dimensions: 12.87 x 8.19 x 6.54 inches
  • Power: solar/battery powered
  • Best for: a sturdy and durable design 

Why should you opt for the Cyclops electric fence charger?

As the reviews show, the charger is ideal for the most significant spaces and areas, up to 1000 acres, and up to 30 miles of protection. Thus, it provides:

  • The highest quality battery.
  • Solar-operated chargers.
  • The most robust line due to its high-quality and advanced performance.

It’s also the most robust line, lightning protection, and one of the highest powers on the market.

Hence, the performance is also advanced, providing ideal conditions for your cattle and preventing intruders from stepping in.

The Taylor Fence offers the most significant performance, massive coverage, and massive input and output energy.

Therefore, working under harsher conditions and various outdoor elements, impacts, forces, and conditions will be optimal.

So, the Taylor Fence charger has premium-quality parts and increased performance to last longer and operate well regardless of the seasons or weather elements and conditions.

Hence, it will be sturdy and durable enough to show exceptional resistance and be powerful enough to withstand all potential risks and harsher conditions.

As it provides 32 joules of output energy and 41 joules of stored energy, the Cyclops electric fence charger is ideal for more robust work and advanced requirements.

Since the charger comes from the USA, it will provide a satisfactory warranty period, suitable for replacement or full monetary refund when you notice something irregular.

Yet, we don’t so, as the charger offers only the highest-quality operations & more robust performance.

  • durable
  • reliable
  • sturdy
  • powerful
  • accurate
  • No AC power

#8. Solar Powered Fence Charger – Best hybrid charger

  • Brand: Pet & Livestock HQ
  • Item dimensions: 13.35 x 10.79 x 4.49 inches
  • Power: solar
  • Best for: minimum sunlight requirements

And, we’re closing the reviews with the Pet & Livestock HQ, which is a hybrid fence charger.

The hybrid charger combines the ideal cutting edge, a 2.3-watt silicon panel for fast charging, and high-capacity storage to provide ten days of performance without any power in remote areas.

In addition, the low impedance charger is ideal for its lithium battery; hence, the DC charger covers up to two miles of electric fences, preventing both bigger and smaller animals from escaping and keeping them secure and safe inside the fences.

Of course, due to its reliable and robust structure, the charger contains a heavy-duty polycarbonate enclosure, resistant to bad weather, corrosion, rust, etc.

It’s also durable enough to last longer and offers a more robust application.

Moreover, the charger is ready for permanent use, but the simple one-piece design makes it effortless to move anywhere you need the electric fence covering faster.

So, the charger will be reliable for more robust uses and applications.

You can use it for remote areas without mains power, and you can quickly set it up.

But, first, you need to connect the poly wire to the electric fence charger, examine the instructions and the easy-to-read panel, and the charger will reduce your electricity bills.

Unlike traditional electric fence chargers with constant-voltage systems, the charger features shorter pulses that are sufficient and efficient to prevent intruders and keep your animals safe.

And, the satisfactory warranty period will ensure its quality.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • package issues

Choosing the best electric fence chargers: A complete buyer’s guide

To pick the best electric fence chargers, you need to follow various factors and conditions.

So, read below to find all the exciting facts regarding the best fence chargers.

1. Main types of fence chargers

a. Solar electric fence chargers

The solar chargers are similar to DC fence chargers, yet you don’t need to change the batteries as the solar charges are connected to panels.

So, with the sunlight, the batteries absorb it, turn it into the electric current, and direct it to the fence chargers.

You can empower them with the solar array system. But, even without sunlight, the solar chargers work well for up to two weeks.

They are easy to use, move, durable, and light. And their acid batteries last up to 1000 days.

electric fence charger for cattle reviews

b. DC fence chargers

DC fence chargers are battery-powered units without cables and other complications. You can munt and place the fence chargers in various places without issues.

Still, the main heck is that you need to recharge the batteries on a timely basis. So, you need to purchase batteries to replace the charging ones.

But, you must obtain their chargers separately. And, some batteries must be replaced, as they cannot be rechargeable.

Many farmers use car batteries for shortages, yet they are not recommended for electric fence chargers.

c. AC fence chargers

These are directly powered electric fence chargers. So, you need to connect the grid or power supply to power them.

So, you either use extension cables or plug them into several walls.

