Make Your Fence Perfect With the Best Electric Fence Tester! 2022 Edition

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Are you tired of electric fence problems, such as short circuits, short voltage, high voltage, and other voltage inconsistencies?

Let me help you, folks!

Below you can find the best electric fence tester for your electric fences to ensure the proper electricity & optimal working conditions!

Still, finding the best electric fence tester might be challenging. So, examine the reviews to find the best solution for your electric fencing!

Shall we?

Best electric fence tester 2022: Top 8 picks money can buy

$$Fluke T5-1000 Electrical Tester – ‎10.6 ounces.

Best data accuracy due to innovative system technology and mechanism. Automatic power-off for extended battery life.

But poor customer support.

$KAIWEETS HT206D Digital Clamp Meter – 15.17 ounces.

Best performance and precision for safe use due to the screen with flashing lights. Effortless to use and read.

Still, confusing instructions.

$allsun Digital Electrical Fence Voltage Tester – 8.04 ounces.

Most durable and sturdy due to its reliable structure. Water and shock-resistant for all external conditions.

Yet, specific data issues.

$SmartCheck Electric Fence Tester – ‎5.6 ounces.

Best multi-purpose tool, suitable for different projects, even in dark modes. Increased voltage tests for many heavy-duty tasks.

However, specific design flaws.

$Zareba RSVT8 Eight-light Voltage Tester – 4.6 ounces.

Best reading & testing versatility for lines and chargers. An advanced test hook for precise and regular maintenance.

Anyhow, not for daylight use.

$ALLOSUN GK503B NEON Electric Fence Voltage Tester – 2.36 ounces.

Most valuable and practical for various testing operations and numerous jobs. Sturdy and accurate for different tasks.

Nonetheless, for a night mode only.

$Farmily Multi Light Electric Fence Voltage Tester – 3.20 ounces.

Best design and reliable construction for different tests and flexibility at different angles. Quick to apply and test.

Even so, durability issues.

$Zareba DEFT Digital Electronic Fence Tester – 7.7 ounces.

Best heavy-duty construction for increased resistance and advanced design. Retraceable voltage probe for all places and directions.

Nevertheless, specific quality issues.

#1. Fluke T5-1000 Electrical Tester – Best accuracy

  • Brand: Fluke
  • Item dimensions: 7.99 x 2.01 x 1.22 inches
  • Voltage levels: 0 – 1,000V
  • Best for intelligent design

Why should you go for the Fluke electric fence tester?

Firstly, the electric fence tester will wow you due to its accuracy and smart power technology.

Thus, you can easily measure voltage inconsistencies, current and short voltage, and other potential issues with the highest precision.

In addition, the handy voltage meter will automatically determine the DC and AC voltage.

Moreover, the regular voltage meter is easy to apply to your fence line, as it contains an intelligent design with an open jaw.

So, you can quickly attach it to the single electric fence, and the electric fence voltage tester will show the exact voltage on its LCD display.

Still, the electric fence tester is also ideal for its vibration system.

Therefore, you can determine up to 1,000 pulse voltage, the current meter, fence pulse, and higher or lower voltage depending on the vibrations.

Due to the compact and portable design, the electric fence tester is practical and valuable, and you can use it everywhere for different electric fence lines.

Besides, the fault finder has the detachable SlimReach probe tips, suitable for the national electrical standards.

Therefore, the electric fence tester accepts and uses the fluke accessory test clips, providing the precise digits, and keeping your fence wire and voltage optimal.

So, you don’t have to worry about potential risks, lower or higher voltage.

Still, the electric fence fault finder has an auto-off mode to preserve the battery life. And, it’s corded as the primary power source.

  • easy to use
  • precision
  • durable
  • poor customer service

#2. KAIWEETS HT206D Digital Clamp Meter – The best performance

  • Brand: KAIWEETS
  • Item dimensions: 7.5 x 2.8 x 1.3 inches
  • Voltage levels: up to 6,000V
  • Best for LCD screen

What’s so unique about the KAIWETTES electric fence tester?

