Best Electric Fence Battery of 2022: Top 5 Exclusive Picks

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Your electric fence must work optimally to prevent the animals from invading your property.

But what happens if it loses the power source? You can always change the battery & make the fence charger work well again.

For this reason, our experts came up with the 5 best electric fence batteries for all needs.

So, how do you pick the best electric fence battery? Stay tuned.

Best electric fence batteries: Our final 2022 overview

$6V 7Ah SLA Battery – 2.43 pounds.

Best for solar fencing systems due to design and essential purpose. Maximum effectiveness and performance. Nevertheless, questionable potential.

$Parmak 901 6-Volt Gel Cell Battery – 4 pounds.

Most solid and durable structure. Best quality content for a prolonged lifespan. However, package issues.

$Interstate Batteries 12V 12Ah Battery – ‎6 pounds.

Best VRLA system technology, providing multi-functional features for multiple operations. Charging more devices simultaneously. But defective.

$$$350W Portable Power Station – 6.4 pounds.

Best fence protection and safety system for prolonged use. Versatile for limitless projects. But, too pricey.

$4V 4.5Ah SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery – 1 pound.

Most resistant due to advanced performance and overall structure. Best for Zareba charger. Still, returning issues.

#1. 6V 7Ah SLA Battery – Best construction

  • Brand: Mighty Max Battery 
  • Item dimensions: 5.94 x 1.42 x 3.94 inches
  • Battery cell composition: Sealed Lead Acid
  • Best for solar electric fence chargers

The Mighty Max battery for an electric fence is an excellent option for your fencing system due to its overall design.

The electric fence charger battery is a rechargeable, maintenance-free unit for peace of mind.

In addition, the solar-powered battery is UL certified for maximum performance and effectiveness.

Thanks to its F1 Terminal, the Mighty Max battery is also suitable for your solar-powered electric fence energizer.

The battery power source does not include mounting brackets, accessories, or wire harnesses.

You can easily connect it to the Gallagher solar fence charger, and the electric current will keep wild animals, small animals, and other predators out of your property.

Since the battery contains a specific structure, it’s AGM/SLA spill-proof product. It entirely operates at the highest temperatures.

However, it has a longer service life, higher discharge rate, and deep discharge recovery. So, it’s made of premium-quality materials.

The fence line can work up to two weeks in complete darkness with the solar-powered charger. In addition, the built-in solar panel in the solar charger will prolong its performance.

Overall, it’s a safe battery, durable and solid for its spill-proof structure and more robust design.

  • solar power
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • issues with potential

#2. Parmak 901 6-Volt Gel Cell Battery – Best quality

  • Brand: Parmak
  • Item dimensions: 4.25 x 2.75 x 5.5 inches
  • Battery cell composition: Lead Acid
  • Best for prolonged life 

Parmak is another 6-volt battery for solar fence chargers.

The solar electric fencing battery is similar to the previous model in voltage power. Both require 6 volts for the solar chargers.

The battery is a multi-functional unit, suitable for multiple solar fence chargers, and you can easily mount and install them.

Thanks to its composition, the battery will last for an extended period, and the spill-proof construction is made of the highest quality components.

So, you won’t have issues with its reliability and re-application.

And since it’s a rechargeable battery, it offers up to three months of continuous performance between the charging operations.

Farmers love it as the battery covers up to five miles of power fences and your properties. Thus, it will keep your confined areas clean and free of predators and protect your livestock.

Once they touch the fence wire, the electric fencing will shock them to create a barrier.

Our Parmak battery is an ideal solution for your solar electric fencing, as it uses a solar panel to extend performance and ensure more potential.

Plus, its security mechanism will keep electric fences optimal and safe for more robust uses.

  • quick setup
  • easy to use
  • durable
  • affordable
  • package issues

#3. Interstate Batteries 12V 12Ah Battery – Best for multi-functions

  • Brand: ‎Interstate Batteries
  • Item dimensions: ‎4 x 6 x 3.5 inches
  • Battery cell composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Best for VRLA system 

The following electric fencing battery differs from the previous two models in voltage potential. This is a 12-volt battery, requiring a low impedance electric fence charger.

It covers various applications, so it’s an excellent replacement for medical devices, safety systems, ACP UPS and similar backup power solutions, emergency lighting, etc.

