Best Gallagher Electric Fence Reviews 2022: What You Must Know?

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When constructing your electric fence, you need the best quality materials and components.

You certainly want to avoid those regular fences, suitable for a short-term period. So, what will you do?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

You can select the best Gallagher electric fences & the following fencing equipment and make your fencing perfect for various animals.

But, how do you find the best Gallagher solution? Read below our Gallagher electric fence reviews.

About Gallagher

Its history started in the 1900s when the company produced the first electric fences in New Zealand.

Since then, Gallagher has been one of the global leaders in animal management products.

What are their benefits?

gallagher electric fence charger reviews

The central standing out benefits include:

  • safety & security
  • affordable products
  • quick setup
  • versatility.

How safe are the products?

Gallagher products are highly secure and safe for all animals and humans.

For instance, most electric fence chargersregular and solar chargers include:

  • built-in lightning protection,
  • built-in mounting bracket, or
  • built-in performance meter

To prevent accidents and withstand various harsh conditions. Thus, the units will provide the optimal performance for your fences.

You can choose different fencing types – poly rope, poly wire, and other systems to prevent predators from annoying and pestering your livestock.

Thus, you can find various temporary and permanent fencing models requiring a single wire or multiple wires for the most effective working conditions.

But, all these units will not hurt the animals.

Thanks to the advanced lightning protection and overall construction and fence chargers, wires, and wholesome structure, the animal receive only a shock that will make it uncomfortable.

So, the pitch won’t injure their skin; it only teaches them to stay away from the edges and respect the boundaries.

Are the units affordable?

Shortly, yes.

You can find a wide variety of electric fence chargers, energizers, insulators, fence types, ground rods, battery models, fence posts, indicators, and other units necessary for the wholesome construction.

Is the installation effortless?

Yes, it is. All the units are easy to install and use, but you must follow the instructions and stick to the precise rules for optimal working conditions.

Otherwise, the fencing won’t be adequate at all.

Are the products high-quality?

Yes, they are. Almost all Gallagher products offer a two-year warranty period (some offer one, others even three) depending on their purpose and main benefits.

The products will be durable and sturdy for an extended period, and you can apply them for robust uses.

For instance, various solar fence chargers and other chargers are drop-resistant and waterproof.

You can use them even in extreme weather conditions. But, it’s desirable to check and test them for potential errors. Still, drop-resistant models are premium-quality.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore fence maintenance.

You should always follow the weed conditions when choosing fence chargers, trim the branches of the surrounding trees, and cut the grass regularly.

You know that vegetation might affect your lines and voltage power. For optimal performance and better productivity, maintain your fence regularly.

Are the fences versatile?

Definitely yes! Gallagher fencing is ideal for keeping the domestic animals inside the confined area and keeping predators out of your sight.

Once the livestock or beasts touch the boundaries, the pulses will turn into shocks, causing uncomfortable feelings. You will scare them off.

But, the fences are versatile for various installation types and product use.

You can attach them to steel, a metal T-post, fiberglass, or similar post. You may or may not use insulators.

A T-post will require an insulator, and you should avoid plastic posts as they’re not as effective as more robust units.

Fencing is also versatile for various solar fence chargers and other different chargers.

For example, some chargers might be too bulky for specific fence types, while other solar chargers can be a more suitable option.

For this reason, you must check and determine all possibilities the fence offers and what you want to achieve to avoid complications and further delays. Or, your fencing will be worth noting.

You should know the exact size of the wire strands and required lines to purchase suitable ground rods, posts, and other components.

What are the Gallaher fences best for?

gallagher electric fence setup

They are the best solution for all fencing needs – preventing domestic animals from escaping the enclosed areas and deterring beasts and pests from your gardens, animals, crops, etc.

So, you can use them for:

The fences are versatile and flexible for various animal types and will be practical and valuable in preventing accidents.

However, to install and use them correctly, you need to follow the reader-supported instructions and manuals to achieve your goals.

Depending on the animals you want to deter or captivate, you will need more or fewer wire strands to prevent jumping over or digging under the fences.

On the other hand, you may use solar-powered fence chargers with solar panels instead of battery-powered models to improve the overall construction.