Well, the fault finder is an excellent RMS clamp meter as it offers the precise measurement of your fence line, high voltage, low voltage, the frequency of the duty cycle, a temperature test, resistance, etc.

So, you can apply it on non-linear loads, and it will be a perfect voltage tester for your household, lab factories, electric fences, etc.

Hence, it’s a versatile voltage tester.

The electric fence tester prevents false readings due to its ghost voltage system due to the low input impedance and the low pass filter.

In addition, the LPF drives signals for accurate measurements of the variable frequencies when you measure transformers and motors.

However, it would help if you clamped it around the wires instead of the wholesome power cord to use the electric fence tester.

As the electric fence tester offers supreme non-contact detection efficiently and effectively, it will examine the electrical status by measuring the EM field intensity.

So, you don’t need to touch fence wires. The button is on the right; place your thumb on it and push.

Since the electric fence tester contains a multifunctional LCD display with two colors, it will turn red when the voltage is too high.

Also, it will change the LED light for the voltage drop.

Also, the LED flashing signal lights indicate the exact temperature of air conditioning and liquids.

And the fault finder turns off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

  • durable
  • smart
  • accuracy
  • confusing instructions

#3. allsun Digital Electrical Fence Voltage Tester – Best for the sturdy construction

  • Brand: allsun
  • Item dimensions: 6.85 x 2.76 x 1.3 inches
  • Voltage levels: 300-9,900V
  • Best for shock resistance

The following electric fence tester will astonish you since it has advanced read system technology, reading up to 9,900 volts.

So, you can effortlessly find the fence line faults, if any.

In addition, the electric fence voltage tester is both multifunctional and flexible, as you can use it for your farm animals, livestock fences, etc.

So, you can use the electric fence fault finder to fix your electric fences or test the exact voltage.

Additionally, the LCD screen and bright flashing LED lights will help you indicate a high voltage pulse.

The smart high voltage probe eliminates the risk of electric shocks and other potential hazards.

Of course, the electric fence tester saves your battery life, offering a low power consumption and providing you with ideal regular fence line maintenance.

So, the sturdy plastic case cannot damage so soon, and the water-resistant voltage tester lasts for a prolonged time.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the battery is not included in the package, and you have to obtain it separately.

Still, the package consists of a zippered bag to preserve the best quality and the following accessories.

Due to its specific design, the Large LCD display will make it easy to read the voltage data, unlike various flashing LED light testers that might be challenging to read during the daytime.

Finally, the fence tester comes with a one-year warranty period, and you can always contact customer support for potential irregularities. But, we doubt so.

  • affordable
  • accurate
  • easy to use
  • data issues

#4. SmartCheck Electric Fence Tester – Best multifunctional tester

  • Brand: SmartCheck
  • Item dimensions: ‎8.4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Voltage levels: up to 10,000V
  • Best for increased voltage readings

Next off, we present you with the ultimate fence tester on the market!

You will love it as the SmartCheck fence tester reads up to 10,000 volts! That’s more than any other electric fence testers on the market!

Moreover, the pen-like tester is an ideal heavy-duty and standard-duty fence controller for its high-sensitivity design.

So, the high-accuracy peak voltage detector doesn’t require the ground lead to making it work.

But, how does the electric fence tester work?

Well, it’s simple – you need to lean it against the fence lines, and the high-powered battery device will measure voltage and show the exact data.

So, you will know if there’s enough voltage or if you need to lower or increase the voltage for the optimal fence line.

Of course, if the fence lines indicate too high a voltage pulse, the fault-finder will beep due to its system, and the LCD screen with several LED lights will point to mistakes and potential risks.

So, the fence voltage tester will keep you safe and secure during the inspection. Hence, nothing can go wrong.