Due to its AGM and VRLA spill-proof construction, the maintenance-free, rechargeable battery eliminates all potential risks, including higher pressure, temperatures, and spills.

As it has a specific F2 Terminal, you can quickly charge it and use it for multiple operations and projects.

You’ll like it due to its indicator light (on the fence charger) and easy-grip terminals for more convenient use.

It offers better performance, so you can always follow the data and find the conditions of the electric fences. So, you’ll know if there’s an error in the system or not.

Finally, the battery comes with a 12-month warranty. You can replace it for another unit or get a full money refund if you dislike it.

Many customers complain that they have issues with customer support and returns procedures, so pay attention if you decide to use this model. Don’t complicate things.

  • durable
  • secure
  • affordable
  • defective

#4. 350W Portable Power Station – Best protection

  • Brand: Enginstar
  • Item dimensions: 8.5 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches
  • Battery cell composition: Lithium
  • Best for safety system 

Since it has a unique composition, the deep cycle battery requires a DC charger for its performance.

The Enginstar deep cycle battery is armed with 296wh power capacity. Thus, you can use it for broader applications and simultaneously charge several small devices.

The deep cycle unit is ideal for its stable power when utilizing deep cycle appliances. In addition, it’s suitable for your AC devices.

The portable deep cycle generator works faster, stable and quieter, so it’s safer for devices.

But, for electric fences, you can use a low impedance charger.

In addition, the deep cycle system will work well with wet weeds and brush, so it’s excellent for different landscaping types.

Due to the advanced safety mechanism, the deep cycle battery enables optimal voltage levels, built-in multiple safe-charging designs, temperature control, overload, and overcharging protection.

Thus, it will protect your fencing system and optimize the whole construction.

It features a LED screen with an indicator light, showing the current condition of the charger and battery, voltage and wattage system, and offers three modes: SOS, steady light, and strobe.

And thanks to three charging methods, you can adjust the deep cycle battery to your fencing needs.

  • portable
  • indicating lights
  • noise levels
  • pricey

#5. 4V 4.5Ah SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery – Best resistance

  • Brand: Castle
  • Item dimensions: 1.85 x 1.85 x 3.94 inches
  • Battery cell composition: Lead Acid
  • Best for performance 

And finally, the Castle SLA battery is the best battery for the Zareba solar fence charger.

The battery and charger cover up to two miles of your confined area and keep your fencing system optimal for multiple operations.

In addition, the Zareba fence charger has a slotted mounting bracket at the energizer’s back so that it will ensure the most straightforward installation on the T, Y, and ground posts.

Of course, the unit is maintenance-free, rechargeable, and suitable for broader applications.

But, its essential purpose is to keep your land safe and clean from predators and your livestock protected and secure.

Since it offers the best construction – AGM/SLA the spill-proof battery utilizes wide-operating temperatures, deep discharge recovery, prolonged life, and high discharge rate.

As Zareba is the best electric fence charger for the battery, it provides the F1 Terminal for the most straightforward setup and overall connection.

You don’t need mounting accessories or a wiring harness to install and use the battery with the charger.

You can mount it in multiple positions, and it resists vibrations and shocks. It also provides the best performance in high and low temperatures.

So, it suits most electric fences and operates well in harsher conditions.

  • durable
  • solid
  • safe
  • returning issues

Choosing the best electric fence batteries 2022: Buyer’s guide

Electric fence chargers are the heart of your electric fence system. Thus, it would be best to find the right electric fence charger for your electric fencing.

But, to operate well, the best electric fence charger needs the best battery. So let’s examine the guidelines to find the best unit.

1. Charger types

how long does electric fence battery last

Best electric fence chargers are divided into three categories: DC battery-operated chargers, AC, and solar energizers.

Therefore, to find the best battery, you need to choose the right battery-operated charger and make the system optimal. You also must know how the fence charger works.

You will have to check the voltage and wattage levels to find the right solution for your fencing system. Otherwise, you will have serious power issues, and the fence cannot work.

Remember that some chargers also come with a metal rod, and they require the proper grounding system.

So, check if all components support the fencing, and then choose the batteries.

2. Battery components

Our reviews included AGM/SLA, lithium, and deep cycle batteries.