You may also test the voltage system often or less often due to the quality and performance of testers and chargers. But all these points depend on the fencing type you want to install and use.

Sometimes you will need more or less grounding rods and fence posts with more or less space between for optimal fencing performance.

So, it would be best to determine all potential issues, calculate all possible situations, and the precise fencing abilities to find and purchase the best construction.

And, please, avoid the common fencing mistakes for the best use.

Things to avoid when installing a fence

best gallagher electric fence
  1. too small wires
  2. no voltmeter
  3. too tight wire-stretching
  4. too close wiring
  5. close in-line strainers
  6. kinks in high-tensile wiring
  7. solar panels not facing the sun
  8. bottom wiring in contact with vegetation
  9. building new fencing near the old one
  10. tight wiring to posts
  11. too close posts
  12. inappropriate animal training
  13. incorrect chargers
  14. poor earth grounding

And now, let’s switch to our best Gallagher reviews & learn all the exciting facts regarding the most prominent models.

Best Gallagher electric fence 2022: What’s your best pick?

$Gallagher Electric Fence Poly Wire

Best performance due to advanced materials. Flexible for all operations. But, size issues. 

$$Gallagher Electric Fence Turbo Wire

Best quality and conductivity due to specific construction. Versatile for multiple projects. Yet, design issues. 

$$$$Gallagher M1100 Electric Fence Charger

Best advanced technology & power for different robust applications. Durable for harsher uses. Still too expensive. 

$$Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Best solar fence charger due to its battery life and overall charging conditions. Quick setup and use. However, not for mesh netting.

$Gallagher Live Fence Indicator

The most accurate device with precise data, easy to read. Effective for optimal fence performance. Anyhow, specific quality issues.

#1. Gallagher Electric Fence Poly Wire – The best performance

  • Item dimensions: 5.2 x 5.2 x 8.8 inches
  • Item weight: 3.35 pounds
  • Voltage power: 1-5 kV
  • Best for flexibility & practical design 

What’s so unique about this electric fence poly wire?

Firstly, the electric fence is suitable for broader applications, short-term or more prolonged. It is of great help whether you’re keeping pets in or predators out.

The poly wire fencing is also valuable for controlling farm animals, excluding wildlife beasts and larger livestock from gardens, orchards, and crops, and keeping small animals inside the confined area.

You can cut it to the correct size; the fence is practical for your chicken coop, calving enclosures, or ducks to keep the predators and smaller animals safe.

Due to its specific design, the fence is portable, made of six inter-woven stainless steel wire strands for reliable electrical conductivity, up to a maximum range of 1312 feet.

However, the fence will wow you due to its specific design. So, this great feature prevents short circuits and ensures it’s working correctly, securing broken lines until you fix them.

UV and rust-resistant, the electric fence and poly wire will last for an extended period for more robust and heavy-duty applications. It cannot be damaged so soon.

Its lightweight construction and easy installation provide the best performance, making it flexible for larger animals and large pastures.

  • quick setup
  • durable
  • reliable
  • size issues

#2. Gallagher Electric Fence Turbo Wire – Best quality

  • Item dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 6 inches
  • Item weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Voltage power: 7.1-8 kV 
  • Best for all weather conditions

The turbo wire is another excellent Gallagher fence for remote locations, large animals & different weather conditions.

It differs from our previous fence regarding the number of wires and conductivity.

Namely, the turbo fence offers nine mixed wire strands and 40 times better conductivity than the poly wire.

So, it’s a perfect option for long distances, more than 1320 feet, where more power is necessary.

You’ll find it practical to exclude wildlife and control smaller pests, predators, and beasts from pestering your livestock, cattle, horses, etc.

Made from highly portable and quality materials, the fence is a better idea than regular fences.

It’s reliable, durable, super-conductive for various operations, and durable for different projects. Thus, it’s white to be highly visible to humans and animals.

Since it’s UV and rust-resistant, the turbo fence will last for an extended time, and it comes with an enviable warranty period to ensure its best quality.

You’ll like it for its durability and sturdiness. The wires offer nine inter-woven stainless steel and copper wire strands for advanced conductivity of a maximum of 2625 feet.