Thanks to the LCD display with ultra-bright three-digit units, you can use the tester even for low-visibility and darker conditions.

As a result, our best electric fence tester will be practical and versatile for various tasks and fence projects.

Naturally, you will get a satisfactory warranty period for a replacement or a full money refund if something goes wrong, but it’s not likely.

  • no ground lead
  • accurate
  • durable
  • minor design flaws

#5. Zareba RSVT8 Eight-light Voltage Tester – Most flexible

  • Brand: Zareba
  • Item dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 inches
  • Voltage levels: 600 – 7,000V 
  • Best for testing versatility

What’s so excellent about the Zareba electric fence tester?

As you’ll notice, the fence voltage tester and fault finder are practical and valuable tools, helping you find and eliminate all errors in your fence lines.

So, you can keep your fencing optimal and operating well in all conditions.

You can also read the voltage tests and levels on your lines, fence controller, or even fence charger.

Hence, all potential risks, voltage faults, and other hazards can be found on the Large LCD display. The color will turn bright when the error occurs.

In addition, the sturdy and durable construction will preserve the high-quality mechanism and structure, so the tester cannot harm so soon, even in the harsher external conditions.

Still, it would be best to read the display for three consecutive pulses to use and read the data more accurately.

Also, the last reading will appear on the show after you remove the test hook from the fence.

But, if you want to read and test the charger, you need to touch the ground probe to the grounding system (the grounding terminal) and touch the metal hook to the fence terminal.

Then, the highest blinking light will indicate the current-voltage level and find the error.

However, remember that the tester works only with low-impedance and standard-duty fence chargers.

So, do not overdo it; it won’t offer you the exact data.

  • easy to use
  • affordable
  • easy to read
  • NEON lamps
  • not for daylight due to its design

#6. ALLOSUN GK503B NEON Electric Fence Voltage Tester – Most practical

  • Brand: ALLOSUN
  • Item dimensions: 20 x 7.5 x 4 inches
  • Voltage levels: 600 – 7,000V 
  • Best for value

Why should you opt for the ALLOSUN tester?

The fence tester is ideal for finding errors both on lines and controllers. So, the tester will be practical and valuable for typical uses and regular maintenance.

And, you can always detect the exact voltage level to eliminate potential risks.

As it contains neon lights and a big LCD display, the tester will show the precise control, accurate reading, and voltage level, as well as fence flaws.

But how to use it correctly?

Firstly, you need to install the ground probe with an insulated grip. Then, attach the test hook to either the long wire.

Do not touch the theme or the fence while testing to keep it optimal and yourself safe.

The neon light will indicate the precise voltage level and control, but if none, you’ll know there’s an issue with the fence and volts.

Finally, remove the hook and the ground probe to finish the testing.

As with the previous model, the ALLOSUN tester is suitable for standard-duty fence controllers and low-impedance units.

So, you should not use it with higher power sources, as it cannot work correctly.

Of course, you will get a satisfactory warranty period for the tester, a proper replacement, or a wholesome monetary refund when you notice something wrong.

Additionally, you can always contact customer support to help you with additional questions and dilemmas.

Or, check the instructions if you’re uncertain how to use it correctly.

  • easy to use
  • accurate
  • sturdy
  • not for daylight

#7. Farmily Multi Light Electric Fence Voltage Tester – Best design

  • Brand: Farmily 
  • Item dimensions: 7 x 1.7 x 0.4 inches
  • Voltage levels: 1,000 – 6,000V 
  • Best for reliable construction 

The Farmily tester is ideal for its multiple lights, indicating the current-voltage level and the potential errors and flaws when testing the fences.

Hence, it will be practical and suitable for various measurements and broader applications.

Due to its small and compact design, the tester is valuable and helpful for various fence types, and you can apply it for different projects.

However, the tester will be ideal for you. It also shows the voltage, current and current direction simultaneously.

It might also present the previous readings to compare the values and find the best solution if a problem arises.