In addition, all of the units presented are rechargeable, offering a longer lifespan and countless uses.

It would be best to select the spill-proof batteries as they can endure lower and higher temperatures, harsh conditions, impacts, external forces, and pressure.

They will also ensure better performance between the charging sessions, so you don’t have to recharge them so soon, especially solar units.

3. Joules

Choosing the battery also depends on how many joules the charger utilizes. So, it’s a good idea to know its power and optimal strength to see if it will fit your confined areas.

If you want to protect your property from more minor pests, then a 0.5-joule rating is sufficient.

But, for more giant invaders, such as deer, for instance, a 15-joule rating is usually optimal.

So, check the power numbers before the final decision.

4. Alternatives?

best 12v electric fence battery

Many farmers consider car batteries as the 12-volts units for fences. However, car batteries are not recommendable, as they can cause multiple complications.

If you have to choose, go with the deep cycle batteries. Unlike car batteries, these products are created to be repeatedly discharged and then recharged again.

Car batteries are always the cheapest option, yet they can never provide you with the quality and optimal performance necessary for the fencing system.

5. Design and system

Here you can refer to potential, power, strength, and overall structure and performance. It would help if you considered these factors to find the optimal batteries.

First, they will last longer. In addition, they will offer a stable electrical current, and the charger will empower the lines for the best productivity.

Next, they will be safe and secure for prolonged use and lifespan and create a more robust physical and psychological barrier to your animals and predators.

Finally, suitable power levels ensure and enhance maximum performance and potential, so the batteries will make the fencing system solid and reliable for more robust uses and broader applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size battery do I need for an electric fence?

Fences run by chargers that require batteries. Typically, batteries utilize either 12-volt or 6-volt systems.

However, smaller chargers or specific solar units require 6-volt batteries or even D-Cell fence batteries.

How long will the 9-volt battery last electric fence?

They can be for several months, depending on the use and heavy-duty or lighter fencing projects. Typically, they last between 3 and 9 months, depending on the Ah system.

For instance, a 55Ah battery has a 90-day of little life. In addition, a 150Ah battery has a 250-day of nominal lifespan.

Finally, a 90Ah battery has a 150-day of nominal lifespan. Search for the Ah data to find the best solution.

What is the best 12V battery for an electric fence?

best solar electric fence battery

You can go with the Interstate Batteries 12V 12Ah Battery, as it’s a deep cycle battery. However, you can also look for other Interstate 12V batteries or similar brands and models.

It’s crucial not to use car batteries, as these will only complicate your fencing system.

In addition, they cannot provide the necessary power and quality as regular DC batteries.

What type of battery for the electric fence?

Our experts suggest either 6-volt or 12-volt rechargeable deep cycle batteries. Unfortunately, they are not included with fence chargers.

They will provide enough power and strength to the corresponding chargers, utilize them, and provide the best electric protection to your livestock and property.

Also, they have specific charging periods, last longer, and you can use them for multiple projects.

However, you still must check and recharge the batteries to maintain safety and security operations and systems. You can use voltage meters for such operations.

How to charge an electric fence battery?

Depending on the model, you can either insert the batteries into the chargers or simply attach the energizers to the external batteries.

It would help if you connected the grounding terminal of the charger to the grounding rods with a piece of fence wire.

Next off, you will connect the charger’s Positive Terminal to the fence with another piece of wire.

Finally, you will turn on the charger.

Can I connect a solar panel directly to the battery?

best rechargeable electric fence battery

Generally, yes, you can, but there’s a hack.

Solar panels higher than 5 watts must not be connected directly to the battery. Instead, you should join them via a solar charge controller to protect them against overcharging.

Who’s the best?

The best battery for the fencing system is the Mighty Max 6V 7Ah SLA Battery.

It’s a solar battery suitable for solar fencing systems. It lasts for an extended period, providing enough power and strength even on dark days and harsh weather elements.

Finally, the battery is affordable for all farmers but has high quality and maximum performance.

Final words

So, what’s your final verdict about the best electric fence battery? Do you agree or disagree with us?

Please, check our guide & follow the crucial factors to select the best batteries. If not, your fencing won’t be adequate, and it cannot protect your property and livestock.

Don’t miss a single step if you want the best results!

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