Plus, you can moderate and use it with all fencing reels.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • stable
  • negligible design issues

#3. Gallagher M1100 Electric Fence Charger – Best advanced technology

  • Item dimensions: 4 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Item weight: 5.58 pounds
  • Voltage power: 110V 
  • Best for power output 

Why should you opt for the M1100 electric fence charger?

Well, the fence charger is the best solution to protect your stock. In addition, the fence charger gives you peace of mind, ideal for larger remote fields and animals.

It will power up to 36-mile of multi-wire fencing perimeter and 110-miles of single-wire fencing perimeter, covering between 280 & 650 acreages of your land. 

In addition, the electric fence charger is ideal for its unbeatable reliability, as it conducts multiple tests in harsh conditions.

Hence, it will resist all pressure, external forces, and impacts, keeping your fence performance optimal.

Crafted from a solid combination of high-impact plastic, tough and sturdy, it offers brand-new internal circuitry. The technology will last longer.

The fence charger adds more energy when the fence conditions change thanks to its built-in lightning protection and adaptive technology, increasing the output power.

The model is also valuable for the output voltage bar graph; easy to read and precise to be seen in seconds.

In addition, it provides split terminals for effortless installation, use, and better connection.

Finally, the electric fence charger comes with a three-year warranty for purchase with no risks.

  • joule output
  • higher voltage power
  • durable
  • too pricey

#4. Gallagher S12 Solar Electric Fence Charger – Best solar fence charger

  • Item dimensions: ‎ 5.7 x 5 x 6.7 inches
  • Item weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Voltage power: 6V 
  • Best for not requiring a constant charge

This is the best solar fence charger you could ever ask for!

The solar-powered fence charger is compact and small. Thus, the solar fence charger is the best solution for pasture management and strip grazing.

Due to its specific design, the electric fence charger covers up to 18 acres of your land, powering up to four miles of the perimeter electric fencing.

It requires steel grounding rods so that you can place and install them there and under direct sunlight. The solar fence charger contains the built-in solar panel and internal lithium battery.

Solar power is the primary source of power and energy, and the solar charger offers higher performance and greater power.

The solar fence charger will also wow you due to the extended application.

It offers up to two weeks, but in some cases, up to three weeks of continual power on the fence line after the battery and panel are full.

Besides, when installing the solar fence charger on the metal T-posts, they will act as the stand plus earth mechanism for the solar fence energizer.

So, the solar fence charger doesn’t require ground lead.

  • incredibly lightweight
  • durable
  • battery life
  • not for mesh netting

#5. Gallagher Live Fence Indicator – Best accuracy

  • Item dimensions: 1 x 3 x 7 inches
  • Item weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Voltage power: up to 2kV 
  • Best for easy-to-read data

Finally, our live fence indicator light is the best reassurance if your electric fencing is working correctly.

You need to place the fence indicator permanently on the single wire fence line and search for the flash as you’re passing by. The fence indicator will flash with each pulse of the energizer.

The red LED light flashes and confirms the fence productivity to ensure that your single wire fence works adequately.

In addition, the light is fully visible both in day and night conditions.

However, you can install the line indicator light at specific locations, such as driveways, to increase visibility.

To install and use the light properly, push the grounding rod into the ground and place the device on the fence wire or tape, up to 1.58 inches in width.

However, another big plus is that the light utilizes the required power directly from the fence, so you don’t need a battery to turn it on.

A fence indicator is an excellent unit as it’s UV and water-resistant. In addition, it comes with a whole one-year warranty period.

Thus, if you notice something wrong, you can replace it or get a complete monetary refund.

  • easy to use and read
  • precision
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • quality issues

So, what’s the best solution?

Our Gallagher Electric Fence Poly Wire is the final winner!

It offers the highest performance and versatility for multiple projects and various animals.

In addition, it offers reliable and durable construction and materials, suitable for all harsh conditions. So it will last longer.

Finally, it’s affordable and available to all farmers.

Final words

Whenever you purchase Gallagher or similar units, pay attention to the products’ quality, productivity, and durability.

Also, it would be best to follow the instructions and determine the exact purpose of the fencing before the installation. Or else it won’t be working properly.

Finally, don’t forget to keep yourself and your animals safe and secure and avoid complications.

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