So, to use it correctly, place it on the long wire, but also check the positive and negative terminals, and ensure you conducted all safety steps to keep the fence optimal, eliminate short circuits & damage your health.

Since the unit contains a durable and sturdy design, it will resist external impacts, forces, and pressure, making it ideal for all weather conditions and practical uses.

Additionally, the 50-inch long tester will ensure you reach all angles and test the lines at different locations.

And the functional tester will help you spot and determine the voltage drops between the points along the fence lines.

You can check the instructions for additional guidelines, all contact customer support.

In addition, you will get a convenient warranty period to replace it or get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the tool.

  • quick application
  • precise data
  • easy to read
  • durability issues

#8. Zareba DEFT Digital Electronic Fence Tester – Best for heavy-duty materials

  • Brand: Zareba
  • Item dimensions: 28.75 x 2.88 x 0.88 inches
  • Voltage levels: up to 1,000V 
  • Best for water-resistant structure

And finally, the Zareba tester will blow your mind as the heavy-duty tester contains the advanced ABS plastic design.

So, it will be highly resistant and withstand all external conditions, impacts, forces, or pressure. Thus, it will be precious and multi-purpose for various tests and measurements.

As it uses the three-digit system, the durable and sturdy tester offers precise data and reading.

Hence, you cannot make a mistake when checking the optimal performance of your fences or finding errors.

In addition, the heavy-duty tester is exceptionally versatile and flexible.

Thus, you can apply and test it on all fence line types and get the complete data regarding the tests.

Due to the backlit display and specific constructions, the tester will provide visible and accurate readings both day and night.

So, you don’t need to struggle when finishing tests and reading the data.

As the primary power source is a battery, the heavy-duty tool requires a nine-volt battery for effortless and efficient operations and conductions of the test.

But, you have to obtain it separately, as the tester doesn’t include it in the package.

Yet, the multifunctional tester is not ideal only for fence wires but also for chargers.

So, you can apply it, test, and read the charger data to find potential additional issues, if any.

And the digital tester comes with a convenient warranty period for a full monetary refund or a proper replacement if you notice something wrong.

  • retractable voltage probe
  • durable
  • easy to read
  • quality issues

What is an electric fence beeper?

An electric fence beeper is a small, portable device designed to help you consider possible causes and reasons for a power break and similar related problems.

These include extreme power or voltage drops

The lack of the current indicates possible issues with: 

  • jumpers
  • hookup wires
  • insulators
  • joiners
  • sleeves
  • ground problems
  • vegetation issues, etc. 

The electric fence beeper is a part of the electric fencing and testing equipment. Unfortunately, many confuse it with the electric fence tester, but there’s a massive difference between the two. 

Firstly, the beeper is smaller, more compact, and lighter than the tester.

In addition, it comes in the form of a keychain, and you can put it into your pocket for more comprehensive applications.

Additionally, the electric fence beeper has the same purpose and function, yet it works in a different way.

You don’t have to place it on the fence wireline as you do with the fence testers. Instead, it’s enough to keep it in the fence wires’ proximity, not touch it and risk your safety.

The portable device is also essential for fencing due to its functions. Namely, once you put it close to the wire lines, the beeper will emit a high-pitch beeping sound. 

You will know whether your fence works optimally or not. This is another difference from the electric fence testers. 

The testers have a big LCD or light screen, and you can read the data on them.

They will measure and display the exact voltage data, and you can read if your fencing is optimal or not. 

However, you cannot do that in beepers. They only serve to check if the fence works well or not simply.

However, there are various reasons why the beeper might not emit the sound:

  • your fence is not optimal
  • battery is dead
  • electrical issues with the beeper.

As it comes with a replaceable battery, you will have to change it regularly and check all other possible risks why it doesn’t work correctly. 

You still must pay attention to its maintenance

Besides, as you don’t have to touch the fence wire lines, you don’t need to worry about possible shock and endangering your life. 