And, if you use these electric fence chargers in remote and distant places, away from the power sources, you must ensure the safety and security of everyone and seal the path.

2. Types of charger power

a. Continual output

Constant output chargers are stable. So, the electricity is supplied uninterruptedly and continuously during the fence operations.

These are perfect for smaller fences and small livestock.

b. Solid-state

These deliver moderate current. Also, they don’t require too much time to maintain.

As a result, they’re ideal for small pets and shorthaired animals.

c. Low impedance

These are the best electric fence chargers due to less resistance of the current flow in the wires. So, the heat is less, and the power is higher.

These electric fence chargers are the best for massive areas and fences, providing increased electrical intensities.

3. The main power

a. Miles

It’s a parameter used to determine the exemplary performance and charging fences of specific lengths.

So, the current will be reduced when the size exceeds the required standard.

best electric fencer for cattle

b. Jun

It refers to the work performed via newton when the applied points move one meter in the force’s direction.

Finally, Jun compares the electric energizers, showing what options are more vital.

c. Volts

Refer to electromotive force.

These are potential differences carrying one ampere of current against one-ohm resistance.

d. Joules

The power required for shocks to prevent both domestic and wild animals from intruding/escaping the fences is joules.

You need to adjust them to your cattle, as each animal reacts differently. So, follow the basics when choosing the correct units:

  • horses and cattle – 3-5 joules
  • predators – 3-8 joules
  • pests and deer – medium power
  • bears – high power
  • boars – massive power shocks

4. Setup

Many chargers come with instructions for successful mounting. So, with the step-by-step procedures, you can easily mount the chargers.

But, pay attention to:

  • AC charges require 110V of power
  • fix the charger cover with nails or screws to prevent and limit the external impacts
  • protect accounts from water and weather if they’re not resistant to these elements
  • use a separate ground rod for the charger. Do not use the same one for your home
  • always apply an installed ground wire for maximum safety and protection

5. Extra features to consider

  1. Types of animals controlled – larger animals require more robust fence chargers with more excellent shocks, unlike smaller animals.
  2. Enclosing areas – the required power is increased to provide sufficient electrical capacity for expanded fences.
  3. Weed and bush amount – since these plants touch your fences, they will consume more power and energy. So, maintain them for better performance. Or, for too many weeds, use low impedance chargers. So, the energy and strength will be at a stable level.
  4. Strands number – for multi-wire fences, divide the charger distance rating by the exact number of the wire strands and then pick the charger that meets your needs. Remember that more strands require more power and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size fence charger do I need for cattle?

You need chargers delivering a minimum of between 2,000 and 3,000 volts.

So, according to your wire type, fence length, and fence line, you need less or more power and size.

How many joules does a cattle fence need?

According to various manufacturers, you need a one-joule output per mile of your fence. So, for six miles of fence, you need six-mile chargers.

For different digits, you will select the proper chargers and measurements.

best electric fence charger for cows

What amperage is an electric fence for cattle?

They use a lower amount of amperage, such as approximately 120 milliamps. Still, they use extremely high voltage, around 8,000 volts.

What happens if you don’t ground an electric fence?

If you do not ground it, your animals won’t feel any electric shock, and they can escape the enclosed areas easily.

So, the ungrounded fences will not correctly perform to their maximum potential.

Do you need an energizer for an electric fence?

Yes, you can use the energizer to convert the power and energy into higher-voltage pulses.

So, when the animal touches the fence, the current transmit to the ground through the animal, and the effect provides chock.

So, what’s the best electric fence charger?

The best one is definitely the Gallagher S100 Solar Electric Fence Charger.

The charger is ideal for your cattle as it offers maximum safety and protection not only for animals but also for you when you mount and install it.

In addition, you will love it for its maximum potential and power that will prevent both wild and domestic animals from escaping or intruding and prevent potential risks.

Finally, as it mounts and installs pretty quickly, you can adjust it to your needs, and accurate data will help you with the process.

Final thoughts

To sum up, I can only add that you need to consider all the essential factors when choosing the best electric fence charger for cattle.

Keep in mind the area and the type of animals you’re going to enclose to avoid complications and potential risks.

Finally, pay attention to safety and security, and ensure proper installation to avoid accidents.

And, let me know when you find the best solution.

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