So, even if the external conditions are too harsh, too moist, or wet, you can still utilize the portable beeper freely, without any possible risks. 

Finally, it’s not as reliable as testers, but it’s pretty handy for the first check, determining the possible further inspection and problem-solving issues.

Best electric fence beeper – Top 3 Choices

$Electric Fence Beeper – 0.6 ounces

Best construction and resistance to all external conditions and impacts. Durable and sturdy structure for broader uses and heavier projects. Easy to use and practical.

$AgraTronix EFB-1 Electric Fence Beeper – 0.8 lbs

Best safety and security standards due to solid construction & reliable applications. For all weather conditions. Still not so optimal.

$EFB-1 Electric Fence Beeper – 1.12 ounces

Best for robust applications, reliable design, and compact structure. Portable for various projects. But, package issues.

#1. Electric Fence Beeper – Best resistance 

  • Brand: N/W
  • Item dimensions: 3.1×1.5×0.6 inches
  • Battery: replaceable 
  • Best for construction 

What’s so significant about the N/W electric fence beeper? 

Firstly, the beeper is a good product due to its versatility. You can use it with numerous wire fence types, including steel, poly wire type, etc. 

It shows optimal performance and delivers accurate results. But how does it exactly work? 

You must place it 20cm near the fence. There’s no need to touch the wire lines. Once the beeper receives the signal, it will start beeping if the wall has electricity. 

Contrary to optimal work, if it doesn’t beep, your fence is not working correctly. 

It’s somewhat similar to the electric fence testers, but this unit is smaller than the testers. It looks like a keychain; it’s incredibly lightweight and portable

The fence beeper also utilizes light and sound indicators with a red light when your fencing works optimally.

In addition, you will find it convenient, thanks to its design and outer case. The whole construction is made of durable and sturdy ABS materials. 

Therefore, the fence beeper will be solid and reliable, water and dust-resistant, and you can use it for all weather and similar conditions. 

Finally, it’s corrosion-resistant to prolong its lifespan

  • durable
  • precise
  • sturdy
  • not visible

#2. AgraTronix EFB-1 Electric Fence Beeper – Best safety features

  • Brand: AgraTronix
  • Item dimensions: 3.25×5.5×1.5 inches 
  • Battery: replaceable 
  • Best for robust materials

The following electric fence beeper is another reliable product to check the correction of your fencing system. 

It’s the safest way to inspect if the electric fencing is working correctly. 

You don’t have to risk your security and touch the wire fencing. Instead, use the battery-operated beeper, and place it near the fence, but don’t touch the wire lines. 

It offers the most straightforward use and operations without any setup or installation in advance.

Besides, it doesn’t have an expensive price tag like other fence testing equipment. 

It’s impossible to miss the fencing system and errors, as the beeper emits a high-pitch beep sound upon detecting the fence wiring lines. So, it’s easy, practical, and highly accurate

Due to the compact design, you can place it in your pocket, and it’s ready to travel with you anywhere. 

You can also attach it to your keys, so you don’t need to plan when to test the fencing in advance. You can try parameters at any time. 

It requires only proximity with the fence lines, but not an actual touch; it keeps you safe and secure even in wet and humid external conditions. So, you cannot get shocked and hurt. 

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • precise
  • performance issues

#3. EFB-1 Electric Fence Beeper – Best for robust applications 

  • Brand: Dare Products Inc 
  • Item dimensions: 2x2x6 inches 
  • Battery: replaceable
  • Best for reliability

And, we’re closing the reviews with the Dare Products electric fence beeper. What’s so specific about it? 

Well, the beeper is easy to use and tests your fencing lines. When you place the beeper near the fencing wire lines, it will emit a high-pitch beeping sound.

You’ll know if your fencing works optimally. If not, there are several reasons the beeper isn’t working well:

  • battery is dead
  • your fence isn’t working
  • the beeper has electrical issues.

In addition, the electric fence beeper is fully compatible with any fence energizer brand and all other fencing equipment and testing support. 

The DP electric fence beeper comes small, compact, and portable compared with the previous models. 

You can either place it into your pocket, attach it to the key, or keep it in a similar place. 

You don’t need to plan in advance to come and test the fencing lines. You can do it whenever you like. 

The small and lightweight package also includes a replaceable long-life battery

Plus, the electric fence beeper is also suitable for all fencing types, so don’t worry about its performance.

In addition, the fence beeper is resistant to all weather conditions.

  • durable
  • reliable
  • precise
  • package issues

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Choosing the best electric fence tester: A wholesome buyer’s guide

Picking the best electric fence testers might be challenging for a different factor.

So, inspect the directory to find all the crucial points for the best solution.

1. Types of fence testers

electric fence tester reviews

You can either choose the regular electric fence testers with minor keys or metal parts to ensure the proper testing.

Or, you can go for digital testers for more certainty. Yet, to use them correctly, you need a power gauntlet of the fence.

So, if you opt for these fence testers, choose among probe testers, proximity-testers, self-earthing models, etc.

Each of these units provides a specific system to read the fence, so pay attention to the values.

2. Accuracy of indicators

Different electric fence voltage testers will use numerous ways to indicate if your fences are working correctly.

It can be vibrations, tone, lights, or volts on the signal system.

If the sound is consecutive, everything is optimal. However, if some of the signals stop, there’s an issue with the fence work.

3. Meters

One meter will indicate the volts the fence is using. A meter measures electrolytes to 10,000 volts.

Therefore, choose the advanced electric fence testers to complete the process effortlessly.

4. Resistance

Choose the highly-resistant models to keep the fence and testers optimal and good working conditions.

But, even if you select resistant items, you must regularly check to avoid water gathering inside the units.

5. Design

It’s crucial to use models that are practical, valuable, and easy to grip. This is critical when you have a long fence to test.

So, the best models should keep your hands at a safe distance from the fence lines and should not be robust and bulky for more extended operations.

6. Batteries

best rated electric fence tester

Most testers come with replaceable batteries once they’re worn out. Yet, the replacement might be challenging even with instructions.

So, it would be best to select the high-powered testers for rear replacements.

7. Size

It’s essential to choose the correct size of the testers to match your fence’ demands and needs.

So, the most convenient models fit your pocket and are handy when needed. But, don’t select too small items to prevent losing them.

8. Extra features

You might need testers both day and night.

So, ensure they have large screens to read the data on sunny days or dark conditions during the night time.

And the longer wires will help you test hard-to-reach areas and places. So, they can also be practical when choosing the best solution.

How to test an electric fence? 

Here is the 8-step procedure to test your fencing.

1. Check your transmitter

This is essential as it has to be optimal to work correctly.

Also, depending on its type, it may emit a clicking sound. The sound indicates that the charging current passes through the wires. 

If the transmitter doesn’t emit a sound, it might not be working. The same rule goes with the models with lights. 

2. Look for broken wires

Inspect the wiring system to find possible broken wires. It would be best to have a wire detector or an engine and AM radio. 

Once you find the broken wires, the rest of the fence won’t receive electricity. So to fix it correctly, please, turn the transmitter off first. 

3. Apply a blade of grass

To fix the problem, you will need a proper blade of grass. Any type will help you to do so. 

4. Hold the blade of grass against the fencing system 

Once you find the blade of grass, you will pluck it at the stem, holding it against the fencing wire system. Hold the grass by its base, and only touch the tip of the grass to wire. 

5. If necessary, move the blade closer 

If you don’t feel any pulse, you may need to move the blade of grass closer to the wiring system. So, slowly slide the grass blade a few inches closer along the wire. 

6. Place the grass at the proper distance 

The best distance to feel the pulse is to hold the base of the blade two to three inches away from the wiring system. 

But pay attention to your safety, and never touch the wires.  

7. Consider the pulsing system 

If your fence works optimally, you must wait for a little before feeling the pulse. 

Touch the wire with the grass blade for a couple of moments before withdrawing or attempting to place the grass closer. 

8. Run down the fencing 

With the same system, you can test multiple different areas of your fencing to ensure the current runs through the whole system. 

Of course, this is only one of the possible solutions. The other two (more popular and precise) ways are to either apply the electric fence beeper or use the electric fence tester. 

Applying an electric fence beeper is only a more straightforward way to check the fencing system between the two procedures. 

It will beep and emit the sound if your electric fence is optimal. However, as you’ve seen previously, you cannot be 100% certain if the system works optimally or not. 

Due to possible issues with the beepers, they may not show the correct system and working conditions. So, it is reliable but not so dedicated. 

The best way to inspect your fencing system is to apply an electric fence tester. 

You will place it on the wireline, and it will show you the exact data on the LCD screen. 

You can measure the voltage levels and see if the fencing is optimal or if the voltage system has dropped. 

Thus, you can fix the issues and optimize your fencing for a prolonged lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check an electric fence with a multimeter?

A regular multimeter or voltmeter will not work with the electric fences. The main reason for this is that the fences use electricity as the primary source.

But without electricity, the fences are useless and cannot perform at all.

Why is my electric fence clicking?

best electric fence voltage tester

When your fence is clicking, it means that the charger is discharging the energy that travels down the fence’s length.

But, to turn it off, you can turn off the charger and unplug the fence lines from it.

Once you turn it on again, check the voltage to see if it’s correct. If the voltage is too high, the fault is in the fence.

Why is my electric fence so weak?

Various poor-performing fences have inadequate ground systems. So, check the proper position and installation of your ground rod.

You need at least three of them to perform appropriately.

Even for rocky, sandy, or dry soil, one ground rod won’t be enough – you need more.

Or, the frozen soil might also affect and decrease the proper performance of your fences.

How do you test if an electric fence is working?

Use the testers as the most practical and safest way to do so.

Firstly, energize the fence line and place the ground rod into the earth.

Next, touch the fence lines with the tester and observe the number of illuminated lamps.

You will notice the highest light number shows the voltage output on the fence line you’re testing.

Next, push the lines at different angles and locations to see if they’re working optimally.

If you notice wide variations on the screen, you have issues with the fence lines and voltage.

How to test the terminals?

To properly test the units, you need to:

best electric fence tester uk
  • shut off the power first
  • disconnect the hook-up wires from the energizer and turn the power back on
  • use the tester and check the positive terminal. The precise digits on the positive terminal will depend on the energizer’s manufacturer.
  • check the manual to see how much voltage you need – it can go from a couple of hundreds to 10,000V, depending on your needs.

How to check the ground rod position?

Turn off the fence power, reconnect the wires and turn it back on.

Use the voltage checker to examine volts on the ground rod. Inspect the manual for each specific ground rod.

If the rod is under voltage, it’s not damaged.

Next, add a second rod & test it to see if it’s in the directions. If not, install the third rod, and check again.

Repeat the process until everything is correct.

What is the best electric fence tester?

Drums, please!

According to the electric fence tester reviews, the extraordinary Fluke T5-1000 Electrical Tester is the best electric fence tester!

The tester is lightweight, compact, and portable so that you can apply it to various places and fences.

Due to its versatility, it will complete numerous testing jobs and be useful for heavy-duty tasks.

Finally, its precise data and intelligent system technology will provide advanced performance with longer battery life.

So it won’t damage so soon.

Final words

So, what’s your best electric fence tester? Have you decided yet?

If not, go slowly, as you have many of this to consider.

My advice is to stick to the guide & find all critical parts that are valuable when finding the best solution to your needs. Don’t skip any part to avoid further complications & possible risks!

And, let me know once you find the best model.

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